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Thrive Optimize

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Thrive Optimize is a great tool for split testing your landing pages. I love that it's so easy to use and that the results are so quick to come in. I've been able to run some really effective tests with it and have seen some great improvements in my conversion rates as a result. If you're looking for an easy way to start split testing your landing pages, I highly recommend giving Thrive Optimize a try.

Out of 10


  • Unlimited Test Variations
  • Fast A/B Testing
  • Custom Traffic Distribution
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Automatic Winner Feature
  • 100% Visual Editing


  • More pricing options needed


Price: $ 19

Looking for Thrive Optimize Review, you are at the right place.

We all want to exponentially increase the traffic of the website and actually, it’s a good idea. But somehow if we’re not able to convert those visitors into our potential customers then we’re actually wasting our time as well as resources in growing our audience.

Then the question arises here, how we can optimize a blog or website and its content in order to improve the conversion rates?

No clue! We have got a solution for you.

Don’t worry we are here to help you. One step is to create multiple versions of your content and each of them with different touches and slight variations. And then we can simply run the live test in order to find out which version of the content is actually generating more clicks, sign-ups, downloads, or achieving whatever your goal is.

Running up the A/B test and testing sounds a little bit complicated. But here you can use a plugin to do this effectively and effortlessly.

Here comes Thrive Optimize– A Powerful A/B testing plugin for WordPress. Actually, this plugin has the ability to run these A/B split tests on your website without putting in the effort.

Bottom Line Upfront : 😍

When it comes to A/B testing and optimization, there’s no better tool out there than Thrive Optimize.

I’ve been using it for a while now and I love the ease of use and the wealth of options it gives you for optimizing your content.

Whether you want to test different headlines, images, or calls to action, Thrive Optimize makes it easy to do.

And the best part? It’s all included in the Thrive Themes membership, so you don’t have to pay extra for the optimization features.

There is no doubt that online marketing is a complex and ever-changing field.

What works today may not work tomorrow, and what didn’t work yesterday may start working today. This unpredictability is one of the reasons why A/B testing has become so popular among online marketers in recent years.

A/B testing is the process of testing two different versions of a web page or element against each other to see which one performs better. This can be done with any type of content, from simple headlines to entire landing pages.

By performing A/B tests, you can determine which version of your content is more effective at achieving your desired goal, whether that’s getting more sign-ups, sales, or page visits.

There are a number of different A/B testing tools available, but if you’re using WordPress, then Thrive Optimize is one of the best options available. Thrive Optimize is a plugin that lets you easily create and run A/B tests on your WordPress site. It’s easy to use, and it integrates with popular WordPress plugins like Gravity Forms and WPForms.

If you want to start using A/B testing to improve your content’s performance, then Thrive Optimize is a plugin you should definitely check out.

If you’re not using Thrive Optimize yet, I highly recommend giving it a try. It’s helped me increase my goal conversion rates by a lot and I know it can do the same for you.

Let’s know more about this legit A/B Testing Plugin.

In this post, we have featured Thrive Optimize Review 2024 which includes detailed insights about its pricing, features, functionality, and more. Let’s get started here.

Thrive Optimize Review

Thrive Optimize Review 2024: A Legit A/B Testing Plugin For WordPress

About Thrive Optimize:

Trying to boost website traffic is smart. But if your site isn’t optimized for visitors, you might waste dollars attempting to build your following.

So how can you optimize your website and its content to increase target conversion rates?

You may generate several versions of your content with small changes. Then conduct live tests to determine which version gets the most clicks, sign-ups, downloads, or whatever you want.

Setting up this testing may seem difficult. Thanks to a strong but simple plugin, WordPress users can now perform A/B or split tests without any effort.

In this Thrive Optimize review, we’ll show how this A/B testing WordPress plugin may help you boost conversion rates.

Basically, Thrive Optimize is a powerful A/B Testing Plugin for WordPress. And it’s an add-on for the Thrive Architect Page Builder plugin that will let you easily launch A/B tests for WordPress pages right from the Thrive Architect editor interface.

