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Squarespace Statistics 2024: Facts, and Figures You’ve Never Heard Before! 📈

One of the most popular website developers on the Internet is Squarespace. It comes with an easy-to-use website builder & a sophisticated analytics tool.

Squarespace is a popular platform that empowers users to create stunning websites without the need for coding skills. Let’s delve into the fascinating world of website creation, exploring key insights and trends.

Discover how many websites are built on Squarespace, the industries it serves, and the impact it has on online presence.

The following Squarespace statistics can assist you in learning more about the company.

Statistic Value 
Unique Subscriptions  Over 4.2 million
Revenue in Q2 2023 $247.5 million (16% YoY growth)
Website Views  Nearly 120 million in three months
Annual Revenue Run Rate  $754.2 million
Full-time Employees  1,261
Active E-commerce Sites  285,221
Anthony Casalena’s Net Worth  $1.6 billion
International Customers  Reached 1 million Ranking  754th globally, 482nd in the U.S.
New Users  Over 119,518 globally
Unique Subscriptions Increase (2022 to 2023) Increased by 3% YoY
Company Valuation (Projected into 2024) Over $10 billion

Statistics, Trends, and Facts About Squarespace


  • In 2003,  Squarespace, which is a website builder, was launched by a student from the University of Maryland.
  • The organization now employs over 1,100 people across multiple sites.
  • In 2020, Squarespace eCommerce platforms had a 7% market share in the United States.
  • The corporation has a global market share of 10.9 percent.
  • In 2019, Squarespace paid $162 million on advertising.
  • A subscription plan is used by 3.79 million Squarespace users.
  • In roughly ten minutes, users may construct a Squarespace website & link a Google Analytics account.
  • 1 out of every 5 Squarespace websites utilizes Google analytic tools to observe their online success.
  • The company’s website, which provides accessibility to the Squarespace app, is the second most popular website built with the platform.
  • Squarespace offers a mobile app that you may download.
  • It can be used to paste a Google Analytics code, edit a blog post content, or change the layout of a template.
  • The Facebook Pixel tracking ID is used by about 23,000 Squarespace websites to access analytics.
  • According to statistics, 99.3 percent of online retailers hosted by the Squarespace system use UPS to deliver their items.
  • Squarespace has acquired Unfold, a firm that enables users to produce viral content quickly utilizing pre-made template patterns.
  • Over 4.2 million unique subscriptions as of early 2023.
  • Presence in over 200 countries and territories.
  • 3.79 million total users.
  • 70.7% of users are from the U.S.
  • $867 million in revenue for 2022.
  • Q2 2023 revenue of $247.5 million, a 16% YoY growth.
  • 71.8% of total revenue comes from the U.S.
  • Operating expenses were $482.59 million in 2020.
  • Income in the U.S. has grown by 25.38% since 2019.
  • $621.15 million earned in 2020.
  • The annual revenue run rate is $754.2 million as of May 11, 2023.
  • 1800 employees globally.
  • Founded in 2003, went live in 2004.
  • Significant user base growth and market expansion over the years.
  • UPS is the leading courier for Squarespace e-commerce sites, used by 99.3%.
  • Facebook Pixel tracking ID is used by an estimated 23,000 sites.
  • Arts & Entertainment is the top product category among Squarespace stores.

Statistics on WordPress vs Squarespace

  • Squarespace is responsible for 1.7 percent of all websites on the internet.
  • WordPress, on the other hand, is the most used content management system in the world, powering 42.5 percent of all websites.
  • In general, a WordPress site receives 10 times the number of unique visits as a Squarespace site.
  • Both the WordPress & Squarespace platforms hand out free Android and iOS apps for updating content on the go.
  • One percent of the top 1,000 websites use the Squarespace platform.
  • Every second WordPress website, on the other hand, is among the top 1,000 websites. In the last 10 years, the percentage of websites that utilize the Squarespace website builder has climbed by 0.7 percent.
  • The WordPress site launch, on the other hand, was more rapid.
  • In the previous 10 years, for example, the market value of WordPress sites has climbed by 30%.
  • The official WordPress site has a global rank of 116, compared to 1,420 for Squarespace.

