Spreaker Review 2024 🚀 Is It The Best Podcast Hosting?

Spreaker Review

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To host a podcast effectively, you'll need dependable software like Spreaker. After doing an in-depth analysis, we determined that Spreaker is one of the finest choices accessible. The website includes all of the tools necessary to manage your podcasts.

Out of 10


  • Free version Available
  • Overall positive reviews
  • Digestible analytics that helps set you apart from the competition
  • Easy to transfer over from another podcast host
  • Record New Episode
  • Live Stream


  • You can only enable the monetization program if you are in a paid plan.
  • Somewhat limited customer service


Price: $ 120

Looking for an unbiased Spreaker Review, you are at the right place.

Starting a podcast is a lot of work. You have to record episodes, find guests, and then figure out where to host them.

Not only is it time-consuming to start a podcast, but it can also be difficult to know which platform is the best for you. There are many hosts available, each with its own set of pros and cons.

Spreaker is a great podcast host because it offers many features that other platforms don’t, such as unlimited storage space and the ability to embed your episodes on your website. In addition, Spreaker makes it easy for listeners to find your show by listing it in Apple Podcasts and other directories.

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🚀 Bottom Line Upfront :

Professional podcasters will appreciate Spreaker’s simple monetization capabilities and the option to broadcast several podcasts on a single account. As with monetization, Spreaker is pushing the envelope and bringing in cutting-edge features. As an example, they’ve made monetization simple for podcasters of all sizes by integrating programmatic advertising, quick dynamic ad insertion, and other features.

Podcasters may use Spreaker’s AdHub to expand their audience. For example, podcasters may submit an audio ad to promote their program and then choose a budget and target demographic, and then it will be dynamically added.

Individuals may distribute podcasts across a wide range of platforms, including Apple, Amazon Alexa, Spotify, iHeartRadio and more, using Spreaker’s One-Click Distribution feature. If you don’t want to pay a monthly membership fee, you may access the service for free.

Spreaker Review on Trustpilot

Spreaker Review

Spreaker Review: What is Spreaker?

Speaker Coupon Code- Overview

CEO Francesco Baschieri, Rocco Zanni, and Marco Pracucci started Spreaker in 2010. Spreaker is an all-in-one tool for audio makers and has its headquarters in New York City. One of the many things that can be done with Spreaker is the creation and distribution of podcasts. Additionally, the podcast software includes opportunities for revenue as well as statistics for the listeners.

This podcast host is not the most popular platform out of all the podcast hosting software that is now accessible. Simplecast, Buzzsprout, and other similar services are becoming prominent in the sector.

Whatever the case may be, audio producers from all over the United States and the rest of the globe use Spreaker as a host platform. The podcasting platform has received overwhelmingly positive feedback, whether from inexperienced users or seasoned professionals.

Spreaker is comprised of two complementary yet distinct products.  The first is the CMS or Content Management System, which is where the bulk of your back-end work will take place. The CMS dashboard manages all of your revenue, distribution, and analytics.

The second option is to use the Spreaker studio application. The companion application for Spreaker is intended to make it simple for content producers to analyze, distribute, publish, and record their podcasts wherever and whenever they choose.

Indeed, the unique in-app capabilities provide complete control in your hands, making it perfect for podcasting on the move.

While you do not need to utilize the studio app, I found it to be very useful and a unique feature among podcast presenters that further distinguishes Spreaker.

✅It’s the Best for Podcasters including All Levels

Spreaker is the ideal option for podcasters who want to expand their show and potentially make money from it. As a speaker, you don’t have to worry about securing sponsors and advertising.

With the right tools, you may convert your pastime into an income source for yourself or for your company. In addition, the user-friendly design makes it simple for novices to use the many features.

Through a huge network of partners, you may access the widest range of platforms for distributing goods and services. The world’s best podcasting applications may be added to your podcast with a single click.

💥 Various Products Offered by Spreaker

1. Podcast App:

Their podcast app is ideal for downloading and listening to your favorite podcasts.

Podcast app- spreaker review

The Spreaker Podcast Player application puts saving your favourites and finding new podcasts, organizing listening lists, and making your customized playlists at your fingertips.