Thrive Optimize Review- The Best A B Testing Plugin for WordPress

Once you’ll start an A/B test you can easily duplicate your existing pages in order to create a variant and also you can make some small changes. Even you can create a new variant from scratch to simply test the different pages. Here you can also divide the traffic right between unlimited variants according to your needs.

You can also track the conversion difference over several weeks, months, or even years and then you’ll start to realize how important running A/B tests are for growing your business rapidly.

The best part about Thrive Optimize is that it is very fast and simple as here you can perform an A/B test in less than 1 minute. This is the true power of this plugin. And it’s so easy to use and you’ll love watching its functionality.

Now you don’t have to wade through 15 steps in order to start one test. Here also you don’t have to add code snippets right to different pages on your website. The best of all here no complication integrations are there. You can simply manage from a single dashboard and your website.

Is Conversion Optimization Right for Your Website?

Thrive Optimize features and reviews in details

You should be able to see the advantages of utilizing an A/B testing tool like Thrive Optimize, even if you are just starting out with your WordPress blog or website. Thrive Optimize is one such tool.

In point of fact, it is worth your time to try to increase the number of visitors who perform a desired action on your website, especially when there are tools that make it so that it is so much easier to do so. This is true regardless of the amount of traffic that you are receiving or how much each goal conversion is worth to you.

Therefore, whether you want to expand your email list, sell more items, or market your services, a WordPress optimization plugin may assist you in increasing the percentage of visitors who convert into customers. But is Thrive Optimize the tool that’s most suited for the task at hand? Let’s find out.

Thrive Optimize Review Key Features:

If you’re like me, you’re probably always looking for ways to make your website faster and more effective. That’s why I was so excited when I heard about Thrive Optimize – a simple A/B testing add-on for Thrive Architect that gives you the power to run fast and highly effective split tests for your landing pages.

With Thrive Optimize, you can easily test different versions of your landing pages to see which ones work best for you. This can help you to improve your website’s performance and increase your conversion rates.

I’ve been using Thrive Optimize for a while now, and I’ve been really impressed with how easy it is to use. The interface is simple and user-friendly, and the results have been really impressive.

Thrive optimize reviews

When you’ll get started with Thrive Optimize you’ll get an amazing feature that will really automate the A/B testing process. And there are also many advanced features that you will be getting right with this plugin. Let’s explore some of its amazing features:

Fast A/B testing:

You can easily create the A/B tests right for your Thrive Architect-built landing pages. And really this feature will really save you precious time.

Unlimited Tests:

You have the liberty to run as many tests as you want, here you can run tests according to your needs and requirements concurrently or in sequence. And the best part is that there will be no limitations.

Unlimited Test Variations:

Here you can try unlimited test variations as here you can simply run tests right with 2,3 or 4. And it’s really up to how many competing variations you actually want.

Conversion Goals:

Just choose to simply measure “page Visit”, “opt-in form submission” or even select it as the conversion goal.

Custom Traffic Distribution:

Now you can easily distribute traffic right between your test variations or even set your own ratio.

Detailed Reporting:

JUst see all of the details about how your tests are actually performing, statistics, and more.

Automatic Winner Feature:

Simply let the Thrive Optimize crunch the number and easily choose the winning variations right for you. You can just choose the “set-it-and-forget-it” autopilot and more.

100% Visual Editing:

Basically, Thrive Optimize is a simple add-on to The Thrive Architect and also the most advanced visual front editor right for WordPress.

200% WordPress Compatible:

The best part is that Thrive Optimize installs and runs right on your own WordPress website and is managed right through our WP dashboard.

Strong Support:

Thrive Optimize has dedicated support and the development team is here to help you out when you actually needed.

One Click Cloning:

You can even clone any of your existing landing pages in just one click. So that you can easily modify the variations and simply launch your test in mere minutes.

