Teachable Vs Graphy 2024– Which Course Creator Platform Is Best?

Teachable Vs Graphy

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If you are an Indian course creator, you will be able to determine which platform is the best option for you in terms of Pricing, Features, Content Security & Usability.

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Teachable is not just a platform for making great online courses, but it is also creditable for creating a ‘delightful educational package’ for yo

Graphy was founded to develop a technology solution that would empower the online education industry. They have over 3000 course authors and 5 million

  • Progress Tracking
  • Community Of Teachers And Students
  • Course Structure
  • Content that never expires
  • Content Scheduling
  • Sequential Learning
  • Full control of students
  • Great option for beginners
  • You can get started with it for free
  • Most secure platform
  • Good community and engagement
  • Incredible marketing and sales tools
  • High Transaction Fees
  • None

In this detailed guide, we have analyzed Teachable Vs Graphy with their respective Pros & Cons. 

If you are an Indian course creator, you will be able to determine which platform is the best option for you in terms of Pricing, Features, Content Security & Usability.

2021 has been an era of teaching online. Pandemic showed us that online education businesses are possible & scalable. 

There are various online teaching avenues possible if you want to teach online. However, not every option that you come across is good enough. 

There are course marketplaces, WordPress plugins, standalone course websites, & learning management systems. 

If you are serious about building your online teaching business & taking it to great heights, nothing beats robust Learning Management Systems (LMS) or knowledge commerce platforms like Teachable & Graphy. 

Teachable might be in the global market for a while, but Graphy is admired by Indian course creators for a bunch of reasons.  

If you are confused between Teachable Vs Graphy – which one would be a better choice for your online course programs, let’s dive in!

Bottom Line Upfront: Graphy is a comprehensive “Made In India” platform that has robust functions in all of its plans. After in-depth analysis, we have concluded that Graphy is a much better platform for Indian Course Creators. In terms of Pricing Plans & Support features, Graphy beats Teachable.

Teachable vs Graphy: Overview

There are several nuts and bolts involved in creating, marketing & selling your online courses. In order to make sure that the online course selling process is smooth, we need to create a system around it. 

Both Teachable & Graphy are two great platforms that help you bring all the nuts and bolts of your business under one umbrella. An end-to-end solution for your online courses – which means you need not use any other platforms.

One place for everything that you need. Right from your online course content bucket to your learner’s details and marketing tools – everything in between is available.  

And the best part is, you don’t even need to be tech-savvy for any of it. Zero coding knowledge & zero frettings about its maintenance. 

Points Of Comparison

Let’s take into consideration the various pointers that would help you determine which platform is the best going forward.

Teachable Overview

Teachable Vs Graphy - Overview

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Graphy Overview 

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Graphy Vs Teachable: Pricing Plans Comparison

An essential factor while considering an online course platform is its payment plans.

Both Teachable & Graphy use a monthly and annual subscription-based model. If you purchase the annual plan, you get a discount. 

Teachable Pricing

Teachable Vs Graphy- teachable pricing

If you pay monthly, the Teachable plan starts from $39. It has all the basic things that you require to kick start your online course business. On the other hand, if you are paying annually, the Teachable Basic plan starts from $29.

Graphy Pricing

Teachable Vs Graphy- graphy Pricing

If you pay monthly, the Graphy plan starts from Rs. 2,999. It has more comprehensive features than Teachble’s Basic plan.  

On the other hand, if you are paying annually, the plan starts from Rs. 2,749.

However, as you can see, the comparison isn’t exactly between Rs. 2,999 & $39. Because there are literally a lot of things that Teachable doesn’t provide, but Graphy does. 

Teachable’s $39 plan has a lot of downsides & hidden charges.

That being said, let’s understand more about the hidden charges in the next pointers.

Graphy Vs Teachable: Transaction Charges

Teachable Transaction

If you are on Teachable’s Basic Plan, you are required to pay 5% transaction charges.

Let’s understand it with an example:

  • You set up a school on teachable & you are on the Basic plan. 
  • In the month of March 2021, you made a total revenue of $10,000 from your courses.
  • Now, Teachable will give you only $9500.
  • That means, you lost $500 or around Rs. 35,000 this month, which you could have easily saved. 

In order to avoid this, Teachable asks you to upgrade to a higher plan which starts from $119 a month.

Graphy Transaction

There are ZERO transactional charges on Graphy – on ALL of its plans.

That means you don’t have to pay anything extra even on an Rs. 2,999 monthly plan.

Isn’t that amazing?

However, for Teachable, extra charges don’t end here.

That brings us to the next point.

Indian Payment Gateway Integration Of Graphy And Teachable

If your target audience is sitting in India & buying from India, having an Indian payment gateway is a MUST.

If you are unsure about the benefits of having an Indian Payment Gateway for Indian Learners, read on:

  • UPI payments aren’t supported in Paypal. 

That means, if a learner doesn’t have a debit or a credit card available to him, he can’t buy the course. UPI & Wallets are the most commonly used cashless payment modes in India and every second cashless transaction is UPI. So, there is a potential of losing a huge sale here.

