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Overall Verdict

I've been using ThirstyAffiliates for a few months now, and I'm really impressed with it. It's a powerful tool that can help you take your Amazon Affiliate Marketing to the next level. If you're looking for a way to monetize your blog through Amazon Affiliate Marketing, I highly recommend ThirstyAffiliates. It's a great way to save time and improve your results.

Out of 10


  • Excellent Support Service
  • Protect your commissions from theft
  • Insert affiliate links into blog posts easily
  • Proactive Link Fixer
  • Automatic 404 Checker
  • You can Categorize your links


  • Pro version is costly
  • Little technical knowledge is required


Price: $ 99

Welcome to my honest and detailed ThirstyAffiliates Review.

As an affiliate marketer, I understand the importance of finding methods to monetize your site. One of the most common approaches is Affiliate Marketing. However, there are many more. Affiliate Marketing programs may pay you to recommend products to your visitors.

Affiliate link management may be complex, though. Managing all of your affiliate IDs and links and double-checking that every link on your site is active requires a lot of attention to detail.

In this case, you may rely on ThirstyAffiliates. If you use WordPress, you should look into installing the ThirstyAffiliates plugin, which simplifies managing your affiliate links.

Key Insights :

I recommend ThirstyAffiliates to anyone interested in monetizing their site with  Affiliate Marketing. It’s an excellent approach for getting more done in less time.

Some of my favorite aspects of ThirstyAffiliates are as follows:

  • The flexibility to set up and control various affiliate links for various products and services.
  • Keeping tabs on my affiliate commissions so I can gauge the success of my advertising efforts.
  • The option to tweak my affiliate links for higher click-through rates.
  • Support for various WordPress plugins, such as Easy Digital Downloads and WooCommerce.

I believe that ThirstyAffiliates is a fantastic resource for bloggers who are serious about making money through Amazon Affiliate Marketing. It’s not only effective, but also cheap and user-friendly. I think it’s a great idea if you’re seeking for a method to make money from your site.

Thirsty affiliates testimonials reviews


Check out my ThirstyAffiliates Review in detail.

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ThirstyAffiliates License

ThirstyAffiliates Review 2024


What is Link Cloaking?

ThirstyAffiliates Plugin Review

Due to the high level of competition in the affiliate marketing industry, many marketers resort to dishonest practices to increase their earnings. Commission stealing best describes their method of operation.

The virus might be placed onto the machine without the user’s knowledge, allowing for tracking of his web activity on the monitored site.

Your affiliate ID on that website might be changed by them at a later time, costing you a cut of the revenue. Pay close attention since the commission is crucial. So, Why Do We Need Link Cloaking?

Link cloaking is when an affiliate uses a different URL from the one provided by our affiliate program. Link cloaking safeguards your affiliate ID and boosts the visibility of your new URL, allowing you to earn a full 100 percent commission. Explaining the mechanics would be difficult, but hiding your link might provide great results.

Here are some perks of link cloaking:

Thirstyaffiliates Affiliate Plugin Reviews

More Sales and Link Trust

You would probably always click the links available on the same website, pointing to other websites rather than the links that point to an affiliate link. Moreover, by cloaking you can slug your URL and change your lengthy URL. This would increase your CTR as the link becomes appealing to the visitor.

Protects against commission theft

As mentioned earlier, commission theft is an unbearable loss in affiliate marketing. To protect from such thefts, the affiliate link is shortened and changed, making it more valuable than the affiliate link offered by your affiliate program.

Manage multiple links

With affiliate link cloaking plugins, you can manage your affiliate links as it gets tedious to keep a bunch or more affiliate links at one place. Thus, these plugins can categorize your links. For example, you can make a separate category for your hosting links as well as for your other product links.

Tracks your Audience

This surely helps you in increasing your sales. Track your links, and you can figure it out which link needs to be corrected to gain more profit or get more traffic. To get more traffic, you need to focus more on the content.