Will Thrive Optimize have a negative impact on SEO?

Nope! Because search engines will only view the control page while your tests are running, you won’t have to worry about being penalized for having duplicate content.

In addition to this, the variants that you design are:

  • Have the no index tag, which will stop Google from indexing them in its search results.
  • You should specify that they are copies of the original control page by using the rel=”canonical” tag.

If you make use of the Automatic Winner function, search engines will begin to notice the winning variant as soon as Thrive Optimize determines which variation should be the winner.

Thrive Optimize Saves You From Tasks Like

  • No Coding Required
  • No Page Wrangling
  • No Time Wasting
  • No Monthly Fees

How To Create A/B Test With Thrive Optimize?

Thrive Optimize features and reviews

The functionality of this plugin is very simple and straightforward. You can easily follow this step in order to get started and running with Thrive Optimize right away.

Step #1: Create A Page

In the very beginning, you need to just create a page on your WordPress site or blog. The process of creating the pages is very simple and easy.

Thrive Optimize Review- Create A New Page

Or if you already have any pages on your website then you need not worry about that. Just pick up the pages that you wanted to optimize and run the test.

Step #2: Variation of The Pages

Here in this step, you need to just create a variation of that page. And here the page will be 100% visual editing, and there will be no custom script or shortcode process. Everything is simple and straightforward.

Thrive Optimize Review- Add New Variation

Step #3: JustPick Up A Conversion Goal

Now we’re in the third step and here we need to just pick a conversion goal like what we actually want to find out from the A/B test.

Thrive Optimize Review- Select A Conversion Goal

Step #4: Start The Test

In the fourth step, we are actually ready to start the test. Just hit the button to start the test, sit back, and relax. You can check out other details later.

Thrive Optimize Review- Add New Variation

Here you will get the comprehensive details of your A/B test. Now you have gone through the whole process. And I think you have some idea of how flexible this tool actually is.

Thrive Optimize Review Pricing Plans

Really, Thrive Optimize is one of the reliable A/B testing plugins for WordPress. And it’s the start of actually something new. The pricing plans offered by Thrive Optimize are very flexible and affordable so that you can easily get started with it.

You can get Thrive Optimize as an add-on to Thrive Architect, and the price for both of them together is $167 per year for one website.

Alternatively, you may purchase the Thrive Suite, which includes Thrive Optimize and costs $299 per year or $99 every quarter.

This contains the main Thrive Architect plugin, which is what you’ll use to construct your landing pages, as well as the Thrive Optimize add-on, which is your A/B testing component.

You are granted access to use these plugins on up to 5 different websites simultaneously, and you will get limitless support and updates.

The fact that you also receive access to all of the other Thrive Suite tools, such as a WordPress theme builder, an opt-in form plugin, and a quiz builder, makes the deal even sweeter.

It is important to point out that the cost of cloud-based landing page software that incorporates A/B testing may exceed $70 per month. The average cost of a standalone A/B testing platform is around $50 per month.

And each of them has restrictions on the number of users, pages, and experiments that can be carried out.

Because it is entirely built on WordPress, Thrive Suite does not impose any of these restrictions on its users.

Thrive suite Pricing

The best part about Thrive Optimize is that it also offers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Here they are offering 30 Days Money Back Guarantee and somehow if you’re not satisfied with its services then you can claim your money back.

All you need to do is contact their friendly support staff and they’ll refund your money and no questions will be asked.

Should you Invest In Thrive Optimize?

Thrive Optimize is a powerful A/B testing tool that can help you improve your website’s conversion rate. It’s available as part of the Thrive Suite, which also includes the Thrive Architect drag-and-drop visual page builder tool.

I’ve been using Thrive Optimize for a while now and I think it’s a great tool. It’s easy to use and it gives you lots of options for testing different elements on your website. I’ve used it to test different headline versions, different images, and different call-to-action buttons.

