List Top 12 Best Cloud Storage Services of 2024: Updated Reviews

About Cloud Storage

Let’s start with a simple explanation so that you all can make out the meaning of “cloud storage” by just reading a few lines. Whenever you access your important digital data anywhere from Word or Excel in the form of documents or spreadsheets, or pictures, you are using cloud storage for retrieving it.

Cloud space is explained as a system storing all the data online on the cloud. Cloud computing means preserving and recovering data encoded over the Internet as an alternative to your processor’s hard drive.

Now let’s define the cloud storage more comprehensively. As we know, we all are living in an entirely digitized world where everything is readily available with the help of the internet, so if we have a number of things going on all at the same time, then where do we find and store all such stuff.

The birth of the internet led the technology industry to upgrade from local storage to insulated, server-built storage, and administration of data. Overall, cloud storage functions through a Web-based API applied through customer submission’s in-house cloud storage substructure for input/output and read/write processes.

Origin and structural design of Cloud Storage

As nowadays we are talking a lot about cloud computing and storage, we must also know the inventive mind behind it.  This idea got recognized by Joseph Carl Robnett Licklider in 1960. He accomplished cloud processing with the help of his work on ARPANET to associate people and data from anyplace at any time. The success story went on, and many other platforms and services were introduced for cloud storage.

The architecture of cloud storage is built on extremely virtualized arrangements concerning its handy interfaces, direct resistance and scalability, multi-tenure, and calculated properties. It is built by various allocated resources but still behaves as one consolidated structure.

The Cloud storage system is very secure while terminating and disseminating information. It is a highly secure way of storing data and preventing imitations by creating versioned copies.

Why is cloud storage best suited for every concern?

  • You only need to pay for used storage; it means operating expenses incurred instead of capital expenditures.
  • Not only it cut downs on the cost, but it also helps in reducing energy consumption levels by 70%.
  • Firms can choose between on-premises and off-premises cloud storage, depending on various reasons like security, recovery, bylaws, and guidelines.
  • The upkeeping of storage is unburdened to the duty of a service supplier.
  • It offers users with instant means to a comprehensive series of sources and applications held in the arrangement of a different establishment via the network service interface.
  • It works as resistant standby as it has two to three backup servers located in different places globally.

There are some disadvantages with cloud computing as it is an open-source of transfer, which can give rise to fraudulent activities on the surface area. There may be some issues related to the provider’s permanency, convenience, and safekeeping. But overall, it is a better platform with a broader scope of relevance.

Types of cloud storage:

  • Personal cloud storage or mobile cloud storage
  • Public cloud storage
  • Hybrid cloud storage
  • Private cloud storage

Licensed versus open cloud storage

As we know that every component of such comprehensive services cannot be free, so there are some limitations to everything they provide complimentarily. To get people used to it, some cloud storage apps are free up to a certain limit, and after that, they charge for the usage.

But free services are no doubt a good option at the initial stage, but as soon as you face any allied issue, there will be no one to guide you as in the case or paid or licensed version of cloud storage.

All the paid cloud storage services are far better than unpaid ones because of their regular assistance at the time of any fallback. Not only assistance, but you get ample of added storage space for your large files. Also paid services suit any big business firms, web designers, and artists who often host huge collections. Besides, you get an augmented approach to multiple file versions and their history, more safety, and better attributes for alliances for teamwork.

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Therefore, cloud storage is the keeping of data accessible in the cloud, to retrieve it at any point of time through various distributed sources.