ThirstyAffiliate WordPress  plugin review:

Thirsty Affiliates Review features

You can download this plugin from WordPress plugin repository , it is absolutely free. It is highly equipped with some magnificent features that will definitely increase your sales. I am mentioning some of the additional features you will be getting below.


ThirstyAffiliates Pro Version

Before going further, you should, make yourself familiar with cloaking. When you install this plugin, go to ThirstyAffiliates plugin settings.  Just go to Affiliate link > settings and starts the configuration of plugin. Once you have done this process of configuration of the general setting just click on the all changes.

ThirstyAffiliates Plugin Link Cloaking



You will be getting two ways to add the affiliate links. You can go to Affiliate links > Add new and just cloak the affiliate link just from the post editor section will be more convenient and most reliable.  You can add a new post and you will get an icon to either search and add cloaked affiliate links. You can cloak a link also.

How To Add Image Banner For More Affiliate Sale:


This feature will allow you to eliminate the free affiliate link Cloaker plugin. The best images will give best CTR. By using ThirstyAffiliates, you can add some images rather than hyperlinks. Keep one thing in mind when you are cloaking a new link then (add a new affiliate link image).

Next time, you can add link as a hyperlink or an image.  A good banner will be effective and definitely increase your affiliate sales.

After using this plugin, you will be utterly amazed because you can increase your affiliate sales magnificently.

Rather than all these features, it also supports shortcodes. I did not use that feature many times, so we will not be discussing this. These plugins also have some add-ons available. You should get few add-ons when using an Amazon affiliate program or hosting an affiliate program.


Linkstatus Thirstyaffiliates

With a user-friendly interface and easy installation, this plugin is simple but yet too useful. Managing several affiliate links becomes an easy task with this plugin. You can create a category for a particular link and choose that category separately to track or improvise. The add-ons offered with this plugin are incredibly convenient.


I would again consider the support and quick responses as my priority. The support available for the free pack is through the WordPress support forum. You can check that the responses to these complaints are quick and almost all the issues and queries have been solved.

With the paid version or using the paid add-ons, you can get help through email. All you need to do is to fill an online support form and paste your license key to ask for help.

Thirsty Affiliate Addons:


“You can make more with these addons.”

We will look for add-ons that you can buy in bundles or separately. We will have some add-ons which will switch your exiting WordPress affiliate plugin.

CSV Importer addon:


It makes importing easy, you can go through this one and make the use of it best features. Now a day Gocodes plugins are almost in the verge of extinction. In Gocodes moving your affiliate link from old to new plugin was sych a great task. But with CSV importer you can move over 200+ links at a time. You can even import them within a minute

ThristyAffiliates Geolocation Add-on:

Gelocation URLs

Its straightforward user interface allows you to select the country and copy that affiliate link. This is the most popular one in the list of many popular web hosting limks including Bluehost & Hostgator, they redirect their users to the URLs.

After this process, many of time we miss the sales. If you are currently using Bluehost hosting, you will be automatically redirected to the Indian Bluehost site. With this plugin, your location will be automatically detected and you will be redirected to a specific site of your choice.

Amazon Addon: WordPress Amazon affiliate plugin:



It can make a quick search. You can import affiliate link very easily. You can earn more with this Amazon affiliate program.

The users will automatically redirected to the store based on their country location with the combination of geolocation addon. It is easy to add Amazon affiliate links and you can also make good money. You can also go for EasyAzon4 plugin for a dedicated Amazon WordPress plugin.

AutoLinker Add on:

Autolinker ThirstyAffiliates

This add -on can boost your traffic impeccably. It links the keywords across the website or blogs with the affiliate links. You can customize your link placement and the number of times the keyword can be used in the blog post. You can also decide whether it is placed sequential or randomly.

The user can also choose to put the links inside of heading. Autolinker lets you decide the number of times you want your keywords to be linked with the activated affiliate link. You can turn off the Add-on on any blog posts or page. Moreover, you have the decision to enable or disable the automatic linking on any category, archive or tag pages.

