Udemy Vs Udacity 2024: Which eLearning Platform Is Best & Why?

Do you wish to learn skills or courses online? If so, you must be wondering which platform is the right one for you? So, are you also confused and stuck between Udemy vs Udacity?

If you want to enhance your skills or a specific skill required for work or business, there are two options to select from – you can either opt for Udemy, which has been in this business of online learning for quite some time and it is quite a popular choice. 

On the contrary, Udacity is among the new competitors to Udemy, but somehow it has gained a good reputation in a short span.

So, which platform can give you the online training that you are looking for, and which will help you achieve the goals you have set for yourself?

Udemy Vs Udacity- Which platform will help you get the job of your dreams? And which platform will fit the budget you have allocated? In order to help you in this decision, this review will give you a detailed comparison.

Between the two platforms on various criteria such as choice of courses, user-friendliness, course length, quality of instructors, support service, certifications, and the price.



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$ Pricing
$240/year $301.60/month
Best for

This platform is for those who wants to learn everything from basic to master level.

Udacity is a completely different and new online learning experience. The aim is to help young professionals to improve their skills and advance their

  • Lifetime Access To Enrolled Classes
  • Low-Cost Tuition
  • Self-Paced
  • Signing up as an Instructor
  • User-friendliness
  • Course Catalog
  • Simplistic design (no unnecessary information)
  • Comprehension Checks.
  • The platform offers a wide variety of courses
  • The courses do not require the commitment of a lot of time
  • There are many free courses
  • Courses are available in many languages
  • The courses are being conducted by industry experts
  • The courses are self-paced
  • The courses are quite easy to understand
  • You can get feedback on coding projects
  • The completion certificate might not enhance your CV
  • Non-Accredited Certificates
  • Doesn't create course content
  • Quality Control of Courses
  • The degrees are expensive
  • No Udacity App
  • Limited Topics
  • Only In English
Ease of Use

Learning with Udemy is really easy because of its user interface. The course structure is really straightforward.

super easy to use

Value For Money

The courses on Udemy is better also the quality of the courses is the same in all courses which makes it worth spending that much money.

Udacity offers about 200 completely free courses to the students. You can sign up, register, and start learning. There are no courses that “relieve” you of potentially overwhelming prices.

Customer Support

Connect with customer support via email, or live chat to get solutions to any problem.

Udacity customer support is good and friendly, they have social media channels to reply to their students. Easy to access and community of students is very much helpful

🚀 Bottom Line Upfront

Udemy focuses on a broader range of courses, with many being more affordable and geared towards hobbyists or casual learners.

On the other hand, Udacity offers more specialized and in-depth courses, often with a specific career goal in mind. Both options have their benefits, so it ultimately comes down to your personal learning goals and preferences.

Whether you’re looking to enhance your resume or just learn for fun, both Udemy and Udacity can offer great opportunities for online learning.

Udemy Vs Udacity

Udemy Overview

The Ultimate Comparison 

Udemy Vs Udacity – This platform provides courses of short duration and which are not very expensive. There are a lot of topics that can be converted into a course by anyone.

This is a platform wherein anyone can register and become an instructor, create their course, and release it for purchase. Such courses are not accredited.

So, when you receive a certificate of completion from Udemy for any course, it will not be quite impressive on the resume.

Also, due to this reason, the course quality varies based on the instructors and the classes. The courses are quite short on this platform and the minimum length is 30 minutes. 

Udacity Overview

The Ultimate Comparison 

Udacity gives you Nano degree programs that are organized in partnership with some of the renowned industry partners and it focuses on topics related to technology.

This platform is quite different and is better known as MOOC or a Massive Open Online Course service provider.

Udemy Vs Udacity – This platform partners with industries, universities, and many other institutions.

They are also offering Nano degrees, which are certifications to indicate that you have completed a specific course and you are proficient in a particular area.

There are limited courses at Udacity that focus on computer science and technology.

Udemy Vs Udacity Furthermore, along with the Nano degree programs which are structured, there are about 200 free courses that can be learned at your own pace.

The experience offered by them is similar to that offered by universities and they consist of video lectures, discussion forums, as well as online assignments.

A few nano degrees need a month to complete, whereas a few need three or more months.

Udemy vs Udacity – Costs

Udemy vs Udacity - Costs

Udemy as well as Udacity offers free courses.  But, there is a drastic difference in the quality of these free courses between the two platforms. 

Udemy’s free courses do not offer a lot of value, whereas those on Udacity are detailed and cover a lot of industry-relevant matters which is also included in the Nano degree programs.

The difference is that a free course will not offer mentorship, certificates, and project reviews.

For instance, on Udacity, the course “Introduction to Computer Science” which is free requires 3 months to complete.

When this is compared with the course on Udemy “Foundation of Computer Science“, this course needs just 4.5 hours to complete.

Udemy Vs Udacity – At Udemy, paid courses could be priced between $10 to $200 and they could be even more expensive. Generally, you can get the course on Udemy at a discount of  90% off at times.

