StackPath vs Cloudflare Comparison 2024: Which One Is Better CDN?



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Added security features with network layer DDoS protection

Added security. Protects your website from all sorts of online threats

  • 24/7 email and phone support.
  • Dynamic content delivery
  • Real-time site analytics. See how your network is performing
  • Small file delivery is good.
  • Full and granular control with EdgeRules
  • Purge, analytics, configuration
  • Email support is avaialble
  • Dynamic content delivery
  • CloudFlare also provided real time analytics for websites
  • Small file delivery is good in CloudFlare too
  • Page rules for overriding caching headers
  • Purge, analytics, configuration
  • Video on demand
  • Web Application Firewall
  • Video on demand
  • Cloud Web Application Firewall
  • There is Minimum contract term
  • CloudFlare fails in large file delivery
Ease of Use

Log files available Only for larger volume plans

Log files available for Only for Enterprise customers.

Value For Money

StackPath charges atleast 10 per month. StackPath launched in 2016 and promises global, high performance content delivery + top notch security

CloudFlare have no Minimum monthly costs. Cloudflare provides a global CDN with unique performance capabilities and a strong focus on security.

Customer Support

24/7 phone and email support included in all plans. Higher volume plans get a dedicated technical account manager

Email support for all. Phone only for Enterprise customers

In this article, we will cover the comparison of StackPath and Cloudflare in order to determine which content delivery network is best. So let’s begin. 

You’ve heard the age-old phrase: “All that glitters is not gold.” Well, it turns out that applies to the internet as well. Your website could be slow, or your videos could take forever to load.

With right CDN, your content will be delivered faster. Faster loading means a better user experience, which means more satisfied customers.

You can avoid the situation altogether with StackPath and Cloudflare, which will ensure that your content is delivered fast and efficiently.

StackPath vs Cloudflare Comparison

What is CDN?

CDN stands for Content Delivery Networks are responsible for the delivery of content all over the internet, including articles on the news sites and videos on the internet.

Through this network’s latency can easily be reduced which is generally a delay that takes place from when you click on for the loading of the page till the moment the content appears on your page.

The delay is also caused by a number of factors, of which few are specific to the page itself. In each case, latency is affected by the actual physical distance between the server from where the website is hosted and the location of the user.

A CDN also shortens the distance by storing cached versions of the web page’s content on servers in different geographical locations concurrently, which means users can access it faster.

Such as when someone gets access to the website hosted in the US it is done by the local Italian PoP.

StackPath and Cloudflare are among the top five providers of CDN Services of the world. These are the two best service providers and with their services targeted at small scale clients which are yet able to handle large scale websites.

🚀Bottom Line Upfront: StackPath vs Cloudflare

🔥 Cloudflare

Cloudflare is a reverse proxy, which implies it was designed with encryption in mind but has significantly improved the speed of websites. As a result, Cloudflare is no longer just decent protection against malware attacks and a clever CDN.

StackOverflow, FounderLY, CodeGuard, Montecito Bank, and thousands of other websites are among the most prominent Cloudflare users. If you want to try out a free CDN program, Cloudflare is the way to go.

It offers the highest free package with a lot of options. Overall, Cloudflare is the way to go if you have a global audience, and the privacy of your websites is the most critical factor for you.

💥 StackPath 

StackPath is an excellent choice for websites that need specialized authentication and tracking. There are no secret fees, and the price system is adjustable. WPBeginner, BuySellAds, 9gag, WPLift, The Next Web, and other standard websites use StackPath CDN.

If you look closely, a trend can be seen. Normal WordPress blogs with less bandwidth-intensive content use StackPath.

StackPath is a safer choice than WordPress, which is expected because it can draw a large amount of traffic. It previously purchased MaxCDN, which has more WordPress setup options, making it a better fit for WordPress pages.

Their prices and services are affordable and scalable, respectively its no matter that a website has 100 or 100000 visitors per month.

StackPath vs Cloudflare Comparison 2024: Which One Is Better??

About Cloudflare

Cloudflare was created in 2009 by Lee Holloway, Matthew Prince, and Michelle Zatlyn. Basically, it is a US-based content delivery service.

From the day it was engaged in founding, it has grown exponentially and has become famous for the security features it offers.

In 2014, it was able to mitigate a DDoS attack that peaked at 400Gbit seconds, and at that time, it had made the largest history record.

In November of the same year, the company also reported another larger attack that peaked at 500 gigabytes per second.


The company offered DDoS protection services, a web application firewall, authoritative DNS, a public DNS resolver, and a reverse proxy, in addition to content delivery services.

About StackPath

StackPath is known for its high-speed content delivery services. StackPatch bought MaxCDN back in 2015. 

At that time, StackPath continued to offer MaxCDN as a separate service as both use the same in-house technologies and hardware.

They had started to integrate StackPath into their own service so that in the future, these two could be merged into one, but in this case, they had not specified any time, which means that they can be either a month, a year or more that.

StackPath Review

At that time it is offering the same services as MaxCDN in addition to a number of security measures.

Therefore if you try for the access of official StackPath website then you will be directly redirected to StackPath for making the purchase.

MaxCDN (StackPath) Customers.

When trying to find the MaxCDN website through a search, it will only appear as a subpage on the StackPath website.

