Top 5+ Best Supermetrics Alternatives 2024 (OUR PICK)

Are you looking for the best Supermetrics Alternatives?

Do you depend on data to make your decisions? Then, I am sure you must have heard about Supermetrics. And also, there is an excellent probability that you are already using it.

If not yet, Supermetrics aids in getting all your marketing metrics sorted in one place, thus making you sorted in taking your decisions.

But, if for some reason, you are looking for Supermetrics alternatives, then this article won’t disappoint you at all. I bring you the list of top 5 Supermetrics alternatives.

Supermetrics Overview

Back then, in 2009, it was difficult for people to move google analytics into excel. Copying and pasting a large amount of content into an excel was very hard.
To solve this, a googler hosted a contest. The task for the contest is like, if the person links the google analytics API to the excel, the person wins a google t-shirt.

Supermetrics Solutions-1

Mikael, who was already done with the copy-paste work, gave a try to this task. Little did he knew, that he’ll link the google analytics API to the excel and he’ll become the founder of it?

This little contest has now resulted in the best resource that a lot of business use.

What does Supermetrics do?

Supermetrics can give its users a clear view of their business analytics.

It provides its business analytics in various forms like

  • Supermetrics for Google sheets
  • Supermetrics for data studio
  • Supermetrics for Excel
  • Supermetrics for Big query

As Supermetrics gives out a clear picture of the business analytics, it is more used by the business for their marketing purpose.

Pros and Cons of Supermeterics


Supermetrics is good with the speed at which it delivers the analytics, appealing features of a user-friendly interface, though it is a bit costly for purchasing other specific sources. Its entry cost is relatively slow.

This becomes an added point to go for Supermetrics.


  • The product doesn’t come with a data warehouse itself. This lack of storage is a significant disadvantage for Supermetrics.
  • Supermetrics doesn’t come with the option to edit our reports. If this single functionality was there, then Supermetrics could have got some more extra points.
  • The direct impact on revenue is hard to get.

If the cons of Supermetrics are bothering you, you must look at my list of top 5 alternatives. You will surely find one that suits your requirement as I have compared them individually with Supermetrics too to give you better clarity.

List of The 5+ Best Supermetrics Alternatives 2024

  1. Hubspot Marketing Hub
  2. Looker
  3. Act-on
  4. Adobe analytics
  5. Reportgarden

1) Hubspot Marketing Hub

The Hubspot marketing hub was found by an American developer Brian Halligan. Hub spot was developed to supply the tools for digital marketing, social media marketing, lead generation, web analytics, search engine optimization, and customer support.

Hubspot Overview


The Hubspot, apart from their services, they also provide third party services like templates and extensions.

 Price and package:

Hubspot comes with three price packages like

  • Starter
  • Professional
  • Enterprise

Also, Hubspot CRM is free of cost. Starter packs cost $50 monthly, Professional Costs between $400–$800 depending on the features and add-ons and Enterprise costs $1200– $3200 again depending on the add-ons that you select.

Hubspot and Supermetrics:

  • Supermetrics have an in-depth view of traffic analytics over Hubspot.
  • Hubspot is more user friendly than Supermetrics.
  • While discussing conversion rates, Hubspot tracks the conversion that’s built within the HubSpot. While on the other hand, Supermetrics can also track the visitor’s interaction with single sessions.
  • Hubspot shows the traffic source, while Supermetrics shows both traffic source and origin of the visitor.
  • With HubSpot, you can set your goals, and with google analytics, you can set your type of goal.

Limitations of Hubspot:

  • If the HubSpot could show how the visitors interact with the website, it could have been a better option.
  • If the traffic reports had segments like the origin of the visitor, operating system the visitor uses, then it could have been an added point.

2) Looker

Looker is another alternative for the Supermetrics. This looker data science software was developed in 2012 by Lloyd Tabb and Ben Porterfield.

With the help of a simple modeling language – LookML, looker provides its users with the Analytics report. Looker is now part of the Google Cloud so you can check now as Supermetrics Alternatives.

Looker Overview


The looker pricing is customized for the customer’s needs.

Looker and Supermetrics:

  • Looker comes with a campaign management option, while Supermetrics doesn’t have one.
  • Goal tracking facility is available with looker and not Supermetrics.
  • Page view tracking is available with Supermetrics while Looker doesn’t have one.

Limitations of Looker:

  • Customizing of the visualizations gets a bit hard with looker
  • Confusing security groups and restrictions
  • With large queries, the speed might get slow
  • A bit tricky to get started


  • Proper ordering of the content available in the report
  • Reports can be saved and used for future needs
  • Ability to customize the dashboard

3) Act-On

Acton – Automated growth marketing platform.

Acton is a SAAS based product developed in 2008 by Raghu Raghavan. This product is mostly used by medium-sized businesses for internal sales.

Act-on Overview

The software products that are provided by Act-on includes

  • Email marketing
  • Landing pages
  • Social media prospecting
  • CRM integration
  • Webinar management


The pricing comes like a couple of packages. And the price charges get varied with the number of active counts.

The Professional account starts at $9p0p0 monthly and Enterprise begins from $12p0p0 monthly.

Act-on and Supermetrics:

  • Supermetrics works fine when it is integrated with the entire website, while act-on works with the specific web page.
  • Supermetric uses Javascript to collect the visit data while act-on uses tools like lead scoring and segmentation for additional insights.


  • The improvisation that the organization does with the help of their customer’s feedback is an appreciable one.
  • Good customer service.
  • Integration with CRM is easy.