So you can get a course which has a good rating for a lesser rate when it is offered on sale. On the other hand, Udacity offers its nano degree programs at a fixed price of $399 for every course.

How To Find The Best Course?


Udemy vs Courser- Udemy Stats

Udemy has courses with better descriptions. Both providers have a great platform that is seamless and user-friendly.

Udemy has divided the catalog of courses into various sections as well as subsections and this will help the user to browse through it easily.

In fact, in this manner, it becomes quite easy to identify the perfect course. You can also type the keywords in Udemy’s search bar and find the course.

Udemy Vs Udacity – Once you find a suitable course, Another way to find the right course on Udemy is to type keywords into the search bar.

Once something catches your eye, you can check the course page that provides an overview along with a video preview.


How to find the best course

Udemy Vs Udacity – Udacity is a simple platform and is quite easy to use. In Udacity, the user can find courses by way of typing in the keywords in the search bar on the homepage. Or the menu can be used to search through all the courses available.

And the user can also select a course by choosing the level of the course (beginner, intermediate, and advanced) along with the duration of the course.

Once you get a suitable course, you can check the description and the time needed. However, the description is not as detailed as in Udemy, which makes it a bit tough to understand the offerings of the course.

In this aspect, Udemy is a clear winner, as you can get a lot of information on courses on Udemy which will help you finalize the course. 

Courses Offered


Courses Offered

The courses on Udemy are mainly video-based, and the content can be downloaded offline. The length of the course varies.

For a few courses, you might need just 8 hours to learn, however, for a few courses, you might need to put in 50 hours or more.

When you decide on the course, do check out the course duration.

Some of the courses consist of external projects, so keep a watch on these in case you love to do hands-on work and want to have a practical aspect of learning.


Udacity Course Program

Along with shorter courses, the unique selling point of Udacity is its Nano degrees. These degree courses are provided by video in small chunks. The course content can be downloaded for offline study.

Udemy Vs Udacity – This gives you a thorough approach to the subject whenever you opt for such courses. Udacity does not offer quick fixes to hone your skills, but it calls for dedication and commitment.

The course duration can be for many months, and the students have to dedicate extra time to do extra work. Students can also learn from some of the top industry leaders directly through live chats.

Furthermore, students also can work on some real-world projects that give a lot of experience which can prove to be quite useful.

Udacity also has a very active learning community wherein the student can engage with all through the course.

Udemy is a good option for those who want a fast way out to hone their skills in many areas. However, Udacity is good for those who want to have a deep learning class on topics related to technology.



Udemy vs udacity

Udemy has numerous courses that cover a wide variety of topics. Some of the course subjects covered consist of business, marketing, health, fitness, personal development, design, etc.

Over here, you can choose short courses which interest you. The courses do not merge to form a large program in contrast to the nano degrees of Udacity.

Examples of courses offered

  • Udemy photography
  • Google Analytics Certification
  • Wedding Photography
  • Portrait Photography, Posing For Photographers
  • Get Certified and Earn More
  • SEO Training With Peter Kent!
  • Six Sigma -Green belt


Udemy Vs. Udacity

The curriculum in Udacity is focused and niche.

The majority of the courses focus on artificial intelligence, programming, and development, cloud computing, business, data science, as well as autonomous systems. In total, there are about 35 nano degrees offered by Udacity.

However, though there are few courses offered, they are programs that are recognized and created by some of the top companies such as Google, IDM, AT&T, and the like.

There are about 200 free courses, though no certificate of completion is provided.

Some of the courses offered can be self-paced, however, a lot of the students will have to devote six to ten hours a week.

Udemy Vs Udacity The nano degree programs consist of exercises, instructional videos, and a final project when the program comes to an end.

Examples of courses offered

  • Marketing Analytics
  • C++ Engineer
  • Data Engineering
  • Business Analytics
  • Data Scientist
  • Blockchain Developer
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Deep Reinforcement Learning
  • Android Basics




On this platform, almost anybody can register and become the instructor of a course. This could lead to a variation in the course quality. 

A few courses are conducted by experts and have many positive reviews, whereas a few others seem to be just a course created to earn some quick money.

Research is a must before you choose a course on Udemy. You must check the instructor, their background, and the course rating as well as reviews prior to purchasing the course.



On this platform, the instructors are curated, and one need not worry about the ability of the instructor to deliver an exceptional course.

The instructors on this platform include graduates, former teachers, CEOs of firms, content developers, and the like.

Many times, courses are available wherein the founder and president of Udacity, himself leads the course. There can be smaller courses that are led by one person, and there can be courses that have the contribution of ten experts.

Udemy Vs Udacity: Accreditation and Certificates


Udemy Vs Udacity

Though Udemy offers certificates of completion for any course completed on this platform, the courses are not accredited similar to that of a university or educational institution.

This indicates that the certificates have limited value and might not enhance your resume.

The courses offered on this platform are ideal for enhancing certain skills. In case you wish to enhance your CV, opting for a course from Udemy might not be a great choice.


Artificial Intelligence

Udacity is an e-learning platform and not a renowned and accredited university. It does not provide traditional degrees. But, the nano degree courses offered are created in collaboration with some of the leading industry partners.