List of Top 12 Best Cloud Storage Services 2024

1) JustCloudChoose your records
Upload to the cloud
Access them from anywhere
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2) Zoolz
Malleable web spectator for all types of stored data
Distribute terabytes of information via gigantic data centres
Out-of-the-way repair system through consolidated network console.
Secure distribution of resources via Active Directory
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3) pCloudSecure 256-bit TLS/SSL connection
Client-side encryption through pCloud Crypto
5 copies of files on different servers
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4) Microsoft Azureeliable and trusted cloud service provider with round-the-clock tech support.
You can pay as per your requirement
Run your presentations everywhere
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5) Adobe Creative CloudAll transactions are protected with SSL technology
14-day money back guarantee if not satisfied with claimed results
No secret costs as products are delivered electronically
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6) Acronis
Complete encryption of shared data through passwords
Network access from any device
Simple holding and versioning techniques for backup records
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7) SugarSyncIt is the most secure and safe way to sync
You can use SugarSync on all your Android, or iOS devices
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8) CarboniteUnlimited cloud storage at fixed price
Automatic and regular backups all the time
Natural restoring and recovering of all the files
Retrieve your data anywhere and anytime
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9) iDriveMultiple express transfers
Business acquiescence
Deploy IDrive using GPO
IDrive Nearline
Premier Connection
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10) BlackblazePersonal encryption key for extra safety
All records are put into code before relocating to SSL
Built-in software which avoids security attacks
Bring back numerous accounts up to 30 days
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11) LivedriveThe unbeatable services are for every professional
Best structure to provide hassle-free service
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12) ADriveThe system depends on committed fibre lines avoiding lagging issue
Redundant hosting system which minimises risk of failure
Files are stored in various servers placed in different parts of the world
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There may be hundreds of cloud storage services out there in the market to assist you in storing your records. Still, I have included only the best cloud storage services which are verified, by my team or myself, on various parameters. The brand name does matter when we pick up such reliable services. Others provide the best of cloud services but are laid back due to sheer unawareness. I have tried to explain the best among what I have used so far, and if I have missed some best service providers, please feel free to let me know.

1) JustCloud

JustCloud Review

Justcloud is a one-stop storage service that provides all the latest, fast security features along with backup at their best data retrieving platform. It consequentially reserves all your important and huge files to its Google-powered cloud. You can sync your various devices to a single account to avoid carrying hard disks everywhere. Check out JustCloud Review.

You can easily share your stored files with anybody you want. And also, the mobile accessing features add more to the flexibility of usage. You can sync all your devices to one account by a large file protection feature. It works in the background to save all your work so that you can make the necessary changes later.

You can claim free services up to 1 GB by signing up for their account.



JustCloud top features

Justcloud offers you multifaceted features at affordable pricing. All its plans are designed according to your convenience so that you choose as per your caliber. It often provides great promotional deals upon sign up, and renewal pricing helps in the automatic renewal of plans in a specified period.

Reasons to choose Just Cloud:

  • It has got a mobile app to provide you with more consistency in retrieving data from anywhere.
  • All your documentations are encoded with 265 Bit Encryption to provide the best safety.
  • It can also help you in finding your lost laptop by mapping the location of your laptop. And also assist you in restoring lost data.
  • Drag and drop feature option works great when you want to pull your files to Justcloud through its app or online control panel. It is easy and straightforward to save your documents to all the devices at the same time.
  • Other features include regular backups, full accessibility from anywhere, sharing files with friends, and syncing data to numerous systems at the same time.

Threes step procedure:

  • Choose your records
  • Upload to the cloud
  • Access them from anywhere


So, Justcloud offers a range of comprehensive services, according to the user’s need. All the plans are designed to suit individual as well as collective requirements of the firm or private purpose. It is among the most secure and easily manageable platforms which provide freedom of suitability.

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2) Zoolz

Zoolz review

Zoolz is a highly automatic file syncing and backup service, along with the best management of stored records. It dwells on the wide-reaching Amazon substructure and is confided by business colossuses like NASA, National Institute of Health, NASDAQ, and many more. Amazon AWS presently safeguards, keeps, and handles millions of records and requests daily. Check out Zoolz Review & ZOOLZ Coupons

The huge investment by Amazon in the Zoolz’s data center structure provides you firmly with the best of everything it needs to protect your data. It is secured with 256 AES and a highly durable, elastic, and trustworthy solution for all.