With so many podcasts accessible, it’s critical to choose an application that enables you to tailor your discovery and listening experience.

On Spreaker Podcast Player, you may browse well-selected channels and create custom playlists for yourself. Additionally, you may get immediate alerts whenever your favorite podcast releases a new episode!

Features and Benefits of the Podcast Playback App –

Podcast Playback Speed:

The duration of podcasts and the amount of time available for listening are not always compatible. That is why you may change the playing speed settings to shorten the duration of a podcast to fit the time available.

Additionally, if you want to absorb the information, you may slow things down, at your convenience.

Listen through AirPlay and Chromecast:

Due to the Spreaker Podcast Player’s compatibility with Apple’s AirPlay and Chromecast, you can fill your house with the sounds of your favorite podcast. You may use the application as a remote control to listen aloud on any AirPlay or Chromecast-compatible device.

Podcast Sleep Timer:

Without worrying about how long your favorite relaxing podcast will play, drift off to sleep while listening to it. Unwind and relax while you doze off, and the timer will automatically end your episode after the duration you choose.

Download Podcasts:

Wherever you travel, you’ll always have access to your downloaded podcasts. It’s never been simpler or handier to listen to podcasts offline.

2. Podcast Recording App:

Listening Platform - Speaker coupon code

From your laptop, tablet, or phone, the Spreaker Studio application includes everything you need to produce a professional-sounding podcast. Their free podcast software enables you to effortlessly analyze, distribute, publish, and record your podcast from anywhere and at any time.

The innovative in-app features provide complete control in your hands, making it perfect for podcasting on the go.

Record your podcasts professionally in our application’s audio studio. With a single click, you can save and record progress on your episodes and get the sound you want with built-in tools like mic controls and auto-ducking.

Features and Benefits of Podcast Recording App –

  • Download wherever you are:

Spreaker Studio is a podcast creation software for podcasters of various skill levels, from novice to expert. The intuitive interface — accessible on both mobile and desktop – simplifies the process of creating and distributing podcasts.

  • Share effortlessly:

Once you’ve recorded and edited your episode, you may instantly distribute it on all major podcast sites. Our one-tap distribution feature enables you to get found very instantly (Podchaser, iHeartRadio, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and more).

  • Understand your listeners:

On the mobile version of Spreaker Studio, you may see real-time statistics on several episode listening evolutions, geolocation, sources, plays, etc, depending on your plan level. With information at your fingertips, determining who your audience is and how to produce content that connects with them becomes easier.

Additionally, you can always rely on the reliability of their data due to their IAB Tech Lab accreditation.

  • Easily record from afar:

If your guest or co-host is not in the same room as you, you may simply connect through Skype while using Spreaker Studio’s desktop software to record.

With the aid of an extra integration, podcasting together on Skype – although physically apart – is made simple.

  • Engage with listeners live:

One of the most noteworthy features of Spreaker Studio is the simple-to-use live podcast recording capability. If you’re searching for an engaging and unique method to engage with listeners, try going live and interacting directly with fans in Spreaker Studio throughout the show.

  • Easy-to-use editing tools:

It’s never been easier to edit your audio for free. The intuitive design of their applications makes audio editing a snap. Crop and trim your recordings from inside the program, and upload or transfer existing material for editing into new episodes.

  • Professional audio studio:

Record your podcasts professionally in their application’s audio studio. With a single click, you can save and record progress on your episodes and get the sound you want with built-in tools like mic settings and auto-ducking.

3. Enterprise Podcasting:

Spreaker discount coupons-Popular distribution apps for Spreaker

Spreaker is the unmatched podcast technology solution that enables publishers and big dispersed teams to manage their podcasts easily.

Uncover the Ad Exchange’s true potential and begin earning money immediately. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to monetize your inventory; let them fill the void with advertisements from their partners.

Features and Benefits of Enterprise Podcasting –

  • Customizable RSS feeds

With a single click, get access to all major distribution channels and ensure that your listeners can discover you everywhere. Deezer, iHeartRadio, Google, Spotify, and Apple Podcast are just a few of the platforms available.

