SwifDoo PDF Review 2024: Is SwifDoo PDF Free?

SwifDoo PDF

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It is a reasonably priced PDF editor that is simple to use. SwifDoo PDF allows you to generate, edit, convert, compress, and do several more functions in one location.

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  • Page customization
  • 15-day free trial
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Add e-signatures and watermarks
  • Decrypt and encrypt files
  • Annotate PDF files


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Looking for an unbiased SwifDoo PDF Review, I’ve got you covered.

PDFs (Portable Document Format) are increasingly used to communicate digital documents since it is the quickest and most secure method.

You may also be among those who share info via PDFs. Isn’t it? YES. The issue is that you must either use web tools or install software on your device.

Several tools are available for creating PDFs and sharing them with anyone you want. However, only some are safe and contain all the necessary features.

SwifDoo PDF Review

For viewing PDFs, you may likely use any free program, but for producing, modifying, converting, or just digitally signing documents, you need specialist software.

Adobe Acrobat is the most popular software; although its premium version is relatively pricey, its free version has several restrictions.

The same is true of other popular PDF editing tools, whether online or offline.

But never fear! I’ve got the answer for you.

SwifDoo PDF can help. Let us check out SwifDoo PDF in detail. 

SwifDoo PDF Review

What Is SwifDoo PDF? – All You Need To Know

SwifDoo’s UI is basic, with nine tabs at the top. These are intuitively designated by function (Annotate, Edit, Convert, etc.) and when chosen, each shows its toolbar.

Additionally, the editor consolidates the most frequently used features under the Home tab so that you may expedite your workflow.

You may utilize the sidebar to the left of the document window to examine page thumbnails, bookmarks, notes, and associated files; convert PDFs to other file formats; or search the current document’s contents.

SwifDoo PDF review

Using Swifdoo to modify PDFs is as straightforward as editing a document in Microsoft Word. Just click the Edit option on the Home tab to make it editable. You can then add or remove content and alter its font, color, and style as you would with any other text document.

You may also create and modify text blocks using the text-box tool. A white-out function is provided so that sensitive text may be masked in a color of your choosing.

Managing photos is just as effortless. Select an image file from your hard drive, then drag and drop it into position after clicking the picture tool. Clicking on a picture and selecting an option from the pop-up menu allows you to crop or rotate it, alter its opacity, or replace it with another file.

SwifDoo PDF offers more than a dozen annotation tools, such as a highlighter, stamps, sticky notes, shapes, and a pencil for scribbling marginalia. It also provides to merge and divide files to facilitate the administration of documents and conversion to Microsoft Office formats, picture files, CAD, and HTML.

Using encryption and watermarks, you may safeguard essential documents. A user password is needed to read a protected PDF, whereas a permissions password prohibits unauthorized access to capabilities like printing, annotating, and editing. SwifDoo PDF also offers three methods for creating electronic signatures: typing, uploading a picture, and handwriting.

As PDFs are often collaborative, SwifDoo provides many simple methods for document sharing. You may also link SwifDoo to your Google Drive or Dropbox account to exchange documents in the cloud.

SwifDoo PDF: Best Features

Edit PDF: SwifDoo PDF can always produce a seamless user experience, whether you’re editing mistakes, adding pages, links, or photos, eliminating information, or cropping pages. SwifDoo PDF may be used to correct typos and insert pages, links, or images.

Users may alter the font size, style, and color and make superscript and subscript text. Additionally, copying and pasting text is simple. In addition, the robust OCR technology allows you to locate and recognize text inside PDFs that are not searchable.

Users may trim PDF documents by specifying a custom margin or dragging a bounding box handle. SwifDoo PDF has many link actions that enable you to go to a new page inside the same document, an external website, or a defined file. Additionally, you may add photos to PDFs and alter their transparency.

Convert PDF: SwifDoo PDF is among the quickest and most compact PDF converters. In an instant, users may convert text-based or scanned PDFs into editable MS Office documents or vice versa.

SwifDoo PDF is capable of converting PDF documents to Word (doc/Docx), Excel (XLS/XLSX), and PowerPoint (ppt) files, and vice versa. Users may convert PDF to text or picture files with only a few mouse clicks.

SwifDoo PDF converter makes it simple and quick to convert a PDF to JPG, PNG, BMP, or TIF format. SwifDoo PDF is furthermore handy for converting PDF to CAD and vice versa.

SwifDoo PDF enables adding of many files simultaneously and the execution of batch conversion processes, substantially improving productivity.

Merge PDF: It may be challenging to merge many PDFs into a single file or to split a massive PDF into multiple smaller ones. SwifDoo PDF will facilitate PDF document merging and splitting.

Using SwifDoo PDF, it may be simpler than you think to combine PDFs. Users may merge multiple PDF files into one and combine specific pages from each PDF with only a few clicks.

When working with huge PDF files, users should consider splitting the documents into many smaller versions. SwifDoo PDF is an efficient tool for splitting a PDF into several files. Additionally, users may choose which pages are exported to PDF.