  • Paypal won’t automate your payment.

If you want default assigning of your course & default sending of an invoice to your learner, you would need a third-party integration. 

  • There will be an additional cost of automation tools like Zapier.

If you are just selling to Indian learners and want to automate the whole process of receiving payment and auto-assigning courses, you need Zapier.

  • Transactional Charges are pretty high.

If you are receiving payment through Paypal, there would be a huge difference as compared to the Indian payment gateways like Instamojo. Indian payment gateways are cheaper. 

Now that we are clear about the advantage of the Indian payment gateways, let’s talk about whether Teachable and Graphy support it.  

Indian Payment Gateways for Teachable

Teachable doesn’t provide the integration of the Indian Payment Gateways on any of its available plans.

They only support the integration of Paypal or Stripe.

That means, in order to sell to the Indian audience, you would need an Indian Payment Gateway. 

What’s the way out?

If you want to integrate an Indian Payment Gateway, you would need a Zapier integration as well.

But, wait, Zapier integration is only allowed in their higher plans.

That means, in order to integrate Indian payment gateways like Instamojo, Razorpay, PayU, the minimum that you need is:

Teachable’s Pro Plan ($119) + Zapier’s Starter Plan ($20)

Indian Payment Gateways for Graphy

On the other hand, Graphy has an integration of all the major Indian payment gateways in ALL of its plans.

Indian Payment Gateways for Graphy

Over & above, Graphy also allows you to charge country-specific pricing at an additional $30.

To Sum It Up Till Here:

          Teachable     Graphy
Payment Plans More Expensive Affordable
Transaction Fees 5% in Basic Plan Nil
Indian Payment Gateways Not Available Available on All the Plans
Zapier Integration Not Available On Basic Plan Available on All the Plans

Graphy and Teachable – Live Classes

With the advent of online teaching, live classes online have been spreading like wildfire. 

Live classes or webinars are extremely helpful if you want to conduct a doubt clearing session. It is a great tool to directly engage with your audience, give and receive real-time feedback, as well as provide a unique learning experience.

Teachable Live Classes 

Teachable does not have a native way to add live classes. However, you can embed a third-party Livestream directly into your lecture area.

What does that mean?

Teachable Live Classes

  • You need to get a subscription to another third-party app
  • Integrating means, your learners need to go up and forth between your course platform and third-party app
  • Even if you record the webinar, you need to separately upload it and use it within your course content

Graphy Live Classes 

Graphy, on the other hand, has an in-built Live system –

  • That means you and your learners can stay within the course platform and attend a live class
  • Graphy also allows the in-house integration of Zoom & YouTube Live
  • Once the live class ends, you can save your recorded lecture within your asset library and publish it like a video lecture. This decreases your extra work by 50%
  • Over & above, you can send web push & mobile push notifications to your students before & after the live

White-labeled App

We like to learn on the go. Somehow, if you are able to make your courses available on your own app, you would already be ahead of the competition.

However, in order to launch your own app on the play store, you would need to invest in huge resources. Its maintenance doesn’t come cheap as well.


Teachable doesn’t provide your own online study app. That means, if I wanted to launch my own app, I would need to hire and babysit someone to create my app like my own course platform. 

In the process, I would invest a huge amount of money.


Graphy, on the other hand, allows you to launch your online course website along with your own android & iOS app. 

You need to be on the Business Plan to get your Course Website + Android App. In the Advanced Plan, you get access to all the three, Course Website + Android App + iOS App. 

Video Security Of Graphy and Teachable 

Let’s own it, most of our online courses consist of pre-recorded video lectures. 

If our videos aren’t secured, any of our learners can download them with the help of a third-party tool & share them unethically. That means, if not properly protected, there is a huge risk of having your videos accessible in the public domain. 

Teachable Video Security

Teachable uses a third-party platform called Wistia. Wistia doesn’t encrypt your videos and neither does it make it secure. This means, there is a chance that your content can be downloaded by any of your learners using a third-party tool.

Video Security

However, the teachers can choose to provide downloading options to their learners. 

Graphy Video Security

Graphy doesn’t use any third-party video hosting platforms like Wistia. It has an in-built platform, all the videos are first encrypted and then processed, before making them available to learners. 

Graphy uses Amazon Cloudfront to ensure smooth & faster delivery of the course content. 

new Video Security

Over and above, Graphy also provides the option to host & stream your videos from Youtube, Vimeo & SproutVideo on your Graphy platform. 

Like Teachable, teachers on Graphy can also make their videos available for download to their learners. However, the videos are secured and hence can’t be shared or pirated. The download option can be enabled only within the app. 

To Sum It Up Till Here:

  Teachable Graphy
Payment Plans More Expensive Affordable
Transaction Fees 5% in Basic Plan Nil
Indian Payment Gateways Not Available Available on All the Plans
Zapier Integration Not Available On Basic Plan Available on All the Plans
In-built Live Classes Not Available Available on All the Plans
White-labelled App Not Available Available 
Video Security Not


Fully encrypted

Multi-Layer Content Security

If your content isn’t secured, the whole purpose of launching your online courses gets hampered. Let’s understand where your content is more secure and how.


