Synder Accounting Review 2024: Is It Legit Account Automation Tool? [Features & Pricing]

Synder Accounting

Overall Verdict

Synder Accounting is an automated online accounting system designed specifically for e-commerce and SaaS industries.

Out of 10


  • Basic reporting is available
  • Secure connection to your bank
  • Cross-channel inventory tracking
  • 24/7 live support via live chat, phone, email, zoom.
  • 7-day free trial


  • Inventory management is still under development for some platforms


Price: $ 9

If you are in the market for accounting software, Synder is a great option. I recently had the opportunity to review their software and was impressed with its features.

Synder Accounting Review

Snyder is easy to use and can be tailored to meet your specific needs. It’s a great choice for businesses of all sizes. Read detailed Synder Accounting Review below.

Synder Accounting Review 2024: The Unique Accounting Automation for E-commerce and SaaS  

Synder Accounting

You are a medium or small business owner who sells online using at least a couple of sales channels and payment methods. You are committed to offering your customers more payment options for a smoother buying experience.

However, this commitment makes you struggle with numbers each month just to stay compliant. ‘Accounting’ becomes synonymous with ‘torture’ when you consolidate your data from multiple sales channels in spreadsheets and check bank statements trying to detect and fight discrepancies.

You’ve heard something about online accounting that can automate your processes, but your experience suggests that you should have at least basic coding skills to set up the automation. 

Or you’ve already gone cloud and your accounting processes are supervised by a pro but each time you want to see how your business is doing (to make sure you’re going the right way, you know) you’ve got to talk to a chain of people to get reports from your accounting system.

SaaS or e-commerce industries are highly competitive, so it’s crucial to have daily access to your metrics for data-driven informed decisions. So I think you’d prefer running reports to be real quick and easy so that you could have fresh analytics at hand whenever you feel necessary.

Have you got tired of struggling to tame your numbers? Synder Accounting is an easy industry-specific solution to all the pain points listed above. And you’ll have it set up by a pro.

Synder Accounting: Brief Overview

Synder Accounting is an automated online accounting system designed specifically for e-commerce and SaaS industries.

Once connected to your bank and to all the payment platforms or sales channels you use, it serves as an ecosystem where your business data is stored and analyzed. With Synder, you won’t ever have to manually enter your financial info.

Advantages and benefits  :

  • – Full automation of your accounting processes for a cost- and time-efficient back-office organization; 
  • – Accurate books ready for reporting and tax filing;
  • – An auto-updating up-to-the-minute P&L for a data-driven approach to decision making in your business;
  • – Auto-generated balance sheet for immediate access to an actual balance of your payment processors’ data and the general state of your business;
  • – Up-to-date comprehensive inventory tracking across channels; 
  • – Invoicing functionality to generate and send recurring and one-time invoices and smart payment links for faster payments;
  • – Smart rules for complete automation of even the trickiest business processes. 

Synder is integrated with all the most popular sales channels (Shopify, Amazon, Etsy, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, eBay, and many more) and payment providers (Stripe, Square, PayPal, GoCardless, and more). As it’s a live product with a devoted devs’ team behind the scenes.

You can always contact them for an integration that is not supported yet – they’d love a good piece of feedback to further develop their product.

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Synder Accounting: Fighting real-life challenges of business owners and accounting professionals

For Business Owners:

When you start growing your own business to have the next digit in your yearly revenue you are faced with some unexpected challenges. One of the dilemmas you’ve got to resolve is whether to outsource your accounting or deal with it by yourself.

So, initially, you find it too costly to hire professionals and decide to master the numbers yourself. Well, that seems easy at the time when you believe that the top-notch cloud accounting systems will do the job for you. 

But it turns out that you need to enter and categorize all the financial transactions across your business, which is enormously time-consuming.

Trying to have your accounting processes up and going (coupled with struggling through the jargon – what the heck is reconciliation?) feels like getting a second degree, only harder. It becomes so nightmarish that at times it seems that ignoring the problem will make you feel a bit less frustrated. 

But the longer you ignore it, the messier your books become – until it all gets real hard (and frighteningly expensive) to untangle. Then you finally end up hiring an accounting professional just to clean the mess. It all results in massive overspending, heaps of frustration, huge loss of time and energy – definitely not the life you’ve dreamt about!

E-commerce stores

Synder as a solution:

Manage your numbers in one transparent and intuitive financial ecosystem specifically tailored to e-commerce and SaaS. Just connect your bank and payment platforms to Synder and start enjoying the power of automation.

Your sales and expense info will be automatically transferred from all the channels in operation to Synder and stored there categorized and reconciled according to the setup, always at hand for instant analytics.

  • Get all the data necessary for tax filing in one click;
  • Run all the basic reports to assess your business health on a daily basis (e.g., a Synder-generated P&L – super detailed and accurate – will show you the best (or the worst) channel/item/customer in terms of revenue generation, so that you could take action accordingly);
  • Supervise your multi-channel sales to be aware of your daily cash flow and the efficiency of your sales strategies;
  • Track inventory across channels and make sure you have enough items in stock;
  • Send automated recurrent and one-time invoices, payment reminders, special offers, thank-you notes to your customers – the little tokens of attention that will make you stand out among your competitors.   

With Synder, data-driven decision-making will become your winning strategy! 

For accountants and bookkeepers:

You’ve got a lot of clients. Nice people they are, but some of them keep forgetting to send you their tax documents right until the deadline is looming.

Some of them come to you once a year (naturally, a couple of days before Christmas) so that you could clean the mess in their cloud accounting system (“It’s too pricey to have an in-house bookkeeper, you know. I’m doing my books myself when I have the time of course”).

That means long hours of meticulous work – sorting out miscategorized transactions, manually entering a whole load of historical data, fishing for duplicated or missing items to fight discrepancies.

