SurveyMonkey vs SurveySparrow 2024: Which is the Best Survey Creation Platform?

SurveyMonkey vs SurveySparrow [Year]

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SurveySparrow is much cheaper and have features like Customization, Integration APIs, Internationalization, User, Role, and Access Management, Performance, Mobility, Reporting, Executive Dashboards, Performance Benchmarking, Reporting & Dashboards, Employee Pulse Surveys

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In this article, I will share a depth comparison of SurveyMonkey vs SurveySparrow.



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Best for

If you have a big enterprise, can afford to go a little expensive, and also want to give your customers a good survey experience, you can go with Surv

SurveySparrow is an ideal platform for businesses from big enterprises to SMEs and MSMEs. They have NPS, 360 degree feedback surveys, classic and chat

  • Drag & Drop survey Builder
  • Custom Reports
  • Multilingual Surveys
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Integration APIs
  • Access Management
  • Executive Dashboard
  • Performance Benchmarking
  • User-Friendly interface
  • Easy to set up
  • Easy survey creation
  • In-depth data insights and analysis
  • 24/5 Chat, Email, Phone Support
  • Dashboards to visualise your survey
  • The platform isn’t too easy when it comes to analysing
  • The platform can have more customization features.
Ease of Use

The platform gives a neat view of all your surveys (Draft & Shared). The surveys are easy to create and the features are pretty straightforward.

The platform is known for its conversational and Intuitive UI. The surveys are extremely easy to create and the responses are easier to analyse and interpret.

Value For Money

SurveyMonkey is totally worth your investment. However, they have quite a lot to offer only in the higher plans.

SurveySparrow lets you create more surveys and allows more responses for a relatively lower price.

Customer Support

The support system of SurveyMonkey isn’t that great. You’ll have to keep waiting for a long time till they look into the case and get back to you with a solution. And they have only Email and Phone support.

SurveySparrow has a really good support team. They have different means of support like Live Chat, Email, Phone. Recently they have introduced case management to look into all your cases deeply and solve the issue.

In a world where people with different ideas and opinions don’t get their voices heard, Surveys come here as a problem-solver. With every survey response, you either learn something new or take actions that drive results.

Also, you’ll get to uncover a plethora of interesting insights that you might not even know existed. 

Feedback is the greatest gift, they said. Accepting feedback and acting upon it undoubtedly takes you or your business to the next level. And what a better way to execute your feedback program than sending surveys and collecting responses. 

From students to employees, MSMEs to SMEs and big enterprises, everybody is open to give and take feedback as a way of supporting their growth. In fact, companies love listening to the stories of how their product/service has positively impacted the customer’s life.  

However, choosing the right survey platform that fits your requirements is fundamental to the success of your feedback program. How do you do that? So we’ve compared two of the best survey platforms that cater to your needs, the better way. 

Here’s a detailed overview of SurveyMonkey vs SurveySparrow to dive deeper into what makes one survey tool stand out over the other.

 This blog will mention some of the critical points between these two survey tools, their differences and similarities, prices, easy to use, and more. Make sure to stay till the end.

Bottom Line Upfront:

When it comes to choosing the best survey creation platform, SurveySparrow has advantage over the SurveyMonkey. SurveySparrow is much cheaper and has features like Customization, Integration APIs, Internationalization, User, Role, and Access Management, Performance, Mobility, Reporting, Executive Dashboards, Performance Benchmarking, Reporting & Dashboards, Employee Pulse Surveys, Survey Customization, Employee Segmentation, Peer Recognition, Social Feedback Portal, 360 Degree Surveys, Chat and Classic Surveys, NPS Platform, Case Management. Try SurveySparrow free for 14-days now.

SurveyMonkey vs SurveySparrow: Overview


SurveyMonkey is a popular survey tool founded in 1999. This is a full-featured online form builder. The intuitive survey building process is an excellent experience & the user interface is remarkably easy to use.

SurveyMonkey vs SurveyMonkey Overview

They are a good fit for businesses or individuals who just want to create surveys to collect a large variety of data & analyze it on the back end. The tool is renowned for its striking features and the best security of survey data.

With 500+ customizable design themes, an option to send recurring surveys, CRM, and email Integrations, the platform offers everything a survey owner needs. Read G2’s take on SurveyMonkey features. 


SurveySparrow is an End-to-End conversational experience management platform that offers omnichannel engagement and guarantees a whopping 40% more responses.

Surveysparrow Overview- SurveyMonkey vs surveysparrow

One thing unique about SurveySparrow’s surveys is that you don’t actually feel like taking one. Its Conversational and intuitive UI speaks for itself.