In other words, new customers are required to sign up through StackPath in order to access MaxCDN services, while old customers still have access to the old website.

However, this will not last long, as they will eventually be migrated to StackPath.

Don’t have time to read the full article, here is an expert summary of StackPath vs Cloudflare

 Which CDN is Better? 

The StackPath CDN! For more information, here are 5 ways StackPath beats the competition:

1) TTFB (Time-To-First Byte): 2 to 3x faster server performance test cases.

2) Small File Delivery and Full Site Delivery: 20 to 60 ms faster in small files (<100KB).

3) It also outperformed Cloudflare: By 300ms when bypassing cache for full website load time and 100ms difference with Time To First Byte, coming “pretty close” to unproxied latency.

4) Large File Delivery: StackPath Wins!

5) Stackpath beat Cloudflare: In all five large file (17MB) speed tests, delivering the same file up to 25% faster.

This is an excellent result for those looking to use a CDN with more low-latency nodes and less reliance on expensive edge caches.

StackPath vs Cloudflare: Performance


Cloudflare bandwidth

In terms of performance, it reduces latency with the help of load balancing, offers Railgun, and has 152 centres across 74 countries.

It should be noted that only business and higher-tier plans offer access to all the data centres, while the free and pro plans are provided with limited access.

The reduction of latency through load balancing means that network traffic is distributed among multiple servers to ensure that a single server is not under high pressure. By spreading the traffic over multiple servers, the website responds faster.

Cloudflare CDN- DNS

Cloudflare’s Railgun is a web proxy system designed to overcome the challenge of caching dynamic website content like HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and images.

While about 66% of the content can be cached, the remaining content can only be accessed from the original server.

Railgun addresses this issue by allowing dynamically generated or personalized website content to be cached, reducing bandwidth usage and improving loading times.

This service is available with a business plan that typically costs $200 per month. Additionally, Cloudflare offers various content optimization features, including automated content caching, Argo smart routing, accelerated mobile links, and Rocket Loader.

Rocket Loader prioritizes content loading to ensure faster webpage rendering.

The advantage of all this is that it is featured to be built into the right Cloudflare, and customers also do not focus on installing any third-party plugins so that they can ensure that the content is optimized and cached for delivering the best performance.

Clouflare Datacenters

Furthermore, the pro plan of Cloudflare is built into SiteGround and Bluehost web hosting for free, which also means you get free access to Cloudflare when you buy SiteGround and Bluehost web hosting. But Cloudflare is integrated with just a few clicks.

StackPath vs Cloudflare: Integration of WordPress

Every day, WordPress websites draw a significant amount of traffic, making WordPress incorporation a critical aspect.

None of the CDN services provide an easy-to-integrate feature. StackPath, on the other hand, provides a viable option. After establishing your pull zone with StackPath CDN, you can use the W3 max cache plugin to incorporate StackPath.

Stackpath WordPress Stackpath wordpress integration

Cloudflare also has WordPress integration, and they have their plugin, which is very easy to set up.

Cloudlfare wordpress


  • Download Cloudflare
  • Upload the “cloudflare” directory to your “/wp-content/plugins/” directory, using ftp, sftp, scp etc.
  • Activate Cloudflare from your Plugins page.

StackPath vs Cloudflare: Network Reach and Server Location

When choosing the CDN resources to use, the position of the servers is critical. You don’t want to waste money on a network that doesn’t really serve the areas you’re interested in.

Cloudflare now has about 200 data centres around the world. They’ve set up servers in nearly every country on the planet.

StackPath, on the other hand, runs about 45 data centres, which is a somewhat smaller number. StackPath recently expanded its locations by establishing edge POPs in Latin America in January 2021. Compare the host locations of Cloudflare and Stackpath.


Cloudflare vs stackpath

CloudFlare has a total reach of 224 cities in 9 countries around the world. The most connected regions are in North America, with 46 network connections, followed by Europe, with 42 connections.

Then, there are 35 network connections in Asia (excluding China) and 23 in Latin America.

China and both have 17 network connections from Cloudflare, and Russia and Oceania have at least 6 connections each.


Stackpath network reach

StackPath has a total reach in 21 cities of 9 countries around the world. The most connected regions are in North America with 14 network connections, followed by Europe with 8 connections.

Then there are 5 connections in Asia (excluding China) and the least at Latin America and Oceania with 2 network connections each. Other than that, it has no network connections in Russia, China, Middle-East and Africa.

StackPath’s Performance

Stackpath performance

Similar to Cloudflare’s loading balancing feature, it also offers a global traffic management feature that ensures that traffic is directed by the best available routes’ latency by minimizing the distance that the data has to travel.

The StackPath is established by the StackPath as they use the latter’s server network by which all servers are equipped with the help of SSDs.

In fact, solid-state drives offer the fastest write or read times, excellent data resilience, and improved uptimes. This results in excellent performance.

StackPath CDN Footprints

Cloudflare StackPath is also built into WP engine web hosting for free. Hence, this engine is a good choice, but when you are planning to choose MAXCDN as a CDN provider, MAXCDN does not offer any content optimization feature.

They offer a guide on how webmasters can optimize their own content using the third plugin, WP Super Cache, and WP Rocket. They also offer the same features regardless of the planned use in terms of speed.

