Treehouse Vs Udacity 2024: 🚀 Which One Is The Best? (Top Pick)



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Treehouse offers beginner to advanced courses in web design, web development, mobile development, and game development taught by a team of expert teac

Udacity is for those who want to learn university like courses and professional courses.

  • Lecture Control
  • Auto-Generated Captions
  • 7-Day Free Trial
  • Expert Professionals
  • One-on-one Guidance
  • Projects
  • Professional Quality
  • Easy To Use
  • Helpful Community
  • Top-Quality Content
  • Over 200 free courses
  • After completing a course you will receive certificate
  • No Recaps
  • It is too expensive
Ease of Use

Easy to use

Super Easy to use

Value For Money

Treehouse is cheaper in comparison to Udacity because it offers courses from beginner to master level. The content offered by this platform is of top notch. These are few things which makes it worthy to invest this much money in Treehouse.

Udacity is too expensive but the course content is of top quality and taught by expert professionals and after completing a course you will receive a certificate.

Customer Support

24*7 support

24*7 support

Well, if you are here to know the best online coding platform, treehouse vs. Udacity, and Oh, the best one amongst the two major warriors – Treehouse Vs. Udacity; then you have just clicked the right detailed comparison between the two.

We will not only help you decide which is better, Treehouse or Udacity but also give you my personal experience with the same by taking into account the pros and cons of each. Let’s understand which program fits your needs better.

Bottom Line Upfront: Udacity has really done an excellent job of making their courses more engaging and interactive. For example, Udacity offers exclusive programs such as the Nano program which focuses on programming skills specifically geared towards beginners whereas Treehouse provides feedback for nine to twelve projects per course in its general coding curriculum. Udacity offers exclusive programs such as their Nano program, whereas Treehouse focuses more on general coding. Get Strated with Udacity & 75% Discount Today.

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So, let’s Dive into the Comparison-

Treehouse Vs Udacity- An Overview

As you can see, while both Treehouse and Udacity are tech-centered, Treehouse has a firm focus on coding language and machine learning. At the same time, Udacity offers more variety in areas such as web development. 

In addition, Treehouse offers what they call a “Tech degree,” which is a mix of classes to help build your professional profile.

Treehouse is more focused on general coding, while Udacity provides exclusive/specialized programs such as its Nano Degree program.

Treehouse gives feedback on 10-12 projects every course, while Udacity offers an online portfolio special provision. Treehouse courses need a monthly payment, while Udacity courses must be completed within a few months from the start.

Treehouse Vs Udacity- Courses Offered

Treehouse- Courses Offered

Treehouse is also tech-centered and offers a little over three hundred courses at a given time among the following categories:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • PHP
  • IOS Development
  • Other Coding Courses

Treehouse- courses

Udacity -Courses Offered

First of all, Udacity has about 100,000 different courses in the following :

  • Programming and Development
  • Artificial Intelligence, such as Machine Learning
  • Cloud Computing
  • Data Science
  • Business
  • Autonomous Systems
  • Web Developer
  • Career (such as job applications and interviewing techniques)


Treehouse Vs Udacity- What is the Hype?


If you are a beginner, in my opinion, Treehouse is the one. Basically, it is the best online platform that offers varied level courses, from beginner to advanced courses in web designing or even web development.

Also, mobile web development and even game development are taught by a team of experienced teachers.

Start Your Free Trial

Treehouse for Teams is designed to help businesses, organizations, schools, and community programs in technology training. Companies currently use Treehouse for recruitment purposes.

They hire new employees based on their skills and achievements on this online learning platform, as there is also a progress saver to help you keep track of your growth.

Courses offered are called TechDegrees and offer a variety of them: HTML, IOS, Java, Data Analytics, Databases, Web Development, and many more.

With over 1,000 hours of high-quality videos, it is a great investment for all those wanting to learn how to code without any previous experience.

Treehouse code videos are designed to take you from knowing nothing about coding to getting yourself a job in the techie industry. Users are doing exactly this, with a growing list of people using Treehouse to start a new career in tech.


On the other hand, Udacity offers the best online courses. It’s an open secret that Udacity is one of the most popular MOOC-based e-learning providers across the. If you are a student/professional with preliminary/intermediate knowledge about the software/programming language and want to groom your skills, then Udacity is a better fit.  