I’ve found that the results from my tests have been really helpful in deciding what changes to make to my website. For example, I tested two different headlines, and the one with the higher conversion rate is now being used on my website. I also tested two different images and the one with the higher conversion rate is now being used on my home page.

If you want to improve your website’s conversion rate, then I highly recommend using Thrive Optimize.

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Conclusion: Thrive Optimize Review 2024

Let’s end up this Thrive Optimize review now.

You can’t deny how polished Thrive Optimize’s features are. It maintains a minimal interface while providing a high degree of customization for conducting powerful A/B testing.

A/B testing might be hard, but this tutorial shows how simple Thrive Optimize is to use.

Once you know the plugin, you can develop optimization tests in minutes. You can instantly improve the conversion rates of any website page.

You can swiftly test major and tiny page design changes, so you can ease into conversion rate optimization by testing colours and content. You may then compare complete page designs and content layouts. Thrive Optimize requires Thrive Architect, so you won’t lack page layouts or content editing choices.

In general, it’s the easiest A/B testing option for WordPress that I’ve used.

You can’t do multivariate testing or other complex sorts of split tests, but I doubt that most bloggers care about or really require such sophisticated analysis.

Possible drawbacks include simply the following:

  • As such, it is limited to WordPress sites (not a huge deal, but it might be a consideration for some).
  • Because of how well it is integrated with Thrive Architect.

Choosing Thrive Optimize over the competition is a no-brainer if you’re currently using Thrive Architect on your site and want to do A/B testing.

However, it is a significant drawback to having to install a new page builder only for the A/B testing feature if you are not already using Thrive Architect and have no actual desire to do so. Plus, although Thrive Optimize is compatible with standard WordPress pages, you’ll still need to use the Thrive Architect dashboard to manage your site.

As a result, Thrive Optimize is, in my opinion, one of the greatest WordPress-specific A/B testing tools available in terms of sheer capability.

You should simply think about whether or not you want Thrive Architect.

Thrive Optimize simplifies A/B testing if you don’t mind being confined to the Thrive Architect UI.

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  1. Thrive Optimize is a simple, yet powerful web application for testing. Just choose the conversion goals you are targeting and Thrive Optimize will “run” statistical analysis with various versions of your webpage to find which one works best for you!
    An auto-activate feature that lets future visitors see your newly optimized page in development is also available. Strong points include its ability to have multiple concurrent tests running with just a click of a button. It can even set split-tests by getting data from individual traffic sources like Adwords, Bing ads, Facebook ads or paid social media campaigns! Get started today with this easy-to-produce test-winner!

  2. I’ve been using Thrive Optimize for over four months now and I can say with certainty that it has changed the way I make my websites. I feel like a type-A businessperson every time I enter this add-on–it’s intuitive, powerful, and quick on its feet. The new settings allow me to customize responses in ways never before possible. It’s truly one of the best decisions I ever made!

  3. Giving up was never an option
    I was sceptical at first when I heard all the hype, but boy am I glad that Thrive Optimize came into my life for this brand new reason. It can’t optimize WordPress posts? Heck no, it just saved me the headache of trying to do it myself and is way more efficient than what I could have ever pulled off on my own! Best yet, we get unlimited visits and $600 per month credit with our purchase which means we can save or spend money whenever we want without having to pay a hefty price tag in return. There’s nothing else like it out there-at least not when you need something quick and reliable for your website!

  4. I’ve been a Thrive Optimize user for over a year. I have loved how easy the setup is and have loved that it’s included in my membership with Thrive Architect.
    As a marketer, this has made a huge difference in my business. Knowing what’ll work best before making changes gives me the confidence to execute more effectively.

  5. One of my favourite things about this theme is the many design options. There are a lot more animations on single post pages so you can really jazz up your site. I also love how it supports using HTML5 tags for formatting text! This is great because now I have more control over my content and branding across different devices, which is really important with all these new mobile phones coming out.
    A must-have if you’re looking to create an engaging website that will wow your visitors.