 StackPath vs Cloudflare: (Speed Comparison)

After testing two services using the same website hosted with the same provider but using different accounts, we used one test StackPath and the other for testing Cloudflare.

For the latter, we signed up for the pro account, which is similar to the free account but also offers access to more data centres.

Cloudflare speed performance vs stackpath

We also found a new one, and it was a little confusing because Italy’s bandwidth costs are not mentioned as it is expensive, which is the reason we are not aware that it’s only a feature.

It would be better if they mention somewhere in the notes that nodes are free and which are part of the pro plan.

StackPath LLC Speed Test
StackPath LLC Speed Test

One does not understand the exact difference between plans, so one should contact the company and converse with a customer service rep.

Another explanation is that if one is connected from Italy to a site on the free plan, it would use the Germany node, which is not close. Hence, if a website is not upgraded to Pro, Italy nodes are the best.

StackPath vs Cloudflare: (Security Comparison) 

It does not offer any built-in protection to keep its customers safe, but its engineers constantly monitor the network and apply measures to mitigate any attacks its customers encounter. 

MaxCDN will offer the same speed as StackPath but only in case if you are signed up with the account.

StackPath CDN- Security

You will also receive additional settings and security measures such as Layer 7 DDoS protection, malware defence, and excellent physical security at the data centres, including safeguard features and biometric protection.

The DDoS protection includes multiple layers of security that can automatically detect and mitigate any type of attack targeting application resources.


On the other hand, Cloudflare specializes in security and is better known for the security it provides. 

Cloudflare CDN- DNS

Some of the features they include are as follows:

  • Protecting the original infrastructure
  • Improved control for protecting the applications
  • Identifying abnormal traffic and protecting it along with automatic mitigation rules.
  • Protecting against direct attacks via a security tunnel between the data centre and the origin infrastructure.
  • Anticipating attacks thanks to being shared intelligence across the entire network.
  • Blocking malicious bot abuse by multiple security approaches.
  • Prevention of customer data breaches for protection against DNS spoofing.
  • Argo tunnel protects web servers from direct attacks

StackPath vs Cloudflare: Customer Support

The quality of the customer is also a vital factor when it comes to comparing two services.

One of the most important things is that you need to be able to quickly contact the service provider and the problems which can be quickly resolved. Problems such as:

  • Your website is going down 
  • Requiring additional bandwidth
  • Experiencing problems setting up CDN services with your website
  • Also, it was discovered that your website is slow from certain locations

Your website can go down for many hours if you set up a document for delivery for the first time and have problems changing the DNS name to propagate the website correctly.

If you are not able to do this and something goes wrong, then this situation arises.

 Cloudflare Pricing Plans

CloudFlare Pricing

1) For free: It provides free access for those individuals with a personal website and anyone who would like to explore Cloudflare. It also includes the following features: 

  • Shared SSL certificates
  • Global content delivery network
  • Unmetered mitigation of DDoS attacks

2) Pro ($20): It provides faster access to professional websites, blogs, and portfolios for basic security and performance. It also includes the following features: 

  •  HTTP/2 prioritization
  • More control with advancement
  • Enhanced performance with image and mobile optimization
  • Enhancement of security with Web Application Firewall(WAF)

3) For Business ($200): It has the fastest access to websites and businesses, which requires advanced security and prioritized support. It also includes the following features: 

  • 100% uptime guarantee
  • CNAME setup 
  • Custom SSL certificate
  • 24*7 availability of chat and emails
  • WAF rules
  • Up to 100k image resizing request

4) For Enterprise (Contact Them): It leads with the custom-tuned for maximum performance for those companies which require enterprise-grade security and performance. It also includes the following features: 

  • 24*7 availability of chat and emails
  • 100% uptime guarantee
  • Enterprise-grade DDoS protection with network prioritization
  • Role-based account access
  • Up to 10M image resizing requests
  • WAF with unlimited custom rulesets
  • Access to raw logs
  • Access to account audit logs
  • Named solution and customer success engineers
  • 100-page rules are included
  • Multiple custom SSL certificate uploads
  • Access to China data centers 

StackPath vs Cloudflare: Pros and Cons

StackPath Pros:

  • Offers robust CDN and edge computing solutions with low latency.
  • Advanced DDoS protection, WAF (Web Application Firewall), and edge rules.
  • Flexible configurations and custom edge rules to tailor services to specific needs.
  • Round-the-clock customer support to assist with any issues.

StackPath Cons:

  • This can be more expensive compared to other CDNs, especially for small businesses.
  • While strong in some regions, it may not have as extensive a network as some competitors.

Cloudflare Pros:

  • Offers a generous free plan that includes CDN, basic security, and performance features.
  • Extensive network with data centres in numerous locations worldwide, ensuring fast content delivery.
  • User-friendly interface and straightforward setup process.
  • Comprehensive security features, including DDoS protection, SSL/TLS encryption, and a WAF.

Cloudflare Cons:

  • Advanced features and enterprise-level services can be expensive.
  • Limited support options for free and lower-tier plans.


✅ Is StackPath compatible with Cloudflare?

Cloudflare DNS records can be modified to point to StackPath CDN/WAF. This can be accomplished by StackPath DNS (whether the nameservers have already been migrated) or by the new DNS provider if StackPath DNS is not being used. Adjust the WWW subdomain record to be a CNAME Record that resolves to the given Edge Address.