The experts from the industry help in creating the course content and they also hire some of the graduates of Udacity’s programs.

Though the nano degree certification obtained from Udacity might not be impressive as a university degree, they are increasing in value and reputation, especially in the tech industry. 

There are some tech firms that might value these nano degree programs much higher than the regular degree, as they would be aware of the course material being customized to the jobs they hire for.

Udemy Vs Udacity – In general, in case you apply for a job that is in the tech sector, the Udacity nano degree would be more impressive on the resume or CV instead of the Udemy course certificate.

Personal Mentoring


A student of Udemy can benefit from the support forum as well as interact with instructors conducting the course. But, this could vary based on the instructor. 


Udacity has flexible learning as well as individual mentoring in all its courses. The student can interact with instructors through office hours or Slack channels.

A lot of helpful webinars are offered. Additionally, the instructors assist you in creating a great portfolio.

Refund Policy and Pricing


Cancellation policy

Udemy courses have a refund window of 30 days. Udemy offers free courses. Many of the paid courses range between $20 to $200.

The student also can get lifetime access to the content and material of the course. Also, Udemy will charge per course and does not have monthly charges. 


Refund and cancellation policy

Udacity courses have a refund window of just 7 days. They have free as well as paid courses. To complete the nano degree there is a monthly charge.

The monthly fee could be a few hundred dollars for some courses and once you graduate, you can get access to the content for just 12 months.

Time Commitment


Udemy courses could be for a duration of 30 minutes, 3 to 5 hours, or even 20 or 30 hours. This is based on the course and its offerings. There are not many courses on Udemy that require weeks or even months to complete.


On the contrary, Udacity has courses that call for the commitment of time. The beginner courses can be completed in a month or even less. However, most of the courses need about 3-4 months for completion.


In case you need alternatives to Udemy, Skillshare is highly recommended. Skillshare follows the subscription model.

On this site, you can pay about $15 a month and undertake unlimited courses on this platform. This means you need not keep buying individual courses. Skillshare has a wide range of courses on numerous topics.

Another platform following the subscription system is Lynda where you can take up multiple courses. It is called LinkedIn Learning as LinkedIn took over Lynda recently.

Lynda has a lot of courses, which focus on career-based topics like business, design, software, or web development.

If you want more courses in IT that offer tech-based skills, you can check out Pluralsight. If you want courses that are more academic in nature, check out Coursera or edX.

Coursera is good if you want certificates to enhance your CV.

Pros & Cons: Udemy Vs Udacity


Pros Cons
The platform offers a wide variety of courses The completion certificate might not enhance your CV
The courses do not require the commitment of a lot of time Many of the courses are expensive
There are many free courses Anybody can become an instructor and create a course, and the quality of the course varies
Regular discounts are offered due to which many courses are offered at a lower price You cannot undertake multiple courses
Courses are available in many languages
The site offers value-for-money courses


Pros Cons
The courses are being conducted by industry experts the degrees are expensive
Nano degrees are offered which enhance the resume  The student who has time constraints might find it tough to allocate time
The courses are self-paced Most of the courses are tech-related
The courses are quite easy to understand
You can get feedback on coding projects
The courses are related to technology

Customer Review & Testimonials

Customer Reviews- Udemy

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FAQ: Udemy Vs Udacity 2024: Which One Is The Best & Why?

🏆 Which is better Udacity or Udemy?

There are just a select few classes available via Udacity. Both of these learning tools are simple to navigate and utilise. If you use Udemy, you will probably discover a more detailed course description. In general, Udemy is a smart option if you want to level up quickly, but Udacity is a decision that may be made if you are interested in in-depth degrees.

💥Is Udacity free of cost?

Udacity offers over 200 classes that are totally free of charge (but do not offer a certificate). Udacity's Nanodegrees, which are micro-credentials exclusive to Udacity, are free to students. You may pay for these Nanodegrees on a month-to-month basis, or you can pay for a number of months in advance and get a discount.

🎁 Are udemy courses free?

On Udemy, a free course is exactly what it sounds like: it's free. There is no difference in operation between this and any other paid course; the only difference is that there is no charge to enrol.

🌏 Is Udemy good for beginners?

It is a well-known truth that anybody may sign up for a course on Udemy; it makes no difference whether you have any previous expertise or not. To summarise, Udemy is beneficial for working professionals who are trying to expand their skill sets. People who are interested in switching careers.

Conclusion: Udemy Vs Udacity 2024: Which Is The Best & Why?

Udemy Vs Udacity – As we have understood, Udemy is the perfect platform for those who want short and casual courses. It focuses on practical skills and does not go through academic content and technical details.

A lot of courses are available on Udemy. However, it is advised to check the instructor, the rating, and the review prior to selecting the course. 

On the other hand, Udacity offers a detailed and extensive learning opportunity on technology and computer science topics. This platform has partnered with many leading companies to provide nano-degree courses.

If you love learning about technology, Udacity is the perfect choice! I hope the detailed Udemy Vs Udacity helped in giving you a clearer picture of both platforms. 

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