  6. Launching A Website Is just the beginning. Nobody wants a website that looks old or doesn’t work properly, and nobody wants to settle on a theme that they don’t really like. Thrive Optimize is made for webmasters who love WordPress but need something more powerful.

  7. I loved the plugin itself. It’s like, optimized my optimize times for SEO with style.
    Loved how I could easily create an A/B test in Thrive Optimize and then build out variations of that test without having to code anything new or reconfigure content.

  8. The best software to create the A/B tests right for Thrive Architect pages. And this will save you time! You get unlimited AB tests with no limitations or restrictions on what you can do. With Unlimited Test Variations, you get more freedom to decide how many variations of a test you want.

  9. I’ve got to say, it does make my life easier! I am blown away by the feature that can allow me to know not only how many conversions were on the optimized page, but also how many completions of specific elements. The bundled Thrive Optimize plugin is an excellent idea and I will be using this on all of my client sites moving forward.

  10. This plugin brings you ultimate conversion optimization tools to WordPress, enabling you to do split testing and page optimization for your pages directly from the Thrive Architect interface. From A/B Testing functionality like content elements and other features to other powerful features such as remarketing campaigns with Facebook Ads pixel integrations, cross-device compatibility for site visitors on mobiles and tablets (Remarket), full Google Analytics integration (Google Adwords) and more.

  11. I’ve been using Thrive Optimize for a while now and I must say that it works really well. Pretty much had to do everything without some intensive page testing, but once you install Thrives Optimize your life will be so much easier! Searching for perfect versions of my landing pages became so easy. The A/B testing plugin is so intuitive and even though the navigation might seem a bit confusing at first, you get used to it in no time. It helps me save loads of precious time which I can spend on other important things besides testing my WordPress plugins or making changes to my website content. If you ask me, this is probably the best plugin that has ever come out from its developers.

  12. I really didn’t want to design a new site, but then I found Thrive Optimize and there was nothing left to worry about. Besides what you can do with the slick interface and comprehensive building blocks, it also has an impressive range of features. Basically, they combined every visual editor I needed into one plugin so now my pages load lightning-fast and look amazing…plus it integrates with your WordPress website so my entire workflow became easier than ever before. Multiply that by one-click cloning which just saved me hours of work – why bother wasting time on page designs when you can just clone somebody’s already successful landing page in less than a minute? When they say the best choice for novices they actually mean zero headaches and total ease of use.

  13. Do I have a problem or does it just feel like something is wrong with me? If so, then Thrive Optimize is the perfect option. This is an A/B testing and capturing solution that will allow you to thoroughly identify and address any potential problems people might be having on your web pages.

  14. Thrive Optimize is an amazing tool that lets you create engaging landing pages for your business in just a few clicks. They help you get results with their interactive templates, strong support team and modern features- all without having to hire expensive agencies or consultants. Plus, you can clone any of your existing landing pages in just one click which is soooo cool!

  15. Thrive Optimize is a visual front editor for WordPress that delivers intuitive buttons, features, and functionality to design any landing page. Strong support from the development team keeps your website up and running even with one click cloning.

  16. Sophisticated, Powerful and Effortless WordPress Optimization. Thrive Optimize was created by the founders of Thrive Themes with the goal of making it easy for you to do A/B testing on your pages without ever having to touch code or hire a developer. Your conversion rates will skyrocket when you can quickly create customized pages for specific goals. The plugin even has an amazing option where all the traffic goes between unlimited variants so that no other variants suffer from short-term neglect while you’re working on something else.

  17. You no longer need to log into your WordPress dashboard to turn on or off A/B testing. You don’t even need Thrive Architect! All you do is edit the page in Thrive Architect and magically, there are changes at your fingertips to change names for headlines, paragraphs, images or anything else! And now, you can launch an unlimited number of experiments simultaneously. With this gadget there’s really no downside—you get everything you would with any premium plugin yet without the monthly fees. Buy it now before it sells out again!! It only cost $97.

