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ThriveCart is a platform for those who owns an e-commerce store and wants to find relevant products for their store.

WooCommerce is a virtual platform that is used for constructing your virtual venture from scratch. If you want to make one of yous then it is the plac

  • Unlimited Carts
  • Funnel Builder
  • Automatic Receipts
  • Large Collection Of Themes
  • Built-in Blogging
  • Unrestricted Customization
  • Creating new products can be done in no time.
  • Gives you easy 2 steps check out forms
  • Affiliated management system inbuilt
  • You can put on various extensions.
  • Multiple designing options
  • This platform is perfect for varied product stores
  • Restricted designs and customizable choices
  • To set up everything on this platform is costly
Ease of Use

The user interface is really easy to use and really straight forward which means even if you don't know much about this platform but still you can set up within a few minutes by following some instructions.

The set up process can be a little hectic. You need to add extensions and themes manually. But overall the user interface is really interactive.

Value For Money

With our special offer you get to buy the lifetime access to this platform and it is totally worth every penny.

The platform is free but setting everything up on this platform is quite expensive so if you have budget then go for it.

Customer Support

Customer support of this platform is great.

Contact the customer support to get solution to any problem anytime.

Welcome to my ThriveCart vs WooCommerce Comparison 2024.

In this post, I will show you the best distinctions, resemblances, features, and all the factual knowledge you should know and help you to make the right choice between ThriveCart and WooCommerce.

Before I go ahead, I would say that Woocommerce and Thrivecart have numerous differences. Thus, I have done my best to explain the differences between both in detail to make it easy to make up your mind. So, without further ado, let’s get going.

🚀 Bottom Line Upfront:

If you want more control over commission rates and performance monitoring, ThriveCart is unquestionably superior than most of its rivals in affiliate management.

ThriveCart is a payment gateway software that helps you in promoting and taking payments for physical products, digital products, subscriptions, and services from your customer. In my opinion, Thrivecart is a winner here, it has more to offer than just making payment. Try Thrivecart today.

ThriveCart vs WooCommerce - bottom line

ThriveCart Vs WooCommerce: Overview

So, the first part of this article highlights the overview of both platforms, like what the platform does and what type of virtual ventures they prefer serving.

ThriveCart Overview

The ThriveCart platform (software) is principally intended to assist you in taking proper care of your venture’s experience so that you can maximize its conversions. This software has a lot of excellent alternatives that make it simple to sell all your services and products online.

Check out my ThrievCart Review for detailed insights into this shopping cart platform.

This platform was founded by Josh Bartlett and commenced in 2016. After that, this platform has been on top. It functions amazingly by updating the tool 10 times and more consistently to serve its clients with the best software for all types of businesses.

ThriveCart Overview

Being a host service provider, ThriveCart comes with your loved marketing tool integration, making it seamless for their client to connect your captivatingly created page for checkouts with any intermediate or their party software.

WooCommerce Overview

This software is no new name in the virtual markets across the world. Instead, I would say that WooCommerce is one of the enormous platforms competing with great characters, naming a few WordPress, Shopify, BigCommerce, etc.

WooCommerce is a virtual platform used to construct your virtual venture from scratch. This platform is famous for its software.

This platform isn’t like ThriveCart, which is a host platform. WooCommerce is a hosted platform on WordPress.

WooCommerce Overview

Which means its source is open, based on WordPress. Being an end-to-end solution for establishing stores online. With this platform, you can sell various physical products virtually with its elegant features.

You can prettily customize anything on this platform after installing its plugin on the WordPress site. You can add unlimited functions to your store with the related plugin installation.

As this platform endeavors with WordPress, you must purchase a host and domain name from software like Bluehost, not ThriveCart.

WooCommerce Vs ThriveCart: Features

Now, let’s have a look at both of their features.

ThriveCart Features

After examining the platform closely, here are the features of this platform.

  • Shopping Cart templates can be converted.

ThriveCart does not have much of it but unique templates for shopping carts that seemingly help boost conversions. All the templates have been experimented with to convert according to the objective you wish to attain with them.

