[Vlogging] How to Start Successful Vlog With Best Vlogging Tools 2024

Do you know we tend to learn more from videos rather than from texts? Videos are the most attention-grabbing medium that you can easily use for your online content. It is super easy to understand each and everything with visual material.

You may find it difficult to install a WordPress plugin with a post containing text. But if you do have a video tutorial you may find it much easier do that task. So here comes the Vlog popularly know as Video Blogging. Video Blogging has really come out as a revolution in the world of content marketing.

Vlogging can boost your online marketing campaign. Here it provides the most significant method of reaching out mass audience and it also attracts scores of traffic to your sites. Many are encouraged by YouTube, and the bloggers are taking on a giant leap for Video Blogging.

[Vlogging] How to Start Successful Vlog With Best Vlogging Tools

With the video revolution, making and the sharing of the videos are much easier with the proper resources. Vlogging requires you to take on each and every step very clear and cut and in a well-thought manner so that visitors appreciate your blog.

So let’s take a dig and understand the term VLOG?

What is Vlog? 

It is a form of a blog in which the medium is Video, basically, Vlog is video blogging. Here the content is in video form. For creating the Vlog Post, you need to create a video and upload it to the internet and do publish it on your blog.

Nowadays Vlogs are in high demand with huge audience worldwide. As the digital video viewers rise from 372 million to 700 million in just a few years, now you have the idea how much impact a Vlog can create.

Here the Vlogs acquired the status of being one of the most popular digital video content. And it features video bloggers who are sharing their lives candidly.

The History of Vlog:

Vlog came into play in 2004: “the year of the video blog”. In the same year, Steve Garfield launched his own video blog. This was the time when Vlog get the popularity. YouTube was founded in June 2005, the most video sharing site till date. After that, it got popularity in 2006 and becomes the 5th most popular web destination along with 100 million videos viewed daily.

Start Your VLog On YouTube

The Vlogs are started on the individual sites of the creator of the RSS feeds. The Vlog space lacks a dominant hosting platform. It will help in building the more personal connection between the creators and the audience.

When the video equipment became more handy and portable, Vloggers started carrying a camera it outside of the home and filming their daily experience.

The next revolution was yet to come. Smartphone technology came into play, which gives new life to Vlogging. Here the Vloggers are using their smartphones just for recording the variety of video content very easily.

The best is that mobile technology becomes the boon for Vlogging as it is considered as the ideal platform for consuming the huge chunks of contents.

Now in today’s world, you see a lot of Vloggers on the internet along with accessing the masterpiece works and guide.

As per the report, 44% of all the internet users watch Vlog each month, so you have the idea about the flourishing Vlogging Business. Through Vlogging marketers can reach a young, affluent and potential audience.

Here is not the ending of this section, when Facebook Live came into play, you can say it is like the fusion of the Vlogging movement. Vloggers present many unique advertising opportunities by influencing the audience through Vlogs.

Don’t wait opportunities are here make use of it just by acquiring some particular sets of skills.

Importance of Vlogging:

Here Vlogging gives discrete sets of advantages over the normal blogging. As the research studies show that 63% people are more likely to buy any product that they have seen in the form of video in the advertisement.

Now you have the idea that you can increase your customers, audience along with the investors too. The video blogs are creating the huge impact on social media platforms. Most of the more than 90% of the mobile users are like to share the video with each other using various platforms.

You can take the example of YouTube popularity many videos go viral on the internet and within one night one’s become very popular. Do you know YouTube has over 1 billion unique users’ visits this platform per month?

Keep one thing in mind with Vlogging you stand a better chance to win over your customers. Here you can easily build a closer relationship with your customers. The Vlogging provides the visual content that your audience will see like and share with their friend circles.

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Through Vlogging people can follow your guidelines without reading the whole article. In the video, they see what to do instead of spreading what to do. I can say that with video blogging you really stand a better chance to get more audience.

Most probably you are thinking that, do videos play any role in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Yes, a video is now an integral part of the search engine result. So if you thinking that your Vlog may not its due, then trust me you are totally wrong.

