TubeBuddy Review 2024: 🥇My Honest Take on TubeBuddy!

TubeBuddy Review

Overall Verdict

TubeBuddy is a browser extension that automates all operations for all your needs on the YouTube channel. It is a tool that will easily automate many of your YouTube tasks and it’s a one-stop shop for all YouTube Marketing needs.

Out of 10


  • Reasonable price
  • Limited learning curve, easy to use
  • This allows you to spy on competitors.
  • A free option with many features.
  • A complete tool with a wide range of functions.
  • Find Rankable Video Tags of your competitor’s videos.


  • Customer support needs improvement
  • It works only on one channel (you have to subscription separately for another channel)


Price: $ 9

Hello, and thank you for checking out my TubeBuddy Review, in which I will tell you all about the best YouTube growth Chrome addon that will change your channel forever.

This post is essential reading for any YouTuber or anyone thinking about breaking into the content-producing industry. Learn about the revolutionary resource that will give you the power to easily manage and exponentially expand your channel.

You’ve spent numerous hours on YouTube, but you still haven’t seen the outcomes you’re hoping for.

Want your YouTube channel to reach its full potential but don’t know how to get started?

TubeBuddy is the one-and-only answer you’ve been seeking. TubeBuddy is an excellent Google Chrome extension that will make your time spent on YouTube much more productive. With this potent resource at your disposal, you’ll be able to browse YouTube with the ease and confidence of a seasoned pro.

Creating a successful YouTube channel is, let’s face it, no easy feat. Competition on YouTube is fiercer than ever because the number of channels has exploded in recent years. More than just hard work is required to stand out from the crowd and make significant progress. Work smart or work smarter. TubeBuddy is your ace in the hole for overcoming upcoming obstacles and competing successfully against fiercer rivals.

🚀Bottom Line Upfront 

TubeBuddy is the one tool every serious YouTuber needs to maximize their channel’s potential. This revolutionary extention is a game-changer for creators with a sizable audience, thanks to its powerful features and unsurpassed simplicity. Put your worries about reaching more people behind you and welcome a streamlined process that delivers everything your audience wants to their fingertips.

What is TubeBuddy used for

TubeBuddy Review

What is Tubebuddy?

TubeBuddy is a browser extension designed primarily to optimize your YouTube video marketing activities. This is done with massive processing capabilities and productivity features.

In addition, TubeBuddy also helps in video SEO and provides improved analysis. It really is a complete tool that serves as a one-stop-shop for all your YouTube marketing needs. We have also done TubeBuddy Video Review, Don’t forget to check it Out…

No doubt, TubeBuddy is the first few YouTube channel management tools and video optimization platforms available in the market.  The innovative tools, which are automatically added to your YouTube channel, include a number of other premium features that save creators time.

You can install the TubeBuddy browser extension right on Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. Right once you have installed it, you will see a small TubeBuddy section right on the YouTube channel.

TubeBuddy - Overview

And with the help of this tool, you can easily create stunning videos that gonna leverage more audience and views as well.

This tool mainly provides the necessary information to optimize the video marketing strategies of your YouTube channel. And trust me this thing tool is really going to help you in managing your YouTube channels along with helping you in getting more views and subscribers as well.

TubeBuddy offers you a FREE version of the toolbox with many useful features. So here you can get started with this tool for free.

How Does Tube Buddy Work?

TubeBuddy is the perfect tool for anyone who wants easy access to their favorite YouTube features. The program can be installed onto any internet browser or Chrome extension, giving you quick and simple navigation through all of your account settings without ever having to leave YouTube!

TubeBuddy Features

Tubebuddy reviews online

Simply by using this tool, you can easily optimize your videos for YouTube SEO which can help you in attaining a better ranking on YouTube. And also you can easily manage your YouTube channels in a more efficient and easy way. Let’s explore what you can use this tool for:

Tubebuddy facebook reviews

  • Find Rankable Video Tags of your competitor’s videos
  • Get detailed insights into your competitor’s YouTube channel
  • You can export the subscribers listing with their social profiles
  • Allows you to track the ranking of your Videos
  • Has a feature for detailed analytics for any videos
  • Helps you in finding the best time for uploading your videos
  • Allows you to compare your channel analytics with your competitors
  • Also allows you to create thumbnails for videos right on YouTube
  • Allows you to backup titles, tags, and descriptions in your preferred formats like excel or doc files

Tubebuddy reviews online

Advanced Video Embedding:

Simply create embed codes right with a complete list of options to add videos or playlists to your website easily.

