The M Word Review 2024: Can Meditation Change Your Life? (Honest Review)

The M Word Review

Overall Verdict

There are 33 days of content and 33 webinars hosted by Emily so you have plenty of material for building a strong meditation foundation for self-improvement.

Out of 10


  • Lessons last for a certain amount of time
  • You can learn how to meditate
  • Meditation is a specialized practice
  • Emily Fletcher hosts webinars
  • Until the internet dies, you will have access to content in perpetuity
  • Meditation specifically designed for individuals


  • In its marketing, there’s nothing about “how can I be better for the world?


Price: $ 59

Are you looking for an Unbiased The M Word Review 2024 Great! You have landed on the right post.

We live in a stressful world, in case you didn’t notice.

Coronavirus can cause economic upheaval and make us all housebound, making it hard to deal with.

Mental and physical health can be adversely affected by stress.

Thus, I set out to find some way to reduce the level of stress in my life a few (ok, ten).

The M Word Review

While searching for answers, I looked into meditation, which has been noted for centuries for its ability to induce states of calm and transcendence.

Due to my lack of resources, I decided to make my own meditation retreat rather than travel to a mountaintop.

Yes, I took classes online.

That’s how I found Mindvalley’s The M Word: a series of meditation masterclasses.

This is an interesting series about practicing meditation for the 21st century.

The M Word Review 2024: What Is The M Word?

Emily Fletcher and Mindvalley created the M Word as a 33-day meditation course that includes 20-minute segments.

Part one of the quest is where Emily explains her M Word Meditation style, which she calls “up-leveling your meditation.”

You learn the following in your first 17 days:

  • Meditation basics
  • Meditation is important
  • Meditation and its biology
  • You can manage your relationship with stress by following these tips
  • What to do when your mind wanders
  • Adding stillness to your frantic day.

Part two, which she calls “up-leveling your life”, explores how meditation can be used to improve your quality of life.

During this up-leveling, the emphasis is more on visualizing everyday challenges, as well as learning how to use meditation to avoid them.

There are 16 days in this part.

Courses start throughout the year at different times.

The course can be started late (and you can catch up) or paid for at a later date, but you will lose Emily’s curated updates along the way.

Who Is The Instructor?

The M Word is written by Emily Fletcher. Her role as instructor is also very nice – great to have a creator who teaches).

She wrote Stress Less, Accomplish More, and founded Ziva Meditation.

Her backstory really enticed me to read The M Word.

The M Word Review- emily

She worked as an actress for ten years before becoming a master of meditation.

Broadway took its toll on her as it did on many others before her.

A lack of energy, insomnia, and anxiety plagued her.

She studied at least three characters for a show, without having any idea which she would portray before she took the stage.

Her anxiety caused her to feel miserable as a result of this stress.

She met another actress while understudying for five different parts during one of her shows.

Emily asked the actress how she maintains her calm, and she replied, “meditation.”

She began her journey.

She now consults with big companies like Google as a certified meditation expert.

As a result of her experience with meditation, she is determined to spread it throughout the world.

She realized that meditation had such profound effects on her that she wondered why more people weren’t doing it.

However, she quickly discovered that traditional meditation is not easy for most and might not be suitable for everyone.

Because of this, she created The M Word – a form of meditation anyone can use and benefit from.

What Does The M Word Mean?

Emily clarifies: her meditation isn’t monk meditation; it is for every day, 21st century people.

Practicing this meditation will help you calm your mind without having to sit in silence for hours on end.

Our program teaches quickly and easily how to meditate in a way that relieves stress, calms your mind, and prevents you from overanalyzing.

M Word, which is structured over 33 days and lasts 10 minutes to 20 minutes per day, is meant for open-minded individuals that want to incorporate meditation techniques into their daily routine.

Emily’s methods of meditation target such things as:

  • Anxiety decreases
  • Sexual life can be improved
  • Stress management
  • Intensity of migraines decreasing
  • Sleeping better
  • Managing ADHD symptoms
  • Being able to overcome sadness
  • Presenting yourself

The M Word Review

The thing I loved the most about this course was:

No promises are made or emphasis is placed on elements such as “being one with the universe” or “The Law of Attraction.”

