TargetTestPrep GRE Review 2024: Exclusive Discount Offer 60% Off

Hey, do you want to score well in your GRE exam? If yes, then you should stick to this post as here we have carefully reviewed a reliable and affordable GRE Test Prep platform.

In this post, we have features TargetTestPrep GRE Review 2024 that includes detailed insights of its pricing, online course, training, pros & cons, functionality and more. So let’s get started here.

TargetTestPrep GRE Review

Target Test Prep GRE Review 2024: Exclusive Discount 60% Off

TargetTestPrep- Pricing Plans

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About Target Test Prep GRE

TargetTestPrep GRE offers a unique online self-study course that generally helps students to easily master the quantitative part of GRE®, as well as personalized tutoring lessons for students around the world using Skype and WebEx.

When you will just get started with them, you work with a motivated team that is fully committed to the success of their students. They will do their best to help you achieve the best possible GRE® score easily and effortlessly.

Target Test Prep GRE is an excellent option for students who want to easily crack GRE. This course is new in the GRE preparation industry, but it can compete with the best courses in the market because of its functionality as well as its tutors.

All the components of the course can be accessed online from your desktop computer, mobile devices, laptops, tablets, and smartphones and that’s quite impressive. The course comes with a money-back guarantee that generally shows the confidence of the Target Test Prep team in your product.

Target Test Prep GRE Quant is a unique and complete online quantitative course that combines innovative software with proven learning to prepare you for the rigors of GRE so that you can easily score good marks in your GRE test.

This course is taught with unprecedented clarity and attention to detail and is aimed at students who wish to achieve the best GRE scores. Trusted users and the media agree that Target Test Prep GRE Quant is one of the most reliable and effective options to reach their target score very easily.

Key Features Of TargetTestPrep

  • High-Quality Lesson Videos

Effectively address all GRE computational problems with step-by-step strategies, elegant solutions and basic concepts taught by quantitative experts. So here you’re just going to learn a lot as you will detailed HD videos for each video lessons.

  • Smart analysis

Identify your weaknesses and transform them into strengths. Stay updated with accurate and reliable statistics.  The best part about this platform is that it offers smart analysis for your test prep and also analyze your scores easily and effortlessly.

  • Custom course

With 6 different resumes and customizable lessons, our online course meets the needs of GRE beginners and experienced evaluators. Actually, they have custom courses that you can check out and start your prep the way you actually want.

  • Create a custom test

Now you can simply combine questions from each chapter at each difficulty level with personalized quantitative tests from our database of more than 3,000 realistic GRE practice questions and many more things.

  • Live support

Receptive and expert support is just one click away and answers any questions that arise during your preparation for the GRE. The best of this platform offers very reliable and friendly support 24/7 that you can easily rely on.

Why You Should Get Started With Target Test Prep GRE?

As of now, we have gone through the features of this course, now let’s have a look at why you should opt for this course and why this course worth your try.

This platform actually has 500+ individual lessons that you can count on along with 3000+ practice problems and more than 2000+ quality video lessons. Here we have also listed some of the reasons why you should get started with this platform.

  • Comprehensive:

Learn all the concepts, strategies and techniques you need to conquer GRE, as well as shortcuts and expert advice too for your upcoming GRE test. You can easily score good marks in your upcoming GRE.

Comprehensive Study Plan

  • Effective GRE Prep:

Build a solid foundation with clear and easy to digest lessons to maximize your learning. Then, refine your new skills with a convenient and customizable exercise that simulates real test questions.

Online Analytics

  • Customized Prep:

Set the pace with a learning platform that adapts to your needs and allows you to learn anywhere, at any time, which leads to a rapid increase in the score.


TargetTestPrep GRE- Stats

  • Learn Effectively: 

Everything is in the details. Twenty-one chapters in more than 600 lessons address valuable GRE quantum issues, such as word problems, data interpretation, and geometry. It’s all you need to get an impressive quantitative evaluation in an accessible format that makes sense.

  • Practice Questions:

Practice makes perfect. More than 3,100 realistic quantitative problems represent a complex and focused mathematical practice within the ERM, even for the most ambitious students.

TargetTestPrep GRE- Stats

  • Review Your Prep:

Simply spend your time wisely. Here intelligent and actionable analyzes track of your progress and mainly allows you to strategically focus on your study efforts in order to easily make your ERP more efficient and effective.

New Custom Test Prep

Pricing Plans Offered by TargetTestPrep GRE

The best part is that, the pricing plan offered by this very flexible and affordable so that anyone can easily get started with it right away.

Here we have like a special discount offer for your guys that you use to Get Upto 60% Off on all plans now. Just use our special links in order to claim your discount offer. So let’s find out what pricing plan they are actually offering.

TargetTestPrep- Pricing Plans

1) GRE FLexible Prep ($69/Month)

Billing recurs monthly, cancel anytime!