✨ Is CDN the way of the future?

The content distribution network (CDN) business was worth USD 9.24 billion in 2018 and is projected to hit USD 38.97 billion by 2024, growing at a 27.30 percent compound annual growth rate (CAGR) (2019-2024).

🔥 What is the abbreviation CDN?

A CDN (Content Delivery Network) is a highly dispersed network of servers that minimizes loading times for web pages by reducing the physical gap between the site and the customer. This enables consumers worldwide to access the same high-quality content without experiencing long loading times.

🤦‍♀️ Is StackPath Good?

Their dependability and uptime have been outstanding. StackPath provides a world-class CDN for applications with a dynamic design. Thanks to the extreme pace offered, high FPS gaming is feasible. Each CDN caching server will significantly increase the system's overall productivity.

😆 Does Cloudflare use AWS?

Cloudflare helps you keep your website safe. It also makes it fast and reliable. You can put Cloudflare on AWS and it will work well with your security, performance, and load balancing needs.

🫤 Is CloudFlare the best CDN?

Cloudflare is one of the most popular CDN providers for people who blog, small businesses, and professionals. It has a free plan with no limit on bandwidth. So that makes it one of the best free CDN providers for WordPress. Cloudflare has more than 180 data centers around the world.

😑 What is StackPath used for?

StackPath is a company that provides both infrastructure as a service and applications. It is closer to the end-users than other solutions from hyper-scale, core cloud providers.

👇 Is Cloudflare faster?

Cloudflare is the fastest cloud network for web applications. Faster speeds are better for business, because it means that people will be able to use their website easily. Faster speeds also mean that more people will want to use your website, and it will be easy to find your website in search engines.

👍 Is StackPath Cdn free?

StackPath wants to make it easy to figure out how much you will pay. They have plans from $10/m to $2000/m. There are no long-term contracts and all plans include free SSL, WAF, and DDoS protection. Sign up is easy too! You do not need to talk with a sales representative.

🧐 How does StackPath CDN work?

The StackPath CDN stores your website content in different locations. They are close to people who want to use your website. This way, the CDN will have what it needs for people in that area, and they can go online easier.

👀 What is StackPath WAF?

The StackPath WAF offers protection against Application Layer (Layer 7) DDoS. This type of attack is done in bursts and can be not be volumetric. The WAF uses multiple techniques to detect and mitigate incoming attacks. The protection is always active, even if the WAF is on Monitor mode.

Is Stackpath a CDN?

🌟 StackPath is a provider of cloud computing and services that are set up in densely populated areas. If you're looking for CDN's, VPNs, or even your own edge clouds - they have the solutions to suit what you need!

🚀 What is MaxCDN?

MaxCDN delivers what they say with a speedy network and industry-leading features. MaxCDN will speed up your website, reduce server load, offer instant purge and provisioning, full API integration for GitHub access to settings or content updates remotely from the command line on their new site using NodeJS libs like Express & React Router.

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Conclusion: StackPath vs Cloudflare | Which One Is Better??

If you are looking for speed, StackPath is obviously the best choice for security features.

Cloudflare also offers good security features, but StackPath provides better security and a one-month free trial for testing its services. It’s worth trying out StackPath due to its free trial offer.

While Cloudflare offers an unlimited free plan, it only provides very basic and unimpressive performance. On the other hand, StackPath offers quality speed and security at a reasonable price, making it the better choice in our opinion.

I hope StackPath vs Cloudflare comparison suits your purpose well and if you liked the post then kindly share it on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. 

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  1. I don’t even know how Cloudflare is free. It’s super easy to use, but it feels a little expensive because of the quality and power behind it. I’ve been using this for years now and my website has never been hacked once. Plus, it offers a ton of nifty features that I love Best CDN out there.
    The content was really interesting as well as relevant.
    It also didn’t seem spammy which is good considering most people are suspicious when surfing ads.

  2. I had my blog on WordPress, but it would take me about 6-10 minutes to load… I’ve been using StackPath for years. It’s easy to get started… I know that when I’m in a bind with site loading times, my path is clear: Switch over to StackPath and enjoy the fast speeds!

  3. There is no facility for the customization of time zones and it runs under UTC. StackPath offers no support to Brotli. It offers no free version and you are required to use the credit card for the trial version although many other CDN systems provide partial services free of cost. It assists only internet protocol (IP) version 4.

  4. It is clear as daylight that StackPath is a better choice because of their cheaper price and the superior features like speed and security they offer.
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  5. I have a lot of experience with both providers and I’m definitely recommending StackPath. From my personal experience, this is the better choice for almost everyone. Cloudflare just doesn’t measure up to what they offer. Security-wise, you can’t beat them because that’s their biggest selling point. Their networks are always around 1 gigabyte but sometimes when checking my data usage on Cloudflare they would show me 6 gigabytes which is quite annoying as well plus during peak hours the speeds drop significantly which sucks because I pay for 20 mbps and never get it!
    Nitpicking aside, either one will work if you’re looking for something free or cheap but if security is top priority to you then StackPath should be your first choice.