Metaphysical elements or dissolution of the ego are not part of the M Word.

The alternative is far more practical. Practicing proper meditation techniques daily will improve the quality of your life and improve your mental and physical health.

Taking 20 minutes a day to improve yourself is self-improvement.

So if you find that stress is overwhelming you to the point of inaction, then M Word Meditation might be right for you if you have a high-pressure job, or if you need to balance your children’s social lives plus your own side hustle as a budding stand up comedian.

The course from Mindvalley caught my attention especially as the creator of Hack Spirit, a website about mindfulness and wisdom from eastern philosophy.

Despite the fact that many Hack Spirit readers are interested in mindfulness, practicing meditation is often difficult and boring – at least in the traditional sense.

By bringing meditation into the present day, Emily Fletcher transforms how we practice meditation.

Check out Emily’s free masterclass to get a taste of what you’ll learn in the course.

If you sign up for the course, you’ll get a sense of how Emily teaches.

What Are Classes Like?

Students travel together on the journey during classes.

In other words, classes actually start on a certain date and end 33 days later.

Courses can be started later, or without taking them at the same time as everyone else, but Mindvalley requires that the course be started on a specific date.

Whatever type of learner you are, it’s up to you. You could do it whenever you like if you’re a solo operator.

You may choose to do the course on Mindvalley’s established dates, however, if you want to be able to communicate with others doing the course on the same schedule over an online chat format.

In these 20-minute classes, you will build on the previous lessons (especially part one) to help you form a solid foundation for meditation.

Beginners may learn how to breathe properly before moving on to more complex lessons such as visualization.

Below, I will go into detail about what I learned.

In most cases, you’ll be able to access the materials after the course ends. The content is yours after that.

During the course, you will only be able to access the materials Emily provided. Learning at the proper pace is important to her.

There was a lot of information presented to me at once, so I appreciated the slow pace.

This course teaches and learns mindfully, as it should be.

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The Course Covers The Following Topics:

There are two parts to the M Word.

There is a lot of material in both sections, so here’s a recap of what I learned in each so you know what to expect when you take the course.

The course itself includes 33 video lessons, a workbook, four guided meditations with Emily, and a prerecorded Q&A session.

1. Up Leveling Your Meditation Practice:

A step-by-step guide is provided here to help you install M Word techniques in your morning routine.

There are 17 video lessons in this section, each lasting one day.

You learn these things:

As a starting point, here are some handy hints for managing your relationship and attitude toward stress.

My experience taught me how stress manifests itself in your life, and what you can do about it.

The Balancing Breath Meditation is a technique Emily teaches.

We recommend learning it. I have been using it every day since I took this course.

This is a very relaxing way to start the day, which makes a good start to the day.

In addition to sharing a simple practice that helps you get back in the present moment no matter what you are doing, Emily also shares a simple way to do it.

Up leveling your meditation practice with m word

She tells us how. I’ll be honest, I’ve forgotten about this technique, but when you remember it, it will certainly awaken your attentiveness.

There is also a lesson in which Emily shows you how to enter into a state of pinpoint awareness through “lazy person’s meditation.”

This might be the lesson for you if you get bored during meditation.

The Effortless Silence method will also be introduced.

Using this meditation technique, you can instantly douse flickering awareness.

Thus, you can concentrate on the task at hand. People with ADHD may find this particularly helpful.

The beginner’s mind is also discussed. The first time you see something, you have that mindset.

The first time you see something, you have that mindset.

There’s also the “Love Bomb” technique, which is a simple two-minute practice that helps boost your confidence and belief in yourself.

It could be very useful for people suffering from low self-esteem. I personally like this technique.

Another mindful technique is also discussed in this section to bring stillness into your daily life.

2. Upleveling Your Life:  

After learning a lot of tips for meditation and mindfulness, the second section looks at how to apply mindfulness in daily situations to improve your life.

There are 16 days in this section.

I learned the following:

This section offers some great life advice about how to deal with stressful situations.

Very useful for professionals and personal use.