Additionally, you may simply establish private RSS feeds when you need to share exclusive content with a paid subset of listeners through listening applications.

  • Embeddable and personalized podcast player:

Style their white-label player in a few simple clicks to match your brand look and integrate it into your application or website.

  • Easy to integrate CMS

Their API-based interface may be integrated easily with your existing CMS or Content Managing System.

  • Spreaker Ad Exchange:

If your fill rate is 50 % and 50 % of your inventory remains unsold, you are losing money. Rather than losing out on the opportunity to monetize unsold inventory, let them fill the void by backfilling or filling your content with advertisements from their partners. They can target the appropriate audience due to their collaboration with Nielsen.

  • Harness the power of programmatic advertisements:

Automatically optimize and purchase according to your listeners’ preferences. They can assist you in selling 100 % of your inventory, not only to local markets but also to foreign markets.

  • Traffic your advertisements with their campaign manager:

Their comprehensive platform enables you to monitor, traffic, target, and configure your advertising campaigns. They may be customized and integrated with DSPs via TargetSpot, Triton, and Adswizz. You may utilize injection and dynamic to promote releases, events, and podcasts throughout your network of podcasts.

4. Podcast Analytics:

Podcast Analytics - Speaker coupon Codes

When you host with Spreaker, you get access to a wealth of data on your listeners. You may choose a package that includes the listening sources and downloads you need, as well as geolocation.

The simple-to-read data enables you to learn about your listeners, their origins, and how they consume your content. What’s the greatest part?

Due to their IAB Tech Lab accreditation, you can always depend on their statistics to provide an accurate view of how your podcast is doing in real time.

Features and Benefits of Podcast Analytics –

  • Understanding your episode’s lifespan:

The listening evolution data assist you in determining the lifetime of your episodes. This part of the analytics dashboard displays total downloads and plays for your episodes over time, according to their release date.

This enables you to determine if particular marketing options or topics improved the success of any individual episode.

  • Understanding what they’re using to listen:

Device analytics informs you precisely about the equipment your listeners are using to hear you. Are they using a smartphone, tablet, or computer to listen?

Their device dashboard section has the answers to these questions, as well as a comprehensive overview of desktop options, mobile device types, and OSs.

  • Understanding where they’re listening:

Are you curious about the city or country from where your listeners are listening? In the geolocation area, you can see a detailed breakdown of your listener’s geographics.

  • Understanding how they’re listening:

Their source data informs you of the platform on which your listeners are tuning in. This part of your dashboard indicates whether your listeners are accessing your content through Spreaker’s mobile and website applications, YouTube, iHeartRadio, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or the integrated widget on your website.

Additionally, it indicates which external platform is the most popular for listening to your podcast.

  • Understanding your following as a creator:

How popular is your Spreaker profile? The follower’s feature tracks your account’s followers back to certain episodes, allowing you to see what kind of content attracts a devoted following. listener.

  • Understanding episode popularity:

Are you curious about which episodes your viewers most enjoyed? The like feature and analytics let you determine which pieces of content were popular with your community.

  • Understanding your daily listeners:

While download statistics indicate how often your podcast is listened to, listener analytics go further by showing how many daily listeners contribute to the total number of downloads. This statistic enables you to know how many of your listeners are listening to your episodes.

  • Understanding when your podcast is listened to:

Their download statistics provide a time-stamped summary of how often your podcast is listened to. How many people are tuning in when you’re on the air?

How many people download your material and then listen to it on demand later? They provide you with the entire breakdown.

5. Podcast Monetization:

Podcast Monetization - Speaker Coupon codes

If you’ve ever doubted your ability to earn money from your podcast, think again. Without the bother of finding individual advertising partners or sponsors, their monetization platform enables you to earn money from your podcast consistently and easily.

Features and Benefits of Podcast Monetization –

  • Optimize and analyze your revenue:

Advertisers bid in real-time for space on your program. They’ll automatically update the advertisements on your episodes with the highest bidder, and they’ll provide comprehensive data so you can always keep track of your profits.