Stats Add-on

Stats ThirstyAffiliates Plugin

With this add-on, you can get access to your audience’s stats. Track your visitors and know what types of categories are they interested in or which category needs more attention. This add on has a special feature which doesn’t take the web crawlers, logged in users or bots into consideration. This means that you can get the stats for the new visitor’s on your blog or website.

Moreover, you can get a report of number of clicks on a particular category. With this data, you can also view the location where the link has been clicked more. You can know this by entering the keywords or IP address.

Export your reports to the spreadsheet and analyze your data easily.

Google Click Tracking Add-on

Track your traffic by using this add-on. Without much technicalities, this add on detects your affiliate link and adds the Google Event tracking code. This Google Even tracking code links to your Google Analytics.

Each time you add a content and use the autolinker add on or add an affiliate link by itself, this add on has a snippet that intimates Google Analytics about it. You can track your visitors when he/she clicks on that link and Google Analytics creates a report for the same.

Split Testing Add- on

Link Health Report ThirstyAffiliates

You might be familiar with the Split testing or A/B testing. No worries if you are a newbie, Split testing is done to analyze and compute the result between two pages or two programs. Here, split testing is done for the two affiliate programs.

You can choose the best performer among the two affiliate programs by adding another URL to your affiliate link. This costs merely nothing. All you have to do is to add a new destination URL and when the visitor clicks on your affiliate link, ThirstyAffiliates selects the next link to test. This selection is fair and impartial.

This way you can choose the affiliate program which gives better revenue and replace it with another.

Link Cloaking and its benefits

Affiliate marketing is among the finest choices for those trying to make money online. How many of you have discovered the perfect affiliate management plugin that could help you boost your sales?  Most writers and beginners can still not make a decent living due to lacking those few optimizations. Optimizing the affiliation relation is interesting and easy when you have some equipment.

The term “link cloaking” refers to shortening or hiding the URL provided by the affiliate programs. If you use connection cloaking, you will get a 100 percent commission because it covers your affiliate ID and makes your latest URL more available. Illustrating how it operates would be very technical, but cloaking your connection would be beneficial.

Because of the fierce rivalry between affiliate marketers, many people opt for dishonest methods of earning commissions. They engage in a practice known as commission fraud. The malware could be installed without the person’s knowledge, and the websites he visits could be tracked. There are several benefits to link clocking:

Increased Connection Trust and Sales

You are more likely to click on links that take you to other websites directly accessible from the same page than on referral links. In addition, cloaking lets you shorten your lengthy URL by “slugging the Link.” Your CTR might rise if the links are made more appealing to visitors.

Defends to commission fraud

As was previously said, affiliate marketing commission fraud is an intolerable loss. An affiliate network’s affiliate link is significantly less valuable than the affiliate connection that has been streamlined and updated to prevent this kind of stealing. Quite a few links can be controlled.

Many links can be managed.

Managing your affiliate links manually may be tedious, so you should use a plugin to hide them from view. As a consequence, these add-ons will organize your relationships into categories.

It keeps track of the audience

You may count on this to help you increase sales. To generate more money or attract more visitors, you should monitor the connections to determine which ones require fixing. If you want more visitors, focus more on the content.

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ThirstyAffiliate Pricing:

ThirstyAffiliate Pricing:

This is the best affiliate plugin available. The basic version of this plugin is absolutely free and you can also get paid addon.  Most people love to go with ThirstyAffiliates because it can let you earn good money.

You can choose among the three packs for the add-ons:

  • Blogger: By paying $79 once, get the Autolinker add-on and Stats add-on for a lifetime.
  • Green Ninja: Pay $149 and get AZON and Geolocations added to your plan.
  • The LOT: With $199, enjoy the benefit of all the add-ons for a lifetime.

