SurgeConf 2016 Bangalore: 2 Days Highlights & Photos

As I was in Bangalore for past 5 days and was meeting lot of entrepreneur and affiliate marketers out there. This Bangalore trip was seriously boon for me. I learned so many by meeting product launchers and learn so many things. I showed my product SchemaNinja to them, that how this product  is going to help them in increasing traffic and make money online.

I attended very premium conference in Bangalore SurgeConf and it was delightful pleasure to attend this conference.

Attending Surgeconf was one of the best decision I made and got some clients from that event too. Surgeconf was over hyped show and yes show was not so cheap, the tickets were highly priced too. You will not get Free lunch until you spend atleast 1000$ on tickets. So this show was not for everyone who is looking for something very cheap. Show was successful as 5000+ attendees had showed up and networking was good according to me. I met some of my clients here and got some good business.

Paddy Cosgrave had done good job but few things I didnt liked at Surgeconf. This was first attempt by Websummit to get into India market, as India is fastest growing market in India.

SURGE Investors

Things I didnt like :

  • No good Wifi
  • Food was expensive, we need to pay for lunch
  • It was too hot in the conference rooms as AC’s were not working as expected

Things I like:

  • Good networking opportunities
  • Meeting young entrepreneurs was pleasant
  • Well organized than other Indian conferences
  • Top brands like Flipkart, Radix, Sedo were present there
  • Surge App was amazing & keep folks updating about the event main sessions.

There were many startups who showed up at SurgeConf , there were more than 300+ startups at SurgeConf and there was huge booth setups around conference rooms. Attendees were excited to meet new startups and I saw great engagement among folks who were stopping at booths and were interested to know about new innovative startup ideas. The startup who won pitch was  Arcatron MobilityThey’ve won $100,000 worth of free credits from Google to be used across all Google Cloud Platform products.


I was a media partner for Surgeconf and for media partners Surgeconf had arranged good stuffs. They taken care of Media attendees very well. Media was given exclusive preference to speaker sessions and was allowed to sit infront of the rows.

There were many top notch speakers at SurgeConf like Sachin Bansal, Shradha Sharma & many others. I got a chance to met Shradha Sharma from YourStory she was very kind and humble. She was in panel discussion with Sachin Bansal from Flipkart. I really enjoyed panel discussion and gained lot of power knowledge.

Check out my live videos at SurgeConf:

Some pics from SurgeConf:

Sugreconf 2016 Bangalore India (2)

Sugreconf 2016 Bangalore India (3)
With DigitalOcean Team Daniel
Sugreconf 2016 Bangalore India (7)
With Mitch DigitalOcean Cofounder

Sugreconf 2016 Bangalore India (9)

Sugreconf 2016 Bangalore India (13)

Sugreconf 2016 Bangalore India (14)

Sugreconf 2016 Bangalore India (15)

Sugreconf 2016 Bangalore India (16)
With Shoto team
Sugreconf 2016 Bangalore India (19)
Kunal Kapoor at SurgeConf

Sugreconf 2016 Bangalore India (20)

Sugreconf 2016 Bangalore India (22)

Sugreconf 2016 Bangalore India (23)
Sachin Bansal & Shradha Sharma at Panel
Sugreconf 2016 Bangalore India (25)
Sugreconf 2016 Bangalore India (28)
Shradha Sharma from YourStory

Sugreconf 2016 Bangalore India (32)

Sugreconf 2016 Bangalore India (33)
Me posing at SurgeConf
Sugreconf 2016 Bangalore India (37)
Going Crazy with SEDO Team

Sugreconf 2016 Bangalore India (38)

Sugreconf 2016 Bangalore India (39)

Sugreconf 2016 Bangalore India (40)
With Eleanor McGrath Surgeconf Press Manager

Over all  my experience at SurgeConf was good and I am willing to be part of Surgeconf 2017. Yes they are coming back in 2017 too. So get ready for more fun. paddy  has promised that 2017 SurgeConf will be super fun and much better than 2016. So are you ready to be part of SurgeConf 2017. See you there buddies.

How was your experience at SurgeConf please share in the comments below!

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