  • Generate earnings from your entire catalog:

Your old catalog may still be profitable. Even though your episode was released years ago, listeners continue to get new advertisements via their monetization scheme.

  • Monetize your evergreen content:

Because advertisements vary with each listen, your episode will always be profitable, relevant, and fresh.

  • Advertisement insertion flexibility:

Their monetization platform eliminates the hassles associated with earning from your podcast. Simply put a pin where you want your ads to appear, and they’ll take care of the rest!

6. Podcast Distribution:

podcast distribution - spreaker review

With Spreaker, it’s simple to get your podcast on all the major listening applications. They offer the biggest database of podcast distribution providers, which enables you to easily distribute your podcast globally with a few clicks.

Features and Benefits of Podcast Distribution –

  • One-Click Distribution:

It goes without saying how critical broad distribution is to a podcast’s success, and their podcast distribution platform empowers you to quickly and easily select where to distribute your podcast. Their One-Click Distribution tool enables you to easily distribute to all major podcast listening applications with a few easy clicks.

  • The Most Distribution in One Place:

If you’re looking for the most comprehensive list of podcast distribution options available, you’ve come to the right spot! While you may individually publish your podcast to almost every application used by listeners, they streamline the process via their vast partner network.

Spreaker Review Pricing Plans:

They have two different types of Plans –


Profession Pricing - Speaker Coupon codes

1. Free speech ($ 0): This will include multiple podcast hosting for free.

2. On-Air Talent ($ 7 per month): This will include programmatic monetization, customizable RSS Feeds, and multiple podcast hosting.

3. Broadcaster ($ 20 per month): This will include programmatic monetization, customizable RSS Feeds, advanced statistics, paid subscriptions, and multiple podcast hosting.

4. Anchorman ($ 50 per month): This will include programmatic monetization, customizable RSS Feeds, advanced statistics, paid subscriptions, customizable player colors, full statistics, and multiple podcast hosting.

You can also save up to 20% using the Spreaker Coupons. 


Pricing Enterprises- Speaker coupon codes

1. Publisher ($ 120 per month): This will include priority support, collaboration feature, and audio ad trafficking tools as well.

Spreaker Review Pros and Cons


  • Overall positive reviews
  • Free version available
  • Digestible analytics that helps set you apart from the competition
  • Easy to transfer over from another podcast host
  • Spreaker Studio lets you record new episodes and live stream
  • Increases your discoverability with tools like the Spreaker listening platform and one-click distribution
  • Clean and intuitive interface


  •  You can only enable the monetization program if you are in a paid plan.

Creating a Podcast in Spreaker

how to create podcast- spreaker reviews

If you’re prepared to be heard, now is the moment to enter creative mode. Producing a podcast entails everything from conceptualizing your show to pressing publish!

We’re assisting you in simplifying the process by taking you through the process of producing a podcast.

Step – 1: Establish your podcast concept –

Before beginning to record your podcast, it’s critical to create a strong idea.

Whether you want to create a podcast that recaps your favorite television program or assists your business in accomplishing a certain objective, you should evaluate your area of expertise and what your listeners would appreciate.

Step – 2: Find the right podcast software –

Given the abundance of choices available, you’re probably wondering which podcast recording software to use. The reality is that there are many great options; it all depends on the specific kind of podcast software you’re searching for.

Step – 3: Secure your podcast equipment –

If you’re interested in podcasting as a pastime, the only equipment you’ll need is your smartphone. You may record straight on your smartphone using the Spreaker Studio application.

If you want a more polished sound, you may make use of a microphone connected to your computer’s Spreaker Studio desktop and a set of headphones to prevent feedback in your mic channel.

Step – 4: Create your podcast cover art –

We guarantee that designing effective podcast cover art is not as intimidating as it seems! Before you begin creating the podcast cover art yourself or paying someone else to do it, keep in mind that the design should represent the subject of your program and should include more images than text.

Begin brainstorming ideas for your podcast’s artwork by perusing programs on your preferred listening applications and noting which graphics stick out to you.