Pros & Cons of Thirsty Affiliates


  • Even first-time users will find that navigating Thirsty Affiliates is a breeze. The UI is easy to use, and several tutorials are accessible for newcomers.
  • Features such as link cloaking, link management, and analytics are just a few of the powerful tools in Thirsty Affiliates. Because of this, affiliate marketers of all skill levels may benefit from using it.
  • Any size website, from personal blogs to multinational corporations, may use Thirsty Affiliates because of its scalability.
  • Cost-effective: Unlike many similar affiliate link management plugins, Thirsty Affiliates doesn’t break the bank.
  • A free version of Thirsty Affiliates is available, and it has all the functionality you need to get started. This makes it an attractive choice for novice users who wish to test the plugin’s waters before investing in the full version.
  • New features and problem fixes are added to Thirsty Affiliates regularly. This guarantees that you’re always using the most recent plugin version.
  • You can count on the support system of Thirsty Affiliates to be helpful and kind.
  • Many other WordPress plugins, including WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads, are compatible with Thirsty Affiliates. Because of this, integrating the plugin into an already-existing website is a breeze.


  • For some, the learning curve on Thirsty Affiliates may be steep. However, there is a lot of support accessible in the form of tutorials and manuals.
  • Thirsty Affiliates ‘ customization level is limited compared to other affiliate link management plugins. But it still has a lot of customizing options.
  • Can be sluggish: Some websites, especially those with many affiliate links, may have lags while using Thirsty Affiliates. However, enhancements to the plugin’s functionality are currently in development.

ThirstyAffiliates Testimonials By Customers :

Thirsty affiliate testimonials

5 Alternatives to ThirstyAffiliates

ThirstyAffiliates and Pretty Link all work on the same basic theory. It does, however, have certain distinguishing characteristics.  Even the free edition has stat monitoring. You will see where the links are being clicked and how frequently they are being clicked. You also could filter your click statistics by IP address, place, and other factors. You can also automatically add nofollow to links and build link groups to better coordinate the affiliate links. If you upgrade to Pretty Link Pro, you'll gain access to a slew of additional features. You will use it to: Easily add affiliation disclosures – which are needed for most advertisements., Build ties instantly, Users should be redirected depending on their position. Affiliate ties can be imported and exported. Slice test URL redirects (great for bid optimization) and rotate them. Slow your redirects, as well as a few other minor details.

Managing the links is a crucial aspect of being an associate marketer. But do you remember what is even more crucial? Having people to really click on those links. That's when Thrive Leads comes in. SmartLinks is a feature of Thrive Leads. SmartLinks will tell whether a guest has already subscribed to your mailing list. It shows an email opt-in if they've not subscribed. If they do have, though, it will show a bid of your choosing. Since it makes no sense to keep promoting the list to people who have already signed up, Thrive Leads' SmartLinks feature is a great way to save time and money.

AdRotate is a tool that assists you in displaying and optimising advertisements on your website. You will use it to view your own advertisements for partner deals, and it supports big publishing networks including AdSense and Doubleclick. In a nutshell, it's a full-featured affiliate tracking plugin. You can create your own partner deals commercials in the free edition. Then you can create a simple ad schedule and select a particular data set for that to run. You also can mix and match it with the other ads to see which one transforms the fastest. You can incorporate more comprehensive scheduling for any of the commercials in your rotation using the pro tools. Your advertising can also be geo-targeted. Not only can you target specific nations, but you can also target specific towns! The pro edition would also allow you to approve and handle advertising from third-party marketers, but this is not directly related to affiliate marketing.

Ads Pro, like AdRotate, is a full-featured ad manager on WordPress. You will use it to show AdSense, 3rd ads, and affiliate deals. It comes with several characteristics that make ad show a breeze. To begin with, it ensures that your advertisements actually...display. What do you mean by that? By getting around ad blockers. You may also prevent advertisements from appearing in some types or tags by using filters. But it's no concern if you wish to remove a certain group of posts from advertising. And after you've worked out those specifics, you can use it to A/B test your advertisements to see which ones attract the most clicks. Ads Pro is another excellent option if you want to combine affiliate ads with other forms of advertisements.

