Travelpayouts Review 2024 Is It The Best Travel Affiliate Network?

Travelpayouts Review


  • New algorithms used
  • Free of cost
  • Easy Access
  • Helpful Support Staff
  • Complete Security
  • Faster Payouts


  • Have to get specific approval for some affiliate programs.


Price: $

I have been asked this question personally by a lot of people. ‘How do I monetize travel traffic?’ So, I thought, why not take a moment and answer all your questions about ways to turn your travel traffic into money. 

Travelpayouts is the platform that I am personally using, one that I have tried tested. What I love about it is that you can use this network no matter where you are and who your audience is. You can use this to monetize both international and local traffic, as this platform has 80 travel affiliate programs and 59 language options. 

Travelpayouts Overview

Are you excited to know more? Read along as I share the detailed review of Travelpayouts with you.

Travelpayouts Review

Features of Travelpayouts

Travlepayouts reviews

Here is what you need to know about Travelpayouts: 

  • Cookies last for 30 days in most programs.

This means that your readers will still earn you commissions even if they make a purchase 30 days after clicking on your link. It gives them time to make a decision to travel. And it gives you time to motivate them more with new content and emails. 

  • Every booking is reflected on one dashboard.

No matter how many programs you join, how many flights, tours, etc. you sell, you can always see the amount of commissions you are earning. It gives you control over your income. And it helps you improve your content and affiliate strategy.

  • Travelpayoutshas unique affiliate tools that grow conversions. 

Widgets, tables, banners, links, white label and so many more – you can choose the tool that suits your website. If this isn’t enough, I see the network making new tools and improving old ones every week. Which increases the income of Travelpayouts users like me.

  • At Travelpayouts you get high commissions.  

The network gives you around 70% of their earning. If you have to believe someone on this, it must be me, because I have seen this amount credited into my account. On average, you will get 3% of the price of a flight ticket, more than 5% of every hotel booking and up to 12% of every tour sale. 

  • You get a single payout for all programs every month.

Travelpayouts has several options for receiving the money: Paypal, Webmoney, SWIFT, Epayments, etc. You choose how you get the money, and you choose how you spend it 🙂


Why do I recommend Travelpayouts?

  • Most convenient sign-up

The process of creating an account with Travelpayouts is the easiest that I have ever seen. It will take one minute. You can time it! All you need to do is log in with your email, come up with a password and “Voila!”. You have become a Travelpayouts partner. You can start using the network immediately and confirm your account later, when the  confirmation email gets to your email address. 

  • Interface is easy-to-use and a pleasure to look at

The interface of Travelpayouts is eye candy. It is aesthetic and straightforward. 

Travelpayouts ease of use

You can customize it too: select the language you are comfortable working in, choose your payment currency, and pick a theme. When you move to the dashboard, you can quickly check the statistics. This will help you to compare your earnings over a long period of time. I like how you can see statistics of different functions like the number of visitors, all the searches conducted, how many people clicked on your services, your earnings, profits, booking, pending booking, references, etc. You can even see the data your users entered while searching for assistance. This will help you to lead a campaign as well.

  • Promotional Methods

I have seen my progress with the help of the tools that Travelpayouts offers to its users for promotions. You can make your own forms, in accordance to the theme of your travel blog. You can match the color scheme, the size, the font – everything. You can also select one of the ready-to-go options available there. 

Moreover, you can also use the WordPress plugin option to add widgets and tables to your website. This will increase your reach and conversions. I have also made use of banners and text links. And also completely free, you can add travel maps with hotel prices to your articles.

  • Attractive Websites

Just have a look at their first page. Did you? Now, you know why I need not explain myself any further. The way that they have presented so much information at such an ease, is simply awesome. 

travel payouts websites

Earning with Travelpayouts

If you are a blogger and want to start making money with Travelpayouts, here are four ways to do so.