YouTube offers just a few basic options for integrating videos and playlists right to our website. With the help of this feature, anyone can easily customize the look of your video or built-in playlist easily.

TubeBuddy Review- Advanced video Embedding

On the My Videos page, on the My Videos page, scroll down the Tools tab (described above) on any page to play videos or a modified playlist page easily.

Canned Responses:

Just write pre-written messages in various areas of YouTube easily.  In the end, you always write the same answer on YouTube but with the help of this tool, you can do it effortlessly. Now you can easily write personalized messages and write faster.

TubeBuddy Review- Canned Responses

Simply click on the TubeBuddy main menu next to the Download button and select the Canned Response tab.

The Card Templates:

Now you can easily set up any video as a card template and then easily apply for the cards right to new uploads.

Now you don’t have to create the same cards on all uploads manually. You want to manage all aspects of new downloads quickly and efficiently. Using this feature you can easily all aspects of new uploads quickly.

TubeBuddy Review- Card Templates

Just set a video card template at the bottom of the Cards page (you can then apply this template to the upload screen)

The Comment Filters:

With the help of this feature, you can easily manage large amounts of comments using our advanced filtering options.

You have problems tracking comments to your channel because you get lost in comments but with the help of this tool, you can easily do it.

TubeBuddy Review- Comment Filter

YouTube’s comment management system is difficult to use but with the help of these features, you manage your comments effortlessly.

In the comments of your videos, you want to quickly and easily find questions, blasphemies, positive feelings, negative feelings, or certain words with the help of this feature.

Go to your comment page on YouTube and notice the first comment you’re going to get this feature.

The Emoji Picker:

Now with the help of this feature, you can easily add emojis right to your titles, tags, and descriptions as well.

With the help of this feature, you can make your titles stand out from the crowd.

TubeBuddy Review- Emoji Picker

Now you can tag your videos in a unique way to help you in the show in the suggested videos section.  Now you don’t have to visit an external website to use the emoji feature.

Info and the setting + upload page for videos.

Tubebuddy case studies

Quick Edit Toolbar:

Actually, on YouTube, there is no way you can easily edit videos right in a playlist. But now you can easily navigate right between videos while you are editing a list. Using this tool you don’t have to click to the My Videos every time you want to edit another video.

TubeBuddy Review- Quick Edit toolbar

You can simply find it on any Videos Edit Screen as you may come from a playlist page or my videos page.

The Scheduled Publish:

Now you can easily schedule unlisted videos to be published and simply add them to the playlist any time you want. Here with the help of this feature, you can easily schedule your video to be published.

TubeBuddy Review- Schedule Publish

If you want to find this feature you have to simply go to the My Video Page, or just simply to the Edit Video Page.

Publish Video on YouTube & Facebook at the same time

Sunset Videos:

This feature allows you to simply schedule videos to be hidden and removed right from the playlist at a future date and time. With the help of this feature, you can easily protect yourself against licensed content.

TubeBuddy Review- Sunset Videos

You can easily find this feature on the My Videos Page, Upload Page, or Edit Video Page as well.

The Thumbnail Generator:

With the help of this feature, you can easily create professional-quality thumbnails simply by using some of the frames from your videos and also text/image overlays as well.

TubeBuddy Review- Thumbnail Generator

Now you can easily save and re-use templates right for a clean and consistent look right across your Video thumbnails easily. From now you don’t have to pay Adobe Photoshop license just to create YouTube video thumbnails.

In order to use this feature, you need to just go to the My Videos page on the YouTube channel and simply select the Thumbnail Generatorright from the TubeBuddy menu that is actually next to the video that you actually wanted to generate the thumbnail.

