Top 12 WordPress Plugins to get more Email Subscribers

WordPress is an awesome tool which everybody can use to create a superb online presence. However, to customise your website or blog according to personal preferences or marketing strategy there is an extra element of code you need to add to your WordPress themes. This code comes in the form of various WordPress plugins developed by talented people across the globe. These plugins allow you to expand the control over your design and make your campaigns more targeted and successful.

When it comes to email marketing, numerous WordPress plugins are available which in there own way help generating more followups and subscribes to your blog which in turn increases the size of your email list. These are the best ones.

Here are 12 WordPress Plugins which help you get more Email Subscribers

1. LeadPages

LeadPages WordPress Plugin

LeadPages no doubt is the market leader when it comes to plugins for email subscribers; you can create attractive landing, subscription and thank you pages within minutes.
With LeadPages you can quickly integrate the landing page with your WordPress blog within a minute. You can get LeadPages for $17 (paid every two years) and get access to unlimited squeeze pages.

LeadPages WordPress Plugin

2. Pippity Customized Popups

Pippity WordPress Plugin

You must have seen Popup boxes appearing while browsing the internet, these popups can either get you email subscribers or irritate the hell out of them, and in order to avoid later from happening, you need to use these popups carefully.

Pippity is the tool which will help you in getting more subscribers without irritating the masses. Pippity gives you options to ensure that those popups are delivered in a constructive way, and rather than ticking people off, it gets you more subscribers.

There are few things you should consider when you are using Pippity, you need to make sure that the popups don’t appear before the visitor gets a chance to read your blog, also the popups should be relevant to the user.

Pippity WordPress Plugin

One of the best things about Pippity is that it gives you the total control over how the popup is going to look, you have complete freedom over the customization, look of the popup, and you can schedule the popup to appear when the visitor has reached the end of the post.

3. ITRO Popup Plugin

ITRO Popup WordPress Plugin

ITRO popup plugin is a free option that lets you create a single pop-up window for your website. With the help of WordPress editor, you add the content you want to display. ITRO Popup Plugin gives you an option to select the pages on which you want these popups to show up. It is very easy as you just have to select pages from the list available, you can also enable pop-up for the entire website.

ITRO Popup WordPress Plugin

You can set the time duration for which you want the popup to be displayed; you can also prevent it from being displayed to the same visitor again and again. You can change the width, background, image and colour of the popup. One of the unique features of ITRO Popup plugin is that you can use the window to display an age verification button, which asks visitors to confirm whether they are over a certain age or not. If you are looking for a basic, free and simple way to add a single pop-up window in which you can add custom content then ITRO Popup Plugin is the best option available.

Download Here

4. Welcome Gate (FREE)

Wordpress welcome gate plugin

I have been using the Welcome gate for a while now, and I recommend it if you are looking forward to build a long email list. Welcome gate is one of the best plugins to build an email list for your website and blogs; it is a combination of popup and a squeeze page, and is way less aggressive and annoying. You can create a landing page on your website’s homepage for free.

Video Credits: Landing Pages By LeadPages™

Download here

5. Aweber Web form plugin (FREE)

Aweber Web Form WordPress Plugin

Aweber is one of the best and biggest names when it comes to E-mail marketing tool; it is the name all E-mail marketers trust. Apart from E-mail marketing, Aweber also developed a free WordPress plugin which lets you create E-mail list in the easiest way possible. You can create a check box at the end of the page, below comments section, which makes it easy for the commenters to subscribe to your blog. If you are using Aweber, you can disable jetpack newsletter feature and go ahead to grow your Email list.

Here is a video about Creating A Subscriber Segment  by AWeber Email Marketing

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6. Hellobar

HelloBar WordPress Plugin

To attract visitors to subscribe to your blog you have to do things differently sometimes, this is what Hellobar is about, to create attention grabbing, eye catchy squeeze page with content that encourages visitors to subscribe to your blog and website.  You will see a narrow bar, on top of the website, containing the tempting message along with eye catching colours that is a product of Hellobar.

HelloBar WordPress Plugin

Download Hellobar here

7. Social Popup

Social Popup WordPress Plugin

It is a free social Popup plugin which helps you in growing your social media following; using its popup feature you can enter the address of your Twitter, Facebook and Google + profiles, after you enter the URLs of your different profiles, the icons of respective websites will be displayed to the visitors in the pop-up window. Your visitor can easily like, +1 and follow your profile by clicking on the icons.

Social Popup WordPress Plugin

Social Popup gives you options to schedule how often the window should appear and add a thank you message when someone clicks on a link, you can also assign where this window will be displayed on the page, and you can also select the pages on which you want the window to appear. It is a very interactive and easy to use tool which can be up and running within a matter of minutes.

Download Social Popup  Plugin 

8. Popup Domination

Popup Domination WordPress Plugin

Popup Dominator is a plugin which anyone can use, it is very simple and easy to use, and you don’t need to have knowledge of coding and designing in order to use it. This has made Popup Domination one of the most popular Email subscriber plugin among the bloggers and website owners. I recommend Popup domination to all the bloggers out there, if you are serious about building your email list and double or triple your it then this is the tool for you.

Popup Domination WordPress Plugin

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9. Jazz Popups

Jazz Popups WordPress Plugin

It is a free plugin which lets you create a single pop-up message, you can create a pop-up which contains text, image even video which is very easy to use. One feature which makes Jazz Popups unique is that you can display YouTube video in the pop-up window, it can be done easily by pasting the video embed code into the pop-up builder. You can assign the place where you want this popups to display; there are also 6 animation effects available you can choose from, also you can set-up the duration for which the ads should be displayed.

Jazz Popups is a tool which lots of function using which you can create eye catching popups to get more email- subscribers.

Jazz Popups WordPress Plugin

Download  Jazz Popups

10. Optin Crusher

Optin Crusher is a free plugin, using it you can create an opt-in form which can be placed at the bottom of your post. It gives more visibility to the visitors and helps you get more subscribers.

Optin Crusher WordPress Plugin

Video Credits: danielwatrous

Download Optin Crusher

11) Optin Monster Plugin

With so many lead generation tools having been surfaced in the market, people are already going bonkers. Now there is another tool that happens to have joined the bandwagon and it is a plugin introduced by the founders of WordPress. This is called the OptinMonster which is a gift from Syed Balkhi and Thomas Griffin. If you have a have a question like what does it do?

optinmonster Blackfriday deals 2014

Then the simplest way to explain this would be to say it is a lead generation tool. Nothing more needs to be added otherwise, but this is not true this has real potentials and has become a great tool for bloggers all across the world within a very short span of time. Read Optin Monster Review here

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12) MailOptin

MailOptin Review -Engage Your Email

MailOptin is a popular lead generation tool which has been specially designed to help you generate relevant leads and grow your email list by sending attractive emails, prompt messages on your site, automatically trigger events and so on. It is the most popularly downloaded and used WordPress plugin that comes in both Free & Paid versions.

MailOptin today is the most popularly used WordPress plugins of its type. It works smooth and is a delight for newcomers as there is no need for any coding. Its seamless integration with WordPress and other automated features make it the “Go to” lead generation tool for businesses.

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So hope this list is useful for you, do you want to share more email subscribers plugin please  do share in the comments below. 

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