TextSniper Review 2024: How Much Does TextSniper Cost?

TextSniper Review

Overall Verdict

TextSniper is an OCR-enabled screen-capture tool that allows nonselectable text to be picked up and used. Suppose you are not that familiar with the term OCR or Optical Character Recognition, in simple words.

Out of 10


  • Offline mode
  • Advanced recognition for over seven languages
  • Recognizes pictures and videos with text, barcodes, and QR codes
  • Can read out the recognized text


  • Only Big Sur OS has extended language support


Price: $

Looking for TextSniper Review, I am going to help you today to decide whether to invest in TextSniper or not.

One of the most often used commands on computers and mobile devices is the Copy Paste function. The command facilitates moving data between locations, whether it be a crucial address, a field on an online form, or just some file content that has to be relocated. What happens,

however, if the data is not selectable? The complete data form in the twenty-first century is digital, including YouTube videos, PDFs, photos, screencasts, and GIFs.

Under these conditions, traditional Copy-Paste will no longer function, which is why OCR is making enormous progress (optical character recognition technology). A possible strategy is manually entering the digital data; however, this won’t improve efficiency and would reduce production.

The only way to solve this copy-paste problem is to use a clever application like TextSniper, which combines the greatest OCR and clipboard functions into one convenient package.

TextSniper Review

TextSniper Overview

TextSniper Review

TextSniper is an OCR-enabled screen-capture tool that allows nonselectable text to be picked up and used. Suppose you are not that familiar with the term OCR or Optical Character Recognition, in simple words.

In that case, it is a feature that enables a system to scan through and read digital images. With TextSniper, users can copy and paste text from digital media, such as images, using this technology combined with the screen capture feature.

You can use TextSnipper without an internet connection or a unique setup as long as you have access to the software on your Mac.

  • Obtain Text from any photos that you have copied to your Clipboard.
  • You may copy texts from non-interactive PDFs and eBooks.
  • Get effective data extraction for your emails, phone numbers, addresses, and other information.
  • Get a good read on the barcodes and QR codes.
  • Make your electronic books and other papers more accessible to read out loud using AI.

Setting Up The App

The installation process for TextSniper is designed to be simple. Visit the official website, download the TextSniper app, then execute the installation and program.

You must simply adhere to this process to make copy-pasting across non-interactive media seamless.

The program is ready to use after it has been installed. After a simple installation, TextSniper ensures that your subsequent experiences are just as good. The straightforward user interface, the general screen capture process, preparing your Text, and other little things like the thumbs-up indicator that appears when the desired Text is copied.

The ability to rapidly learn about all of TextSniper’s functions while using the software, without having to go into the specifics, is something found to be very useful. Additionally, keyboard shortcuts and gestures perform much better in terms of efficiency. The overall result is a satisfying user experience.

TextSniper In Use

As previously said, working with TextSniper is as easy as it gets. To get going with it, follow along. By choosing the Capture Text option from your macOS menu bar, launch the program to get things going. To simplify things, you may start the program immediately by pressing the CMD, Shift, and “2” keys. 

Once the application starts, TextSniper will provide you with a selection tool. Use this to indicate or choose the area you want to copy by dragging it. An indication with a thumbs up will let you know when the tool has finished copying the Text. 

Finally, you must launch the editor, notes, or any other location where you can paste the copied content. Once you press CMD+V, the Text is available for usage.

Features of TextSniper

1. Reliability 

You don’t have to wait for the PDFs or the Text in the photos to be processed because of the main feature. The whole process and processing are real-time, and TextSniper produces the copied Text in a matter of seconds.

Additionally, the program will make legitimate texts almost always because of its lightning-fast processing speed, which doesn’t compromise quality.

2. Text-to-Speech

Your Apple device may have a large number of unopened PDFs or e-Books. A hectic schedule or the lack of excitement from getting through things might cause this. If so, TextSniper’s Text to voice tool will undoubtedly be helpful.

Simply choose the Text using the selection tool, and the program will read it aloud. Long texts are no longer a hassle to read. Make use of the Text to Speech function to increase productivity more easily.

3. QR Code Scanner 

you may extract the information from QR codes without needing an additional app. A built-in function of TextSniper makes it simple to scan QR codes and barcodes and locate product prices online. It also has a variety of different purposes.

4. Line Breaks 

Surprisingly, the program takes line breaks into account as well. As a result, when you paste, the formatting is preserved, and the Text does not clump together. TextSniper copied the content with the correct line breaks.

The list’s bullets are the only thing it is missing. In certain circumstances, you may want the Text’s formatting to remain the same after you paste it. 

However, it will usually be beneficial if the content is not formatted. Line breaks may also be disabled in TextSniper. This is often useful if you’re collecting material that has been artistically organized unusually. You may wish to remove the artwork before pasting it into a letter or document.