  • Guaranteed score increase
  • Billing recurs monthly, cancel anytime!
  • 600+ individual GRE math lessons
  • 3,100+ realistic GRE practice questions
  • 800+ HD GRE Videos
  • OnTarget™ Learning Analytics
  • Custom GRE practice engine
  • Live Support

2) GRE Dedicated Study ($199/Month)

Enjoy 4 Months of Unlimited Access

  • Guaranteed score increase
  • Easy one-time billing
  • 600+ individual GRE math lessons
  • 3,100+ realistic GRE practice questions
  • 800+ HD GRE Videos
  • OnTarget™ Learning Analytics
  • Custom GRE practice engine
  • Live Support

3) GRE Maximum Learning ($279/Month)

Enjoy 6 Months of Unlimited Access

  • Guaranteed score increase
  • Easy one-time billing
  • 600+ individual GRE math lessons
  • 3,100+ realistic GRE practice questions
  • 800+ HD GRE Videos
  • OnTarget™ Learning Analytics
  • Custom GRE practice engine
  • Live Support

So now you have all the pricing plan in front of you. Just get started with a plan that suits your budget. Here also we have one smart offer for your guys like you can here try this platform for just $1.

Just thry their GRE Quant online course for only $ 1

Simply get Unlimited access | No automatic billing

For only $ 1, you get full access to the TTP GRE Quant course for 5 days. See for yourself what differentiates our GRE® platform. All features, without any restrictions and obligation. Here at the end of your trial period, you will not be charged additional fees unless you sign up for one of your subscription study plans.

Some Of The Success Stories Of Target Test Prep GRE


I want to thank TTP, from the bottom of my heart, for helping me to gain acceptance into my chosen MSc program. I used TTP for the quant section of the test, and TTP’s quant course really exceeded my expectations.

When I first started studying, I used 3 or 4 different prep sites/books but, over time, I found myself using TTP exclusively. I improved my score significantly, even though I was working around 12 hours a day and was very rusty in math and had very little time to study….


I am applying to very competitive PhD programs in Economics. One of the requirements is an excellent GRE score on the quantitative part (there are universities that ask for a 95+ percentile!). Today, I got my final test grade: 170.

Yes, as an Economics graduate, I have a strong math background. But advanced real analysis is certainly not a requirement for a perfect score. The actual key for this is knowing the basic principles of problem…

Pros and Cons Of Target Test Prep GRE


  • Precise & effective:

The course divides the quantitative part of GRE into 30 modules. With their laser focus on immersion in GRE mathematics, quantitative mathematics is fundamental, allowing students to trust that they have mastered the knowledge they have acquired. The surprise element will be removed from the quantitative part of GRE, strengthening both confidence and performance.

  • Fully  Mobile access

Access your course on iPad or on your android phone. The online course is designed to be used with most smartphones, tablets and PCs or laptops. You can easily study content wherever and whenever you want, with almost any Internet-enabled device.

  • Money-back guarantee and proof without risk

If you have completed the comprehensive curriculum and your GRE score has not improved, you are entitled to a full refund of the purchase price of your access plan. The conditions for reimbursement are simple and straightforward but are subject to time restrictions. SO if you’re somehow not satisfied then they offer a money-back guarantee to refund you easily.

  • Tuition and live options

Unlike most GRE online courses, Target Test Prep offers live tutoring sessions via Skype and WebEx that generally allow you to choose between a timely payment or a 10 or 20-hour batch payment.

This gives students the opportunity to easily receive the individual attention they need to better understand the subject, which recognizes the benefit of being able to benefit from the support of a living expert, but at this time get help from all over the world as well.

  • Compliance with schedule and time

The course is completely online. As long as you have access to the Internet from a desktop computer, a laptop,  tablets, and smartphones, you can easily access all the functions of Target Test Prep GRE.

Thanks to a very simple and clear interface, anyone can navigate the website efficiently and simply position themselves where they left off. You can easily customize a curriculum of your choice anywhere, according to your schedule, without worrying about conflicts or daily obstacles.


  • Covers Only Quant Part:

With decades of experience in exam preparation and GRE tutoring, experts noted that an “overwhelming majority” of students needed to improve their quantitative skills. Therefore, a verbal platform is not included, although it is being developed for a future version.  This platform only has quant prep but in the future, they will be going to expand their course.

Students Testimonials and Reviews

The Target Test Prep GRE Quant Course provided me an affordable and effective preparation for the GRE quant section. To put it simply, The Target Test Prep GRE Quant Course gives you all the theoretic and practical means needed to tackle every specific kin…

GRE Prep Club User

Target Test Prep helped my quant score immensely, by 12 points exactly! It was truly like night and day. It broke down each concept and problem so clearly that it was hard to not study well. I had tried Manhattan Prep and Kaplan previously and found Target…

GRE Prep Club User

Customer Review

Customer Review

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Conclusion: TargetTestPrep GRE Review 2024

Here the TargetTestPrep GRE has a variety of success stories in the market, where students respect the freedom and flexibility to access their online materials and tutoring resources.

The confidence in the GRE preparation course is backed by a 5-day risk-free trial and a money-back guarantee that entitles eligible students to a full refund of the purchase price. So what are you actually, waiting for just get yourself started with this reliable GRE prep platform.

The TargetTestPrep  GRE course is a good business for students who are actually looking for a good value for money and who want to improve their quantitative skills in the upcoming GRE exam. With the guarantee of a better quantitative evaluation, Target Test Prep GRE is a good option for students who really want to get a high grade for the GRE.

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