  18. I have been using Thrive Optimize for about a year so far and it’s honestly one of the best investments I made in my business. This plugin really helps me improve conversion rates on my web pages by providing statistical data accurately. The A/B testing results are easy to understand and customize, perfect for bloggers like me!

  19. It takes time and energy to manage content on your site. We redesigned the Thrive Optimize plugin with this in mind, so you can spend more focus and less time on tedious tasks. Now, our priority is to make sure minimal steps are required: Everything happens automatically—no need for manual updates or uploading new changesets after each change. To realize faster WordPress page loading times and better Google indexing; all of this is possible by automating two crucial functions: optimizing pages’ HTML code for rendering speed optimization (gzip compression) as well as cleanup CSS & JavaScript resources. If you’re looking for a brilliant way to run your online business smoothly, then the Thrive Optimize plugin will be able to help!

  20. Trust me I use this app and it really lives up to the expectation. It not only helps you create an A/B test quickly but also allow you to run an unlimited number of tests concurrently or in sequence, which earlier wasn’t possible with limited limitations like 2-4 variations. Run your 500 A/B tests at one time without doing much effort! Highly recommended for people who are willing to invest some money into their marketing campaign. Thrive Optimize Key Features: -Fast A/B testing -Unlimited Tests -Unlimited Test Variations.

  21. I know the struggles of building the perfect landing page. But with Thrive Optimize my inbox is full of “A/B Test successes” emails, I’ve seen a huge increase in conversions, and my team is happier because they have less work to do.
    My favourite thing about this tool? You can load new variations instantly on any variation that has had these changes made to it like editing the headline or including some text above the form (which will then change for every person who loads your test). Drove me crazy when you would need to wait hours at least – now seconds!

  22. Thrive Optimize does so much with so little! All you have to do is just download it, set up quick foundation settings that are easy for anyone or business owners who are not experienced with conversion testing software. This results in variations being tested automatically when the variation page goes live on your site without any need for further action from you.
    Start winning more sales and making fewer mistakes today by taking advantage of this amazing offer today before it expires!

  23. Thrive Optimize is one of my favourite plugins for WordPress. It has its limitations, but it gets the job done. Unlike most other “optimizers,” Thrive Optimize can’t work to optimize your posts or track link clicks, which was a bummer for me at first. I use this plugin mostly because it’s simple and doesn’t get in my way when I’m writing content on my website. The best part? No need for AdBlocker!

  24. I am so happy with this product, I am a web developer and have been looking for a good conversion rate optimization tool. I found Thrive Optimize both easy to use and much cheaper than its competitors – it is the perfect marketing price for me!
    I love that there are many really cool features, like having unlimited tests without any limits on variations; talk about customer satisfaction! This has enabled my company to expand much quicker thanks to all our great landing pages converting visitors into customers like never before. One time we had over 20% of conversions within an hour! Talk about results worth waiting for. All in all, this is one of the best investments I’ve made in my business because it pays off every day.

  25. I had trouble with code limitations and the design of my WordPress website, but this plugin made testing easy. I am now trying to A/B test everything on my site such as category pages, blog posts (vs Standard), layouts (e.g., header vs footer), and more. This plugin has given me endless possibilities to experiment with various tweaks without compromising user experience or scaring away visitors who had become accustomed to a certain page layout or template.

  26. Thrive Optimize is the most advanced visual front editor right for WordPress! There’s also dedicated support, one-click clones and you can even edit in just 100% visual. Thrive Optimize is the best plugin for WordPress ever because it’s visual, fast, easy to use and lets me create landing pages in a minute.
    I can copy my existing website with just one click!

