Tailor Brands Review 2024: Is it Worth Your Money?

Tailor Brands

Overall Verdict

Tailor Brands is an automated branding platform. They give you all the tools you need to turn your idea and business into a professional, responsive brand with just one click. No design skills needed.

Out of 10


  • One of the major highlights is definitely it's easy to use, user interface.
  • To all those who confuse the brand with just a simple logo-designing software, it is more than that.
  • Worth way more than what it costs.
  • They offer a wide range of free logos that can be used by the client
  • Add on Branding Tools
  • This package includes the features of the Basic plan. Along with those, it carries.


  • Lots of Logo Designing option available with same price.
  • limited opportunities for customization
  • Designs that look unoriginal


Price: $ 9.99


Embarking on a journey to establish a unique brand identity is both an art and a science. In today’s digital age, where every detail counts, I searched for a tool that could seamlessly translate my vision into a compelling brand presence. That’s when I discovered Tailor Brands.

A collection of machine learning-powered branding and design tools called Tailor Brands was introduced in 2014 and targeted non-technical consumers. Is using Tailor Brands still worthwhile in light of the wealth of other design platforms available to you, such as 99designs, Canva, and Fiverr

Based on my experience working as a digital marketing consultant, I will outline how the software works, as well as its advantages and disadvantages, as well as the best uses for it, in my Tailor Brands Review.

🚀  Bottom Line Upfront: 

Tailor Brands is an all-inclusive and top-notch service for startups in need of a wide range of essential support services. Logo design, LLC formation, branded design, corporate email, user-friendly website, and electronic business cards are all part of the package they offer. In addition, thanks to the alliances they’ve made with other companies, Tailor Brands is able to offer their clientele exclusive discounts on things like insurance premiums and banking service costs.

Tailor Brands design software lets users establish a “brand identity” including logos, typography, color patterns, and other aspects for print and web.

Tailor Brands makes your project “look good” across all platforms, from Facebook to business cards to your website.

Tailor brands helped me make a professional-looking logo, They have saved me time and energy, and their high-quality features have helped me right strategic decision in terms of logo designing.

Tailor Brands review

🚀  My 1-Minute Tailor Brands Review:

The best option for aspiring business owners everywhere is Tailor Brands. Tailor Brands offers a thorough and all-inclusive solution, in stark contrast to other platforms like Looka which only provide limited services like logo development, and Wix which offers both logos and websites.

In addition to creating eye-catching logos, Tailor Brands handles the complex paperwork required to establish an LLC. Starting a business can be a daunting undertaking, especially for those who are new to the industry. As a result, many people hire expensive attorneys or agents to help them. But with Tailor Brands at your disposal, you can complete all of your business needs for a much more reasonable $249.

Who is most likely to gain from tailor brands?

Tailor Brands is the ideal online partner for ambitious business owners, offering a variety of LLC registration and other services. Tailor Brands can handle all your business needs, LLC or not. They form business bank accounts, design logos, make business cards, build rudimentary websites, and even find business insurance. Thus, Tailor Brands is a good choice for these services.

Who should look for Tailor Brand’s Alternatives?

Tailor Brands provides a complete package. However, it might not be suitable for customers looking for specialized services. If you all need a logo, Looka can be a more affordable and appropriate option.

Tailor Brands Review

Tailor Brands Review [2023]: Design & Interface:

Tailor Brands Review

Starting is made as simple as it can be with the help of Tailor Brands’ logo maker. No prior understanding of the design process is required, and it offers a step-by-step methodology with a manageable amount of phases.

Although you won’t spend much time understanding the user interface because all of the tabs and functions are prominently displayed, it is simple and quick to use.

It starts with a few sizable input areas where you are asked to enter the name of your business and an optional tagline. After choosing “Get started,” you will be prompted with a few quick questions about your business before being sent to a menu where you can choose the style of logo you want.

The processes used by our rivals’ platforms—whether text-based, icon-based, or initial-based—are extremely similar to this one. If you choose the icon option, you can choose between a more extensive library of more pictorial icons and a larger number of geometric shapes that are categorized into different groups, such as “strong icons,” “caring icons,” “nature icons,” and so on.