Video Topic Planner:

With the help of this feature, you can easily manage and get more ideas for your future videos post and that’s quite impressive about this tool. Here using this tool you don’t have trouble coming up with new videos easily.

TubeBuddy Review- Video topic planner

The End Screen Templates: 

Here this tool allows you to simply set an end screen template and then you can easily its end screen elements right to your new uploads. And now you don’t have to create End Screen elements on all of your new uploads.

It allows you to simply add an End Screen template right at the bottom of the end screen page right for that video easily.

TubeBuddy Review- The End screen Tamplate

Video Tag Explorer:

Tube Buddy will help you optimize your videos for YouTube search results in a matter of seconds. All it takes is entering the main keywords that are relevant to what the content producer or channel owner provides, and they’ll take care from there!

Video Tag Lists:

There’s no need to type out each and every tag manually anymore! TubeBuddy has a list of pre-made tags that you can use later on.

The Tag Sorter:

The keyword tool will show you which tags are most popular, so it’s important to use these at the beginning of your video’s tag list. This helps maximize YouTube SEO efforts and maximize how high up in search results they appear!

Who Can Use TubeBuddy?

If you are a YouTube creator and wanted to grow YouTube channels effortlessly then you should get started with TubeBuddy right away. Check out the list below to find out who can use this TubeBuddy tool

TubeBuddy Review- Use TubeBuddy

  • For Creators:

TubeBuddy is best for creators who really want to grow their channel and simply engage right with their audience. And they can easily streamline their workflows so that they can easily give more time to simply creating great content.

  • For Brands:

People who are having a brand and actually want to get focused on productive workflows along with growing their business on YouTube.

  • For Networks:

Here you can also offer this reliable tool for the partner’s success easily and effortlessly.

  • For Agencies:

Also, the agencies can easily take advantage of this tool simply by managing their client’s channels effortlessly.

How to Get started with TubeBuddy?

We’ll go over how to install the TubeBuddy Chrome extension in this part. They have a Firefox extension as well. Both browsers should follow a similar procedure.

  • To begin, you will first need to visit the TubeBuddy Official website and then create an account on TubeBuddy.
  • Next step, you need to click on the “INSTALL FREE ON CHROME” button.
  • Once you click on the button, you will be redirected to the TubeBuddy Google Chrome extension site.
  • On this page, click on “ADD TO CHROME”.
  • After you have added the extension to your browser successfully, you will see a new TubeBuddy icon in the browser’s toolbar at the top right corner.
  • Now, you simply need to go to YouTube. If your YouTube channel isn’t linked properly, you might see a warning saying “TubeBuddy does not have a valid access token for your Channel. Please re-link your channel to fix the problem!”
  • If you click on re-link your channel, TubeBuddy will walk you through the process of tying your accounts together.
  • When you go to YouTube and link your channel, you should notice a new TubeBuddy drop-down box.
  • This panel adds lots of options like Dashboard, My videos, Playlists, Live Streaming, Comments, Messages, Subscribers and Analytics, and new powerful features to YouTube like Tag Explorer, Video Topic Planner, and Best time to publish.

TubeBuddy Pricing Plans: Is TubeBuddy free or paid?

The pricing plans offered by TubeBuddy are very simple and straightforward and anyone can easily get started with it right away. And even the best part is that it has a FREE version available and anyone can easily use it and find out how helpful it can be.


This tool is very easy and reliable for all the YouTubers out there as it can help you in simply managing and growing your YouTube channel. You can easily upgrade your license and there are no contracts the best part is that you can cancel it anytime.

Let’s check out its pricing plans.

  • Pro ($2.40/Month)

In this plan, you can simply access most productivity and video optimization tools in one place. Also, you’re going to get unlimited access to TubeBuddy mobile.

  • Star ($/9.20/Month)

Actually, this is the most popular plan among all of these. It’s the ultimate plan that comes with time-saving Bulk Processing Tools. With this plan get unlimited access to TubeBuddy mobile.

  • Legend ($21.20/Month)

If you wanted to have advanced functionality then you should go with this plan easily. Now you can get advanced functionality for maximum results. Also with this plan, you get unlimited access to TubeBuddy mobile.