5. Additive Clipboard

Additive Clipboard saves time when copying large amounts of Text. To keep a passage of Text, you would typically copy and paste it. The frequent copying and pasting of Text would quickly get tedious and annoying if you were working on text recognition on a relatively big manuscript. 

With Additive Clipboard, you may keep copying and pasting the Text shown on the screen. You may dump the Text as a whole in this manner. I’ve found that this procedure is more effective and easier on your patience. Either set a key combination or go to the TextSniper menu in the macOS Menu Bar to activate Additive Clipboard.

6. Ability To Quickly Import Photos From iPhone Or IPad

You must ensure that both your iPhone and Mac are near one another and have Bluetooth and Wi-Fi turned on for them to function. It’s amazing how nicely it works when appropriately configured. The iPhone camera opens when you choose the “Take Photo” option from the TextSniper menu on the Menu Bar. 

After that, you may use your Mac to take a photo of the Text you wish to copy and paste, such as some notes a buddy handed you temporarily.

The Text in the picture is then immediately duplicated by TextSniper as soon as you click it and decide you wish to use it, and a notice box stating the Text has been correctly copied is shown.

Limitations To TextSniper

Lacks Being Platform-Friendly – You are already out of the running for utilizing TextSniper’s fantastic capabilities if you don’t have access to macOS. Although it works with M1 Macs, it needs macOS Catalina or later, which is a drawback given the widespread compatibility.

Text Issues – Based on our study, concluded that TextSniper is excellent for handling familiar texts from digital sources. However, as TextSniper has been known sometimes to have trouble reading and processing symbols and emojis, advise against using them.

Language Constrain – Language compatibility isn’t a problem for Big Sur users, but sadly, the same cannot be stated for Catalina users. The TextSniper version for Catalina is only available in English, unlike the Big Sur version. Therefore, if you want to work in many foreign languages, you must choose a new program or another OS version.

TextSniper Pricing

TextSniper Pricing

After discussing all the advantages and how they may benefit consumers everywhere, one of the crucial factors to consider before concluding is the cost. It surprises us by not falling short.

The program costs only $7.99 on the developer’s official website, which is reasonable for software with several practical functions in real-world situations.

You may also choose the Setapp subscription for Mac and iOS, which is an additional choice. With a $9.99/month membership, the customer can access over 200 premium apps. Therefore, using TextSniper on Setapp is free if you are already a subscriber.

Let’s say you don’t currently have a Setapp membership and are not prepared to pay for the service upfront. In such a scenario, the program offers a 7-day free trial that will help you alleviate your burden. Your investment is always safe since TextSniper’s creators have a 7-day money-back guarantee policy.

Who Needs The TextSniper?

Copy Text pasting on several platforms is an everyday chore. Most words and data are now digital as the globe moves more and more towards it. TextSniper may be helpful for anybody who spends most of their time on Apple devices, whether for work or pleasure.

For instance, if you work as a data entry specialist, you presumably spend most of your time organizing digital data. In such a case, you already know how much TextSniper may help you increase your overall effectiveness.

TextSniper will be very helpful if you need to copy Text from a non-interactive PDF, YouTube video, screencast, or website that doesn’t enable text selection. Additionally, the technology may streamline the data-feeding process, resulting in a more sophisticated competency.

TextSniper is also an excellent software for students, particularly in light of the online learning environment that is predicted to dominate the educational landscape in the future.

With frequent online sessions occurring across various video conferencing platforms, students may quickly use TextSniper to extract Text from online courses, presentations, or video tutorials and take notes more effectively.

FAQ On TextSniper Review

What system platforms are supported by TextSniper?

Currently, TextSniper runs on macOS Catalina or later, fully supports macOS Ventura, and is compatible with M1 Macs. It is not compatible with Windows, Linux, iOS, or Android OS.

What languages are supported by TextSniper?

You may work with a variety of languages with TextSniper. The languages supported by the macOS Catalina and Big Sur software versions are listed below. However, they do not all work the same way. English, Spanish, Italian, Chinese Simplified, German, French, Portuguese, and Chinese Traditional are all supported by macOS BigSur and Monterey. Those mentioned above plus Japanese, Korean, Ukrainian, and Russian under macOS Ventura.

Is TextSniper free to use?

The TextSniper software for macOS is available as a free 7-day trial.

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Conclusion: TextSniper Review 2024

An excellent Mac application for text extraction from pictures or other digital documents is TextSniper. As long as you use the most recent version of macOS, it features an intuitive UI and supports English and a few other foreign languages.

TextSniper’s single drawback is that it sometimes produces erroneous results when scanning materials containing several numbers, symbols, or emojis. 

also wish you could see scanned Text rather than constantly pasting it into another editing program like notepad to see the effects.

Overall, TextSniper is an excellent, affordable OCR program for extracting Text from any picture or data. TextSniper is a no-brainer if you’re looking for such a tool on a budget and are using a Mac.

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