  • Tribrid gridlock presents 3 storages categories- Instant, Cold and Local Storage
  • Best services include business-level aspects such as scalability, integrated controlling, consistency, files tying, and more at a very reasonable amount
  • Support system exists on the protected and trustworthy Amazon Web Service (AWS) Set-up
  • Malleable web spectator for all types of stored data
  • Distribute terabytes of information via gigantic data centers
  • Out-of-the-way repair system through consolidated network console.
  • Secure distribution of resources via Active Directory
  • Save space and bandwidth with the help of multi-level functioning of controlling the distribution system
  • Store more and pay less with Cold Storage feature
  • Controlling user administration while regulating all settings
  • Suitable for every device, including PCs, laptops, netbooks, Windows Servers, Mac systems, and any external or web storage connected to your processors.
  • Supports all Windows-based servers
  • Keeps tracks of your clients through mapping
  • Flexible plans at extremely low cost



Zoolz offers two options from which you can choose according to your organization. Cold Storage and Mix and Match plans are options available with various features and elasticity to your requirements.


Cold Storage

The plans are designed perfectly to suit every businesses’ needs. Cold Storage refers to data that you want to backup for archiving. Businesses who want to save money by protecting data that isn’t accessed on a daily basis can use this plan.

Mix and Match plan

The plans are designed perfectly to suit every consumer’s needs.  At Zoolz, a high level of research is done to provide the user with the latest upgradations so that he can survive in a highly competitive era.

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3) pCloud

PCloud is a cloud storage program for all those who are looking for a comprehensive storing solution. The easy-to-use interface provides the user with all the brilliant multi-tasking features for business as well as personal use. PCloud headquarters are in Switzerland, and the advance thinking team of pCloud will provide the best solutions according to the growing market. With the help of PCloud storage, you can secure your data, pictures, videos, and music anywhere and anytime. All your important stuff will remain with you till you don’t want to let go of it forever. pCloud is a new solution in the cloud document storage space, founded in 2013. Here is a detailed pCloud Review 2018 with pros and cons.

Features of pCloud

  • Secure 256-bit TLS/SSL connection
  • Client-side encryption through pCloud Crypto
  • 5 copies of files on different servers
  • Camera auto upload for iOS and Android devices
  • HDD extension through pCloud Drive
  • Selective offline access
  • Automatic sync across multiple devices
  • Built-in video player
  • HD video streaming
  • Built-in audio player with playlists
  • Unlimited file size and speed
  • File Versioning
  • Restoring deleted files
  • Remote download
  • Online document preview
  • Dropbox
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • OneDrive

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4) Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure Cloud

Azure is Microsoft’s cloud platform, which you can trust completely. The reason why Azure is trusted by all is that it has added extensive acquiescence exposure to any cloud provider. It has created industry-heading safety procedures and confidential strategies and contributed to international defiance programs with self-governing certification. With their high precision and agreement features, they have confirmed genuinely to universal principles.




  • Azure upkeeps to the widest collection of working systems, software design, outlines, apparatuses, catalogs, and maneuvers.
  • Azure Hybrid cloud mixtures give you the finest of both domains-more IT choices, less complication, and great price.
  • You can pay as per your requirements and measure your plans at your convenience.
  • Run your presentations everywhere while guarding your data with Azure’s arduous agreement.
  • Create keener choices with Azure’s projecting analytics services, comprising Machine Learning, Cortana Analytics, and Stream Analytics, which are reformulating professional astuteness.
  • Reliable and trusted cloud service provider with round-the-clock tech support.


Hence, Azure Microsoft is a globally trusted and amalgam solution for any business. Your data and files are kept safely with the best cloud service in the world.

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5) Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud Creative Cloud pricing and membership plans

Adobe cloud suits every profession irrespective of any filed. The Adobe applications take your imagination to the next level of perfection by giving wings to your dreams. Adobe has some or the other thing for everyone out there, from photographers to students, teachers to businesses, schools, and universities to government. Every field gets industry-standard technology to explore the new world.