  1. With the help of a Direct Link

This is the easiest way to earn money. With the help of a direct link, you can post a link over to their search engine. This link can be added by either using a text link or any banner that you have made at Travelpayouts within the affiliate area. For instance, if you are writing a blog about a visit to India, you can link it with a page of Travelpayouts. With this, they can make their books, and you shall be earning commission from this.

  1. Add Search Forms

You can easily add search forms to your blog with the help of the WordPress plugin feature offered by Travelpayouts. Whenever any customer fills a form, and makes any booking via the same, you shall earn money for that transaction.

  1. Mobile Application

There has been an increase in the traffic on mobile applications, with the increase in mobile users. Why not use this to our own benefit? 

You can easily link your blog to the mobile application of Travelpayouts. When your readers click on this link, they shall be redirected to the mobile application of Travelpayouts. They can download the application. You will receive a cut percentage for every payment they make for the full year. This is my favorite method.

  1. By Second Tier Affiliation

Lastly, you can also earn from the second tier affiliates. If someone starts working with Travelpayouts after your recommendation, you will earn 5% of what they earn.

Which Traffic Types are permitted?

Here is a list of the traffic types that are permitted for most affiliate programs at Travelpayouts:

  • Contextual advertising
  • Teaser advertising
  • Doorways
  • Pop-Up 
  • Email Marketing 
  • Groups and Pages in Social Networking
  • Cashback 
  • Applications in social network 

There are exceptions, though, so make sure to read the rules of every program you join. 


You can easily sign up at Travelpayouts. It is completely free. The revenue that you will earn here is commission based, and is totally dependent on how well you do SEO for your site, how good your site looks and how interesting your content is. 


  • Travelpayouts has a user-friendly interface. It is appealing and, at the same time, has all the information you need. 
  • I love the feature of the news that floats on the top bar on my dashboard. It tells me all I need to know about the partners at Travelpayouts. It also shows a list of the top ten partners, along with their revenue. This strongly inspires me to strive strong and work hard to get my name on the top of the list. 
  • You can use the search forms that they provide to add to your website. You can either use their template or make your custom form, choosing your colors, font, etc.
  • If your website is made n WordPress, you can use Travelpayouts plugin, which will link your blog to your account. This is similar to the social media widgets that you might use on your blog, which redirects your readers to your social media page. Similarly, when your users click on the Travelpayout plugin, they shall be redirected. You shall be paid on the transaction they make after this.
  • Travelpayouts also provides white labels for flight search and hotel search. You can avail of a map feature, which will help you navigate easily.
  • There are no charges for signing up.


  • Some advertisers’ websites are only available in English.
  • There is a minimum payout amount, although it is only $50.
  • Affiliate programs on Travelpayouts have different rules. One has to pay attention to the allowed types of traffic.


FAQ’s Related To TravelPayouts: 

🔥 Is there any sign-up amount we need to pay?

You don't need to pay any sign-up amount to the program. Just sign up and enjoy the services offered by them. Try to get as much benefit as possible through the features they offer.

👓 How can we withdraw the money from the program?

You don't need to do anything. Withdrawal is the easiest process for a user. Once you reach a certain amount, you can apply for it and get the money within few hours.

✔Is there any support staff for the users?

A 24×7 support staff is available for the users that have any technical problem or are associated with any feature of the app. Just connect with the support staff through email, or a call can also be done for users.

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Conclusion: TravelPayouts Review | Should You Try? 

Travelpayouts is the affiliate network for all bloggers and website owners who work in the travel niche. Just like a coin has two sides, Travelpayouts has pros and cons. But it’s clear that their advantages outweigh the disadvantages. 

To make this a little more personal, I would recommend this platform to everyone. It is simply amazing how this platform performs. There is an exceptional increase that I have seen in my income since I have been using this platform. They have training programs, which have helped me master new affiliate tools and improve my websites. They have also kept me motivated to earn more, and motivation can be hard to come by.




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