Time4vps Review 2024: Does It Meet Our Standards? (TRUTH)

Time4VPS Review

Overall Verdict

Time4vps is surely a great web hosting solution that understands the needs of its customers. They have a good number of pricing plans that are affordable for every business.

Out of 10


  • Great 24/7 support
  • Cheap VPS Hosting
  • Recommended by WHT and LET members
  • Free trial available
  • 15+ years of experience
  • High-end Security


  • Only Lithuanian servers available
  • HDD by default, SSD is a paid add-on


Price: $ 1.99

If you are also looking out for the best online VPS service provider, then you are at the right place for sure. In this detailed Time4vps review, I will cover everything about Time4vps so that it could become easier for everyone to decide why they must subscribe to their services at the earliest.

Time4VPS Overview- Time4VPS Review

Time4vps is a leading European web hosting service provider which is also pretty much popular in different countries all over the globe. It is geared up and designed especially towards providing VPS services at affordable prices to its customers. 

Moreover, Time4VPS hosting offers a wide range of different VPS plans that have different configurations and specified features.

Thousands of satisfied customers are using Time4VPS services and that’s why it is one of the most trusted web host providers which makes it a definite and perfect choice for everyone.

Time4vps provides high quality VPS services integrated with enterprise-level technology. So, In this guide, I will cover all these things related to Time4vps:

  1. Detailed overview of Time4vps.
  2. Features of Time4vps and how they work. 
  3. It’s Pricing plans.
  4. It’s Pros and cons.
  5. Finally, why should you subscribe to Time4vps?

The Bottom Line Upfront: Time4vps is surely a great web hosting solution that understands the needs of its customers. They have a good number of pricing plans that are affordable for every business. Moreover, they also feature great customer care support which I will definitely mention with proper details as I proceed further. And no doubt there are also some major drawbacks withTime4vps that will also be discussed below. 

Time4vps Review

Quick Detailed Overview of Time4vps

Features Time4vps- Time4VPS Review


As I already mentioned above, Time4vps is a leading and popular Web host provider in the European region which provides its services to thousands of clients.

This company has grown exponentially over the last 15 years that makes it a good choice over other competitors. In fact, the customers are pretty much satisfied with their services that are offered with minimal and affordable pricing plans. 

Time4vps basically provides VPS (Virtual Private Server) service which is nothing but a Virtual Dedicated Server. This service is in huge demand by the users because it provides a great extent of reliability, security, and enhanced performance when compared to shared hosting.

And with Time4VPS, users will never face slow data loading and speed lags issues. Their dedicated servers are pretty much responsive and faster to process the user’s request in one click.  

 Different plans have different system configurations and it is really one of the best features of Time4VPS. Users can choose their customized plan according to their needs of the business.

It will also help corporates to manage the budget in the most convenient manner. Additionally, system resources can also be utilized in a proper manner. 

All of these key features of Time4VPS company make it a favorite choice for everyone. Now, in the next section, I will be exploring all these features along with some additional features in detail.


Key Features of Time4vps and how they work

Time4vps provides different types of plans according to different Operating Systems and client requirements. There are around 8 Linux VPS plans and 8 different Windows VPS plans offered by the company. 

Time4VPS hosting review

Furthermore, 8 container VPS plans and 8 Storage VPS plans are also available in their catalogue which customers can browse and select as per their needs and requirements. 

With Windows and Linux VPS plans, users will get all of these listed features:

  1. 2.6 GHz CPU in quantity from 1 to 16. 
  2. Random Access Memory(RAM) – From 2GB to 64GB. 
  3. Bandwidth with 2TB to 64TB in size. 
  4. Integrated SSD Storage from 20GB to 640GB in size. 
  5. Backup options with both Weekly and Daily options. 

Key highlighting features of Time4vps:

  • Resources on Demand: It is definitely one of the key features of Time4vps that allows the users to select a plan strictly according to their needs and requirements.

And not only two or three different plans, instead they are offering 8 different plans for their different VPS categories which are really something that saves a lot of money especially for low-budget clients.

In case if anyone wants to get more RAM or more storage space, then they can quickly upgrade to the services even without reinstalling the OS and system delays.

Business plans and needs can grow anytime and this is probably the main reason why you should need to upgrade to high-end packages that will offer more storage and memory.

The up-gradation process will be quite smooth and that’s why it is considered among one of its key highlighting features. Customers won’t be getting this much reliability anywhere else for sure. 