You can buy Adobe Cloud online as:

  • All transactions are protected with SSL technology
  • 14-day money-back guarantee if not satisfied with claimed results
  • No secret costs as products are delivered electronically
  • 24-hours support system which allows you to place your order only after in-depth research.

Structures included in Adobe Cloud:

  • Desktop apps– It has got creative computer apps that will help you in redefining your creation by experimenting with your pictures, videos, graphics, and publications.
  • Tutorials– The creative cloud has all the tutorials related to your work, which will assist in making your designs better.
  • Mobile apps– With the help of mobile apps, you can take your work wherever you want and design your imagination on-the-go. You can save your work on the app and then give the final touch on your desktop as your work will simultaneously get stored on all devices with a single account.
  • Creative assets– With Adobe Creative libraries, your work stays up-to-date, as you have quick access to all the designing fonts, colors, and graphics all the time.
  • Inspiration– With Creative Cloud membership, you can discover the latest work by top designers on Behance, the world’s biggest artistic community. Acquire experience in your own work by making an Adobe Portfolio website.


The free trial includes:

Paid plans include (For teachers)

For students and teachers

For business and school and universities:

Adobe Creative Cloud for business and schools and universities is sold by authorized dealers in your country or region.

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6) Acronis

Acronis The Best Backup Software True Image

Acronis is the best hybrid standby for small firms. The program is now available with centralized supervision. It is a fast, easy, complete, safe, and modern approach towards holding up the data. It is World’s first gridlock system for Windows Server 2016, with Hyper-V RCT. It is a prominent support software, failure rescue, and provides safe files access supplier to users, small-medium companies, and ventures.

Acronis solutions consist of physical, cybernetic, and cloud server backup software. It also includes storing organization, protected file distribution, and system positioning. It is run by the Acronis AnyData Engine. Acronis creations deliver simple, comprehensive, and good explanations for data in local, remote, cloud, and mobile appliances. While it comes to information protection, Acronis is the acknowledged frontrunner.

Acronis programs:

  • Acronis Backup 12
  • Acronis Snap Deploy
  • Acronis Access Advanced
  • Acronis Disaster Recovery Service

Acronis The Best Backup Software True Image


  • Dual protection of your data with Acronis Cloud Storage which is accessible from anywhere
  • Remotely manages your backup procedures from anywhere and on any device.
  • Acronis True Image uses a branded multi-flow, multi-tied uploading technology, and system process factors optimization to make sure the quickest cloud backup
  • Complete encryption of shared data through passwords
  • Network access from any device
  • Simple holding and versioning techniques for backup records


Acronis Cloud is an all-in-one solution for all your backup, failure retrieval, and documents retaining requirements.

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7) SugarSync

SugarSync Best Cloud File Sharing File Sync Online Backup From Any Device

SugaSync gives you the liberty to backup and retrieves your files by making use of your present data configuration, unlike other applications like Dropbox. It allows access to your data promptly from your laptop, PC, or mobiles with their File Sync Technology. With the help of sync technology, you can easily edit your records on one system, and it will be immediately obtainable in the same location across all your devices with full protection.


  • It is reliable as well as the straightforward working system, which allows full flexibility of handling files at different locations.
  • It is a secure file sharing system that encourages teamwork without losing any valuable information.
  • Remote Wipe feature makes it simple to delete all coordinated archives from a computer or Mac in the case of damage or stealing.
  • You can use SugarSync on all your Android or iOS devices to gain access, communicate, and control your documents on-the-go.
  • It is the most secure and safe way to sync and share your files on different platforms.


Plans and pricing
SugarSync Cloud File Sharing File Sync Online Backup From Any Device

SugarSync is a leader in providing its unbeatable syncing, sharing, and updating services. It will easily sync to your multiple devices with any size of the file. So enjoy editing, syncing, and distributing your data anywhere and anytime.