After that, you can choose up to three “styles” suitable for your business.

I chose “elegant,” “delicate,” and “classy” for the name of my made-up cosmetics company and “texture,” “vintage,” and “masculine” for the name of my made-up bar. Oddly, the word “feminine” wasn’t an option. All we require from you is that. When you choose Design, a few draft concepts for your company logo will appear.

I thought the initial results I received were quite bad, primarily due to the colors. The logo maker seems to select colors at random because there is no opening question on the colors you’d prefer in your design. The initial findings I received bothered me because they were so distasteful.

The good news is that either ignoring the first suggestion entirely and starting to consider additional options or changing the suggested logo is really straightforward. Let’s examine how to carry out any of those tasks, keeping it in mind.

Tailor Brands Features:


With three easy steps, you can get along with creating your best logos for your fantastic website.

1) Sharing your Vision

Enter your company title and select your favorite symbol plan styles. Our plan calculation will recommend a few styles with distinctive symbols, textual styles, and colors.

Tailor Brands-Sharing your Vision

2) Select your Logo

Survey the logos made by our symbol producer and select the one you like most. You’ll customize it to superbly fit your vision.

3) Go along with your Logo Files

Download your logo. They provide PNG and vector records so you can utilize your symbol wherever you need – from commerce cards to websites to bulletins.

Tailor Brands-Logo Files

With new skills required, Tailor Brands helps you design a logo that looks very professional with just a few clicks.

Our AI calculation makes the symbol plan simple! Enter some points of interest approximately to your company and select your plan inclinations, and our symbol maker instrument will make the idealized symbol for your brand.

One can also effectively customize your symbol – you’ll alter the textual style, color, size, and content to induce the ultimate plan fair as you envisioned. Making a symbol is free; you barely have to pay if you cherish it.

What more?

The software comes with a preview option where one can simply check whether the logo matches the vibe of the page and edit accordingly. With numerous options available, picking a choice will hardly take any time. And with many free logos available to customize and choose from, the users are definitely in for a treat.

Thus, it is highly efficient—both cost and time-wise.

How to use Tailor Brands?


With just these 6 steps, get along with your logo in less than 3 minutes.

1) Enter the name of the business

All you have to do is enter your business name or brand name and provide insight into your purpose. For Example, you are thinking of owning a coffee shop.

2) Choosing your Logo Type

You need to check out what kind of logo you need to make. It can be a watermark or maybe icon-based too. You also have the option to change the type of logo even after the completion of the design.

3) Selecting Font Preferences

With our ‘This and That’ tool of, you can quickly get along with selecting the different fonts. By this, we can easily understand the preferences and personalities of your brand.

4) Designing the logo

With logo creation, you can design your logo with immense variations. The system also helps you to make cards, brand books, or identify other materials.

5) Customizing your design

In the editor studio, you can easily select and customize your logo. You can change the style and the icons, too.

6) Downloading your logo

Download the custom symbol you made in high-quality, vector, SVG, or EPS records that you can utilize for your site, commerce cards, or stock – anyplace you need.

Tailor Brands Services and Products

Among the standard features involving modification and customization of logos, Tailor Brands offers many other services and products. If users opt for a Premium plan, they are definitely in for a treat.

Some of these include:

  • Logo resizing tools: This tool allows the user to resize and reshape the logo according to one’s own needs and purpose. The need to do this arises primarily due to varying social media standards for posting/attaching a particular post/image.
  • Strategy suggesting tool: This feature allows users to analyze their business and progress over different periods. The concentrated and dedicated statistics help guide future plans to gain attention from the audience and reach a larger crowd.
  • A tool to design business cards: As explained in further side headings, Tailor Brands is not just confined to generating and producing logos. Instead, it offers many other features as well. One such feature in recent trends has been the business card. For this itself, users are provided with promising design tools that help assemble artistic designs and provide a masterpiece.
  • Online brand guidelines: With the online brand guidelines in the picture, the user knows the regulations and precautions to take while engaging with an audience. These rules and regulations also help the user make an informed decision to achieve ultimate and unlimited success.
  • Support for various social media platforms: Be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other social media platform, Tailor Brands provides a dedicated support system for each. No need to scroll through unnecessary and pretentious articles and videos over the internet when you have a personalized assistant/guide of your own.
  • Watermark tools for brands: Are you afraid of people using and copying your content without any prior notification or permission? Worry not, for you get a watermark tool. It is designed specifically for artists who plan on selling online and are at constant risk of having logos and content misused. This prevents all such illegal happenings and ultimately secures your fort.
  • Branded business decks and presentations: The brand also gives out branded business decks and exhibits to keep users up-to-date. All of them are personalized as per their needs and wants.

