These 7 Top Bloggers Earn More Than $100,000 Per Month

If you are a regular visitor at BloggersIdeas, you shouldn’t be surprised to know that increasingly more and more people are embracing the idea to ditch their 8-to-5 gig in favor of working from home in their PJs.

Though some people are still using blogging as a medium for self-expression, many are using it to earn hard cash, grow their business or build brand. The most interesting thing about blogging that gives me the biggest kick is the fact that you can find people from all walks of life including housewives, moms, students and even corporate workers making handsome money out of doing what they love most, i.e. sharing their knowledge through their blog.

These Top Bloggers Earn More Than $100,000 Per Month

Top blogs are making anywhere close to $30 million a month in revenues from about 13 million unique visitors.  Blogging is not just about making money but about building a strong business that can be sold. Johns Wu sold his blog at the age of 22 years for $15 million. But that’s not one off examples. Internet is flooded with examples of bloggers minting money through their keyboard.

Bloggers earning huge money through blogs

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I have brought 7 examples of individuals to shake-you and wake-you up to the fact that there is real money in blogging. These cool dudes are making more than $50,000 per year by writing blogs from their bed room, make-shift kitchen or balcony and if that was not all, they fly without a thought to their favorite destination in search of inspiration for their new blog posts. How cool is that.

Here are 7 bloggers in no particular order who are making it big with their passion for blogging. Bookmark this article because the success stories of these superstar bloggers is going to keep you motivated whenever you feel like giving up especially in the initial days of your blogging.


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Michael Arrington

Blog: techCrunch

Estimated Earnings: $800,000 per month

If you are a technology geek, you must have heard about TechCrunch. Michael Arrington created TechChrunch as a destination where visitors can quickly and easily find information related to technology news. TechChrunch has been a great resource to spread the word about new technology and gain early traction. No wonder Michael is famously referred as “prophet of Silicon Vally.”


Pete Cashmore

Blog: Mashable

Estimated earnings: $600,000 per month

Pete is the CEO and the Founder of Mashable, world’s most famous blog. The blog covers everything from technology and business to lifestyle and entertainment. It is one of the largest independent, most read and most popular blog that covers variety of topics. Interestingly Pete started Mashable from his bedroom in Scotland at the age of 19 years. That also makes him the youngest and the richest blogger in the world.

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Mario Lavanderia

Blog: PerezHilton

Estimated earnings: $400,000 per month

Mario has a distinct style of journalism. He launched his website in 2005 which was mainly about celebrity news, scandals and likes. People love reading about latest celebrity news and gossips and Mario very well capitalized on that. If you have a burning question about your favorite celebrity, where would you want to go?


 Vitaly Friedman

Blog: SmashingMagazine

Estimated earnings: $190,000

If you are a blogger or software engineer, all chances are that you already know what SmashingMagazine blog is all about. Vitaly started his blog SmashingMagazine in the year 2009 to curate the best of other design blogs. Most of his income comes from advertising banners. His blog is highly popular among design and development community. It regularly publishes latest tips and high quality tutorials for web design and development community.


Timothy Sykes


Estimated earnings: $180,000 per month

Timothy is making whooping $180,000 per month from teaching people how to make lots of money. His blog talks about investment, stocks, finance and likes. He is incredibly smart when it comes to stock. He makes about $2 million per month just from stock operations. This earning is apart from what he makes from his blog. Timothy started off his career as a penny stock trader and now he teaches people and writes articles which are mostly about making millions trading in penny stocks.


Jake Dobki


Estimated earnings: $110,000

Jakes makes pretty handsome money blogging about foods, events and arts. Information on his blog spans the globe. That means if you have any near plans for overseas trip and you want to know about the cuisines in certain destination, check out his website – He started with covering city life in New York but quickly expanded to 13 cities worldwide including London, Shanghai and Toronto.


Gina Trapani

Blog: Lifehacker

Estimated earnings: $110,000 per month

Gina is the only female blogger making to this list of highest earning bloggers. Extremely active in social media community, she recently became part of Gawker Blog Empire and Gizmodo. Her blog Lifehacker focuses on doing things better and overall improving life. The blog also encourages its followers to share tips and new ideas that can make lives easier and better.


This is just a short list of bloggers who have created indelible mark in blogging landscape. But to tell you the truth there are thousands of bloggers who are living the dream of being their own boss and making the blogger’s community proud. One such person not mentioned in the list is Jitendra Vaswani.

If you have been following him for quite some time, you know how passionately he is encouraging and promoting entrepreneurs who have decided to set their own rules. Each week he tirelessly breaks stories of emerging startups so that readers like you and me can pickup brains of some of the smartest entrepreneurs who have been there and done it! If this story has inspired you, don’t keep it to yourself. Share it with your friends and show that you care for them. Be awesome!


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