Here for ranking your Vlogs on the top of the search engine results just incorporate SEO techniques into your Vlog. Just include subtitles along with the appropriate description and catchy titles for your Vlog.

So, if you really want to grab the attention of your visitors, all you need to do is use the techniques of Vlogging. Just stick to the guide and reveal how to start your own Vlog.

How to Become a Vlogger

In the world of Vlogging you will need:

  • The topic for Vlog: You need to choose a topic, the topic could be anything related to the niche. Just try being unique, coming with your idea.
  • YouTube account & Channel Name: Choose a unique name for your channel. Make sure to build an interesting YouTube channel.
  • Make ten or more good videos: In the starting come up with good and interesting videos. Just post one or two videos daily and then after sometime increase the gap between the video.
  • Be Active: Set some specific date for publishing the videos. A good Vlogger will post at least three or four videos per week. Don’t be lethargic, be active on the channel.
  • Proper Editing: Before posting the videos, make sure you have done the proper editing of the videos. You can use Windows Movie Maker just for editing your videos.
  • Select avatar: This one is really important, just choose one unique banner/avatar which suits your channel best.
  • Communicate with Followers: Always try to communicate with your followers, respond to comments and messages you receive.

How to start Vlogging?

If you have a successful video blog then definitely it will be a powerful marketing tool. You can create digital marketing revolution with Vlog.   But you need to do Vlogging in right way along with the latest tools in the market. Here I have come up with the precise and best way to start Vlogging. So let’s start with these lists:

  • Know your Target Audience:

This is the most important factor, your video blog should always adapt to the style and the likes of that audience. Make sure you are using the images, words, style of the dress along with filming techniques all of these should choose according to the audience.

gain audience

With these ways, you can effectively communicate with your target audience. Don’t come with such elements that might prejudice your audience against you. All you do think about your audience and their requirements.

  • Choose your Distribution Channels:

Make sure the distribution channel for your video blog can be easily shared, and it should also integrate with others platforms too. And as a distribution channel, YouTube is the best choice you have got, which facilitates easy sharing and it is well integrated with others platforms too.

  • Editing Video:

Make sure your video blog is well edited, as it attracts the audience. Keep one thing in mind, your final product should be professional in every aspect of lighting, visual effects along with adding split screens etc.

Just for the editing purpose just use free software like Filmora and iMovie.

  • Camera and Sound:

Here the most important factor, for a camera you can just use the actual video camera or you can choose Smartphone camera. You have another option is to use the integrated camera on your laptop and PC.

Just do some practice before filming your video, so that you can avoid the mistakes. Doing these will make you aware of the actual filming process and you will not face any problem in shooting your best video. Make sure your sound quality is perfect and try to eliminate the improper sound. If somehow your sound quality is not good, definitely your viewers will move out of the video.

Fro the proper sound quality, just use some external microphones which are easily available in the market.

 Corel Video Studio

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If you want to to take it to the next level with your video editing without being completely overwhelmed, you’ll definitely want to try Corel Video Studio ($79.95 for the software download).

  • Keep the Video Short:

The most effective video blogs are posting the short videos, doing this will definitely create an impact. Here is your video is clear and cut and is of short duration it will convey the message straightway.

Keeping the video short will create the positive impression of your business and will create the strong impact on your target audience. If you create long videos, it may not create a powerful impact on the visitors.

If you want to be a successful Vlogger, you should approach Vlogging in the right ways as mentioned above. Try to be unique with your ideas and contents, this will help in attracting the audience.

Somehow all this Vlogging round in the circle of videos, for making a top-notch video you will need proper Vlogging Equipment. So let us get started with that…

Vlogging Tools and Equipment

Anything is not difficult when you have proper sets of skills along with the use of latest and top-notch tools. Same in case of Vlogging just use right sets of tools that help you to make your Vlog Better.

Here you will the tools and types of equipment that will help you in creating the Vlogs easily.

  • Camera: 

Now you have the idea that Vlogging starts with the use of Camera. And the camera is one of the important tools for Vlogging. The camera you are going to use should be of high resolution. So that the recorded videos should have the high definition video quality.