So these are the pricing plan offered by TubeBuddy. And if you need any higher plans then you can just go for the TubeBuddy Enterprise plan. As with this plan, they offer custom plans right for Brands and Agencies that are more than 20+ channels.

Best Tubebuddy Alternatives

1) VidIQ

Tubebuddy Alternative - VidIQ

VidIQ is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) tool that helps YouTube creators locate relevant topics and keywords for their videos. The tool also comes with a comprehensive YouTube SEO feature set that aids in the creation of SEO-friendly titles, descriptions, and tags.

The application includes a variety of analytics and listening features, such as the channel audit tool, which helps you to keep track of important data in one spot. It can manage many channels (allowing you to quickly turn on channels that you may or may not own – client channels).

You have access to the VidIQ web suite as well as a Chrome plugin, allowing you to analyze and improve your films across many platforms. While the web suite has more functionality, the browser extension allows you to see a lot of information at once.

The VidIQ Chrome plugin is a tool for YouTube creators that provides data on other people’s videos while also assisting you in optimizing your own. 

2) Tubics

Tubebuddy Alternative - Tubics

Tubics is a YouTube SEO tool that assists YouTube channel owners in gaining more views and improving their search engine rankings.

As a user, you will receive recommendations for video optimization, which you can immediately adopt and track. Tubics sets to work giving you tips to improve the performance of your videos and channel after you set up your account and connect your YouTube channel.

The “video auditor” tool (as I like to call it) is the main focus. Tubics analyses a video and makes recommendations on how to improve its ranking and view/engagement performance. In a YouTube search, you can keep track of your videos’ rankings.

It monitors the performance of your YouTube channel’s keyword rankings and overall visibility on the SERP over time so you can mix up the appropriate keywords.


Tubebuddy Alternative -keywordio

For any search, will create up to 750 long-tail keywords. It has a very high uptime, so you can always count on it.

If you want to improve your views, the Youtube keyword search results are a true eye-opener. If you comprehend the importance of the information it delivers, it is a worthwhile investment.

It shows long-tail keywords that other search engines don’t. The Keyword Tool is easy to use, has a clean appearance, and saves me a lot of time in my everyday tasks.

It contains all of the critical information you’ll need to carry out SEO Strategy projects for overseas clients, including all local search volumes and CPC values. It’s also the most dependable service of its kind.

TubeBuddy Reviews, Testimonials By Users

Tubebuddy review by youtubersTubeBuddy Review on Trustpilot

Tubebuddy Trustpilot review


TubeBuddy Pros & Cons

I can’t find a perfect tool as there are always some pros and cons associated with every tool out there. So does the TubeBuddy as it has some cons as well.

Although TubeBuddy offers a variety of features that are awesome and cool there are also some limitations too with this TubeBuddy.

Actually, I have listed some of the pros and cons of this tool:

✔️TubeBuddy Pros

  • Reasonable price
  • The limited learning curve, easy to use
  • This allows you to spy on competitors
  • A free option with many features
  • A complete tool with a wide range of functions
  • Find Rankable Video Tags of your competitor’s videos
  • Get detailed insights into your competitor’s YouTube channel
  • You can export the subscribers listing with their social profiles
  • Allows you to track the ranking of your Videos
  • Has a feature for detailed analytics for any videos
  • Helps you in finding the best time of uploading your videos

❌TubeBuddy Cons

  • Customer support needs improvement
  • It works only on one channel (you have to subscribe separately for another channel)
  • A feature like bulk editing is only available with an expensive paid plan

FAQ related to TubeBuddy Review

✅ Is TubeBuddy Safe?

TubeBuddy is a safe and 100% YouTube certified extension, they started in 2014 & have helped many big & small YouTubers to grow their channel. I had been using it alone for a long time without any bugs or complaints & will vouch for it as I had been using it.

✅ Is TubeBuddy worth it?

Yes! Indeed, Tubebuddy is for sure worth it! I grew my subscriber base using TubeBuddy! though I am not an active content creator TubeBuddy helps you with better SEO understanding and helps you become a successful content creator. it’s the hands-down complete & ultimate YouTube growth hack.