  • Online Cloud-Based Infrastructure: Time4vps maintains their excellence in this aspect also as they are powered by a VPS server of around 100GBPS network capacity integrated with branded HP hardware to provide relentless and uninterrupted services to their customers.

This will basically enhance the user experience up to many times which surely is a great point to be considered. Time4vps guarantees 99.98 percent uptime which completely eliminates the possibility of basic issues like slower data loading, speed lags, and inaccessibility.

  • Complete all-around hosting solution: Clients can order various different VPS plans for both Linux and Windows OS. Time4vps provides direct access to cPanel/WHM, Plesk, and DirectAdmin control panel license.

On top of that, their built-in Init scripts make further processes much easier after the initial setup of the Operating System. Clients are only supposed to customize their preferred management tools for the setup that will help them to manage their VPS server.

And the whole process will merely finish up in just a few clicks. 

  • 24X7 Customer Care Support: Great Customer care support of Time4vps is surely the backbone of their successful business model all over the European region.

You can contact their care executive anytime when you are stuck with something. They typically reply within a few hours but you will be assisted as soon as possible.

Customer handling is their main priority and I really think it is a standout feature of their company. Live Chats are also supported for basic issues which helps the clients to get a solution immediately.

Also, if you want to upgrade your current VPS plan, then you may consult with their executive. They will guide you in the best possible way for sure. 

  • Secure and Hassle-free operations: Operational servers of Time4vps are always in switched on mode with proper backup. They also have a dedicated team of System Engineers who work tirelessly to provide their customers the best-in-class web hosting services. Both Hardware and Software services of Time4vps are updated regularly so as to ensure seamless service delivery to the users.


  • Flexible Billing option: Flexible billing option provides users to choose or select plans for the time period they want to use the VPS services. If the project is meant for a short-term duration, then monthly plans can be subscribed. Else annual plans are best to subscribe as customers can enjoy heavy discounts on Annual billings.


  • Offers Reselling Program: As a user, if you are satisfied with the overall services and features of Time4VPS, then it couldn’t be better if you become a reseller with them.

You can provide their VPS services further to the customers with your pricing structure. All you need to do is just join their reseller program and get all the required tools and licenses to get started. Depending upon the reseller rank, Time4VPS also provides heavy discounts on their prices. 

  • 30-Days Money-back guarantees: In case if you don’t feel satisfied with the services of Time4VPS, then you can cancel the subscription and can get your money back inside the 30-days period.

However, there are very few chances that won’t like the optimum performance of VPS services provided by the company.

  • Time4VPS Dashboard: The dashboard access of Time4VPS will provide the users the access to monitor the server using graphs and usage history.

Moreover, users can add their SSH keys, can upgrade their servers, and also open up support tickets for raising the issues of their concern.

Billings are also managed directly from the dashboard and hence making it easier for the users to manage their accounts in a hassle-free manner. 

  • Community forum support of Time4VPS: There is a very huge community forum created by the users of Time4VPS where they discuss various issues and things related to it.

New users can check the forum feed regularly for keeping themselves updated with the new updates and specific concerns related to Time4VPS.   

Pricing Plans of Time4VPS

 There are various different plans offered by Time4vps web hosting solution. Under each category, they have eight different plans which provide a great extent of flexibility to the users in deciding to which plan they should subscribe. Let’s dive deep into the pricing details below:  

Pricing Time4vps- Time4VPS Review


  • The pricing of Linux VPS plans starts from 1.99 EUR/month and goes up to 128.99 EUR/month depending upon the Linux system version and the features you have selected to opt for. 

Detailed pricing for Eight different Linux VPS plans of Time4vps can be explored from here

  • Whereas mentioning the pricing of Windows VPS plans, then its base plan starts from 3.99 EUR per month and goes up to 256.99 EUR per month for the higher end package. 

Complete pricing details of 8 different Windows VPS plans can be found here

  • Now coming to the Container VPS plan, then the cost of base C2 plan starts from 1.49 EUR per month and the price for higher-end (C64) version is 64.99 EUR per month. 

To know more about the pricing details of every single plan of Container VPS, explore from here

  • And finally comes the eight different Storage VPS plans that start from 1.49 EUR per month package and go upto 64.99 EUR per month. 