  6. I love it! I love this app. I always worry about protection and security for my devices, especially with everything going on in the world today. Not only do they have a great service that just works, but they’re very thorough and up to date with what’s happening out there as well! They do offer other services as well if you need them which is pretty good because then you can be more customized and personalize your choices rather than use all of their defaults – which isn’t bad by any means either, since those are top 3rd party standards too so not everyone needs to go out of their way. All in all, this app is easy-to-use, trustworthy, dependable protection against software vulnerabilities without having to manually configure.

  7. I can say that CloudFlare is the best application to improve your website performance!!
    The CDN feature is really helpful, I have able to upscale up the website speed within just seconds, it just works amazing, and it’s free. The Analytics Dashboard it provides is just awesome to understand the monthly data and bandwidth usage by the website and scale up the site and optimize it. It also has a dashboard to see the Browser Insights and a just of how fast is the website in development mode and in real time.

  8. Stackpath has no capacity for the personalization of the time zones and it operates under UTC. There is no support delivered by StackPath to Brotli. There is no free of cost version of Stackpath and it is mandatory to employ the credit card to use the testing version even though various other content delivery network systems give access to limited services freely. It aids only a single internet protocol (IP) version 4.

  9. CloudFlare speeds up your website and protects it from security threats.
    According to CloudFlare, on average a website using CloudFlare loads twice as fast, uses 60% less bandwidth.
    CloudFlare’s cheapest CDN plan is 0.00 per month which means free! CloudFlare has so far made more than millions of websites across the globe faster and safer!

  10. StackPath is an incredible decision for sites that need particular confirmation and following. There are no mysterious charges and the value framework is flexible. WPBeginne, BuySellAds, 9gag, WPLift, The Next Web, and other standard sites use StackPath CDN.

    StackPath is a more secure decision than WordPress, which is normal since it’s anything but a lot of traffic.

  11. Cloudflare is a converse intermediary, which suggests it was planned considering encryption yet has essentially improved the speed of sites. Thus, Cloudflare is not, at this point simply respectable security against malware assaults and a shrewd CDN. StackOverflow, FounderLY, CodeGuard, Montecito Bank, and a large number of different sites are among the most noticeable Cloudflare clients.

  12. Cloudflare is a reverse proxy that has been designed with encryption in mind and has significantly improved the speed of websites.

    The performance of Cloudfare is great and the customer support is also quite impressive, they helped me with every issue I faced

  13. So I’ve only used the free version of the service, but I love how it has improved my security.
    -Cloudflare offers protection against many kinds of malware, spyware and even DDOS attacks. When I first started using them I was tired of constantly updating JAVA or virus definitions so that my computer would be protected against all these threats.
    -Their secure server includes automatic mitigation rules associated with DDoS attacks to ensure that website uptime is maintained which improves their reputation as well as company credibility. With Cloudflare, there are no more antivirus software updates subscriptions because they provide security for your device without any effort on your part besides having an Internet connection which saves me time and money!

  14. StackPath provides comprehensive and great performance for content distribution and it has a unified web app firewall and DDoS moderation. It keeps things simple, clear and reasonable. StackPath is developer-friendly permitting complete provision and a fully-documented API. StackPath offers small as well as larger file delivery. WordPress and many other content management systems have powerful integration with StackPath. This tool is extremely instinctive and the set-up process is very easy.

  15. StackPath is the best solution for websites that need specialized authentication and tracking. There are no secret fees or pricing system, which means that it’s easier to know what you’re paying for when you sign up with them. It also means that your price point won’t change over time because the costs depend on how much bandwidth you use.

  16. StackPath is an incredible tool that operates easily and gives extensive and vast performance for the delivery of content. It has an incorporated network application firewall and DDoS control.

    Stackpath is a very basic, comprehensive, friendly, and practical tool that empowers full support and completely documented API. StackPath allows easy and strong integration with WordPress and numerous other content management networks.
    I’m surely to recommend this !!

  17. StackPath CDN is easy to set up and manage, with quality reporting and simple integration with StackPath’s Web Application Firewall and DNS products. It is highly economical and affordable. It has a free trial available too. It offers high-performance content delivery with exceptional security for the shared data. It is an amazing developer-friendly tool.

  18. StackPath has a total reach in 21 cities of 9 countries around the world. The most connected regions are in North America with 14 network connections, followed by Europe with 8 connections. Then there are 5 connections in Asia (excluding China) and the least at Latin America and Oceania with 2 network connections each. Other than that, it has no network connections in Russia, China, Middle East and Africa. As Cloudflare StackPath is also inbuilt into WP engine web hosting for free. Hence this engine is a good choice but when you are planning to choose MAXCDN as a CDN provider.

  19. StackPath has 21 connections to the cloud that are spread into nine countries, 12 states and counting! Using StackPath becomes super easy as it is both Cloudflare-integrated at WP engine web hosting but also Cloudflare-connected as a CDN provider for this WordPress website.

  20. Cloudflare is good for companies looking to protect themselves from malware, hackers, and anyone trying to tamper with your website. Cloudflare offers a variety of packages to choose from that are competitively priced. The package I selected was one that would grow as my business grew. That became an option early on in the process, so it seemed like a great opportunity. As far as comparing prices across CDN providers go — thus far Cloudflare has been the best deal I could find. Cloudflare’s pricing model really suits entrepreneurs who have just started their first business or small businesses who are still growing but want peace of mind when it comes to security options – plus, don’t forget about how much faster your site will load!