Teachable doesn’t provide any additional security feature to keep your content protected apart from non-downloadable video lectures.

Multi-Layer Content Security


Graphy, on the other hand, has multi-layer security features. 

Benefits of Graphy

Let’s discover how Graphy provides multi-layer protection to your content: 

  • Device Login Limit On Website & App (Combined & Separate)
  • Dynamic PDF Watermarking
  • Dynamic Video Watermarking
  • Non-downloadable video lectures
  • Two-factor authentication for admins
  • Restriction on the number of downloads allowed per course
  • Screenshot on app not allowed

Customer Support

Teachable & Graphy are DIY platforms. This means, once you have signed up on their platform, you will have to create, market, and sell your courses yourself. These platforms will only provide you with all the apparatus required for your online teaching business.

However, its nuances can sometimes be confusing and new to you.

These platforms are quite comprehensive. Hence, both of them provide customer support to help us overcome any roadblocks in the process.

Teachable Support

Teachable has support for Live Chats & Emails. There is no option of calling their support executive when you are confused or need immediate attention. However, there is a knowledge base present, on which you can search your query, get the right article and follow the steps yourself.

Teachable Customer Support

In a nutshell, Teachable provides

  • Live Chats
  • Emails
  • Teachable Knowledge Base

However, Live chats are not available for basic plan users. Only email support is provided. That means, in terms of any urgency, you are on your own.

Graphy Support

Graphy swears by being the best in the market for its impeccable customer support. That means, if you want someone to hand-hold while using any of the features of the online course platform, you shall be supported. The most effective reason to choose Graphy over Teachable is this one.

They don’t hide behind a thread of emails, a real human is there to talk to you and help you with the onboarding process seamlessly. 

In a nutshell, Graphy provides

  • Personal Account Manager With Call & Video Support
  • Chat Support
  • Emails
  • Graphy Knowledge Base

Testimonials On Graphy and Teachable Customer Review

Teachable Customer Review

Customer Review

Graphy Customer Review

teaachable vs graphy- Testimonials

What more do you want?

Graphy has a few more features that are totally missing in teachable, or only present on higher plans. Let’s take a quick look at the table to understand it.

Feature Graphy Teachable
Bulk Enroll Available on all the plans Available on the highest plan
Course Completion Certificate Available on all the plans Available on Pro & Business Plan
Integrated Affiliate Program Available on all the plans Available on Pro & Business Plan
Multi-level Accounts Superadmin, sub-admin & instructor available Only admin-level account
Wallet & Credits Available on all the plans Not Available

Quick Links:

Other major highlights of Graphy as a platform 


The Affiliate Marketing model is a trending one nowadays. An affiliate is someone who gives you a customer on a commission basis – so he/she is going to sell your course to learners in exchange for a commission.

As an educator, you have the option to add any number of affiliates. You can ask your educator friends on social media platforms like YouTube to promote your courses.

They will get a unique link and you can choose to give a certain commission on each course sold through their link. When someone gets a commission for promoting something – your chances of reaching out to a larger audience becomes much easier. 

Additionally, with Graphy, you can also allow your learners to become your affiliates, because who better to promote your course than the ones who’re learning from you already! 

Marketing Aspect for creators  

In Graphy, you can add SEO descriptions and Keywords or Scripts if you want to. There are myriad other options such as blogs –  which help in improving the SEO of your site and google rankings.

Also, Promo Codes is a unique feature provided by Graphy. If you want to offer discounts on special occasions or festivals to improve your business, this is what you use.

You may create as many codes as you want for specific packages or any course. Suggest them on the checkout pages for maximum benefit. 

FAQ’s on Graphy vs Teachable

👉 Do Graphy & Teachable offer a free trial?

Yes, both platforms offer a free trial

👉 Can I launch my app with no prior knowledge of coding

Yes, Graphy would do that for you. Teachable doesn’t provide an app launch feature

👉 Can I use my own domain name?

Yes, in both the platforms, you can use your domain name when you upgrade to a paid plan

Conclusion: Graphy Vs Teachable Comparison 2024

Teachable has the first-mover advantage. Graphy is relatively new in the market. However, Graphy is breaking the record of providing more value at an affordable cost.

If you plan to launch your online courses for learners in India, this is “The Platform ” for you!

          Teachable     Graphy
Payment Plans More Expensive Affordable
Transaction Fees 5 % in Basic Plan Nil
Indian Payment Gateways Not Available Available on All the Plans
Zapier Integration Not Available On Basic Plan Available on All the Plans
In-built Live Classes Not Available Available on All the Plans
White-labelled App Not Available Available on All the Plans
Video Security Not


Fully encrypted
Customer Support No Call Support. Both Emails & Calls
Multi-layer Content Security None Robust Features





If you are an Indian course creator, you will be able to determine which platform is the best option for you in terms of Pricing, Features, Content Security & Usability.

Price:$ 29
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