Themify Shoppe Theme Review 2024: The Best WooCommerce Theme??

In today’s time, online businesses are booming up, and more and more people are creating their own eCommerce website. However, when it comes to creating an eCommerce website, WordPress is the most preferred option.

But with WordPress alone, you cannot create an engaging online store. Hence, you will need to purchase a theme, and this is where the Shoppe theme comes into play.

However, in case if you have never heard of a Shoppe or wondering how good this theme is. Then let me just share the Themify Shoppe Theme Review with you. So you can learn more and more about this awesome eCommerce theme.

Themify Shoppe Theme Review

Themify Shoppe Theme Review 2024: Reliable or Just?? (Must Read)

About Themify

The Shoppe eCommerce theme is developed by Themify. And it is a small WordPress theme provider available out there. The company made its debut back in 2010, and it is considered as one of the leading WordPress theme providers.

Themify Premium WordPress Themes & Plugins

The company has quite a lot of premium themes and plugins under their name. Also, you will find different page builders and add-ons from Themify. The company also has over 90k customers worldwide, and the customer base is continuously growing.

Shoppe Skins and Layouts

The best part of the Shoppe theme is that it comes with a bunch of skins and layouts. As a result, it will not take much time for you to create an e-commerce website.

As of now, there are 8 Shoppe skins are available. So you can simply import a demo site that suits your website the most and start editing it. Also, you will find demo sites for apparel websites, music and craft website and so on. Also, Themify is adding new demo sites from time to time.

Shoppe Theme Review- Shoppe Theme

Along with that, you will get access to lots of layouts. For example, the theme features about 14 header layouts, 9 archive layouts, and 6 footer layouts. So you can easily customize your website without any hassle.

Shoppe Key Features

Ajax Cart:

The theme comes with an awesome Ajax cart. So whenever a user adds an item to the cart, it will instantly update the dropdown cart on the header without reloading the page. So the user will be able to view the cart total as well as removes items from the ajax cart without any issues.


There is also a wishlist feature available on the theme. And as you already know how important this feature is for any eCommerce website. The wishlist feature will allow your users to add their favorite items and revisit later. Also, whenever a product gets added to the wishlist, there is an awesome animation that makes your user experience better.

Product Image Zoom Gallery

There is also the product image zoom gallery. As you already know that customers spend a lot of time before buying a product. Also, your customers are going to have a look at the product in a better way so they will get enough idea of how a product is going to look like.

And with this feature, your customers can zoom pictures and view the larger version of it. Also, the feature not just works on the desktop, but it also seamlessly on the table and mobile devices.

Header Layout Options

One of the best things about this theme is that it comes with lots of header layouts. Every website is different from each other, and every website wants to have a different look. And this theme gives you 14 header layout options. So you can customize your website’s header the best way possible.

Shoppe Theme Review- Header Layout Options

It does not matter if you are looking for minimal, tall, skinny, big, fullwidth, boxed, or any other type of layout. This theme got your back. 

Archive Layout Options

Different websites have a different way to showcase their product, and with these themes, you will are getting 9 archive layouts. So you can customize your post pages in the most unique way.

Shoppe Theme Review- Archive Layout Options

For the post archive layouts, you have traditional list posts, 4 columns, 3 columns, 2 columns, or tiles. As well as if you want to showcase your products through a slider. Then you have options like masonry, overlay, and polaroid style.

Footer Layout Options

The theme also comes with 6 footer layouts. You will find various layout options like block style, left and right column styles, and so on. Also, if you do not want to use a footer for your website, there is an option for that too. As a result, you will be able to customize your footer the best way possible.

Footer Bonus Panel 

The theme also offering you a footer bonus panel. Using this footer bonus panel you can add different widgets to your footer. For example,

Shoppe Theme Review- Footer Bonus Panel

you can add social media buttons. As well as there are quite a lot of other add-ons are also available which you can try out to make your footer look awesome. 

Shoppe Bonus Builder Add-ons

There is also the Shoppe Bonus builder add-ons. If you wish to extend the capabilities of the builder and enjoy more features with the Shoppe theme. Then you can try out the Shoppe Bonus Builder Add-ons. There are more than 25 builder add-ons available out there.

To name some of them, you can check Mosaic for creating custom beautiful tile layouts for your photo gallery, blog post, eCommerce products. You can also try out the Slider pro for creating stunning sliders with transition and animation effects. There is the Maps Pro, which features more than 40+ map styles. Plus, you can try out Typewriter for creating eye-catching typing animation and BG Video Slider for displaying multiple videos on your row background.

However, this bonus package is not free. Instead, it comes with a price tag of $39, and you will get access to a bunch of awesome add-ons.

Why choose Shoppe Theme?

Just like any other eCommerce theme, this one also comes with lots of demo sites, layouts, and pages. So you can easily create your website.

However, the best part of this theme is that it comes with a drag and drop page builder. So you can easily create an online store without taking any professional help. Moreover, the theme also gives you access to many cool effects like parallax scrolling, background video, animations, and more.

Along with that, you will get access to some of the other features, too, like auto themes update, hook content, SEO optimized theme, and so on.

Moreover, the theme also comes with affordable pricing. There are basically two plans that you can get. These plans are the master and developer, and both of them give you access to 12+ add-ons. Also, if you want extra add-ons you can always buy a bonus package.

Shoppe Theme Review- Pricing Plan

And as this theme is offering you quite a lot of features, I definitely think that this is one of the best woo commerce themes that you can try out.  

Pros & Cons


  • Shop theme is highly customizable.
  • It comes with a drag and drops page builder.
  • It comes with a mega menu and ajax search.
  • Smart and flexible layout options. 
  • The theme is SEO optimized.
  • It comes with 12+ addons.


  • There are only 8 demo sites available as of now.
  • Most of the advanced features are included with the bonus package only.  

Shoppe Theme FAQs

🤔What are some best Themify themes?

Themify has a bunch of amazing themes. No matter what kind of website you are planning to make, the developer has got your back. They have over 42 themes, and some of the best Themify themes that you can check out our Shoppe, Ultra, FlatShop, Bizco, and so on.

👉🏻 chose Shoppe Theme?

Shoppe theme offers you quite a lot of amazing features, and it comes with a drag and drops page builder. Also, it features a bunch of demo sites and awesome layouts. So it will not take much for you to create a perfect eCommerce website.

💵What does Shoppe Theme cost?

There are two plans that Shoppe is offering. These plans are the Standard and Developer. And these plans cost you $59 and $69 respectively. Also, both of the plans comes with a WordPress theme + 12 addons. The developer plan gives you access to photoshop files.

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Final thoughts: Themify Shoppe Theme Review 2024

Overall, I would say that Shoppe is one of the best themes for creating an online store or affiliate website. The theme has lots of amazing features, and it is budget-friendly. So you do not have to spend a lot on a good eCommerce theme.

The theme also has a high-quality code structure, and it pretty clean and stable. Along with that, it comes with a bunch of theme temples which you can check out and see if suits your business type or not.

Also, the good part is that you can always increase the amount o features of a theme by using the extra add-ons.

So overall, all I would suggest you is to go ahead and check out the theme, and it’s demo sites. And see if the theme is really suitable for your business type or not. If it suits your business type, you must buy the theme with confidence.


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