FAQs On Thirsty Affiliates Review

What is ThirstyAffiliates?

It is a WordPress plugin for managing partner links. It enables website owners to quickly incorporate affiliate links into their posts and sites by adding, managing, and easily inserting affiliate links.

Is WordPress an excellent platform for affiliate marketing?

Although affiliate ads may be done on any platform, WordPress users have a considerable advantage. There are several excellent options available to assist you in getting the best out of your partner connections – the majority of them are plugins.

How ThirstyAffiliates handle refunds?

ThirstyAffiliates Pro comes with a 14-day money return guarantee. They like to keep it easy, so their strategy is apparent. If you discover the plugin is not a suitable match for your website within 14 days of purchase, they would gladly provide a complete refund. Unfortunately, due to downloaded apps, they cannot offer compensation during the 14 days. Purchases made during the original 14-day trial duration are non-refundable. They reserve the opportunity, at any point, to modify this refund policy.

Can I Use ThirstyAffiliates To Promote My Store With An Affiliate Program?

No, ThirstyAffiliates is ineffective for that purpose. ThirstyAffiliates is a plugin that enables affiliates to maintain their affiliation connections across all affiliate services to which they are affiliated (including yours). It is not a mechanism that enables merchants to manage their partner network. AffiliateWP is a fantastic app that allows you to manage your affiliate network with your shop and integrates with various platforms.

Will I re-download the plugin if my download connection has expired?

The download connection used in your invoice email is only valid for a limited period before expiring. Once the connection has expired, you cannot re-download the plugin. Alternatively, you can still run the most recent update of the ThirstyAffiliates Pro plugin by signing into your account. Our site's footer includes a connection to the My Account tab. Once signed in, you'll see a section featuring all of your account's available downloads and information about your previous orders. These links will often guide you to the product's most recent update. If you are having difficulty logging into your account, first try resetting your password; if that does not function, please contact help.

What are the device requirements for ThirstyAffiliate?

We suggest using WordPress 3.4+. PHP 5.2.4, MySQL 5.0, The mod_rewrite in Apache module is suitable.

Is it possible for me to use ThirstyAffiliates to manage an affiliate program on my website?

ThirstyAffiliates isn't the right option for the work. ThirstyAffiliates is a plugin allowing the affiliate to maintain affiliation connections through all association services (including yours). It is not intended to be used by store owners to operate their own affiliate network.

How Can I Make ThirstyAffiliates Links Support Featured Images?

Some themes work well with ThirstyAffliates and enable you to show your linkages in a variety of ways on its front end. Unfortunately, ThirstyAffiliates lacks Featured Image help, which some of these themes require to look their best. Simply add this snippet to your functions.php in your partner links to easily add support for Featured Images.

ThirstyAffiliate accepts which payment methods?

Stripe is used to handle our sales payments. Any big credit card can be used. Unless otherwise stated, all payments are made regularly. The currency used for payment is the US dollar (USD).

Over To You: ThirstyAffiliates Review 2024

Thirsty Affiliates is your tool if you want to step up your Affiliate Marketing. It’s not only effective but also cheap and user-friendly. And the pro edition has even more tools to help you get better outcomes.

Google Analytics’s click-tracking features are my favorite. Knowing how your readers respond to your affiliate links may help you fine-tune your marketing strategy for optimal success.

In addition, I appreciate that you may send your readers to different affiliates depending on where they are located. Exposing your viewers to the most applicable affiliate links may boost your conversion rates.

Regarding making the most of Affiliate Marketing, I believe Thirsty Affiliates is an excellent resource for bloggers. It’s not only effective but also cheap and user-friendly.

I think it’s a great idea if you’re seeking a method to make money from your site.

If you’re serious about Affiliate Marketing, I highly recommend investing in the pro version of ThirstyAffiliates. It’s a small investment that can pay off big in the long run.