Not just surveys, SurveySparrow offers a dedicated NPS platform, 360-degree assessments, offline and chat surveys, and more for a relatively lower price.

Some of the stand-out features of SurveySparrow are real-time custom reports, in-depth data analysis, custom workflows, and more. Here’s what G2 wants to suggest on SurveySparrow features. 

SurveyMonkey vs SurveySparrow Features


SurveyMonkey templates

Nothing makes a survey software stand out from its competitors like its features do. Though most of the features of all online survey tools are going to be more or less the same, some features might do wonders for some folks.

So, let’s dive deep into some of the features offered by SurveyMonkey:

Power of analysis: SurveyMonkey has automatic charts and summaries which helps you gain quick and detailed insights into your survey data and reports.

You can also measure your responses against your industry standards to understand where your company and your competitors stand. In addition to providing crosstab and filters to dig deeper into your survey data, they also display the survey results in the form of word clouds to understand your text responses in depth. 

Quick Surveys, Quizzes, Polls: SurveyMonkey provides its users with hundreds of templates to get you started right away with a survey, poll, or quiz. These templates, besides being vibrant and appealing, also lets you speak to your customers in a way that you actually want to. Best part?

These templates are pre-loaded with survey questions that are written by some of the industry’s best minds. You can also make use of SurveyMonkey genius to estimate your surveys’ success rates. 

Survey Customization: Literally, you can choose from dozens of survey themes and templates that best fit your surveys or polls. Adjust the layouts, change your button and font colors, add logos of your company to completely customize the survey to make it all about you.

In short, you can play around and propel that creative side of yours by white-labeling your surveys. Let your brand do the talking. 

Share. Share. Share more: You can export your survey data into popular formats including CSV, PPT, PDF, XLS, and SPSS. This survey data can be exported to your favorite apps by integrating them with SurveyMonkey.

You also have the option to flaunt your data using charts(totally customizable), graphs, and an eye-catchy dashboard. You can then share your surveys across social media, emails, slack, or any other platform. The best part? The surveys are all-device compatible!

The plan that suits everyone:  The best part when it comes to SurveyMonkey’s pricing is that you can completely customize your plan by ticking the boxes and hand-picking the features you’d like to use.

Pay for what you want and not what you get. You have the option to pick individual plans if you’re a one-person company or pick one for multiple users.

SurveyMonkey’s plans best fit every business ranging from small ones to enterprise ones. In short, you can select a plan that works best for you and the team to completely streamline the process of creating, analyzing, and sharing your surveys. 


SurveySparrow features- Surveymonkey vs Surveysparrow

Conversational Survey Builder: Build, integrate, and share your surveys – all with just a tap. With SurveySparrow, you gain access to a de-cluttered survey experience on all fronts.

SurveySparrow lets you add complex question types in your online surveys – questions including constant sum, Likert scale, matrix grid, and rank order. You can also set scores for your survey questions to calculate respondent scores for quizzes or polls.

You can even build smart surveys by using custom params, variables, and piping logic and create a unique experience for your audience. 

Gain Rich Insights: With SurveySparrow, you gain access to cross-tabulate and compare your survey results to spot trends and patterns in your data. You also get a mesmerizing dashboard that involves real-time reporting.

Users can view the survey data in the form of graphs or charts and even create widgets. You can also make use of advanced filter options to sort your responses. Last but not least, users can receive survey responses as emails – any day, any time. 

White-label your surveys: When it comes to making it all about your brand, SurveySparrow has your back. Make your surveys completely about your brand. Add your logo to brand your surveys in every way possible.

Choose the font and color that best suits your organization. Users can also change the ‘Made with SurveySparrow’ logo in the footer and add their brand logo there. One can also customize the domain name by removing ‘SurveySparrow’ from the URL.  

Video Surveys: If you feel pictures don’t do the talking for your surveys, maybe it’s time for you to try video surveys. And no one does it better than SurveySparrow.

Add video snippets as your survey backgrounds to improve engagement and to capture the attention of your audience. Respondents can unmute the survey, and the author of the survey can adjunct the video duration as well. Videos can be played as it is in the background or you can put it on loop. 

API, Webhooks, and Integration: Use SurveySparrow’s API to integrate with your favorite business applications and communicate with any third-party apps using webhooks by creating seamless workflows.

SurveySparrow has already been integrated with some of the popular apps including Slack, Microsoft Teams, Mailchimp, Aweber, Google Sheets. Exporting your survey data from SurveySparrow to these apps is just a one-click process. 