Since the company has so much popularity and reach, many people are looking for reliable Udacity reviews online. So, let me help you decide whether or not the platform is worth your attention.

Udacity Pros

Udacity delves in-depth into the subject taught by industry experts. They provide mentors who answer all your queries and keep you motivated. They offer real-world projects and help you master the skills that companies are looking for.

What brings Treehouse over Udacity?

Treehouse is starting to release more intermediate coding courses, which is great, too, because it allows you to progress past a beginner level.

Within a long time, you can easily get through a couple of tracks in a month, giving you a good foundation to start learning more advanced features.

We have used Treehouse and taken training courses. Everything is very visual and easy to use, adapting to our needs, and until now, we have been delighted with this platform.

You can start learning even if you don’t have experience in the field. At the end of the program, we had a solid foundation to create a basic immersive experience. Projects are pretty interesting and will provide you examples from which point you can carry out further building.

Treehouse has high-quality courses with good content, even if VR is an upcoming field today. 

A very important reason we rate Treehouse so highly is because of its track feature. Learning to program and build websites can often be a very daunting task. With so much information on the web, it’s easy to get analysis paralysis and not progress with your understanding.

When we used Treehouse and took training courses, everything was very visual and easy to use, adapting to our needs, and until now, we have been delighted with this platform. You can start learning even if you don’t have experience in the field. At the end of the program, we had a solid foundation to create a basic immersive experience. 

The projects were pretty interesting, and they provided examples of where you can continue building. VR is a  comparatively new term today. Treehouse has high-quality courses with good content.

Just where we feel Treehouse lags –

With that said, Treehouse might not give you in-depth knowledge for the investment you make, but haven’t we just started learning yet? 

The quality of the course might be inconsistent, but it allows you to understand the basics crisply. You might not get the interaction and feedback that you expected, but it’s always worth a try!

Where does Udacity rank up compared to Treehouse?

It offers free courses. Naturally, with the platform offering such a wide selection of things to learn and courses to learn from, it’s ultimately a case-by-case scenario. With that said, however, the quality assurance program is very clearly working for them.

Udacity is an amazing option for career growth. It is a great platform to learn by the implementation. It provides the course contents, which are extensive and very clear. Udacity provides courses for learners right from the age of 13, which gives them an upper hand in the long run and makes them experienced from a very young age.

Udacity is an app for iOS and Android that makes it easier for anybody to learn from any part of the globe. It has a flexible, intuitive platform that is beneficial as it can be joined from any device comfortably. 

Training from any corner of the world is already possible with Udacity. It helps in training and fulfilling the necessary skills to obtain what you need. Beyond having the knowledge and having finished a career, it has taught you to create a CV to attract the attention of a recruiter, to improve as a professional with new knowledge, and to create a network of contacts both in-person and online. 

Not only free courses but even University credit courses are offered. Each course has several units comprising video lectures with closed captioning, along with integrated quizzes. It helps students understand concepts and reinforce ideas. It also includes follow-up homework, which promotes a “learn by doing” model. 

The programming classes use the Python language. Programming assignments are graded by automatic grading programs on the Udacity servers. The different features provided by Udacity are the Udacity Nano degree and the Udacity Nanodegree Plus. 

Udacity Courses

Many users ask if they’re making the correct choice, so why not give yourself a detailed report to see for yourself? You will be able to decide for yourself which benefits you the most! Here we go,

  • Udacity Nanodegree 

The Nanodegree that Udacity offers is a form of learning where you pay a payment each month and study a particular subject for around 6-12 months, after which you’ll receive a certificate of completion. Many times, people ask if Udacity Nanodegrees are worth it – and trust me, it’s a tough one! 

  • Udacity Nanodegree Plus

A special form of learning that the learners over at Udacity could take part in was the Nanodegree Plus. The “Plus” program at Udacity assured the learner a job after they have successfully finished the desired program. 

Udacity guaranteed you would get a job; otherwise, it would fully refund you the course price. Although this sounds pleasing, would it give you back the time you spent learning all the skills?