The additional services and products, thus, are a significant plus point for users and businesses who tend to engage highly on social media platforms.

Every extra tool you purchase will simply add to the value of your product and will never make you regret it. Companies with decades of expertise in a field must opt for such services.

Customer Support

Whether online or offline, it is always heart-warming to know that a person/guide is always there to help you in case of any issues.

Tailor Brands-Customer Support

The same is the case with the users of Tailor Brands and the service provider’s customer support team. The team and support system offers a complete guide for its users in different forms, the focus of FAQs, an email query system, and many others.

These services provide the best and most in-depth step-to-step guide to overcoming minute or elaborate issues. These answers are often very quick to reach, helpful, and easy to understand. The system entirely lives up to its promises and name.

Customer support promises accurate and appropriate results in just 24-48 hours. One may also include how easy to use the logo designing-cum-generating user interface actually is.

One major setback, however, of the customer support system is the lack of phone support. While the other means might be efficient and quick in their own right, phone support facilitates communication and tends to increase the bond between the parties.

Also, the person need not go through detailed steps to rectify a silly problem but instead solve it in a few minutes. Phone support is the least one could ask from a service as professional and advanced as this.

What are the specifics of Tailor Brands Pricing?

Tailor Brands offers $ various logo and branding subscription services priced at $2.50 monthly. These plans have three tiers: Basic, Standard, and Premium. Each level offers benefits, including excellent logos, branding tools, social media designs, and a full brand identity package.

Tailor Brands additionally offers LLC formation options, with pricing varying from $49 to $249 annually, based on the chosen plan and its related features. It is crucial to remember that there can be extra costs, such as state filing fees, publication requirements fees, and expenses for getting business licenses and permits.

Pricing for Brand Assets like Logos

Tailor Brands offers monthly, yearly (with a 70% discount), or biannually (with a 75% discount) subscriptions for its logo and website. These monthly payments come in three different packages: Basic ($2.50-$9.99), Standard ($4.99-$19.99), and Premium ($9.99-$49.99). Let’s go into the details:

Essential branding components like a high-quality logo with complete ownership, social media logo sizes, and a resize tool are included in the Basic package. Additionally, it provides a digital card and graphic design tool so that you may produce visuals of a professional caliber. This tool lets you personalize designs by uploading images and using a library of stock images and icons.

The Standard version adds more capabilities, such as vector EPS logo files, a tool for creating business cards, and a customized presentation on top of the Basic package. The seasonal logo generator will come in handy for businesses that wish to change their logo on a seasonal basis. A sophisticated website may be easily created thanks to the comprehensive website builder and multi-language support.

All of the capabilities in the Standard package are also included in the Premium version, which goes one step further by letting you build an online store, accept payments online, and market your goods on Facebook and Instagram. Live chat is another way to interact with website visitors while offering first-rate customer service and building solid relationships with your audience.

Price of forming an LLC

Lite, Essential, and Elite are the three separate LLC formations that Tailor Brands now offers. The processing time for the Lite plan is about 14 business days, and a one-time payment of $49 is required.

A running agreement, annual compliance, LLC formation, and expedited processing are all included in the Essential plan’s $199 annual cost, which guarantees expedited approval within 2 business days.

All the elements of the Essential plan are included in the $249/year Elite plan, which also offers the advantages of company-building tools, a 1-year free domain, 8 free logos, a website builder, a digital business card, a tool for creating social media posts, and a business card. The Elite plan’s processing time is also up to two business days.

It is important to note that compared to buying specific features separately, each Tailor Brands plan offers a considerable discount of over 50%.