✅How to use tubeBuddy for youtube ?

Like we know TubeBuddy is a browser extension and it is used on Youtube. It adds a layer of tools on YouTube which helps you use YouTube efficiently and effectively.

✅Is there any Tubebuddy discount coupon ?

You can get up to 25% off on TubeBuddy’s yearly plan if you use our code “BID25TUBEBUDDY”. You can use this code on the redeem box to get your discount.

✅How can I get TubeBuddy for free?

They do not offer any free trial but the basic plan of TubeBuddy is free of cost.

✅How do I cancel my TubeBuddy subscription?

Log in to your TubeBuddy account Click the Manage button Click the Cancel License button Or If you purchase their premium license and are not happy with them then you can ask for a full refund within 30 days. You have to contact the support team with your account details.

✅Is TubeBuddy better than VidIQ?

No doubt, TubeBuddy is a powerful one-stop solution for YouTube management and marketing. And the best part is that this platform is YouTube certified so you don’t have to worry much. The best part about TubeBuddy is that it has more than 1,000,000+ amazing YouTubers who use and trust this platform because of its flexibility and features. While if we talk about VidIQ then it is quite cheaper than TubeBuddy but it doesn’t provide as much value as TubeBuddy does. As per the YouTube Creators, TubeBuddy wins the race because of its easy-to-use interface and the features they offer at such an affordable cost. And I highly recommend TubeBuddy to our visitors and trust this tool will never let you down.

✅Is TubeBuddy Actually YouTube Certified?

Yes, TubeBuddy is certified by Youtube.

TubeBuddy Review: My Final Thoughts

Put Tubebuddy to the test and see why it’s the best YouTube tool available.

With Tubebuddy, it’s easier than ever to realize YouTube’s full potential for your channel. The Tubebuddy Chrome addon works flawlessly with Chrome to create a stress-free and enjoyable experience for its users. Tubebuddy provides a one-stop shop for all the tools you’ll need to manage and expand your YouTube presence.

Are you prepared to set out on this incredible adventure? Tubebuddy offers a free trial so you can see if it’s a good fit for your needs before committing to a paid subscription. Nothing to lose, only potential gain.

TubeBuddy works on any platform and any device. TubeBuddy is optimized for all major operating systems, including iOS, OS X, Android, and Windows.

At TubeBuddy, They’re committed to helping our customers easily expand their YouTube following. You can focus on making engaging content for your audience while we handle the technical aspects of managing and analyzing your videos.

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  1. “I’m telling my friends about TubeBuddy ALL the time! It’s great!”
    The best thing about Tubebuddy is how easy it makes managing your videos.
    It was really hard for me to keep track of which videos had been published, or when, and I’d often get confused and upload a whole bunch of old stuff by accident; now with Tubebuddy, it tells me right away if there’s any similar content up already so then I can go in and merge them. It also lets you schedule out things like editing deadlines for yourself on an easy-to-follow calendar layout – that always helped me stay accountable to myself.

  2. TubeBuddy is the best software to use as a YouTuber! It’s super easy to navigate and was made by YouTubers, for youtubers.

  3. YouTube is a great platform, but it can be a lot of work to manage. Especially when you have to do all the things TubeBuddy does for you. It’s an essential tool for any YouTube account, but it’s bit expensive.

  4. This product is dope! TubeBuddy has been the key to my success. I used to be a nobody but now I’m famous and I have all these subscribers. You need this.
    Ahem, err back for a sec, sorry about that little outburst there -TubeBuddy is cleverly marketed but don’t take my word for it- These dudes are smart af.
    In order for you to do other things like sleep or go out with your friends, they’ll handle tasks like optimizing your videos & boosting their viewership while also letting you know what types of tags were working best in reaching targeted people–and who knows maybe one day one of those highly coveted YouTube endorsements will come knocking on your door 😉

  5. Tube buddy is the ultimate youtube toolkit. If you’re serious about making videos, this is a must-have tool. With an easy user interface and tons of features, tube buddy will help take your videos to the next level.

