Teachable Coupon Code 2024: Claim 40% OFF (Verified Coupons)

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Today’s Top Teachable Coupon Codes June 2024

Save Up to 40% Off on Annual Plans With our Teachable Coupon Code

Teachable Coupon Code

How To Use Teachable Coupon & Discount Code:

1) Go to the Teachable website and select a professional plan :

Teachable monthly pricing plans

2) Use our special Teachable coupon code: “BID50

3) Congrats, now you have a discount on Teachable professional plans.

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Enjoy this Teachable coupon and save 25% on their annual plans.

Learning how to create a course can be a long, confusing process. There are so many platforms and tools that it can take weeks just to figure out what you need. Teachable’s online course platform can help you create and sell your courses online.

With Teachable, you can build a business that’s uniquely yours. You’ll have all the tools and resources to create your online course to inspire your audience and generate revenue.

In this booming digital world, the teaching medium has grown over the years. Nowadays, we can have online classes of any skill or subject anywhere and anytime.

Online courses give us the liberty to learn more effectively with tons of choices available out there. We can choose from hundreds of tutors according to our needs and requirements.

People earn hundreds of dollars simply by creating and selling online courses. Creating your own online course is the best way to add passive income to your pocket.

Working Teachable Discount Coupon Codes & Deals

We’ve listed the most popular collection of Teachable coupon codes above, and you can find the best discounts. Here’s a log of the latest offers:

Description Voucher Type Last Tested
Enjoy 10% Off Any Plan with a Teachable Coupon Code Code April 23
Enjoy Up to 25% Off When You Subscribe to the Annual Plan Deal March 24
Take 20% Off the Basic Monthly Plan with a Teachable Coupon Code Code April 23
Sign Up for Emails to Earn 15% Off with Teachable Coupon Code Code April 23
Get a Basic Monthly Plan for Just $39 a Month Deal March 24
Pay Just $29 a Year for a Basic Teachable Annual Plan Deal March 24
Get a Business Annual Plan for Just $249 a Year Deal March 24

Teachable Pricing Plans

Features Free Basic Pro Business
Pricing $0 $59/mo $159/mo $665/mo
Users 1 2 5 20
Courses One Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Students Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Public API
Custom Domain
Theme Customization
Email Marketing
Launch Accelerator
Live Group Coaching

How To Create Teachable Single-Use Discount Coupons:

To create single-use coupons, click the Bulk Coupon Generator button on your course’s Coupons page.

How To Create Teachable Single-Use Discount Coupons: step1

You can make a coupon for just the course or all courses. Then, you will need to write the same information as when making a coupon, but you do not need to type in a code.

How To Create Teachable Single-Use Discount Coupons: step2

Once you finish, click the button called Download Generated CSV. Doing so will download a file to your computer. Then, use any spreadsheet application, like Microsoft Excel, Sheets, etc, to open that file. Below is an example file:

How To Create Teachable Single-Use Discount Coupons: step3

The first column has the single-use coupon code. You will enter this code during checkout. The second column links to the course’s Sales Page, and the single-use coupon will be applied automatically.

If you create a single-use coupon with Bulk Coupon Generator, it will not appear on your course’s Coupons page. But you should store your CSV file on your computer for later use!

How do you create teachable coupons for your courses?

Understanding Single-Use And Multiple-Use Coupons.

Single-use coupons– These coupons are special codes that you can give to just one person. For example, if you wanted to offer a student a coupon for another course, you could create a single-use coupon that would give them a lowered price on your other course. Teachable’s processing fees are deducted from the discounted price in both cases. If someone has 50% off for $40, the processing fee will be charged $20 off what they pay.

You can have the same coupon name on different plans in the coupon system. You should use a new code name for each project. This will avoid confusion if a coupon is deleted and restored or you want to use it with another product.

Multiple-use Coupons- These coupons can be used by many people. For example, if you create a voucher with the code “HALFOFF” for 500 people and someone uses it, then that person will get 50% off their purchase.

You can easily create course coupons from the menu of that specific course:

How To Create Teachable Coupons For Your Courses

How To Create Multiple-use Teachable Discount Coupons:

On the sidebar of your course, you can create a coupon for that course. You can also decide if you want the voucher for all courses, or just this one.