To boost your self-confidence, Emily talks about breathwork and power poses.

These were fun to try, and I have read that they might be useful in real life based on several scientific studies, but I haven’t yet tried them before a professional meeting.

The next step is to visualize your future with Emily.

I think a lot of people will benefit from this practice to impose clarity.

In those moments, I had my thoughts organized about what was important to me and what I needed to work on in my life.

The video in this section also explains how to bypass stress by using loopholes to avoid our minds’ fight or flight responses.

The Body-Feeling practice Emily demonstrates in this section is my favorite.

As well as getting in touch with yourself mindfully, it helps you identify any sources of stress in your body.

A meditation technique before you go to sleep is also shared by Emily.

I started using it right after learning this and I fell asleep more quickly every time.

Insomniacs may want to learn and try this method.

In addition, Emily discusses how you can detox emotionally.

Using this method can be beneficial if there is anything slowing you down in life.

The M Word: 4 Important Takeaways

Here are the 4 important takeaways:

1. Meditation Has Changed My Daily Routine, And I Have Learned Some Great Techniques

It is impossible for me to recommend M-Word enough to someone who is new to meditation.

It is so helpful to have Emily’s guided meditations and videos available.

When you start meditating, you won’t feel lost and confused, rather you’ll feel as if you’re being led along by a wise friend.

Emily will take you through two meditation practices so that you can understand what to do and how to do it.

The first technique involves comparing thoughts to clouds in the sky. Although clouds exist, they float along the sky.

There is nothing wrong with having thoughts as you meditate.

You will feel greatly relieved after understanding this lesson, especially if you feel like you’re screwing up when thoughts pop up during your meditation practice.

Second, note-taking is a technique. The basic idea is to note what you’re feeling rather than to fixate on it.

A good way to separate emotions from self is to note what you’re feeling rather than to fixate on it.

The Balancing Breath Meditation by Emily is also a must-try. Using it lets my mind return to the present, which is very relaxing to me.

2. I Got Into A Good Routine Using The M Word Format

Due to the daily lessons and practices required, it is possible to develop a “streak” from meditation.

It helped me hold myself accountable because it made me take responsibility for my actions.

My experience was double-sided in that my wise friend Emily encouraged me to continue to exercise the more I did.

It became easier to practice and remember meditation the more I did it.

I felt so much better afterward that I wanted to do it every day.

A few of Emily’s techniques are now an established habit in my life.

3. I Learned A Great Deal From The Beginner’s Mind Lesson

The lesson Emily delivered on The Beginner’s Mind was extremely insightful for me.

Practically speaking, it means accepting life as it is, without imposing our own judgments on it.

The negative preconceptions that Emily helped me understand were drastically limiting my day-to-day life.

Additionally, I had preconceived ideas about meditation and mindfulness that have stifled my growth.

Without interrupting our attention with the mind, we can connect with our body and mind within our practice without distraction.

4. As A Result of Emily’s Teachings, I Am Sleeping Better

I have suffered from insomnia my whole life, so the meditation techniques the author recommends to use before bed are a big reason I wanted to give The M Word a try.

I’m happy I’ve given it a try.

My experience with Emily’s insomnia treatment has been very positive. I have used it to elicit a relaxation response by breaking the train of everyday thoughts.

Emily taught me that when it comes to meditation for sleep, a relaxed focus and a mindset of letting go are essential.

Using a soft, gentle approach, we allow the body and mind to relax and drift off without trying to force sleep.

Despite this being an obvious point, it has greatly aided me in relaxing at night and getting a good night’s rest.

What Is The Cost?

Despite the fact that the course is technical $1095, it is always marked down to $299.

It may be a Jos. A. Bank situation, in which the regular price is always higher than the promotional price, but $299 is what you’ll pay for access to this 33-day course.

In addition, you are entitled to a 10-day money-back guarantee.

The M Word cost

This is an excellent deal; if you aren’t satisfied, you can still get your money back if you complete less than one-third of the entire course.

When I decided to try the course out, I really appreciated the lower level of commitment.

It is always possible to quit and get my money back if I don’t like it.

Do You Think It’s Worth Your Money?