ThriveCart - The number 1 cart platform for marketers

You also get an option to customize these the way you wish to so that it compliments your products and design them while waiting for this. There are around 4 templates for checkouts designed for various goals. Single-step checkouts, double-step checkouts, Popup checkouts, and Embeddable checkout templates.

  • A/B Testing

This is a usual feature available in almost all the popular software. The testing of A/B splits in ThriveCart enables you to test multiple variations of the carts to check which one of them performs better. It’s pretty fast and straightforward to do.

A/B Testing of checkout pages

I know how hurtful it is to design a page and realize you cannot convert it as you wish. But how can you say that a specific page will convert?

It’s to save all your time and double the results, and for every virtual marketer in the market, it’s probably an excellent choice to split-test your offers, pages, steps, headers, or prices.

  • Single click Bump Offer

I learned about this offer over the years while going through a marketing book named Dotcom Secrets. They are the tiny offers you prefer to add on checkout pages and order forms. Not to forget, they’re also competent enough to make over your business in just a night.

ThriveCart- setup up the offer

This platform allows you to initiate this influential offer to all your customers while checking out by boosting conversions.

  • Single-click Upsells and downsells

This feature aims to assist your customers in solving all problems by giving higher products and services.

upsell setting- ThriveCart

bump offers and one click upsells

Regardless, the Bump offers are shown at the checkouts. Upsells are delivered instantly after checking out (similar to an upgrade). This encourages people to upgrade the high value to all the great end offers to generate more money.

  • Affiliate Management center

This software has a beautiful feature of system affiliate marketing, which lets you handle and spend affiliates, which will help you gain more customers for your business.

ThriveCart - Managment

  • Thrivecart cronies

The center affiliated with this software is simple to use, and the setup process is straightforward.

  • Numerous tools integration

Different marketing systems can be integrated into your account at ThriveCart so that every work happens together.

  • Autoresponder Integrations

This software supports the most famous mail integration and allows you to send automated emails to all your customers depending on their actions.

  • Membership Integrations

You can mostly run a membership with this site when paid for your knowledge and expertise in a particular field. This software incorporates possibly every membership software. Also, it is simple to deal with.

Some other integration at ThriveCart comprises Zapier, Payment gateway, Webinar platforms, etc.

Various other features of this software might blow your mind off.

Embedded Cart: You can Prosper on any website or page

Digital Sales Tax: This makes it easier  for you to obtain a sales tax

Coupons/Discount: Provides Assistance for cost reduction and boosting sales

Documentation and great support: They have the most outstanding support.

Monitoring and tracking: You can trace and regulate everything in a single dashboard

WooCommerce Features

WooCommerce has significantly different features, on the other hand. As it is a virtual platform.

  • Runs on a System of Content Management  (WordPress)
  • This platform can be built only on WordPress; it runs over 30% online. WordPress is an open platform that allows you to do anything you wish.

WooCommerce - Order Manage

  • This platform has been kept lean to ensure you can put in options according to your desires.
  • This is also designed to work with any of your beloved WordPress plugins so that you can keep the features you love. Not to forget that customization has no restrictions, and editing can be done without limits.
  • Hundreds of Extensions

On this platform, there are 400+ official extensions. Right for the payments and delivery to accounting and marketing. There is a huge variety of WordPress plugins and extensions to advance the look and functions of your virtual store.

  • Countess Themes

The uncountable theme choice on this platform and WordPress completely transforms your virtual store to look exactly how you wish.

It is more remarkable that few among these themes are for zero cost while few are party cooling sellers. All you have to do is select a quiet article for your business and get rolling.

  • Built-in Blogging
  • You can develop a massive brand and publish unique content for your virtual business. Use this platform to incorporate e-commerce and the world’s broadly famous media to publish content.
  • You can also rate and review products to increase your SEO and make the shopping moments more enlightening for your consumers.
  •  Pages for Product Checkouts

The checking out pages is a prominent feature established in both platforms: Woocommerce and ThriveCart.

WooCommerce_ Simple Product

WooCommerce spotlights excellent checkout pages and products, which are appreciated by the landing pages and vast assortment of customizable choices you may expect from a software of shopping carts.

You can also use the shortcodes to put your products and design your landing pages during the checking out period or put your products or services in blog posts.