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80 User Reviews on ThirstyAffiliates

  1. If you’re tired of clicking over to check on affiliate links, then our Auto-linker Addon will be your best friend. It saves so much time, and is completely painless! This little addon is the game-changer for anyone who writes product reviews or content about products online.

  2. ThirstyAffiliates is the most amazing WordPress add-on! I don’t think I could run my blog without it now. The best part about it is that you can decide how many times a link will appear in an article. I use to go there and they say no more than once per post, so one of the benefits is that they are speedy unlike other services like WordAporium which always seem to be down or up sometimes.

  3. ThirstyAffiliates is a time-saver plugin that pairs metadata and rich images with affiliate links. With its drag and drop interface, you can easily add your banner ads to any page or post on your blog with just a few clicks! Leave the Cloaker Plugin across the web behind you with ThirstyAffiliates!

  4. As a blogger, I’m all too familiar with the struggle of having an affiliate link for this, but needing to use that one instead. But thanks to ThirstyAffiliates, now I can manage my links quickly and efficiently–and earn money doing it!
    Try ThirstyAffiliates for yourself today.

  5. ThirstyAffiliates is the best plugin because it saves me all that time I would have spent clicking on links in my reviews or jumping to yet another tab when writing reviews for my blog. It happens so fast, that I quit looking for links when reading reviews! And since everything is cloaked, no one knows whether the link was cloaked (and therefore clicked) or not. My sneaky secret weapon.

  6. Thirsty Affiliate will help you with anything and everything for your help.
    With this plugin, you can easily create any affiliate links for any products. Once you have created all the links then it is very easy to manage them. You can manage all those affiliate links through this plugin efficiently.
    Other than this ThirstyAffiliates provides tracking of all the affiliate links. So, you can analyze the performance of each and every link. Also, you will get full detailed with complete insightful statistics.
    All in all, it’ll never let you down!!

  7. ThirstyAffiliates is the best in the market! It is a WordPress plugin that offers affiliate URLs management services. This plugin is pretty popular and is considered one of the best in the field. Also, it allows you to create affiliate links within the website or domain.
    There are three main features of this plugin which you can perform are given below:
    ☆Manage Affiliate Links.
    ☆Cloaking of Affiliate Links.
    ☆Track all the Affiliate Links.
    I’ll highly recommend to try it out!!

  8. Been using ThirstyAffiliates since quite a few time and it’s been a good experience!
    It helps you in many ways like ThirstyAffiliates Plugin allows you to organize your links into categories.
    It also provides you with a free version.
    Another thing is keyword linking is a great feature offered by the ThirstyAffiliates. There is eÄșxcellent support by the Support team with a perfect and quick solution!!

  9. If you are serious about affiliate marketing, then this is the plugin for you! It does all of my work for me with ease. I can’t believe how much time it saves me every day. Link management is now effortless and I am able to declare my blog 100% google compliant! The automatic 404 checker has also been an amazing tool – it’s catching mishaps before they happen.

  10. “ThirstyAffiliates is the best tool I’ve ever used for my blog. It’s quick, easy to use, and effective! If you want your blog to succeed this year, download ThirstyAffiliates!”

  11. Affiliate advertising is perhaps the most ideal alternative accessible for the individuals who is anticipating bring in cash on the web. Have your consistently tracked down the best subsidiary an administration module which may help in expanding your deals.

    One the best highlights of it is that it gives more deals and connection trust. Presumably, you would consistently tap the connections which are accessible on a similar site highlighting different sites instead of the connections that highlight a partner interface. Additionally, by shrouding you can slug your URL and change your protracted URL. This would build your CTR as the connection gets interesting to the guest.

  12. You can download this module from WordPress module archive , it is totally free. It is exceptionally furnished with the some great highlights that will expand your deals

    With the easy to understand interface and simple establishment, this module is straightforward yet excessively valuable. Dealing with various associate connections turns into a simple errand with this module. You can make a class for a specific connection and pick that classification independently to follow or make do.

  13. I basically use the ThirstyAffiliate Plugin in order to get protected against commission theft. It also helps to shorten the link and hence protecting me against any kind of threat that could be caused digitally.