A professional, guided meditation masterclass costs less than 10 dollars a day if you take it for over a month.

The materials you need for life are also included. You can always rely on them.

Is it worth it to join? Your commitment level and your financial situation are important factors to consider.

Perhaps this meditation masterclass isn’t for you if, for example, you are concerned about money constantly running out.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a way to calm your mind and bring more structure to your thinking, and you’re seeking a lifestyle change (meditation is most effective when consistently incorporated into your life), then yes – this is worth your money.

What Is Unique About The M Word?

This is a standout feature of The M Word, where everyone starts together and finishes together.

Aside from this, you will also receive access to official M Word social media (Facebook) groups, where participants can discuss their experiences and ask for help.

Emily Fletcher’s ZivaOnline program is another major competitor to The M Word.

Unique About The M Word Review

The ZivaOnline course teaches a similar style of 21st-century meditation in a series of micro-lessons lasting 10-25 minutes.

ZivaOnline has a total price of $399.

It made me blink a few times when I first read that. $100 more for a half-day work? That makes no sense to me.

Upon further investigation, I found out that M Word is a meditation course followed by guided visualizations.

Emily is the coach behind ZivaOnline, which focuses on mindfulness, meditation, and manifestation.

The content seems to be largely the same. However, The M Word costs less and offers more content.

That’s good news.

The M Word Review 2024: Pros & Cons

Here are the pros & cons of the m-word:


Meditation that is centered on results is what The M Word offers.

Rather than being purely metaphysical, it focuses on how to improve your life and relationships through practical application.

This course will be a great resource if you’re looking for ways to integrate mindfulness into your life and learn how to meditate properly.

In addition, I really enjoy:

  • There is a lot of content. Meditation can be fully integrated into your daily routine after 33 days of meditation
  • Lessons last for a certain amount of time. An average lesson lasts between 10 and 20 minutes.
  • You can learn how to meditate with the meditation techniques you learn.
  • Meditation is a specialized practice. It is impressive that this is a morning practice. That way, you are primed for the day ahead
  • Emily Fletcher hosts webinars
  • Until the internet dies, you will have access to content in perpetuity.
  • A meditation specifically designed for individuals who are looking to change their life for the better
  • This course is bifurcated and allows you to develop a meditation foundation before applying it to practical applications.


It’s 21st-century marketing that is one of the biggest selling points of The M Word.

Emily says that this is not for monks, which is fine, but it undercuts the importance of meditation, which has been practiced for thousands of years by unbelievers of many faiths.

Meditation is stripped of this interconnected beauty and is treated as a “what can it do for me?” self-medicating practice. I find it a bit selfish.

Throughout its marketing, there is no reference to “how can I help the world?” Instead, it asks “how can I increase my paycheck through meditation?”

However, by focusing on it as a way to “get what you want,” you remove the important element of meditation that includes the idea that “you are not the most important thing.” It’s a shame that this beautiful message would be removed.

Look, this is a great course for beginners.

I thoroughly enjoyed it and have recommended it to others.

Learning about the history of meditation can help you understand why you shouldn’t focus on yourself all the time.

The M Word Reviews:

The M Word Reviews

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Conclusion: The M Word Review 2024

In a course like The M Word, defining the parameters is crucial.

How valuable is The M Word if you would like to learn the basics of meditation in 20-minute chunks? Absolutely.

Is The M Word a worthwhile anti-aging aid? Not really.

Do you think it will help you commune with the universe? Probably not. Its purpose is not to do so.

By practicing practical meditation, you can learn to empower yourself.

Moreover, the lessons are very helpful, calming, and well organized.

There are 33 days of content and 33 webinars hosted by Emily so you have plenty of material for building a strong meditation foundation for self-improvement.

A $299 sale seems like a great deal compared to the listed price of $1095.

There is tons of free, practical meditation advice available on the internet and in the library, so $299 doesn’t seem as attractive.

Ultimately, it depends on your goals.

We hope you’ll love the M Word if you’re looking for a calm, curated course that delivers daily readings directly to you.

In contrast, if you prefer to make your own meditation practice, then The M Word won’t be important to you.

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