Recurring Surveys: Let’s ask you this. If there was a mechanism in place to automate all the repetitive tasks once and for all, wouldn’t you do it? If your answer is yes, then you’ve got to check out SurveySparrow’s recurring surveys feature where you get the option to schedule and set reminders for your surveys.

Say you’re running a survey and the same survey ends in a week. Chances are high that the respondent might forget to take that survey. So if this task is not automated, you have to trigger one more email and remind the respondent to take it.

But, with SurveySparrow, you can automate this process by setting a reminder to share periodic surveys at a frequency set by you. 

Accepting Payments: If you ever thought collecting payments using online surveys is not difficult, you’ve never been so wrong about anything. You can create order forms and collect your payments on the go with SurveySparrow.

Users can integrate SurveySparrow with Stripe to collect payments through their purchase orders or order forms, configure variable and fixed payments, manage and accept coupons and discounts, and track their order payments with ease.

Guess what’s the best part? Users have the option to choose over 13 currencies including USD, EUR, CAD, INR, and more. 

Customized workflows: This probably is one of the most underrated features for any survey software. With SurveySparrow, you can create custom workflows for responses collected.

Users can create personalized workflows for any conditions at any specific point in time. For example, if you’re rolling out an NPS survey and you plan to create automated workflows for each response received, SurveySparrow lets you create custom workflows for each of the responses.

For an NPS survey, the responses usually involve promoters, detractors, and passives. Using SurveySparrow, users can create workflows in such a way that an email survey “Thank you for rating us 10. So glad to have your back, beloved customer” to all the promoters, “Sorry you didn’t like our service, could you please tell us what went wrong?” to the detractors, and “Thank you for your feedback.

Please let us know how we can improve our services” to the passives. This way all your responses will be automated. 

Embedded surveys:  Users can make use of survey embeds to improve engagement on their web pages and blogs. Pop-up cards can be embedded into the websites in such a way that only one question is asked each time the user responds.

This is one of the easiest ways to increase engagement on your web pages. Users can embed their surveys using JavaScript code to make them very engaging. You can also create chatbots for your websites and configure them as you like to manage the percent of visitors.

Users also have the option to inline embed the surveys and customize the width and height of the same. One more advantage of embedding surveys in your web pages is that it prevents redirects from the page and helps you gather in-app product feedback.

Audience Management: With SurveySparrow, you can have a lot of sub-accounts under a single parent account. This is especially helpful in organizations where there are a lot of departments.

Audience management- surveysparrow vs surveymonkey

This way you can create a centralized billing for all the sub-accounts and you can make the payments easier and faster. Users can also create separate audience lists.

For example, if your organization has departments including sales, engineering, HR, and marketing, you can share the surveys department-wise. These lists can also be edited as and when needed.

You can also add contacts via CSV imports rather than creating them manually. These lists can also be populated from your apps like Salesforce, Intercom, and Hubspot. 

Secured surveys: All the surveys created using SurveySparrow can be protected by encrypting the data over the internet using SSL. To prevent spamming on your surveys, you can individually track your respondents’ IP addresses.

Users can even make their surveys password protected – meaning if the respondents are to take the survey, they’ve to enter the password set by you. This removes spamming to a great extent.

Users can also white label their survey domains which can add an extra layer of security to your respondents. You can also make use of SurveySparrow’s single sign-on feature to enable your organization credentials for your SurveySparrow account as well. 

Rate the meeting by SurveySparrow: This is a free tool offered by SurveySparrow to improve your meeting and performances. You can sync this with your Google Calendar and rate each of your meetings by taking NPS surveys.

Rate the meeting ensures that you and your team stick to the purpose of the meeting rather than deviating from the agenda, thus, saving your valuable time and effort.

Rate the meeting allows you to analyze what works best for your team by taking inputs from all the attendees. So the next time someone complains about a meeting being very lengthy, you can take action, right away. 

Easy to Use  


Ease of use SurveyMonkey- SurveyMonkey vs SurveySparrow

Creating a survey with SurveyMonkey is just a cakewalk for any Lehman. The platform is pretty straightforward, which allows the users plenty of exciting features and customizations to experiment with.

However, the platform definitely lacks intuition. For someone new to the world of surveys might find it a little challenging to extract and analyze the data insights.

With so many integrations in place, the platform could have worked more on getting them shown right to the users. The best thing is that you get to experiment with so many features, and the platform is extremely easy to set up.  