Customers will be getting a flat 50 percent discount on all the plans they order. I have mentioned the discounted prices for all the plans above. However, I will recommend our readers to subscribe to their Annual plans as it will provide them huge discounts as compared to monthly billing plans. 

Overall, the pricing plans of Time4vps are pretty much attractive and affordable for all. Although there are many other Web hostings that are available at cheaper prices, still Time4vps is the most trusted platform which is used by Millions of satisfied clients. 

Pros and Cons of Time4vps

Here in this section I will mention both pros and cons of Time4vps web hosts. Let’s have a look on them:


  1. Troubleshooting is pretty much easier with Time4vps. 
  2. Heavy Discounts on both Annual and Monthly subscription plans. 
  3. Various different plans under each category provide a whole lot of options to the users. 
  4. Customized VPS can be designed strictly according to your requirements and system needs.  
  5. High website load speeds because of greater bandwidth allocation.
  6. Users can upgrade the plan well according to their business requirements hassle-free.  
  7. “Looking Glass” feature to track the live Time4VPS network performance. 
  8. Quick and responsive customer care support that provides an instant resolution to customer’s query. 
  9. Most secured and trusted Web Hosting solution for the clients. 


  1. Time4VPS only offers VPS services and there is no option for shared or dedicated hosting products. 
  2. There is only one data center of the company located in Lithuania which is probably one of the major drawbacks. 
  3. High-end packages are a little bit expensive as compared to other Web hostings that offer similar features. 

Why should you subscribe to Time4VPS and which plan to opt for? 

I have listed down a whole lot of features of Time4VPS that users might consider while deciding whether to subscribe or not. Overall, the customer ratings of this platform are pretty much decent and there is no doubt that they are serving thousands of clients without facing any major issues. 

Time4VPs support-Time4VPS review

Their operational servers work fine all the time and that’s why data is loaded at a very high speed. Moreover, pricing plans are also another very important aspect that urges the users not only to join the services of Time4vps but to continue with them for the long term as well. There is literally no major drawback that can be considered not to subscribe to Time4VPS services.  

It might be difficult for beginners to learn the functionality and management tools of Time4VPS because setting up things can take some time. However, once after learning how to configure the back-end services with different coding languages and scripting, it will become much easier to use them on a regular basis. 

As a user, you have to decide what are your business requirements and how much is your budget. I will always suggest you always buy high-end packages as they offer a large set of features that provides data security and high-speed operations as well.

If you are still confused with something that I haven’t answered yet, then quickly visit their live chat support center and get assisted with them. Their intuitive customer support is really good and you can test that before you proceed to buy their services. 

Frequently Asked Questions On Time4VPS:

💥What actually is a VPS service?

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. It basically emulates a dedicated server on a specific machine. The machine can be used or operated by anyone but the servers for each user will be private and separate. Users can configure and customize their personal server according to their needs without sharing their resources with anyone else.

👉 What are key differences between the Windows VPS and Linux VPS services?

There is literally no major difference between both of these services other than the type of Operating System(OS) they support. Services of Windows VPS plan will run on Windows OS. Whereas services of Linux VPS will run on Linux OS.

✔ What are the benefits of VPS hosting over other hostings?

VPS hosting is considered as the best kind of hosting services as it is reliable, affordable and convenient to use. Even with the cheapest VPS plan, users will be getting their separate dedicated system resources and hence their data will be kept private. Furthermore, VPS hosting also provides more data-security and optimized performance with faster data loading speed. That’s why these key benefits of VPS hosting are considered best for use making it an appropriate choice over other hostings.

🔥 Why should I subscribe to Time4VPS?

There are plenty of reasons you must subscribe to Time4VPS services. Users will get all these listed magnificent features and incredible services at a very affordable service. Their optimum services are really good which completely outshines the competitors in this Web Hosting segment. That’s why I don’t see any reason why you should not subscribe to Time4VPS. At least give it a try once and explore the features they are offering.

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Conclusion: Is Time4VPS the Best VPS Provider? Time4VPS Review

This review blog simply concludes the excellence of Time4VPS company which is dedicated to providing a good user experience to their customers.

Customized servers with upgraded hardware simply eliminate the possibility of lags and slow data loading which is probably the biggest concern for the users with other Web hostings.


That’s why Time4VPS becomes a much better choice over other options available in the market and I really hope you will be able to configure your back-end services pretty much efficiently with Time4VPS.  

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