  •  Galleries and Product Images

I must say that almost everything has no limit on WooCommerce. You can include numerous pictures to flaunt your products or anything else your business fits.

  • Avant-garde Product Sorting and Filtering

This feature makes your SEO ranks reasonable and drives your customers through all your assorted products. So, all your customers can easily filter all the products by their rating, prices, attributes, fresh products, and it’s popularity to search for what they’re looking for.

  • REST API and Other Integrations accessibility
  • This platform comes with REST API and assists you in handling everything right from your products to the orders placed.

You can even conduct several integrations. Right through membership sites, associating with carriers, putting payment gateways, accounting solutions, and Google Analytics.

ThriveCart Vs WooCommerce: Support

 ThriveCart Support

The support team of this platform delivers excellent service with a quick response. They provide friendly and genuine answers through emails. They also have a support group on Facebook, which is pretty much engaging.

ThriveCart fuction Support Help for ThriveCart

This virtual community assists its use daily, but this platform has built its game stronger through its enlightened knowledge and documentation, where you can gain all the required information.

WooCommerce Support

This software gives supported virtual documentation via competent video tutoring, forums at the platform of, experts who offer you brief consults, and customized resources.

WooCommerce - Support

You can also connect to them through emails for any products purchased on their platform.

ThriveCart Vs WooCommerce: pricing

ThriveCart Pricing

Despite being the most popular shopping cart, it offers endless features for virtual business owners. This is probably the cheapest platform compared to all.

This platform now gives you a single-time payment option for a lifelong deal, giving you access to all their features and solutions upgrades for the cart.

ThriveCart for lifetime

All you have to do is pay one time and use this platform for all your lifetime. To own the license of this platform, you need to spend $495. You can also use the chance of paying $195 to use the advanced optional features.

ThriveCart - The number 1 cart Pricing

This is primarily the best shopping cart deal with this software worldwide. According to our sources, this deal will soon expire, and then the consumers will have to spend a monthly subscription of $97 to use the tools.

Pricing of WooCommerce

On the other side, the pricing of this platform is a little complicated.

As told earlier, this WordPress plugin-based platform is free to activate and install. As you know, WordPress is a CMS platform that does not charge either. So now, all that has to be done is complete the formalities on their host domains.

Which is just going to cost you a few dollars each month. Yet, this is only applicable when you have a web host solution at a reasonable price similar to Free themes, Bluehost, Plugins, Extensions, and pretty low design work.

All these are for satisfactory or avocational virtual stores on this platform. Keeping it all aside, here’s what I think you need to commence with this platform where you must spend.

WordPress – Free

Plugin at WooCommerce – Free

Domain – at $12 for a year (free of cost on Bluehost)

Web hosting – starts from $3 to $30 each month. Beginning on Bluehost Faith, $3.95 per month is an enormous deal.

WooCommerce themes – it’s is free of cost, But I advise you to commence with something which prices from $50-$100

Extensions and plugins – few are free of cost, and few require expenditures. The budget goes around $15 per month.

Web designing services are usually the most costly part of creating virtual stores. You may have a budget of around $300-$3000 for this service.

With all the refinements and detailed features given. How much can it cost to have a WooCommerce virtual store running?

The budget would go from $400-$700 for the complete setup of a virtual store. That would include plugins, extensions, domains, themes, designs, and hosting.

ThriveCart Vs WooCommerce: Pros and Cons

ThriveCart Pros

  • The setup process is damn easy. Creating new products can be done in no time.
  • Supports discounts, trials for customers, and coupons
  • Gives you easy 2 steps to check out forms
  • An affiliated management system is built
  • Cart elements and pages can be split-tested
  • Conversion of Layouts and structures is optimized

ThriveCart Cons

  • Restricted designs and customizable choices
  • Has no support for varied products; multiple items cannot be added
  • Not enough templates availability

Woo Commerce Pros

  • This platform is pretty much more customizable than ThriveCart
  • You can put on various extensions.
  • This platform is perfect for varied product stores and selling physical products.
  • Multiple designing options

WooCommerce Cons

  • It is definitely not simple to get things done quickly. ThriveCart is only limited to WordPress sites.
  • It is pretty expensive to set up on this platform.
  • This isn’t a preferable platform as a solution if you are digitally selling individual products and are not interested in selling multi-products in the store.
  • A lot of suffering in managing and controlling
  • There’s no affiliated management system inbuilt

FAQ related ThriveCart Vs. WooCommerce

👉🏻 Which platform can I opt for?