  21. As many of us know, Cloudflare offers web hosting for free with its services. Additionally, it has partnered with StackPath to integrate the CDN feature included within its feature set. With this integration, they become a more practical option than ever before.

    StackPaths 9 countries show that there is global reach and stability behind its service offering — not just in one country or area but globally so pay attention if you are looking for stability!

  22. My favourite thing about StackPath is its reliability. I never have to worry about my website going offline or timeouts because of this company. They really take great care of their customers and make a good product even better by adding Cloudflare integration as a default for free, unlike other competitors who charge extra for it.

  23. StackPath is a high-quality service with security features that are perfect for the needs of smaller websites. I’ve been hosting my website on it for nearly five years without noticing any issues! It has simple pricing, which means you don’t have to worry about hidden fees or extra costs popping up unexpectedly. The one downside is that there aren’t many packages to choose from, but if want something quick and easy then StackPath could be just what you’re looking for!

  24. I’ve been using stack path and it performs very well. The connection is fast and the support team is always available to chat. I think this product does an excellent job for sites that don’t see huge loads of traffic, but if you’re looking for something more robust or who do sites with high traffic volume, you should definitely look elsewhere because this package just doesn’t cut the mustard.

  25. Stackpath software has no issue integrating with your system and is a highly recommended solution for gamers. The software features a full and uncompromised uptime SLA and helps to minimize the server load.
    Stackpath enjoys easy integration with WordPress and several other content management systems.
    Stackpath offers valuable CDN analytics in real-time, full API, instant purge and provisioning facilities, GitHub integration, instant SSL feature etc. Users of this software will benefit from real-time reporting. The software is highly intuitive and is easy to set-up.

  26. StackPath is a safer choice than WordPress, which is expected because it can draw a large amount of traffic. It previously purchased MaxCDN, which has more WordPress setup options, making it a better fit for the WordPress page. One thing that draws attention from the competition is the sleek interface and quick activation time that StackPath offers its customers. Pricing and other features are adjustable so businesses who use WordPress will find it suitable as well to purchase plans accordingly.


    I’ve never felt so protected before taking my business online. StackPath is so reliable, it always has our backs whenever there are issues arising with the reliability and speed of your website. What makes me appreciate these guys even more than they already are, is the fact that this service is SO affordable! I honestly don’t think I could’ve found a better offer out there. It works well for all types of traffic GEOs as well which you don’t see every day in this competitive market. From time to time we have some minor downtime but for an unbeatable price nothing can be too bad now can it? In conclusion, StackPath has covered everything to anything concern related about hosting.

  28. I signed up for Cloudflare after experiencing WiFi’ing issues with numerous shared, public hotspots. I was worried about the service slowing down my internet connection or forcing me to pay more than I already do though my carrier. Boy, no need. The first time that I used the network bad signal strength never caused a hiccup in speed – pages loaded quickly and everything was buttery-smooth scrolling, even on sites like Facebook which are notoriously slow at loading animations.

  29. First and foremost, I can say with confidence that there is no other service like Stackpath on the marketplace. After using it for a little while, I’ve found out this is not just one of those solutions you use to protect your servers from hackers or else. Yes, they do that but more than that, they actually help me balance my load-balancing systems better! They took care of mitigations ways before we even got usernames and passwords stolen by some despicable individual! Well worth every penny!!

  30. When all the networks go down, you still have StackPath! It is a host of CDNs and if one goes down then it only reduces the bandwidth, not your content. In addition, when coupled with any web hosting provider, including WP engine for free or MAXCDN, paid service- people will be more likely to stay with their current company because this backup works no matter what even if problems arise from other network providers.

  31. Do you find your website slowing down at random points? Traffic spikes causing lagging when you didn’t think it was possible to lag anymore? If so, StackPath is the improved solution for faster speed even in heavy loading periods.

    StackPath is a one-stop solution for all of these cyber security problems. With an easy installation process–no additional plugins or setup required–websites can be up and running with StackPath within minutes!

  32. StackPath is an incredible tool that operates easily and gives extensive and vast performance for the delivery of content. It has an incorporated network application firewall and DDoS control. Stackpath is a very basic, comprehensive, friendly, and practical tool that empowers full support and a completely documented API. StackPath allows easy and strong integration with WordPress and numerous other content management networks. Stackpath is tremendously intuitive and allows a very simple and trouble-free procedure for set-up.

  33. I’m hesitant to say that Cloudflare is “easy” but it probably depends on what you mean by easy. The installation of the plugin was painless and WooCommerce integration, although a paid extension, solved all the problems I had with WooCommerce stability issues. Once installed it works automatically so there’s no need for managing between different plugins or pages from your dashboard. That being said, if you have any difficultyJack B. White
    understanding how it actually does anything then this may not be an option for you or vice versa if a general WordPress junkie like me would find less interference beneficial to my day-to-day process of going through pages and installing plugins on new websites.

  34. Cloudflare is easy-to-use and provides loads of features, great security, and effective website optimisations, not to mention a huge global network which reaches areas other CDNs often miss. That makes it a must for your performance boosting shortlist.
    All in one great thing!