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8) Carbonite

Carbonite Online Backup Cloud Hybrid Server Backup

Carbonite is again an online backup service with excellent inbuilt features. You can quickly restore user-generated content like your photos, videos, emails, files, and settings, on your Mac or Windows system. It was the first network to provide unlimited storage space for a fixed price. It is among the top cloud services on the best review providing sites. Your mind is always at peace even if any malicious virus attacks your system, as your data is uploaded safely to the cloud through Carbonite. It has two distinct product lines:

  • Carbonite Home and Home Office for people, families, and one- or two-person businesses
  • Carbonite Small Business for ventures with three or more processors



  • Unlimited cloud storage at a fixed price
  • Automatic and regular backups all the time
  • Natural restoring and recovering of all the files
  • Retrieve your data anywhere and anytime
  • Encrypted files uploaded to cloud servers every time you finish your task



Carbonite Personal Computer Backup Plans Pricing

Cloud backup is the ultimate option for those who want to live a stress-free life. Cloud backup is different from cloud storage, as the latter has some risks attached to it. In the cloud backup, you end up paying a certain amount to the service provider to save all the data on the cloud. So you need not worry about your files even if your processor crashes due to unexpected reasons.

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9) iDrive

IDrive Online Backup

iDrive is an exceptional and multi-featured cloud backup software that covers all your data irrespective of the storing device. It is one of the determined online standby and cloud-based syncing service that offers plans at low prices and features. It backs up all your Mac, Windows, and Android devices from a single account. It backs up your file with special military-grade encryption with a private key option.


IDrive Best Online Backup

  • Multiple device backups
  • iDrive Express backup and access up to 3TB data with no bandwidth usage
  • Web-based control helps you access files from anywhere
  • Hybrid Gridlock with IDrive One through secure local storage
  • Full protection through 256-bit AES encryption using a user-defined key that is only known by you
  • Accessible file syncing
  • Enable file sharing for social sites like FB, Twitter and also backs up social accounts photos and videos
  • Allows you to retrieve deleted or trashed data within 30 days
  • All the backup activities are informed regularly
  • iDrive Rewind feature allows you to save the older version
  • All types of documents are stored via iDrive

Business Features

  • Datacenter version
  • Protected online standby for MS SQL Server, MS Exchange Server, Hyper-V, MS SharePoint Server, Oracle Server, Linux Servers and VMware
  • Disk image backup
  • Sub-accounts
  • Multiple express transfers
  • Business acquiescence
  • Deploy IDrive using GPO
  • IDrive Nearline
  • Premier Connection


iDrive is a one-stop security solution for all your sensitive data. The software is really quick to install and easily comprehensible through its smart user-interface.

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10) Blackblaze

backblaze review best online cloud storage

Blackblaze is award-winning online backup software with unlimited data storage at affordable pricing. Till now, Blackblaze has helped many businesses to recover and store their records in a safe way. It has 250 million GB put in storage and 20 billion files recuperated. It is the easiest, cost-effective, and secure way of backing up the relevant information.

It operates on three levels which are:

  • Personal backup– The unlimited personal backup provides you the best security features to protect your work from getting lost. You can gridlock your Windows or Mac devices at just $5.

Features of personal backup:

Backblaze personal-backup-restore-screen

  • Unrestricted backup of all photos, videos and documents, irrespective of size, and number of files, with great speed
  • Download free reinstate of 1 file all your archives anywhere in the world and access it from any Android, or iOS device
  • All documents are kept in our protected datacentres with the all-time available team, biometric safekeeping, and extreme control
  • The personal encryption key for extra safety
  • All records are put into code before relocating to SSL
  • Built-in software which avoids security attacks
  • Bring back numerous accounts up to 30 days
  • Programmed, arranged, and informed backups
  • Business backup-Backblaze for business is a simple, ultimate, and operative way to administer your team’s backup requirements. It is the most reliable, cost-effective information standby assistance on the planet with more than 10 years of protected award-winning solutions. The business services are divided into two parts; one is computer backup and server and NAS backup.
  • B2 cloud storage– It is the cheapest cost storage on the planet, which is just $0.005/GB a month. It works the same as Microsoft Azure or Amazon S3, letting you store the same number of files but with 75% less cost. B2 cloud storage is a strong solution that is dependable, accessible, and reasonable. It suits everyone, whether it is a developer, IT professional, or any other person.