  27. My first website looked so ugly on the Internet. I was short of ideas on how to design it, even though I always like doing this for my friends’ websites. That is why when you asked me what is Thrive Optimize, I said that’s my answer! It surpassed all my expectations; however, if you do not believe me take a look at some reviews by other users who use Thrive Optimize and see if their opinion matches mine.
    The best part about using this plugin is that it allows you to edit your website without any coding knowledge whatsoever (easy!). You can change fonts with just one click; alter images in no time; adjust margins and paddings with ease; organize posts according, etc., etc.”

  28. This is a great tool for webmasters looking to make their website 50% faster. Thrive Optimize will analyze your site and provide real-time reports with data about how you can improve load times, reduce page weight, and optimize images. This might be the best money you could spend if you want a fast WordPress site that loads quickly!

  29. For those looking for a quick fix to an overloaded website, Thrive Optimize is the way to go. With it, you can easily recover lost page views and optimize your site’s performance by recovering bandwidth savings of up to 30% with one simple plugin! Some flaws noted in this product include that it may not be able to optimize WordPress posts (only pages), is unable to optimize other areas of websites like menus and header, requires the purchase of Thrive Suite etc., but these are minor quirks next to how well optimized your site will be thanks to this product.

  30. Definitely don’t buy this thing by yourself. It’s way too restricted and not worth the money. You should definitely get Thrive Architect first before buying this because it is a necessary add-on to make Thrive Optimize work. After all, if you can’t even access your website with it how could you be expected to know what the hell you’re doing?

  31. Thrive Optimize is WordPress’ answer to web professionals fighting the uphill battle of increasing bounce rates, low page views, and dwindling conversion rates. With Thrive Optimize’s drag-and-drop interface you can use our 10 flexible modules to help narrow your focus for completion time. You’ll be done optimizing your site before you know it – with plenty enough time left over for fine-tuning your social media profiles!

  32. While there are a number of benefits to Thrive Optimize, the one downside is that it requires installing another expensive tool called Thrive Architect. This can be hard for some users who might want this service without adding on more fees. Still, if you’re looking for an effective and affordable A/B testing add-on with fantastic customer service (and one of few such add-ons available on WordPress), then this is the product for you!

  33. Don’t go Thriving without Optimizing! Boost your blog’s SEO by optimizing posts and pages to drive traffic and convert readers. WordPress optimized blogs rank higher in search engines, boosting organic traffic and making all your hard work that much more effective.

  34. Did you ever ask your campaign team to run as many tests as possible? It can’t be more frustrating when they keep telling you “We will need a sponsorship”. But now, here is Thrive Optimize which really saves your precious time and money. All the A/B testing stuff are already optimized for use with features like; Unlimited A/B Tests, Test Variations and Fast Performance. And not only that but there will be no limitations of how many concurrent or sequence tests we can run too! So go ahead and take all the required steps towards optimization right away!

  35. Thrive Optimize helps you to take your conversion rate up a notch, thanks to its cleverly designed features for A/B testing that are both easy to use and highly customizable. Does your store not convert visitors into customers? It’s time for you to try Thrive Optimize!

  36. Thrive Optimize is a conversion testing software with 3 different options to track visitor actions. Custom distribution of traffic between tests, detailed reports on campaigns, automatic winner feature for easy selection of the best performing variation. Simplifies the A/B testing process by giving you access to all the information your need in one place.

  37. I used to be able to do all of this myself, but now it’s too much. This new plugin is cutting edge and does everything for me! My blog posts are optimized automatically after publishing them with data on where I get the most traffic. I get insights into what post topics are the best performers, which language works best for my audience, and see referral visitors stats in real-time. These make decisions about marketing more informed – something that was hard before when it relied on guesswork or intuition alone.”

  38. Thrive Optimize is the newest extension to The Thrive Architect. Basically, this is a visual editing tool that works with WordPress, and it’s the best solution for people who can’t handle complicated coding. It installs easily on any website and provides support when you need it from the development team – one-click cloning means you can also quickly replicate any of your existing landing pages! No hardcore HTML or CSS skills are required, these guys make it easy peasy breezy lemon squeezy tho’.

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