Statistics About Squarespace’s Market Share

Client invoices

  • In Singapore, Squarespace has a 24 percent market share.
  • In Australia, the Squarespace site builder platform has a 19 percent market share.
  • In Denmark and Norway, Squarespace has only 8 percent of the site builder market.
  • Squarespace has a 10 percent market share in Indonesia, as per Squarespace stats and analytics.
  • Squarespace has a 5% market share in Sweden & the United Kingdom.
  • Accounts for 1.7% of all websites on the Internet.
  • 4th most widely used CMS with a 3-4% market share.
  • Nearly 120 million website views were made in three months in 2023.
  • Valued at over $10 billion.

Statistics About Squarespace’s Traffic

  • According to recent SEO metrics, the Squarespace website has a 50 percent bounce rate.
  • Squarespace receives 30 million unique browsers each month.
  • On average, an individual spends 4:40 on a site and looks at five different pages.
  • With 55 percent of all unique website visitors, the United States is the most popular traffic source.
  • Google, the most widely used search engine, accounts for 20% of all traffic. It’s organic to the tune of 89 percent. According to analytics, the company’s name is among the top four search phrases of all time.
  • Social media accounts for roughly 3% of all users.
  • Display advertising accounts for 1% of total traffic. YouTube is the most popular medium for ad distribution.
  • Squarespace’s official website is visited by 38% of users directly.

Subscriber & Revenue Statistics for Squarespace

Made with Squarespace

  • In 2020, Squarespace had $620 million in revenue.
  • In 2020, the business spent $420 million on operating costs.
  • 3.79 million individuals joined up for a Squarespace personal plan in 2020.
  • The United States accounts for 70.7 percent of Squarespace users.
  • For each user that signs up for a Squarespace membership, Squarespace earns an average of $190 per year.
  • Squarespace-based websites with E-commerce capability generated 3.9 billion dollars in sales in 2020, a 91.18 percent increase over the previous year.
  • 92% of Q2 2022 revenue from subscriptions.
  • 70% of subscriptions are annual; 30% are monthly.

Squarespace Statistics’ Future

  • In 2020, marketing efforts and sales will account for more than 50% of the company’s profit margin.
  • According to Squarespace’s metrics & data, the number of websites launched with the company’s website builder app grows by 2% per month on average.
  • The Wix versus Squarespace statistics show that Wix outperforms Squarespace, its main competitor, in terms of market share growth.
  • Wix is currently ranked third on the market, trailing WordPress and Shopify.
  • According to SEO data, 1.4 million individuals search for Squarespace every month, leaving companies like Weebly & Webflow in the dust.


🌐 Which industries commonly use Squarespace for website building?

Squarespace caters to a wide range of industries, including but not limited to e-commerce, photography, design, hospitality, and professional services.

💻 What are some key features of Squarespace websites?

Squarespace websites offer intuitive drag-and-drop editing, professionally designed templates, built-in e-commerce capabilities, mobile responsiveness, SEO tools, analytics, and 24/7 customer support.

💡 What are the benefits of using Squarespace for online businesses?

Benefits of using Squarespace include ease of use, professional design options, built-in e-commerce functionality, reliable hosting, mobile optimization, and access to marketing tools for promoting businesses online.

📊 Can Squarespace websites be optimized for search engines (SEO)?

Yes, Squarespace provides tools and features to optimize websites for search engines, including customizable URLs, meta tags, image alt text, XML sitemaps, and integrations with Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

🚀 How customizable are Squarespace templates?

Squarespace templates offer a high level of customization, allowing users to modify layouts, colors, fonts, and content to suit their brand identity and preferences. Advanced users can also leverage CSS and JavaScript for additional customization.

⏰ What is the average time it takes to build a website on Squarespace?

The time it takes to build a website on Squarespace varies depending on factors such as the complexity of the design, the amount of content, and the user's familiarity with the platform. However, many users can create a basic website within a few hours to a few days.

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Conclusion: Squarespace Statistics 2024

Despite its inability to compete with the market’s heavyweight, WordPress, Squarespace remains one of the most popular website builders.

Its intuitive design tools, professional templates, and integrated features empower users to build stunning websites with ease.

While it competes strongly in the website-building market, some limitations exist, such as fewer third-party integrations. Nonetheless, Squarespace continues to evolve, offering reliable hosting, mobile optimization, and robust SEO capabilities.

With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features, Squarespace remains a top choice for individuals and businesses seeking an impactful online presence.

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