Added charges

There are three main methods for creating an LLC: doing it yourself, engaging a lawyer, or using an LLC creation service. These specialized services, which can be bought for as little as $300, excel at making LLC formation easier.

Filing fees specific to the LLC, state filing fees, publication requirements fees, and expenditures for acquiring company licenses and permits are only a few of the mandatory expenses connected with forming an LLC. State filing costs vary greatly; they can be as low as $10 in Colorado and $300 in Texas.

Using a registered agent, obtaining operating agreements, applying for an Employer Identification Number (EIN), reserving your LLC name, and submitting an application for a fictitious business name are all optional LLC formation costs.

Whether you decide to conduct these services yourself, buy a template, hire a lawyer, or use an incorporation website, among other considerations, can affect the price of these services.

Tailor Brands Reviews by Users

Tailor Brands Reviews by Users

Tailor Brands Alternatives

1) Canva

Canva - tailor brands alternative

Users of the freemium Canva platform may quickly produce beautiful designs and documents that seem professional. You have access to a wide range of content kinds using this tool. You may order anything you need, including designs for Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest as well as infographics, presentations, and commercials.

You simply need to select the template you like the best, make the necessary adjustments, and then save the updated version for free. Everyone involved in the design process, from experienced designers to design novices, can benefit from using Canva.

2) Sketch


Sketch is a professional vector graphics creation app with a beautiful user interface and many helpful tools. They intended to create beneficial software for graphic designers. Even a quick study reveals that they were successful.

They are more concerned with improving themselves than with copying others. Sketch received the Apple Design Award in 2012 during the Mac Developer Showcase. Since then, it has been highlighted in various publications, which laud the software for its many practical features.

3) Polarr


An illustration of where photography is going in the future is Polarr. Working at the forefront of technology, they develop fresh approaches to photography and innovative tools for the industry. Two recent Stanford graduates with a passion for technology, art, and photography came up with the concept for this tool in August 2014.

Polarr is currently regarded as a thought leader in how photography and technology combine. Their mission is to provide people with the best tools on the market to freely express their creative vision.

FAQ related to Tailor Brands Review

🤔What is Tailor Brands?

Tailor Brands is a logo, social media post, and advertisement design and production company. Its branding tools are aimed at businesses that are just getting started or are thinking about rebranding. It's also ideal for businesses looking to automate their social media management and advertising content creation.

👉What can I do with Tailor Brands?

Creating your own logo is simple with Tailor Brands. You take a simple test that asks about your logotype and font preferences. Following that, the software generates logo options based on your quiz responses and your brand brief. Tailor Brands also has a tool called Tailor Social that helps you come up with ready-to-go social media postings. This means you only need to pick a platform, then pick a template and personalize it. After that, you can download your work and post it on other social media platforms.

👉 How does Tailor Brands work?

Tailor Adverts, a platform from Tailor Brands, also allows you to create ads. It allows you to pick between an atmosphere-only ad and a presenter ad. The image can then be customized based on your brief. After you've decided on a logo, social media post, or advertisement, you'll need to pay before you can use it. There are three affordable plans available that are friendly to small business branding and advertising budgets. You have the option of paying for them for a month, a year, or two years.

✅ How do I make a logo on Tailor Brands?

Tailor Brands allows you to create a logo by just completing a few questions. For instance, the solution will inquire as to whether you prefer abstract designs to icons or just plain text. These can assist the platform in creating logo variations that meet both your preferences and your branding. Yes! Tailor Social provides templates for social media posts. You can choose from a variety of facts and quotes, which you may immediately post to your accounts. You can, of course, make changes to the text, style, and color before making them public.

✅ Can I use Tailor Brands logos on visiting cards?

If you want to view how your logo will look on different surfaces like a tumbler, a business card, or a shirt before printing it, you can use this tool. This is because Tailor Brands displays your logo throughout the editing stage. You can be sure that your brand will appear just as you want it to on various facades this way.

👉 Why Use Tailor Brands Logo Maker?

