10+ Best TaskRabbit Alternatives 2024 Our #1 Pick

TaskRabbit has become a household name for hiring skilled and reliable helpers on demand.

However, if you are looking for similar services or apps to serve your needs, there are plenty of alternatives out there that offer the same type of service.

Here is a list of some of the best TaskRabbit alternatives that will help you quickly find providers for your job requests.

What Is TaskRabbit?

TaskRabbit is an online platform that connects people who need help with tasks and errands to skilled workers in their area.

It’s a great way for people to make money doing odd jobs, as well as for busy individuals to outsource tasks they don’t have time or energy for.

Through the TaskRabbit website and mobile app, users can browse through a variety of tasks available near them, from handyman work to grocery shopping and furniture assembly. 

TaskRabbit alternatives

They can also post requests for specific jobs they need help with and wait for experienced professionals to respond. All payment agreements are made through the platform, ensuring safety and convenience on both sides.

TaskRabbit is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to get things done with just the click of a button.

With its ever-growing list of services and availability in many major cities, TaskRabbit is revolutionizing the way people get help with their tasks.  

10+ Best TaskRabbit Alternatives 2024

1. Needto.com:

On-demand marketplace Needto.com enables users to post jobs that need to be completed along with the price they are ready to pay.

The platform is only accessible inside the US. If your talents are fit for the job and you’re happy with the pay, you may submit an offer as a gig worker.


You may discover several work-from-home opportunities on this site, in addition to opportunities for contractor services like plumbing, moving assistance, cleaning, etc.

You may narrow the search area to only see events in your desired region. For individuals looking to generate money online, this site is an excellent option.

2. Nextdoor:

In reality, Nextdoor is not a marketplace for on-demand services or lead generation. Instead, it serves as a platform to link locals with one another who run businesses, work for government organizations, or are contractors.

With over 200,000 communities, Nextdoor is accessible in more than 11 nations, including the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and Italy. One in five US families uses Nextdoor regularly.


As a company owner, you must set up a Page that highlights the services you can provide so that others in your neighborhood are aware of them.

By establishing a page, you can also create “Local Deals,” which function like paid advertisements to assist local business owners promote their goods and services.

You should budget $75 on average for local offer promotions. It is a fantastic choice for companies looking to expand their market.

3. Papa Pal:

An on-demand work app called Papa Pal was created especially for older adults and families.

You must assist older adults with tasks like grocery shopping, cleaning, transportation to appointments, and laundry. You may even be paid to engage in friendly conversation with them.

Papa Pal

You may create your own schedule, advertise your specialty jobs, and discover gigs based on your location, hobbies, and preferred compensation rate, much like TaskRabbit.

Papa Pal is a fantastic platform for you if you are experienced in providing care for the elderly.

4. Lugg:

On-demand moving and furniture marketplace Lugg exclusively features jobs for moving and transporting. It seeks to link two movers and a truck.

To begin using this platform, you must be at least 18 years old and, most importantly, be able to lift 100 pounds.


If you own a vehicle, you may make up to $2500 every week. According to Indeed, truck drivers make an average of $35 per hour.

Additionally, you get to retain the tips that you get from customers. You can still find a ton of jobs on the site that involve moving furniture, making deliveries, etc., even if you don’t own a vehicle.

5. Porch:

Porch is an on-demand application for gig workers that provides both specialized and general labor services. There are employment prospects in the fields of HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and more.

Additionally, Porch allows service providers to buy leads and increase their revenue and clientele. Once you have registered on this platform, you may display your specialized talents, references, ideal places to work, etc. on your profile.


To use the Porch Pro platform, you must spend $360 a year. You will be able to purchase leads at a discount, get verification badges, and take advantage of additional advantages that will increase your revenue.

Porch Pro is pricey, but if you are having trouble generating leads, you might think about spending the money on it.

6. Wonolo:

A range of occupations, such as warehouse work, general labor, cleaning, event staffing, food preparation, office work, delivery drivers, etc., are available on the on-demand work app Wonolo.

To use Wonolo, you must be at least 18 years old, have a working social security number, and have a smartphone.


Employers on the app will review your performance after you finish their job; strong evaluations will help you get additional employment. Wonolo is now accessible in 34 US locations, with plans to add more in the future.

7. Care.com:

If you want jobs linked to housework and home services, Care.com is the finest TaskRabbit substitute. The vast majority of jobs on this site are advertised by homeowners.

There are a ton of options available there, including tutoring, childcare, daycare, housework, and caring for pets.

Simply establish a profile and search through the mobile app’s many job listings. You may include your areas of expertise, anticipated hourly pay, history, and experience in your profile.


You can also submit customer testimonials to provide social proof.

Use of the platform is free. Users may, however, upgrade their profile to a premium membership to access many more features.

Each month, $20 is charged. It will cost $15 per month if you sign up for a three-month plan, and $10 per month if you sign up for a six-month plan.

8. Staffy:

Staffy is the ideal on-demand employment platform for connecting freelancers with nearby restaurants and hotels if you’re looking for a TaskRabbit substitute that focuses on hospitality.

Additionally, it has begun offering services in general labor and healthcare. To begin using this platform, you must construct a résumé and provide pertinent references.


You may search for jobs in your area by using the criteria. Additionally, it offers the option of email filters and will send you a list of newly listed jobs.

Additionally, you may choose the ideal hourly pay rates. After working a 5-day shift, you will be paid weekly. You may take the money right away after working five shifts, however, Staffy will deduct a $5 fee.

9. Joble:

Similar to Taskrabbit, Jobble links company owners with independent contractors that can do any office-related duties. For professions like plumbers, carpenters, and handymen, the app provides a useful platform.

It offers hourly part-time jobs that anybody with the necessary skills may take on independently and on their own terms.


There are options that let you tailor your employment searches, locate several nearby jobs, and work flexibly. It empowers a freelancer to choose their own work schedule.

It is also a wonderful platform if you want to supplement your income while working a full-time job.

10. Thumbtack:

Thumbtack provides pros for just about anything, whether you just need someone to do errands for you, a babysitter to watch your kids, a plumber, or an electrician.

Once again, it is an on-demand service platform that links clients and nearby experts. There are several jobs that are comparable to that TaskRabbit employment. Local service providers are available for hiring, rating, and reviews.


It is among the main rivals of the TaskRabbit app. It generated sales of almost $1 billion in 2021. Thumbtack is distinct from other on-demand applications in that it doesn’t impose a commission fee.

Its only purpose is to link independent contractors with prospective clients. Additionally, it provides around 1000 distinct service categories, allowing you to engage someone for just about any task.

11. Handy:

When it comes to the well-known on-demand service sector, Handy is the ideal substitute for TaskRabbit. The app links consumers with independent contractors. More than 500,000 people use it now, and there are roughly 50,000 professionals.

You may get in touch with them for jobs like TV installation and setup, cleaning assignments, and other comparable domestic activities. Additionally, there is a section for electrical and plumbing repairs.


Three nations—the US, Canada, and the UK—offer the Handy app. To all freelancing professionals using the site, a reasonable and fair compensation rate is offered. A professional may be hired after a quick 60-second booking procedure.

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Conclusion: TaskRabbit Alternatives 2024

There is no shortage of apps like TaskRabbit when it comes to finding skilled and reliable helpers on demand.

Whether you need someone to clean your home or assemble furniture, these services can make things easier and more convenient.

In conclusion, using one of these TaskRabbit alternatives can be a great way to get the help you need in a quick and efficient manner.

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