You should always come up with high definition camera so that you will get the high-end video. Nowadays many computers are integrated with the high definition cameras, you can use that too for recording the proper videos.

If somehow your computer monitor doesn’t have any built-in camera here, in this case, you will need a Webcam. At the time of purchasing Webcams, you should only go for high definition Webcam that can record in 1080p.

However for Vlogging you can use Digital SLR camera, is the best option you have got. They are capable of taking crisp and vivid pictures along with the high definition videos.

You can also go for DSLR if your budget is allowing you to do so. Just start with the budget DSLR like Canon EOS Rebel SL2, here it comes with the Dual Pixel Auto Focus. You can just go and find a wide range of cameras and lenses according to your needs.

  • Tripod:

Capturing high definition videos is great but you can not do that without having Tripod. When you are not using tripods the recording will definitely unstable and the unstable post will definitely ruin your whole attempt.

If you are facing unstable recording problem the use tripod. Using a tripod you will be able to lock down your camera and with that, you can capture the best angles of the video shoot.

You can use some of the universal tripods so that different cameras can be easily mounted on them. There different sizes of tripods available in the market and the sizes range starting from 6” mini to a size of 59”. Just choose one of them according to your requirement.

  • Vlog Lighting:

Here for the Vlogging purpose, you don’t need a fancy lighting setup. All you need a proper and effective lighting. Make sure you don’t have any shadows on your face and definitely if you do have talent then definitely you will get the viewers attention

Natural lights with well-placed windows may do the best job sometimes. If you are willing to give a professional touch to your videos then you should use a basic soft-light kit. You will get two light sources with the pleasing illumination.

  • Microphone:

The most important factor of any video is the audio in the video. If somehow the audio is bad it will definitely create a bad impression on viewers. Here the best way to improve the quality of your audio, just go for the built-in microphones on your camera and computer.

It should be better to use an external microphone to a portable recorder. And here the easiest way to capture better audio, just use a shotgun microphone. You can also go for a wireless microphone. A USB microphone is another alternative for capturing the quality audio right on to your computer.

  • Portable Audio Recorder:

Here a portable audio recorder is a handy tool you should have if you are working with professional XLR microphone. It will let bypass the low-quality pre-amps which are found in DSLRs for recording the high-quality sound.

You can also record separate audio file and then that can be synced with your video.

  • Video Editing Software:

Right after shooting the video, now its time to do the proper editing and this can be accomplished by using the Video Editing Software. With the right editing software, you can turn your normal video into an amazing one which will mesmerize the visitors.

You have got the different options available for the editing software. Some of the top-notch editing software be like Adobe Premiere Elements, Filmora, and Apple iMovie. You can use these video to add music, smooth transitions, bFFDand many other add-ons.

  • Smartphone ( On the Go)

Nearly everyone is having a Smartphone in their pockets really it’s a convenient Vlogging tool too. Nowadays all Smartphone comes with high-quality cameras that are capable of recording the videos on the go.

Make sure if no editing needed just upload the videos directly to YouTube or somewhere else you want. Do some post-production work just polishing videos with the video editing software.

  • Screen Recording Software:

You can use any screen recording software available online. If you are willing to choose on then go with Camtasia Studio as it makes screen recording along with the editing process. Here this tool will help you in creating professional videos.

You can record the onscreen activity with Camtasia, just customize and edit the recorded content. It will also allow you to enhance your videos with the powerful editor. It has animated backgrounds, graphics, ready-to-use themes and many more features. Here you can also produce interactive videos along with clickable links.

The list of top Screen Recording Software:

So, with the above tools, you can come up with the high-quality content. These will enhance you Vlogging skills and will bring lots of visitors to your site. You should use proper tools that are illustrated above.

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EndNote: Start Vlog 

Here I have possibly covered all the essential things and tools which is required for Vlogging. I would like to end the post on How to start Vlog with proper Vlogging Tools. I hope this post serves your purpose well. You can easily start Vlogging with the guide illustrated above.

Do let us know if you are having Vlog along with your valuable feedback. Feel free to share this post with your friends on all trending social media platform.

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