  35. This cloud computing company has 21 country locations worldwide. The most connections in North America with 14, followed by Europe which has 8. With 5 connections in Asia (excluding China), Latin America and Oceania each have 2 network connections. Russia, China, Middle East and Africa lack any connection to StackPath. As Cloudflare Stackpath is also a free integrated service it’s a good choice for when you are looking at WP engine hosting as well when choosing MAXCDN CDN provider since MAXCDN integrates with Stackpath.

  36. Cloudflare is a very effective and good service for webmaster to provide their website with security.

    It has an impressive history of enhancing the speeds of site loading times, while still maintaining protection against common threats like malware attacks. It’s also incredibly easy to use on any website or blog and does not require much technical know-how at all, due in part to its comprehensive set of free features. Cloudflare is a popular choice among small churches and nonprofit organizations that haven’t yet had the money necessary for expensive CDN programs or WordPress plugins; its a high degree of customization suits users who want total control over every aspect of their sites’ security without too many confusing options popping up when they’re browsing within settings pages.

  37. Cloudflare Cdn is obviously better than the others. The CDN highlight is truly useful, I have ready to upscale up the site speed under 1s from 10s, it simply works stunning, and it’s free. The Analytics Dashboard it gives is only wonderful to comprehend the month to month information and data transmission utilization by the site and scale up the site and improve it.

  38. I was excited when I found out that Cloudflare actually blocked literally any malicious bot attack, I have seen in my life. It doesn’t care what the severity is either, they are blocking it. This has really improved my business’s Twitter feed because you can never be too careful with your network, so THANK YOU so much Cloudflare for taking these precautions. This allows me to sleep at night knowing there are people out there who want to do everything they can to make sure every company and individual is safe from harm!

  39. Cloudflare is the world’s number one internet security company and it’s easy to see why. Its two-tiered caching system, which takes up less disk space than other CDN providers, is perfect for any website, but especially those with images. It’s also fast, with speeds up to 400% faster than other CDNs.

  40. Protect your website.
    Cloudflare and StackPath both have their own advantages, but Cloudflare is easier to set up (and will work for most people). Overall, it’s more intuitive to use and has a cleaner interface than StackPath. It will cost you less money over time because setup is free, hidden fees are eliminated, price plans are simple, and the CDN improves loading times on your site. If you run a big or popular website where customers often ask what kind of protection you’re using or if they can sign up for that in addition to another provider’s security suite too for better coverage – this company might be worth looking into!

  41. I’ve been using Cloudflare from its early days because I knew that a reliable content delivery network for my website was a must. And the plugin is incredibly easy to use! When it first launched, all you had to do was install the plugin and click “Get Started,” but now if your site needs customized settings you can find them in Cloudflare Dashboard. It offers an array of different features, including advanced rate limiting solutions for services like Shopify e-commerce stores and protections from DDoS attacks by stopping at Layer 4/7 attacks. The service even makes sure that any visitors coming from various parts of the world have a satisfactory visitor experience by assessing their distance from our servers located around the globe.

  42. StackPath CDN is so easy to set up and manage, with quality reporting and simple integration with StackPath’s Web Application Firewall and DNS products.
    It is highly useful and affordable. It has a free trial available too. It offers superb performance content delivery with an up to the mark security for the shared data. It is an amazing developer friendly tool!!

  43. I have used the services of Cloudflare for many months in order to backup my site from being hacked. There were a lot of problems with it and they never seemed to get fixed. I realized that this was too slow for me so I decided to give StackPath a shot as well! It provides users like me with much better protection than Cloudflare and at a faster rate also!

  44. “I switched to Cloudflare after my site got hacked 3 times in one year. When I changed over, it was a seamless process and the auto-mitigation rules they have really make me feel safe.”
    “I’m not paying for extra security from any other company to protect my site–Cloudflare is easy!”

  45. Cloudflare is the perfect security solution for any person who wants to keep their data and information safe. Protect your site and information from hackers and cyber-attacks with Cloudflave’s 16 years worth of experience in this industry! It doesn’t matter if you’re a small business or large company, they will make sure that your site never goes under attack again. With features like combating denial of service (DOS) attacks, getting rid of malicious bots, such as IoT devices or mobile ransomware through machine learning protection systems – it’s easy to see why every internet user out there would want this service.

  46. Cloudflare is much better than Bulletproof Hosting. Cloudflare’s DDoS protection and security always work perfectly, unlike when I went with them and my site got hacked. If you want a good hosting company go with Cloudflare because they’re really well worth it! The price is…well, for me not bad at all considering the peace of mind that comes with knowing my website’s protected.

  47. This is not like an antivirus like there are for computers. It’s more complex than that, it is to do with our digital footprint. It does more than protect you against different attacks or potential vulnerabilities in the web architecture by also having your back when DDoS attacks happen (Distributed Denial of Service). They help service providers and websites like Cloudflare on how they can prevent any damage from happening to their sites. The system helps them succeed so they don’t have any downtime whatsoever.

  48. I love StackPath because it’s the best option. Trust me I did a lot of research and this is the only one that didn’t make my computer slow as heck at least. You guys should really try them out too, they have such amazing prices also so it won’t be hard to afford if you don’t want to give away your bank account information for something like these services. Super safe and fast VPN server which has unlimited bandwidth what more could you ever want?