Compress PDF: Reduce file size without sacrificing file quality and facilitate archiving and file transmission. SwifDoo PDF eliminates concerns over file size limitations.

PDFs may be compressed to reduce their file size. PDF compression offers two advantages, namely, quicker transmission. Compressing PDFs into smaller files avoids server slowdown and improves storage efficiency since a smaller file requires less storage space. It uses lossless compression, a method that identifies and eliminates statistical redundancy, to reduce the total size of the file. No information is lost during compression, as the procedure targets only redundant data.

Create PDF: PDF is the optimal file format for preserving the original file’s formatting and layout regardless of the operating system. It has become an indispensable document format. SwifDoo PDF makes producing PDFs a simple process.

PDF is an ideal format for document delivery since it is always device-compatible. When more people use PDFs, a PDF maker will suffice.

SwifDoo PDF can generate a new PDF file from three distinct sources: a scanner, a blank sheet, or an existing file (Microsoft Office formats, images, or CAD).

Annotate PDF: Marking PDF documents will increase their interactivity. SwifDoo PDF facilitates communication between senders and receivers.

Highlight, stamp, note, pencil, and shape are among the main annotating tools available in SwifDoo PDF. Once annotations have been made to a PDF file, these markings will stay active independent of the operating system.

You may immediately respond to the annotations of others. Concurrently, you may choose the state of your response, such as Accept or Deny. It is relatively simple to initiate dialogue between reviewers and receivers. In addition, SwifDoo PDF contains an option labeled Manage for seeing all annotations.

Multiple stamps are provided to designate the document with information such as its approval status or degree of secrecy. They provide users with several symbols to identify the state of PDF files.

Sign PDF: When file security and information privacy are paramount, signing PDF documents using electronic signatures becomes an indispensable means of streamlining the work process. SwifDoo PDF offers three methods for adding e-signatures, allowing you to sign the document simultaneously. They provide three methods for producing a new e-signature: from image upload, an image as your signature; from typing, writing your name in the blank space; and from handwriting, using the mouse to draw your name within the box.

Protect PDF: Use user and permission passwords to safeguard your sensitive and personal data. Two sorts of passwords protect your PDF files: a user password is needed to view a protected PDF, while a permission password is used to limit specific capabilities such as printing, editing, and annotating. SwifDoo PDF makes it easy to prevent unauthorized access to your files.

SwifDoo PDF: Additional Features

  • Share Features: The sharing tools enable users to email documents or upload them to Dropbox and Google Drive with a single click. It saves a great deal of time since there is no need to download the file beforehand to distribute or publish it to other platforms.
  • Page Features: Page features provide almost all of the functionality required to handle PDF documents. Users may arbitrarily combine and divide pages. Additionally, they may add a header and footer to the files to distinguish the pages. Further, users may adjust the width and height to their specifications. Additionally, there are more than ten standard sizes available, which is handier.
  • Advanced Features: The advanced tab includes several helpful features. PDF files may be encrypted and decrypted at the discretion of the user. In addition, they may put watermarks and e-signatures to the files anywhere they like, which can significantly safeguard the copyright. In addition, PDF compression is included in this section. With a few clicks, users may compress files, saving a great deal of time when shipping or receiving files. As an alternative to PDF compression, you might use a program like ImageRecycle.

SwifDoo PDF Pricing & How To Buy Guide

Step – 1: Go to the official website of SwifDoo PDF from here and click on ‘Pricing’.

SwifDoo PDF Pricing & How To Buy Guide step1

Step – 2: Choose the pricing plan of your choice and below it click on ‘BUY NOW’.

SwifDoo PDF Pricing & How To Buy Guide step2

Step – 3: Fill up the details asked for and click on ‘Place order’.

SwifDoo PDF Pricing & How To Buy Guide step3

That is it. You are good to go. Once you have downloaded and installed SwifDoo in your system, you will see their dashboard. 

SwifDoo PDF Pricing & How To Buy Guide step3.1

Enjoy all these features. 

Why Do I Recommend SwifDoo PDF?

Millions of individuals use this application worldwide since it is suitable for home and home office usage, schools, governments, and corporate users.

Although other websites provide the same services as SwifDoo, the simplicity of SwifDoo PDF is reason enough to utilize it. SwifDoo PDF is used worldwide, is highly regarded by expert review editors and customers, and is utilized by over 100 million individuals.

SwifDoo PDF is always prepared to assist clients. Support is offered through email and social media.

Some feature tutorials are available on the website, and some links are included at the bottom of the Support page. Other links are accessible through the drop-down menu inside the Resource section.

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Conclusion: SwifDoo PDF Review 2024

In this SwifDoo Review, I’ve discussed every feature and function of the SwifDoo PDF editor so that you may understand how SwifDoo can benefit you.

SwifDoo gives, for this price, almost all of the fundamental capabilities you would ever need to deal with any PDF file.

In addition, the cost is reasonable compared to other PDF editors on the market.

Whether opening PDF files or altering them to make PDF documents more informative and secure, overall performance is outstanding.

If you seek a lightweight, feature-rich, and cost-effective PDF editor, then SwifDoo may be a better alternative.

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