“If you’re looking for a logo design, but don’t know where to start or what it should look like. You’ve come to the right place! They are an AI-powered company that makes designing your own beautiful and unique logo easy, they also offer free logos too so they have something for everyone on any budget.

Is Tailor Brands a legit website?

“You can get anything you require, including domain names, social media marketing, business cards, and even branded things, from Tailor Brands in one place.

Are Tailor Brands good?

“To answer your question, Tailor Brands was established in 2015 and is an honest and reputable company. Trustpilot, it has a rating of four stars. It does not hold a BBB accreditation.

Is Tailor Brands completely free?

“Although Tailor Brands is free to use, in order to make use of the professional services it provides, you will need to subscribe to one of its paid plans.

Can you get a refund on Tailor Brands?

“They provide you with the chance to preview your logo design in its entirety before you purchase it, and as a result, they do not currently allow refunds except in exceptional circumstances (as stated in their Terms Of Service).

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Conclusion – Tailor Brands Review [2023]: Is it a Great Logo Maker?

A logo may be created with Tailor Brands in a very short time and straightforward manner. You won’t be charged anything to make your logo, but you will need a paid subscription to download it at a quality suitable for printing.

Yes, Tailor Brands has a logo maker, and it’s intuitive, but it also wants to be your one-stop shop for everything else (at least online). Tailor Brands provides excellent services in several areas, including professional printing, social media marketing, an abstract icon creator, and a helpful mobile app.

Tailor Brands could be a good choice if you need a logo and a simple marketing and website solution. If you’re looking for something with a little more to offer than the competition but don’t want to pay the lowest price and can live with less-than-ideal customer service, the Basic plan may be worth considering.

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  1. The designs are often basic and unimaginative, with little room for customization. This can be frustrating for those who are looking for a more unique and personal logo.

  2. I found the process of creating my logo to be very easy and user-friendly. It was quick and I was able to get it done in less than an hour.

  3. We found Tailor Brands to be a bit limited in terms of design options. If you have a specific idea for your logo, you might not be able to find the perfect template here. The designs are also not as creative or modern as we would have liked.

  4. Tailor Brands is a great company to work with for all your branding needs. The customer service is excellent, and they are always on top of their game.

  5. website editing tool that is simple and easy to use, Tailor Brands is definitely worth checking out. However, there are a few frustrating aspects that can take some getting used to.

  6. Tailor Brands takes a lot of the stress out of reading through fifty pages of your favorite blog posts and trying to know which words you should use in this sentence or that paragraph. It’s basically the Simon Pulse meets business plan template we never knew we needed! Come along for all sorts of inspiration on how exactly to start your own business from scratch with AI coaching.

  7. Tailor Brands comes in picture for me one day, I’ll never forget the evening when the two co-founders received their first orders – from me and my husband! – to design our own logos. How much fun was that? Tossing back a glass of wine, wearing an oversized sweatshirt and working side by side on how we could tell the world what our business was about seemed like such a great idea at the time.

    Then came reality as it so often does: designing separate logos in Illustrator can be challenging enough but maintaining them over potentially multiple websites (as most entrepreneurs have), has been downright nightmarish until now.

  8. Tailor Brands is here to help! With our simple and easy-to-use logo generator, you can create a professional logo in just minutes. Whether you’re starting from scratch or want to customize an existing design, we have everything you need to get the perfect logo for your business.

  9. I can’t believe I spent money on Tailor Brands. The logos it generated for me were all terrible.

  10. their logo design process is fast, easy, and affordable, and our results are beautiful. they use the latest technology to create high-resolution logos that are clear, user-friendly, and practical.

  11. Words cannot express what this app has done for me. After many hours of designing logos on my own, it was time to hire someone else for the task and Tailor Brands was a godsend. I didn’t know if they were trustworthy or not at first until I saw all their impressive customer reviews! They offer a range of packages from easy logo design with no risk to an upscale premium package that costs $20,000 – You will never believe your eyes when you see just how good those logos look AND IT COSTS SO MUCH LESS THAN POSSIBLE!!

  12. Don’t waste your time with Tailor Brands. It’s slow, it’s clunky, and the results are pretty average. If you’re looking for a good logo generator, you’re better off looking elsewhere.

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