Surveysparrow ease of use- surveymonkey vs surveysparrow

SurveySparrow’s conversational and intuitive UI simply stands out from its competitors. The platform is so easy to use that you can nail down a survey in just a few clicks.

Though they have comparatively fewer integrations onboarded, you can easily integrate your survey with the other apps in no time. The surveys are so pretty to take from an end-user perspective, that guarantee more responses with better completion rates.

Data extraction and analysis are fairly simple with executive dashboards. Of late, they’re bringing in more customizations. Hope that makes our lives easier.   

Quality of Support


Contacting SurveyMonkey is tough and there’s a huge scope to improve as a platform, in terms of support. They currently have the following ways of support in place. 

  • 24/7 Email Support
  • Phone Support 

However, in case of technical issues, these people are a little hard to reach out to. You’ll have to either explore their Knowledge-Base articles and find help all by yourselves or keep waiting till they get in touch with you.

Learn more about the quality of support SurveyMonkey offers as they have published an article on the same.  

Surveymonkey quality of supportSurveyMonkey vs SurveySparrow


SurveySparrow is known for its round-the-clock technical support. For any issues you face, they are just a call away. SurveySparrow offers various ways of support like 

  • 24/5 Live Chat Support
  • 24/5 Email Support
  • 24/5 Phone Support 
  • Case Management 

Sending emails to their support desk creates itself as a ticket. Rest assured, they’ll look into the case and solve the issue at the earliest. One best thing about SurveySparrow is that you get to interact directly with their engineering teams while solving the issue which is quite uncommon with other platforms.

They have high-quality knowledge-based videos and articles to help you if you’re stuck. Yet some of their help articles are outdated as they have plenty of enhancements and UI improvements made very frequently. 

Surveysparrow quality of support -SurveyMonkey vs SurveySparrow


SurveyMonkey SurveySparrow
Starting price $32 $19
Free Plan 40 Responses/ Survey 100 Responses/Month
Enterprise vs Enterprise  Custom Quote 100k Responses/Month


Though SurveyMonkey offers a significant number of incredible features, they’re pretty constrictive when it comes to Basic or Premium level plans.

The higher you go, the more beneficial the platform is. But if you’re in a lower plan, they keep asking you to upgrade and may not allow you to explore the fruitful features of the platform.  

SurveyMonkey Pricing- Surveysparrow vs surveymonkey

If you’re an enterprise customer, rest assured that you’ll make the best use of the platform. They have quite a lot to offer. Yet, they can improve the quality of support to a greater extent.

The platform is convenient, and the value for money is excellent only if you’re a top-level customer. Learn more about SurveyMonkey’s pricing plans and features. 


SurveySparrow pricing- Surveysparrow vs surveymonkey

The pricing table of SurveySparrow is sweet and offers the best survey experience for a lower price than SurveyMonkey. You’ll get to enjoy wholesome features under a Premier or a Pro-level plan. The value for money is suitable even for ground-level customers.

On the other hand, SurveySparrow’s quality and timeliness of support are much appreciated. They will help you till you’re completely satisfied with their service, and they value their customers more. 

However, there’s still a means to improve as a platform. Bugs are bound to occur, but the support team is just a ping away to fix them. They cater to your requirements pretty well and give you a pleasant experience throughout. Learn more about SurveySparrow’s pricing plans and features.



SurveyMonkey has a good number of templates that cover surveys for all the areas. Their questions are pretty straightforward and cover everything a survey owner needs.

The content is explicit and well-asked. Yet their surveys aren’t too attractive. It feels like forms and definitely not design-friendly. There are chances you might even get bored of their surveys at times.

However, the customization features have got you all covered. You can customize the survey design the way you want with loads of options to make it feel pretty.  Explore more of SurveyMonkey’s templates here. 

SurveyMonkey Templates - SurveyMonkey vs Surveysparrow


SurveySparrow’s survey design is so attractive that you might not want to end the survey. They have loads of templates being made for each and every topic you search.

The best thing about their templates is that they have one question at a time format and you would no way feel like filling a form. They currently have three different types of templates – Video surveys, Chat, and Classic forms.

You’re free to customize the design elements however you want. You can find more such templates here. 

SurveySparrow Templates-SurveyMonkey vs Surveysparrow

Customer Reviews


SurveyMonkey, founded over two decades ago, is sure to garner more customer reviews than any of its competitors. While the majority of its reviews on popular survey review platforms like G2 and Capterra are from enterprise customers, they do have their fair share of small and mid-market businesses. Here’s what a user in hospitality has to say about SurveyMonkey. 