    This tool also helps to track the audience by the number of people clicking the link. It enables us to quickly incorporate affiliate links into the posts and sites by managing, and easily inserting affiliate links.

  14. It is the best affiliate management and cloaking plugin for WordPress.It’s an user friendly way to manage links.

  15. I used to feel like managing links was a lot of extra work, but with this plugin it’s practically quick and easy. The Google Analytics Events and Automatic 404 Checker is what put ThirstyAffiliates in my top three favorite plugins for WordPress.”

  16. I have been using this for a few days and I am so happy with the result. In my opinion, it is better than some other plugins on the market. Not only does it add affiliate links but also allow to add regular links in one click. There’s no need to copy and paste ugly long URLs of products anymore just type a space then enter+ your product name!

  17. I love being a blogger, but when it comes to the constant need for affiliate links, well let’s just say I’m ThirstyAffiliates. Now with this plugin, my affiliate links are easy to add and manage in WordPress! And it allows me to give credit where credit is due because when I mention a product in my post or page that uses an affiliate link then all I have to do is click on the ThirstyAffiliates icon – you guessed it- right there next to the toolbar. Who knew managing your own website could be so fun?

  18. I have been looking for a solution to add affiliate links easily in my WordPress site that is simple, effective and has more features. Finally, I found the ThirstyAffiliates plugin. This product enables you to identify your brand with the corresponding affiliate links by colour-coding them. It also includes widgets that let you insert links into sidebar panels or anywhere on your web pages quickly and easily; nofollow attribute is automatically included in every link! Super easy to use!!

  19. With over 100 articles and over 20 affiliate programs, the last thing you want to worry about is manually linking your content or traffic. Whether it’s an automatic 404 checking plugin for frustrated bloggers, a link management plugin that imports website links, makes them compliant with google policies, and analyzes how they performed – ThirstyAffiliates has got you covered. Use this tool for engagement on social media engagement as well!

  20. ThirstyAffiliates is a plugin that allows you to replace the free affiliate link Cloaker plugin. Best images will give the best CTR. By using ThirstyAffiliates you will be able to add some images rather than hyperlinks. Keep one thing in mind that when you will, be cloaking a new link then (add new affiliate link image). Next time you will be able to add a link as a hyperlink or an image. A good banner should catch the eye and make the user click on your CTA just for curiosity’s sake, but it can even do more than that by being both beautiful AND relevant.

  21. ThirstyAffiliates is a great plugin for affiliate marketers. It makes linking to products on your websites easy so when your click on the link, it takes you straight to the product page. More importantly, ThirstyAffiliates allows you to have images instead of hyperlinks so people are more inclined to buy! I also find it very helpful that ThirstyAffiliates automatically cloaks new links which means that if you want to add another link then you automatically cloak it with an image without doing anything else– saving time and effort in my opinion. This feature would be excellent for beginners who don’t know how cloaking works yet because they wouldn’t need any help deleting their last piece before typing in their new information.

  22. You’ll never have to worry about making Google unhappy again. Add as many links as you like and ThirstyAffiliates will keep them under control, PLUS comes with the Artificial Intelligence! I highly recommend this tool.

  23. I love clicking on the affiliate links to Amazon products, using ThirstyAffiliates. The UI is really neat and easy to use so I never have problems with it. It takes me literally three seconds to quickly add an Amazon affiliate link to my post or page even without leaving any space for editing. Every time I make a mention of something that I recommend, I know that it uses one of those trusted Amazon affiliate links because they are generated automatically after plugging in your product name. Managing all the different types of links also wasn’t difficult at all since you can easily categorize them based on their type – Text Link/Image Link/External URL that redirects to text or image-based content., etc.).

  24. Thirsty Affiliates takes affiliate link management to the next level with it’s variety of features. If you are an established blogger or want to become one, GA events and Automatic 404 Checker would be your best friend.

  25. A+ Product lifehack

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