Treehouse Vs Udacity- Pros & Cons

So let’s get down to weighing the Pros of both the Online Courses Providers-

  • Treehouse is suitable for beginners, whereas Udacity is for intermediate-level students.
  • Udacity offers higher-level courses like nano programming, whereas Treehouse offers basic general coding, machine learning, etc.
  • Both institutions provide students with flexibility.
  • Team Treehouse has a great material presentation and project-based learning and also lets you do projects and build projects as you learn.
  • Both help in learning tricks and tactics.
  • While in the free courses in Udacity, lectures are just a basic introduction, while in the Treehouse, they have great introduction lectures.
  • Team Treehouse has an option where you can ask the other students and teachers to review your project before you submit it, and the same goes for Udacity.
  • One of the features of Treehouse is after you are done with your course, you can search for a job on their website, which can help you get a great job.
  • Udacity not only provides nano degrees but also offers feedback on coding.

Let’s have a look at the Cons of the Platforms.

  • One of the biggest cons of Udacity is if you pay $1000 for the subscription, you have to complete the course in this period, and if you want to pause for a while, you can’t do that, whereas in Treehouse, you pay $200 for a month and you can pause the course for a while if you want too.
  • Treehouse gives student discounts but is way too expensive compared to other coding institutions, such as Udacity.
  • Treehouse has more projects while learning than Udacity.

Now that I’ve laid out all the data in front of you, it’s up to you to decide!

Pricing Plans of Treehouse and Udacity

Treehouse Pricing

Pricing with Treehouse starts at almost Rs.2000 per month, and you have access to 1,000+ videos with the track and their libraries, network, and job listings. The basic plan is $250 per year. 

In case you wish to have permission for more courses like guest lectures from leaders around the world or extra workshops, there is an annual pro plan for $490.

Treehouse Pricing

Udacity Pricing

Udacity has almost 200 courses that are completely free of cost, but no certificate is awarded for them.

The Udacity Nanodegrees are paid. The charge is almost $400 per month, or there is also an option of paying for several months with fewer charges. They have a 7-day return policy, where if you are dissatisfied with the course, you can choose to unsubscribe and get a full refund.

The courses have varied charges according to the number of months they need to learn. Also, if it’s difficult for you to pay this large amount of money, there are scholarships for a few courses.

Udacity Review - Price

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

Treehouse Customer Reviews

TreeHouse - Customer Review

Udacity Customer Reviews

Udacity Review - User Review


👉Can I get a job with Udacity Nanodegree?

Yes! Many Nanodegree graduates have gotten jobs. It gives a boost to the career and exposes individuals to real-life experiences. With Nanodegree Plus, launched in January 2016, it offered a money-back job guarantee.

👉Can you take Udacity courses for free?

Udacity has around 200 completely free courses (but do not offer a certificate). They are mostly a part of the paid-less credit system called the Nanodegree offered by Udacity. Many of the courses that are a part of newer Nanodegrees are now paid.

👉Are Treehouse tech degrees worth it?

They have four unique Tech Degrees — Python Web Development, Full Stack JavaScript, Front-End Web Development, and iOS Development. The tech degree is $199 per month, which seems like a lot, but I believe it's extremely worth the investment.

👉Can you get a job with Treehouse Techdegree?

The tech degree will help you by giving you projects to do, these projects will, later on, be what helps you land a job. To sum a tech degree up, you will start by doing some courses and follow up with a project on the topic before you move on to a new set of courses that also ends with a new project.

👉What are Udacity and Treehouse exactly?

Udacity and Treehouse are for-profit, completely online and educational tech-based platforms that offer a base for improving skill sets, self-improvement. Its main objective is career advancement, and even if that is not guaranteed, it’s worth a try to improve skill sets.

👉What is Treehouse coding?

It is one of the most popular course types you can opt for, through Treehouse. These courses have a range from web development to mobile development and even web design. It is considered to give valuable skillsets for the advancement of a career or even for business owners.

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Conclusion: Which One is the Winner?

While both Udacity and Treehouse are excellent online learning platforms for tech skills, depending on your needs, one may shine brighter than the other.

Udacity offers a broader selection of high-quality courses taught by industry veterans, and its Nanodegree programs have a higher industry weight than Treehouse’s Techdegrees.

Treehouse, on the other hand, excels in specific areas such as affordability, community support, and self-paced learning.

Finally, the “better” platform is determined by your personal goals, learning style, and budget. Both websites deserve to be recognized for their contributions to technology education, so whichever one you choose, you’ll be in trustworthy hands.

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