  49. If you’re looking for a CDN that offers no hidden fees and customizable pricing, than look no further than StackPath! There is a trend in the kind of websites using StackPath: it can handle more traffic-intensive pages like WPBeginner. It also comes with the best WordPress compatibility out of any CDN provider!

  50. Cloudflare has been around for quite some time. It’s considered one of the best CDN providers out there, with tons of features that are included in their free package. What sets Cloudflare apart is the fact it provides globally distributed data centers to minimize latency and protect your site from malware attacks.

  51. I was nervous when I see how much traffic came into my site and well, I need protection. Luckily for me, Cloudflare had a plan right at the time that was necessary. It has been close to six months now and well… thank goodness because if it wasn’t for this service, my business would’ve gone out the window faster than I can say. Everyone who comes in gets compliments about how pretty and professional looking it is too! Definitely recommend!!!

  52. Cloudflare is a company that designs and deploys CDN and DNS, so every time your browser requests a connection to domains like StackOverflow, FounderLY, CodeGuard or Montecito Bank. If you want to try out a free CDN program Cloudflare is the way to go.
    Cloudflare is a reverse proxy that encrypts details and speeds up the website with its CDN. This free security measure offers many options for you to try an easy-to-install, free CDN program.

  53. I start using Cloudflare a little over a year ago and it has improved the security of my website almost immediately, since then I have had absolutely NO trouble with hackers or bots. It’s been great for me because it is affordable and they don’t limit you on your bandwidth, which was what had put me off of Cloudflare in the first place! NO MORE OUTAGES THANKS TO CLOUDFLARE!!!
    If you’re looking to protect yourself from those pesky bad guys that always want to steal your information or just plain ol’ attack then give them a try! You’ll be glad that you did.

  54. Cloudflare is great! Not only do they offer a guarantee to handle any DDoS, it also protects your website against spam. For just $5 per month, you can cover the d’oh and laughs that come with trying to keep up with today’s shenanigans online.

  55. StackPath got a bad rap years ago due to some security issues. They’ve since cleared their name by adding more resources and taking things seriously. The team behind this internet service is continually innovating, which I think is why it’s so good at its job in comparison to others in the industry. One of my favourite features was cost-saving because for what you get, it beats everything else out there when pricing out monthly packages.

  56. “I’ve used both services and StackPath has been more reliable,” reports user John Smith. ” Cloudflare may have an unlimited free plan which comes under very basic unimpressive performance. As compared to StackPath, which offers quality speed and security at a minimum price due to which we think StackPath is a better choice.”

  57. Cloudflare can protect your website from being hacked, or retaliate against hackers for you. It’s like having access to a highly-sharpened sword that is wielded by experts and then handing it over to the people who have helped design the weapon.

  58. StackPath is an intriguing, if not alluring choice for websites that demand customized user tracking and authentication. WPBeginner, BuySellAds, 9gag and other leading web platforms rely on StackPath’s CDN.
    Cloudflare might offer better protection against malware attacks, but it has slowed down the speed of websites. A reverse proxy made with encryption in mind may have delayed Cloudflare from providing anything else than decent security–but this does not come close to describing how swift Cloudflare can be as a CDN!

  59. As a user, I am very pleased with this company. I use it for protection against DDoS attacks and here my experience has been phenomenal. If you have someone trying to take your website offline by spewing content in the form of such an attack at you then just sign yourself up for Cloudflare and laugh because they can’t touch you then. The power of their servers is really something else as well, given how quickly those two high-level attacks were mitigated!

  60. There are only a few CDN providers out there, and Cloudflare is one of them. I can’t say that they’re the best (I haven’t used many), but I’ve never had any issues with their service. The free plan comes with unlimited bandwidth which is awesome if you want to do some testing out. And it’s not just for small businesses either–Cloudflare has clients like Google, StackOverflow, Microsoft, Kaspersky Lab, Caspersoft among others.

  61. Have you encountered a problem with your WordPress blog? Many blogs have been infected by hackers who insert malware into the site. If you use StackPath, that won’t happen to you! It’s designed specifically for websites that need specialized authentication and tracking. The prices are adjustable and there aren’t any secret fees- WPBeginner, BuySellAds, 9gag, WPLift all use StackPath CDN. They also previously purchased MaxCDN so they can provide better installation options when it comes to WordPress setups.

  62. StackPath fulfills our advanced requirements and is a highly secured cloud service. It protects us from DDoS and bot attacks and helps us in saving bandwidth. Its pricing module is very simple and clear and helps us in choosing the best product for our organization.
    I love how easily they integrate with existing web frameworks / platforms

  63. StackPath is a complete cloud platform that gives developers an unprecedented edge over others.
    It provides complete control with access and transparency through its robust APIs and real-time reporting.
    It comes with built-in security such as DDoS mitigation. You get a 1-month free trial and it has a simple and fair pricing structure.
    Superb tool!!

  64. Cloudflare is an excellent choice for websites that need robust and powerful protection against malware attacks. The website loading speeds increase significantly, and the site owners don’t have to worry about hidden fees.
    Unlike some of its major competitors on the market, Cloudflare doesn’t just do decent CDN; it makes everything faster without any unexpected charges. That’s what sets this company apart from other cybersecurity providers in recent years who charge more while providing less.

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