  • Development with social media tools is expected.
  • Difficulty in managing multiple domains with subdomains.
  • Improvisation with photos is more needed for a comfortable user interface.
  • Improvisation with dynamic mails is expected for a better experience.

4) Adobe Analytics

Before proceeding, there is doubt like whether Google analytics and Adobe analytics are the same. No, both are different.

Adobe Analytics Overview

Adobe Analytics is aimed to fetch real-time analytics and elaborate segments through the various channels of marketing. It helps you understand your customers, unleash the hidden opportunities in your business, and help you achieve your business goal. You can consider adobe analytics as Supermetric Alternatives.


Adobe Analytics is available with three different packages like

  • Select
  • Prime
  • Ultimate

Select package suits analytics who are newbies, Prime is for some level of experience in analytics and Ultimate is for people who have advanced analytical needs.

Adobe Analytics and Supermetics:

  • Adobe Analytics is less spontaneous when compared with Supermetrics.
  • Supermetrics works fine with third-party integration, while Adobe analytics is still focused on improving their quality and functionality.


  • The ability to customize the report in a comfortable user interface is an added point for adobe analytics.
  • The inbuilt workspace in adobe analytics makes the drag and drop custom visualization a bit easier to work with.
  • Powerful segmentation and flow analysis add up big points to choose adobe analytics.


  • Not beginner-friendly
  • A little more flexible customizing features are needed for segments customization

5) Reportgarden

Reportgarden is a cloud-based analytical tool. It suits marketing agencies of all sizes. You obtain reports from different channels and can compare the performance on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and other social media sites. Customer support is provided through email.

ReportGarden Overview

Reportgarden provides features like

  • Reporting
  • SEO
  • Budgeting
  • Proposals
  • Dashboard
  • Client portal

Thus, it acts like one solution to manage different clients, reporting, and campaigns.


Three plans are available:

  • Starter
  • Professional
  • Enterprise

The starter plan costs $499 monthly and is suitable for small-sized agencies who prefer to automate their campaigning and reporting.

Whereas, Professional costs $999/month and is best suited to those marketing agencies who need a brandable platform for their marketing needs.

The enterprise package is best suited for large scale agencies who wish to scale-up their marketing agenda. To know the exact pricing of this package, you need to contact Reportgarden itself

Reportgarden and Supermetrics:

  • Easy to use platform with clear layouts are provided by report garden while Supermetrics’s platform and layout are a bit complicated to handle with.
  • Reportgarden is found to be a simple yet better functional tool than Supermetrics,.
  • Supermetrics don’t have an entry-level setup fee, while the report garden charges a minimal amount for the entry-level set-up fee.


  • Simple and sophisticated user interface
  • 14 days of a free trial, to know whether the user needs the tool or not
  • Good quality templates
  • Ability to bring multiple reports together is an added value


  • More concentration must be given in customer service
  • Would be better if the tool had customized features to use

Let us understand the importance of Business Analytics in our business?

1). What is business analytics?

Business analytics is a commercial term. It is used by a lot of businesspeople to know their business growth. With the knowledge accumulated by the analytics of the business, the entrepreneur can modify their strategies of work.

Business people depend on this kind of tool to increase their productivity.

2). What can analytics do for business?

Analytics show the business people, how their work is growing. The analytical data shows up the clear data about their business like,

  • From where they are getting visitors
  • People from which country is coming as a visitor to their website
  • With what source the visitors are reaching out to the page
  • Which page do the visitors find interactive
  • What OS using people are viewing their page

As like this, there is n number of data provided by the analytics about the business to be business people.

3). How do the analytical reports help the business people?

The analytical data provided by the reports show where the business is reaching the heights and where more concentration is needed. As the business person has used a new strategy for his website. He needs to know how well the article is providing progress.

In this case, the business person might go for the analytics reports. The analytics reports clearly show which part of his website is giving him growth and which part is not giving much change to the business.

4). When is the right time to deploy the analytics strategy?

There is nothing like a specific time to deploy the analytics strategies. You can do it whenever you want as per your need. Some websites like, themselves provide us the analytics tool for free. So there is nothing like this is the perfect time to start with.

5). Which analytics tool should I use?

Again, this one also depends on your own interest and requirement. As discussed above, there are a lot of analytics tools available. Based on your need and the amount you are willing to invest in, you can opt for your tool.

6). Is there any difference in every analytics tool?

Yes, there is a lot of difference in each analytics tool. Some provide you the reports in the form of a pie chart, bar chart. While some might provide you the report in the form of excel sheets.

And, also some business people might have the need to alter the reports. In that kind of case, the tool must be flexible to work with.

Some might need to fix a goal for their business, and this needs to be monitored with everyday work. In this case, you might need an analytics tool for your choice.

So, based on your needs, requirements, and investments, you can choose your business analytics tool.

7). How much resource is required?

Again, this one, too, comes under your requirement. There are a lot of factors that decide the number of resources you need. Factors like,

  • You traffic flow
  • Features you have implemented
  • Analysis tool

Play a vital role in the number of resources needed.

8). How much does data analytics cost?

Data analytics costs depend on the kind of software the organization uses. Like there is software like SASS, SPSS, some tools, use different languages like python, javascript, etc.

Based on the resource used to develop the tool and the features provided by the tool decides the cost of the data analytics.

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Conclusion: Top 5 Supermetrics Alternative In 2024

With all these discussed, we are at the end of the article. We hope you gained a bunch of knowledge on business analytics, Supermetrics, and various other alternatives for Supermetrics.

So, don’t forget to take in the content shared above before you take in a vendor for data analytics.

Let’s take the business to the next level and grow together for a better life.

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