5 Best Tubebuddy Alternative: VidIQ Vs TubeBuddy Comparison (Winner)

TubeBuddy is a one-stop shop for all your YouTube optimization and management needs. This tool helps you grow faster by analyzing data, and making sure that videos are properly categorized in search results with SEO-friendly titles/ descriptions – which will increase their visibility on Google!

When you don’t have the budget for tube buddy, there are other ways to get what you need. Some people might be searching online because they want a cheaper alternative or just aren’t sure how it works without paying upfront fees – which is totally understandable! But if money isn’t an issue then I recommend checking out this awesome tool called “VidIQ” It has everything that comes standard with Tubebuddy features.

5 Best Tubebuddy Alternative

Here are some of the best Tubebuddy alternatives that you can use.

1) VidIQ

vidIQ-TubeBuddy Alternative

VidIQ is a youtube SEO and channel management tool that helps you grow your audience faster on YouTube. It has almost all of the features available in Tubebuddy, so if you’re looking for an alternative to it then VidiQ will be perfect!

VidIQ is a comprehensive video intelligence platform that utilizes data analysis and artificially intelligent technology to rank, monitor rankings as well as help you identify what’s working on your videos.
Vid IQ features include Scorecard, Keyword Tools, Competitors, Trends Alerts, Compare Views, Productivity Toolbox, thumbnail generator, Facebook Syndication, Channel Audit, Real-Time Stats Bar. achievements.

VidIQ provides a variety of services, including basic and premium options. The free option allows users to create up to three videos per month while the pro plan costs $7.50/month for one video or ten people on your contact list (you can manually add them). Boost+ starts at just over $400 with an annual commitment but offers greater storage capacity than any other package—enough room so that you’ll never run out!

2) TuBeast

tubeast-TubeBuddy Alternative

TuBeast is the world’s most advanced and powerful platform for YouTube creators. It has tools that will help you grow your channel, including machine learning technology to spot growth opportunities in videos before they happen so there’s no need for manual labor!

Tubeast has fewer features than Tubebuddy. It’s recent, costly, and doesn’t offer as many benefits for your money compared to the popular Tubebuddy.

Features: Benchmarking, Reporting, Statistical Analysis, Market Research Tools, YouTube Keyword Tool, Advanced Topic Research, The Beast Tracker, Artificial Intelligence Tools, AI Video Analysis
Pricing: Starter – Free, Standard – $47 / month, Premium – $97 / month, Beast – $247 / month
Availability: Website.

3) Vudini

Tubebuddy Alternative-Vudini

Vudini is a video SEO and video commerce platform that uses smarter AI-driven video publication and keyword targeting to help marketers develop a profitable customer acquisition channel across YouTube, Google, and social media.

With improved AI-driven Video SEO, posting, and targeting, you can create a profitable customer acquisition channel across YouTube, Google, and social media.

Vudini is a Google-approved AI Video SEO technique that can help your brand stand out online by increasing visibility and sales through video SEO and video commerce.

It pushes your branded video content to the top of the search results and keeps it there. Your brand’s visibility improves in an instant, and revenue soars. By allowing your customers to transact as they consume, the tool maximizes conversion.

Vudini improves your return on investment and gives your brand the ability to grow. You may effortlessly post your video the smart way, automating over 200 SEO and publishing steps in the process. Use video to get premium YouTube spots and page 1 positions.

Results from a Google search Increase the number of visitors to your desired keywords, phrases, and themes. With video conversion and shopping solutions, you can target traffic with high buy intent and convert customers right where they are.

4) Keyword Tool Dominator

Tubebuddy Alternative-Keyword-Tool-Dominator

Dominator is a keyword research program that searches e-commerce platforms like Amazon, eBay, and even Google for keywords.

It locates long-tail keywords that your target market is looking for. Keyword Tool Dominator also assigns a popularity score to each keyword.

You may use Keyword Tool Dominator to figure out which keywords your target audience uses and include them in your article. This tool allows you to look at keyword data from a variety of huge platforms.

Each of the following platforms has keyword research tools: Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Walmart, Google, Google Shopping, YouTube, and Bing. Each tool provides a list of keywords, and some of them allow you to filter by area.

This tool allows you to conduct three free searches, so I recommend that you do so. This will give you a better understanding of how it works, whether the results are appropriate for your purposes, and whether it can assist you in finding the relevant keywords.

A free version of the tool is available for locating long-tail YouTube keywords.

There is a maximum of three search inquiries per day for this service. When you hit your 3-quota, you must either wait 24 hours or subscribe to Keyword Tool Dominator’s premium service. Starting at $28.49, you can have lifelong access to the tool.

5) Social Blade

Is Social blade legit

Social Blade provides detailed analytics for YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. The video platform works well with individual creators or marketers who want to know how their favorite influencers are performing on social media platforms like Facebook (or FB).

Social blade offers overall as well as daily insights into the metrics of your various accounts across all four major networks: Facebook, Twitter, vine(America) &tumbler(UK).

These stats include things such as the number of views per day which helps us understand what content resonates best among our followers.

Social Blade is a must-have for any YouTuber, with detailed analytics on your YouTube channel and anyone you follow. Get information about subscribers as well as page views/time spent watching videos from Social Blade’s vast database of data!

There are many different features that will help enhance the growth rate in viewership ratings such as consulting top lists which can generate stronger content ideas to keep viewers coming back again And again.

Social Blade offers a free two-month trial and discounts for paying annually. The bronze membership costs $3.99 per month, while Silver subscriptions go up to about $9 – that’s still cheaper than most other platforms out there!

You’ll get access to over 100 slots on all your favorite social media apps (including YouTube) with an account at the Socialblade Gold level which gets you 250 total favorites plus Premium Data Charts in addition to 50 Youtube reports cards monthly or 25 reports per platform each day/week.

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Final Thought

All of the Tubebuddy alternatives have their advantages and disadvantages. I recommend you choose VidIQ if you are planning to switch, however – all tools are great for different purposes! Let me know which one works best with your needs by leaving a comment below this email

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  1. These are great TubeBuddy alternatives! But I am kind of surprised to not see TubeRank Jeet in this list. It’s one of the cheapest feature-rich tools I’ve come across. It provides me with the right keywords, hashtags, titles, and so on & helps me to improve my YouTube SEO.

  2. That’s very informative! But I was expecting Tuberank Jeet here on the list. It is quite an affordable and effective tool that I am using to rank my videos. It is a perfect tool to find the best keywords, hashtags, etc., and is very easy to use.

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