“Survey Monkey has a wealth of tools that allow you to fully customize your surveys. Data Trends and summaries are easy to use and great for at-a-glance review. Our office can use survey monkey to tailor very specific reviews for virtually anything we need”

Prominent customers of SurveyMonkey include Facebook, Microsoft, and Samsung. 


Founded in 2017, nearly two decades after SurveyMonkey, SurveySparrow has managed to be one of the pioneer survey software in the industry.

For a company this young, they have 573 reviews on G2, a popular survey review platform with an average rating of 4.5 of which 66.5 percent of the reviews are from small businesses, 23.3 percent are from mid-market businesses, and 10.2 percent from the enterprise sector.

They are on a mission to accumulate more of the enterprise sector in the coming years. Let’s hear what a user in computer networking has to say about SurveySparrow.

“SurveySparrow has a unique flow to its surveys that makes your users feel as if they are having a conversation with you instead of being bombarded with questions. The flow is very natural and easy to understand for even the least tech-savvy individuals”

Prominent customers of SurveySparroe include Godrej.



So, to be honest, SurveyMonkey pretty much supports all the prominent apps we use. There’s no point in rolling out a survey, collecting responses, and not being able to integrate the survey data with any other apps right.

You need that set of data to work for you – to fetch you your research data or to push all of that into a CRM. Well, SurveyMonkey doesn’t disappoint when it comes to integrating your survey data into your favorite apps.

From Salesforce to Slack, from Tableau to Power BI, from Hubspot to Oracle, they support more than hundreds of integrations. Let your survey data do the talking. 

SurveyMonkey Integrations- SUrveymonkey vs surveysparrow


SurveySparrow doesn’t shy away from app integrations. With hundreds of apps in their app store, SurveySparrow lets you connect with your daily apps to create beautiful workflows that work seamlessly.

You can connect your SurveySparrow account to apps including Salesforce, Mailchimp, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Aweber, Intercom, Stripe, and hundreds of other productivity, marketing, and finance applications.

The best part? The integration process is easy to understand and fun to work around. SurveySparrow even has a library of knowledge-based articles for every integration. 

Device Compatibility


SurveyMonkey’s surveys are all-device compatible – be it mobiles, tablets, desktops or laptops, the survey experience is seamless. 

Supported platforms: 

SurveyMonkey supports desktop platforms including Windows and Macintosh while it supports mobile platforms including Android and IOS. 


Like discussed earlier, surveys created with SurveySparrow are all-device ready! The surveys run smoothly across all the supported devices and platforms.

Supported platforms:

SurveySparrow supports desktop platforms including Windows, Linux, and Macintosh while it supports mobile platforms including Android and IOS. 

Customer Support

The sheer importance of an excellent customer support system cannot be emphasized enough. Both SurveySparrow and SurveyMonkey go an extra mile to offer customer support to their valued customers through live support, training, phone, email, and tickets. 

Pros and Cons



  • The trusted player in the market with over two decades of experience
  • Hundreds of templates and dozens of themes to play around with
  • Reports in the form of graphs and charts


  • Fewer customizations 
  • Not pocket friendly



  • Best NPS survey in the market
  • Offers a ton of customizations 
  • Affordable and easy to use


  • Young when compared to SurveyMonkey
  • Survey data analysis can be better

Conclusion: Which One Should You Choose? SurveyMonkey vs SurveySparrow 2024

In this article, I shared a detailed comparison between SurveyMonkey vs SurveySparrow. As per the description, SurveySparrow seems to be more convincing as compared to SurveyMonkey.

SurveyMonkey has many features like White labeling, Custom Reports, Drag & Drop survey Builder, Survey distribution, Branding, Multimedia support, Multilingual Surveys, workflow, Question Types, Branching, and Skip logic, Reporting & Analytics, Data export, templates.

But, SurveySparrow is much cheaper and have features like Customization, Integration APIs, Internationalization, User, Role, and Access Management, Performance, Mobility, Reporting, Executive Dashboards, Performance Benchmarking, Reporting & Dashboards, Employee Pulse Surveys, Survey Customization, Employee Segmentation, Peer Recognition, Social Feedback Portal, 360 Degree Surveys, Chat and Classic Surveys, NPS Platform, Case Management. 

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SurveySparrow is much cheaper and have features like Customization, Integration APIs, Internationalization, User, Role, and Access Management, Performance, Mobility, Reporting, Executive Dashboards, Performance Benchmarking, Reporting & Dashboards, Employee Pulse Surveys

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