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What is Thinkific ?

Thinkific is an online course creation platform that empowers businesses to create and deliver their own custom courses to employees or customers. The intuitive drag-and-drop interface and excellent customer support make it a user-friendly option for anyone looking to create and deliver online courses.

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One of the key features of Thinkific is the app store, which allows users to find and incorporate pre-made course modules into their own courses. This makes it easy to get started without having to build everything from scratch. Additionally, the platform offers a range of customization options so that businesses can create a course that matches their branding and vision.

The analytics tools built into the platform provide insights into student progress and performance, making it easy to gauge the effectiveness of your courses and adjust your content as needed. Overall, Thinkific is a user-friendly option with a wide range of features that makes creating and delivering online courses easy and efficient. Read Thinkific Review in detail here.

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Thinkific Pricing

Thinkific Pricing Review - Thinkific Pricing

Free accounts available, with core features only There are 3 subscriptions plans available: Basic – $39 per month (paid annually) or $49 per month (paid monthly) Pro – $79 per month (annually) or $99 or month (monthly) Premier – $399 per month (annually) or $499 per month (monthly)

Starting price:

$49.00 per month

Free trial:


Free version:


Thinkific Pros & Cons


1. Reasonable Pricing Structures

They have a variety of pricing tiers to meet the demands of every content maker. My membership is to their Basic plan, which, if paid yearly, costs $39 per month.

2) Second, there is no processing fee

There is no price for making a purchase on Thinkific. Stripe and PayPal are two examples of external payment processors that charge a tiny percentage fee for transactions.

3) Financial Transaction Choices

Payment options on Thinkific include PayPal and Stripe. Many customers have put their faith in Stripe’s ability to keep their financial data safe.

4) Excellent Lesson Options

Thinkific is a platform where you may create your own courses in a wide range of subjects. Textual and multimedia classes, presentations, quizzes, surveys, and so on are all examples.

5) Thinkific have Zapier Triggers

With the Zapier integration available in Thinkific, you can streamline your workflows in no time. But, you can only use Zapier Triggers with the Basic plan. You’ll need to switch to a paid Zapier subscription with access to the more advanced features, such as Zapier Actions.

6) Incredibly Fast Speed

While using Thinkific to create your courses, you will enjoy lightning-fast speeds and flawless operation. There are no noticeable delays or malfunctions.

7) Effortless Video Continuity

Both desktop and mobile devices can play videos without a hitch. There are straightforward controls for changing the playback speed, volume, and video quality, as well as for enabling or disabling subtitles.

8) Great analytics

To maintain tabs on how well your website is doing, Thinkific can sync with powerful analytics tools like MixPanel, Facebook Pixel, and more.

Cons of Thinkific

1) Correct snippets of code cannot be added to Thinkific courses. As a result, it can’t be used as a basis for programming education materials.

2) There is no real-time help available

They do not provide real-time help via chat. Help is only available through email submission forms. Their responses are gradual but ultimately beneficial.

There is a high price tag for the Pro+Growth package. Also Course analytics could be more in-depth.

Pricing starts at $99/month for the Pro+Growth plan, which allows for the addition of up to 100 students. It is a highly pricey alternative, costing an extra $0.10 per month for each new student.

Thinkific is a great platform for creating online courses, with a user-friendly UI for desktop and mobile devices and updated landing page designs.

If you use my referral link, you’ll be able to test out Thinkific’s premium plans risk-free for 30 days!

However, Thinkific is unable to assist with the addition of code snippets if you are wanting to create courses in programming.

Do I Recommend Thinkific ?

Thinkific Online Course Platform - Create, Market & Sell Courses

It’s hard to overstate how lovely a platform Thinkific is. Thinkific has been around for a long time, and it shows: the platform is intuitive and straightforward for creating and managing courses.

The tutorials are extensive and informative, walking users through the process of setting up different aspects of their courses and fixing any problems that may arise. Certificates of completion may be given out, an assignment component can be included so that students can submit their work, and rudimentary quiz functionality, drip scheduling, and required courses can be set up. The course materials may take the form of videos, written materials, PDFs (which may or may not be available), and tests.

Videos and links from other sites may be included as well. With the help of the course analytics, you can find out how much of a course or lesson each student finished, as well as the average time it took them to finish a lesson or the whole course.

Any anybody who wants to make an online course, from complete beginners who have no clue where to start to seasoned elearning experts who are always on the lookout for new features and methods to enhance existing courses, would benefit greatly from using this software. Furthermore, the customer service is first-rate; when I had trouble establishing my completion certificate, I had an answer to my question within minutes. In conclusion, Thinkific is an excellent choice.

Conclusion : Thinkific Pros & Cons

Thinkific is an intuitive platform for creating online courses that allows companies full creative control over their online education initiatives. There is no other app store like it for making courses, and it has simple drag-and-drop tools and great customer service to boot.

The Thinkific platform allows you to create multimedia courses with embedded video, live streaming, gamification, personalised certifications, and much more. If you need even more leeway, you may always go with a custom-branded site built using CSS and HTML. The analytics tools provide information on how students are doing, allowing you to steer them in the areas where they will learn the most.

In general, I was impressed with Thinkific as a platform for developing online training courses. The drag-and-drop tools are intuitive, the personalization choices are extensive, and the service is top-notch.  I highly recommend Thinkific.

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