Firstly, I would say that both of them are absolutely amazing at carrying out different tasks. One is towards shopping carts while another one is virtual platform.

👉🏻 Genuinely I cannot really differentiate much between the two as solutions or virtual platforms

Keeping it on a general note and their functions, size, popularity, tools, and characteristics. WooCommers is definitely ahead of ThriveCart with regards. This is a software that has been on the ground for a decade and holds power on 50% of the virtual stores.

👉🏻 However, whatever you opt for amongst the two depends on the type of your virtual business.

If you are searching for reliable software for shopping cart which can assist you with all the checkouts, handle your associates, and work out a couple of other things with your sales process. And suppose you’re looking for a virtual platform where you can create a store for physical products and sales management.

Does ThriveCart work well with WooCommerce?

No. In that case, software like ThriveCart cannot be an alternative to WooCommerce or Shopify. Yet it’s possible to obtain something similar to WooCommerce for displaying your products by linking them through their sole ThriveCart checkouts.

👉🏻 Which is better WooCommerce or OpenCart?

even though both platforms performed almost equally well in terms of performance, WooCommerce definitely outperforms OpenCart due to its ability to utilize WordPress optimization plugins to enhance the database, cache pages, and streamline implementation.

👉🏻 Does ThriveCart work with WordPress?

Without the need to write any code, Zapier enables you to effortlessly transfer data between ThriveCart and WordPress. When an affiliate is given permission to advertise a product, this event is triggered.

👉🏻 Is ThriveCart better than Samcart?

Better third-party connectors are available for use with Thrivecart, such as Google Pay and Apple Pay. Thrivecart is also the best value because you only have to pay $495 once for a lifetime subscription. However, Samcart offers superior templates and customization, making it simpler to use even for novices.

👉🏻 Is ThriveCart a payment gateway?

Absolutely, ThriveCart has more functionality than any other shopping cart software on the market, making it the finest payment gateway for selling digital goods.

ThriveCart vs WooCommerce: Testimonials

ThriveCart Customer Stories

ThriveCart - Testimonials

What Users Say About Thrivecart On Facebook:

thrivecart vs woocommerce facebook testimonials thrivecart vs woocommerce facebook reviews Thrivecart facebook review Thrivecart facebook testimonial

WooCommerce Customer Reviews

WooCommerce_ Testimonials

Quick Links:

Conclusion: ThriveCart vs WooCommerce Comparison 2024

Choosing the right software to sell your product requires carefully considering your business strategy and the products you intend to sell.

While WooCommerce doesn’t put any restrictions on whether you sell physical or digital products online, ThriveCart does. Whether you’re selling digital goods, subscriptions, or one-time items, ThriveCart will help you sell more efficiently.

You can check out Thrivecart here. Or you can connect with them on their social media handle, Facebook.

You can check out WooCommerce here. Or you can connect with them on their social media handles, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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  10. ThriveCart is a powerful, yet affordable shopping cart built to achieve extraordinary conversion rates. From user interface and intuitive experience, to achievable goals through great results – ThriveCart is perfect for you!

  11. ThriveCart is a shopping cart plugin that can be integrated into your website in under 10 minutes. The user interface is intuitive and the layout’s flexibility provides a great customer experience. The options for payment processors, upsells, downsells, bumps… they are all easy and effective! After implementing Thrivecart I saw my conversions increase 1000%

  12. It was meant to be. When I first saw ThriveCart it seemed too good to be true and the price compared to other shopping carts out there, just made no sense. Now after having implemented it into my company’s e-commerce store, I am so glad that we took a chance with this one and switched over because of all the great features.

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  14. Woocommerce has a beautiful interface and makes ecommerce a piece of cake. I abandoned all my other ecommerce software after using Woocommerce for the first two weeks, because it is that easy to set up everything. If you’ve been struggling with your old shopping cart or trying to get product feeds going on BigCommerce.

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