You can easily upload and download data with drag and drop features. You can create an application on an inbuilt interface. You can use the command line to script your downloads and uploads.

Features of B2 cloud storage:

  • File are readily available
  • Unlimited storage
  • Pay only for the used storage
  • Scale your data up and down as per your need
  • A quick start by stepwise instructions

Till now, Blackblaze is a cost-effective solution for storing your data online. It is among the most trusted service provider for backup services.

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11) Livedrive

Livedrive Cloud Storage Unlimited Online Backup

Livedrive is yet another file backup service provider with free storage, which immediately stores and backs all the documents, photos, and videos from your device. You can access all your data from any of your linked devices like Mac, Windows, or Android. It is a best-suited software for home use, for businesses, and resellers. You can easily sync all your data across all your processors.

Livedrive is a fast developing, top-rated, and most used cloud storage and backup system online. It claims to have a number one position in Europe and the USA. It offers a complete range of business and home products to store, sync, and access data from anyplace.

Features of Livedrive:

  • The best structure to provide hassle-free service along with competitive pricing policies
  • The unbeatable services are for every professional, home users, hobbyists, or businessman matching to their needs
  • It is run by j2, a top supplier of Cloud produces, transfer services, and digital channels.
  • It has got readily available apps on Play Store or iTunes.

The Livedrive plans are divided into four categories:

Livedrive plans

  • Backup (5 pounds a month)
  • Briefcase (10 pounds per month)
  • Pro Suite (15 pounds per month)
  • Business (30 pounds per month)


You can manage all your work easily with Livedrive services, which are suitable for everyone irrespective of career choices. It backs up spontaneously, assigns skilfully, and pool resources straightforwardly.

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12) ADrive

ADrive Online Storage Online Backup Cloud Storage

ADrive is a comprehensive cloud solution for all types of businesses, whether they are at the home level or enterprise level. It safeguards and manages your data at all levels with ADrive cloud storage & backup resolutions. The Adrive cloud steadily consolidates, administers & backup collections. It also directs and allocates data online. You can easily access the needed information from anywhere and anytime.

ADrive uses odrive to retrieve your ADrive account along with your other cloud services. The latest desktop version is now available with Drive Mapping, Sync and Backup. Adrive has entered into a technology collaboration with Inky. The reasonably priced plans are now available with a 60-day free trial. The new costs start at $2.50 per month or $25 per year for 100GB.


  • The system depends on committed fiber lines avoiding lagging issue
  • A redundant hosting system which minimizes the risk of failure
  • Files are stored in various servers placed in different parts of the world
  • All servers are highly protected through antihacker and antivirus software collections
  • Fully supportive customer service


It offers three types of services:

  • Personal services
  • Business services
  • Enterprise-level services

Pricing: 25.$ to 25$   per year 100GB

Enterprise service

In the end, we can say that ADrive is an all-inclusive top-rated cloud service provider for both users and business professionals. This multi-featured system provides facilities according to your requirements, along with flexible and affordable pricing. It is totally safe for all your stored data.

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Check out this Infographics On Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage

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Conclusion: Which Cloud Storage Provider Is Best? 

I hope this article provided you with all the required information about the best cloud storage and backup services 2018. I have included all those services which are either tried by my team or myself. I personally recommend Adobe Cloud, ZoolZ, and SuarSync for data storage and backup. If you know any other best cloud storage services, then feel free to let us know through your comments in the box given below.

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