  6. I found out about TubeBuddy after browsing popular YouTube channels. It seemed to be attractive because of the free trial offer, and the free prize draw for a holiday voucher. I’ve noticed that sometimes videos have disappeared from my channel without me knowing, so this also appealed as it promised protection against these drops in videos views and interaction.
    Accelerate your growth on Youtube with our exclusive value-packed deal! Now includes 30 days free full access according to Trial Special.

  7. Tube buddy is your one stop shop for all things youtube related. This easy to use program has a variety of tools to help you grow your channel and engage with your audience. Whether you are looking for help with optimizing your videos or simply want to keep track of your analytics, tube buddy has you covered.

  8. Tube buddy is the perfect tool for any youtuber looking to take their channel to the next level. With an easy-to-use interface and a wealth of powerful tools, tube buddy makes it easy to get the most out of your youtube channel.

  9. TubeBuddy is the essential YouTube toolkit that will make your channel growth explode. With powerful tools for optimization, editing, monetization, and more, TubeBuddy will take your channel to the next level.

  10. TubeBuddy is the essential YouTube tool that helps you optimize and grow your channel. With TubeBuddy, you can get more views on your videos, improve your SEO, and manage your channel with ease.

  11. It’s not a perfect world, I know. You have to do all of this tedious and monotonous work to build your own audience and become successful on YouTube. Why can’t you just be lucky? TubeBuddy is the only product that has helped me out with my channel. With TubeBuddy, I don’t have to do anything myself – it autonomously optimizes my videos for the best view times possible with features like Instant Thumbnail, Powerful Analytics Reporting, Rapid Ranking Jump Start – so many things! My videos now are more engaging and get more views because of what TubeBuddy does behind-the-scenes!

  12. When Kelly’s channel wasn’t growing, he stumbled upon TubeBuddy. After installing it, his views skyrocketed!

    TubeBuddy is the perfect way to find yourself in YouTube heaven. With this amazing product, your block will be finally filled with easy traffic and cheap but effective advertising options! There’s no better time than now to get started with your next step towards world domination.

  13. There are tons of different software and apps out there to help you run your successful YouTube channel, but TubeBuddy is the one that will give you the fastest rate growth. You can do all of this without having any experience as long as you have found success with other social media in the past where those platforms support video content. If not, it’s not a problem–tubebuddy has got 9 easy-to-follow tutorials to help you dive into playing around with a new video camera or getting started editing something.

  14. “Elite YouTube marketers can achieve their dreams with videos that are perfect, polished, and spot-on. Whether you’re just starting your channel or running a whole business around it, TubeBuddy is the #1 rated video optimization platform that’s installed on more channels worldwide than any other toolkit.”

  15. TubeBuddy is an amazing tool that every YouTuber should use! With its powerful features, you can manage and grow your channel with ease. Whether you’re looking to increase your subscriber count or optimize your videos for better rankings, TubeBuddy has you covered.

  16. TubeBuddy is a great implementation of ever-changing marketing principles for internet savvy millennials. It’s not just the #1 rated YouTube video optimizing and management toolkit, it’s also the only dedicated product to help with both free and paid optimization. The best thing about TubeBuddy is that it offers recommendations based on your videos’ needs – from SEO keywords to tags to caption length– no matter what stage you’re at in your channel’s evolution. Commanding a user friendly interface, this powerhouse integrates seamlessly with your existing workflow; from account setup through ongoing assistance & features like auto uploader updates or lead generation links!

  17. TubeBuddy is a Youtuber’s best friend. The toolkit eliminates the need to research YouTube updates or features for hours in order to customize your videos and make them perfect for distribution and marketing. You can use TubeBuddy’s drip feed of insights, tips, and tricks on how you should post specific kinds of content throughout the week at your own pace (staying ahead of all the new changes!) or by setting up automatic alerts based on traffic analytics like keyword difficulty – not knowing these tips could cost you hundreds if not thousands of views!

    We want our users to know that with us they’ll be able to take their vision from idea-to-reality, without having to scroll through Google searches trying desperately to find what works.

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