How To Create Multiple-use Teachable Discount Coupons step1

If you want to create a coupon for this course only, you’ll need to fill in the following information:

How To Create Multiple-use Teachable Discount Coupons step2

How much should I discount- Choose between an amount discount or a percentage. You will enter your number in the text box.

Which pricing plan is this For- Choose the one you create the coupon for.

Does the coupon apply to all billing periods or just one- Select if you want to apply the coupon to all cycles or just one cycle

Coupon code – A code that you enter to get a discount. Be sure that the letters and numbers are only alphabetical or numerical.

Internal Name – The name for this coupon in your school admin.

Expires – When the coupon expires. This is based on when you set it, but it is usually one week from now or later, depending on how long the school owner wants it to last before people can’t use it anymore.

Number Available – How many times can this coupon be used before it expires and no longer works for anyone else trying to use it after that time.

To create a coupon for All Courses, you must provide the same information as when creating a coupon for a specific course. But this time, the price reduction must be based on the percentage of what you are discounting (not $).

And because it is for all courses, you cannot specify discounted ones. Subscriptions and Payment Plans will have the price reduction applied to all payments.

How To Create Multiple-use Teachable Discount Coupons step3

To make a coupon, first, create it. After you have finished making it, click the Add Coupon button.

How You Can Share Teachable Discount Coupons With Students:

Once you create the coupon, you can provide the coupon code directly to your students. They will have the opportunity to put in the coupon code on the checkout page. To add a coupon, a student would perform these steps:

  • From the checkout page, in the “Order Summary” section, click on Add Coupon text under the course’s thumbnail.
  • In the text box, type the name of the coupon precisely as the student has been given it, and then click Apply.
  • The discount will be automatically applied to the course or bundle, and they can proceed with the rest of the checkout process.

How You Can Share Teachable Discount Coupons With Students step1

When you need to provide a coupon for your students, copy the URL at the top of your browser tab. Be sure to copy everything up to and including the &preview=logged_out part. This is how you can easily create teachable discount codes.

How You Can Share Teachable Discount Coupons With Students step2

Conclusion: Teachable Coupon & Promo 2024

So, now that we’ve looked over the Teachable Coupon code in depth, the question remains: Why should you consider Teachable?

The answer is pretty straightforward. Online courses are the future of education, and most students are already taking advantage of them.

While traditional ways of learning are excellent, online courses provide distinct advantages by delivering more profound insights into subjects and abilities.

There is no better platform for creating your own online course than Teachable. It is a dedicated course design platform that provides everything you require in one location, removing any concerns or complexities.

We hope this Teachable Coupon code helps you save money on your next purchase. Please share your thoughts on this in the comments box below. Please feel free to share your thoughts and experiences.

FAQs On Teachable Coupon & Discount Code

How can I save 10% at Teachable?

Signing up for email newsletters gets you a 10% off Teachable coupon that you can use at checkout. Also, signing up for emails will make you the first to know about sales. You'll also be the first to know about sales, new products, and other things.

Can I use a Teachable promo code on the Basic plan?

Most discount codes can be used on all three Teachable plans: Basic, Pro, and Business. So, if you have a coupon code, you can use it on the plan that works best for you.

Does Teachable have any seasonal sales?

Yes. Once a year, on Black Friday, they have a sale that is the only one they have all year. That's a great time to get a yearly plan and save money. Depending on which Teachable plan you choose, I've seen deals of up to 10% off on Black Friday.

Are There Any Active Teachable Coupon Codes?

Yes, there are two coupons and savings for Teachable that are still valid. The first code is BID10, which can be used to get 10% off the Pro Plan at checkout. The second is a discount of up to 33% for all people who sign up for a yearly plan.

What’s the Best Teachable Coupon Code?

The top Teachable coupon and discount offer customers savings of up to 33%. This discount is available to users who subscribe to Teachable's annual subscription programs.

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  1. I like the way this site looks. It is very clean, and I like the layout. I like that it is simple, but it would be nicer if you could choose more fonts and other things to make it more custom to you. Is there any teachable discount coupon? I am looking to upgrade my teachable plan.

  2. The teachable platform is just amazing. It was easy to upload and build a page. I found that it was not difficult to create the sales page with teachable coupon codes and sell my plans at the end of the month. The company responded quickly by email but it took them a few days to answer my questions. Plans are reasonably priced for individual teachers and consultants, too.

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