No wonder by the end of the tax season you feel wrecked and miserable because of stress and overwork. Now you can make the tax season, well, less taxing.

Synder as a solution:

SaaS and IT startups

You can manage all your clients in one software switching between them within one interface. Use Synder’s easy-to-operate accounting functionality for small and medium-sized e-commerce or SaaS clients. With Synder you’ll have:

  • Immediate access to your client’s financial data and analytics within one smart and easy system (no more switching between the apps);
  • Accurate and up-to-date reports (P&L, balance sheets, asset reports) auto-generated in minutes (good for advisory services);
  • Automated import of your clients’ ongoing sales and expense data (no missed deadlines!); 
  • Bulk-import of historical data in a couple of clicks (real time-saver!);
  • Batch rollback (if something goes wrong), so that you can change the settings of the import and redo all entries in bulk;
  • Highly customizable settings to be able to tailor the platforms to all the different needs of various businesses;
  • Convenient management of multiple clients under one common account.

By the way, for larger businesses with a more complex infrastructure Synder has a bookkeeping version to offer. It’s totally compatible with the globally acknowledged accounting systems – QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, and Xero. Looks like you’ve found the silver bullet!

You will love Synder because it is: 

    1. Easy: The software is super easy to operate: just the functionality relevant to e-commerce and SaaS businesses, exactly what you need, and nothing more. So you won’t have to struggle through the features you’ll never be able to use.
    2. Totally automated: Designed particularly for e-commerce and SaaS industries Synder is already tailored to their specific requirements. That means you won’t have to do the extended setup manually: no need to, say, create products to match those in your payment platforms. All you have to do is connect your bank and payment platforms in operation and – whoosh! – you’ve got all the data neatly categorized, reconciled, and analyzed.
    3. Safe: Synder’s team is very particular about data safety and takes all the necessary steps to prevent security breaches. Synder is a trusted Saas provider in the FinTech sphere with 5+ years of experience in working with industry giants (Stripe, Intuit, Amazon, etc.) – you can be sure your sensitive financial data is in a safe place.  
    4. User-friendly: Synder is intuitive and smooth to navigate. You don’t have to be a Mark Zuckerberg to set up and use it. And no worries – no one can mess it up! Everything that is done in Synder can be easily undone leaving no trace in your books  (and redone with the new correct settings in a blink of an eye). As well, a smart system of duplicate detection will protect the integrity of your books. 
    5. Accurate: Synder splits out processing fees, registers inventory changes across channels, auto-categorizes bank transactions for accurate books, informative reports and clear-cut analytics. These are solid grounds for your data-driven decisions that will streamline your sales. 
    6. Adaptable: Synder can be adapted to your workflow making it much more structured and organized. With Synder’s smart rules you can set up automated emails to thank your loyal clients, or remind them about the payments due and some special offers – everything to let them know that you care.
    7. Detailed: Synder accumulates super-detailed data from all available sources: it grabs product and customer names, shipping/billing addresses, SKUs, fees, discounts, taxes, refunds instantly synchronizing ongoing transactions into the system.
    8. Comprehensive: Synder can be the ecosystem for all the data needed to track your business health. With that at hand, you will run instant reports to immediately see the pain points of your business and build a winning growth strategy.
    9. Flexible: you can use Synder either as a holistic accounting system serving as a single source of truth about your business’s state of affairs or as a QuickBooks/Xero integration for bookkeeping automation. It is super relevant to accounting professionals who manage a lot of clients using various accounting systems.  
    10. Economical:  the accounting functionality is free. You only buy a subscription if you have to sync more than 50 orders a month across all the sales channels/payment gateways you use (btw, there’s no per integration charge, the pricing depends on the monthly number of sales and additional functionality). So if you are teeny-tiny (or just starting) you will manage your accounting for free with Synder. It will definitely cut your back-office costs.

user story

The helpful and swift customer success team that never sleeps

I’d like to make a special mention of Synder’s great superpower – their customer support service. Responsive, knowledgeable, amazing, fantastic, incredible – these are the words people address to Synder’s customer support team in their reviews on G2, Capterra, TrustPilot marketplace – actually wherever you can find them.

Customer support is available 24/7 via email, phone, live chat and zoom. 

From the moment you’ve signed up, you are never left unattended. A Synder user is entitled to a variety of relevant guides and services provided within the onboarding period and beyond:

  • Short and precise educational videos accompanying every step of your journey;
  • In-app tips;
  • A weekly educational webinar to guide you through connection steps (each Wednesday at 1 pm EST);
  • A free setup screen share session with a team member where the account is configured and you are consulted on the functionality that meets your needs best;
  • Screen share sessions, zoom and phone consultations on demand within 45 days after subscription;
  •  A free screen share session to check the first reconciliation with Synder.

You are in good hands:)

Well, looks like Synder is always on your side in making your business flourish. So go hop on board, they have a free 7-day trial for you to see how it can help your business skyrocket. Here’s where you can sign up! See you there!


Pros & Cons of Synder Accounting Review


  • Easy to adjust and use
  • Tailored specifically to e-commerce and SaaS businesses
  • Direct connection to all online sales channels of your business for instant data import
  • Online-based
  • Fully automated categorization, reconciliation, reporting
  • Secure connection to your bank
  • Basic reporting is available
  • Cross-channel inventory tracking 
  • Cost-effective (free plan for startups and growing businesses is available)
  • Excellent onboarding service: free  personal screen share setup sessions 
  • 24/7 live support via live chat, phone, email, zoom. 
  • 7-day free trial


  • Bank connection is available for businesses from the US and Canada only
  • Inventory management is still under development for some platforms
  • As the solution is relatively new, the user interface is a matter of an ongoing research

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