Step – 5: Create your podcast introduction –

After you’ve completed your podcast art, you can begin designing their podcast cover art, the single most essential audio element you’ll produce for your podcast.

It’s the first thing new listeners hear, and you only have around 30 seconds to capture their attention, which is why creating a podcast introduction is critical.

The first thing to consider is that your introduction should be written with your audience in mind. You want to ensure that it conveys the topic of your podcast instantly.

Step – 6: Planning your podcast content –

Now that the branding elements for your podcast are coming together, you must begin by considering what your listeners will hear and how often they will hear it.

It’s critical to establish an organized podcast preparation process from the start since this is not something you do once.

You need to understand how to plan podcast material well from the outset since this will be something you do on a fairly frequent basis.

Once you’ve established your brand, you can begin thinking about how to create an episode plan. To guarantee that your content is high-quality, engaging, and well-structured, it’s critical to create an outline or, if your podcast style (narrative, fiction storytelling, etc.) allows for it, a full-fledged screenplay.

It’s easy to create a podcast on Spreaker. In that regard, it does seem like home.

After establishing an account and verifying your email address, you can immediately begin producing a podcast. There are many locations on their website where you may build a podcast container for your episodes.

By clicking on the menu in the upper left corner of the page, referred to as the account context menu, you may access a drop-down menu with many options.

By clicking “My Podcasts,” the Spreaker CMS or Content Management System dashboard is loaded. You may get an overview of your storage, programs, and episodes from here.

From here, select “Create a New Podcast,” which takes you to a screen where you can enter the description and title of your show, as well as the artwork for your program.

Overall, a pretty simple procedure, as one would expect from an industry leader such as Spreaker.

Spreaker Vs. Libsyn Vs. Buzzsprout

The first consideration in the fight between Spreaker, Libsyn, and Buzzsprout is price. Libsyn and Buzzsprout have enough comparable plans that the choice truly boils down to your preferred method of cost calculation.

Best WordPress Podcast Plugin - Buzzsprout Podcasting

On Spreaker, you’ll need to decide whether you’ll use up the free 100 or 500-hour audio storage plan. While some podcast hosts may see a future with 500+ episodes, in most instances, 500 hours of storage would do. If you just intend to release one or two brief episodes each month, you should go with Spreaker.

At $ 6 a month, the On-Air Talent plan is probably the most cost-efficient of the three platforms. Following that, choose which features you will utilize.

Assume that statistics, RSS, and distribution choices are all accessible on all three, and evaluate what would become the most essential aspects for you. Perhaps you’re looking to monetize and are intrigued by the concept of live podcasting. Spreaker may be the perfect tool for you in such a scenario.

At the end of the day, all three of these choices have very few drawbacks, and the decision comes down to whatever platform is best for you. All three companies make a concerted effort to cater to customers of varying skill levels and storage requirements and have the features and variety of plans to show it.

Most significantly, they all provide flexible pricing and have simplified the process of migrating material to their platforms if you switch from another service.

Rather than seeing selecting a podcast host as a difficult task, view it as an exciting opportunity to choose from many excellent choices all ready to welcome you into their podcasting community.

Are any Particularly Notable Drawbacks to This?

Because each of these three platforms has been active in the podcast hosting industry for more than a decade, each of them has perfected the fundamental features, including friendly assistance and a variety of features suitable for podcasts of varying lengths and formats.

You cannot go wrong with any of the three options if all you are looking for is a dependable method to distribute your podcast over the most number of platforms imaginable.

In light of this, you will without a doubt observe that Spreaker and Buzzsprout have an interface that is a great deal more contemporary than Libsyn’s, and despite the fact that Libsyn contains a lot of features, it has a tendency to be less user-friendly.

Do not make the mistake of assuming that the fact that Spreaker and Buzzsprout offer a simpler design and place an emphasis on their simplicity of use means that they lack important features or functionality just because of this fact. In point of fact, the exact reverse is true. The ease of use that both Spreaker and Buzzsprout provide is an asset in almost every respect.

The switch to the platform is very simple, and we have a strong belief that many of the decisions they are making are beneficial to a significant number of users, if not all of them.

Despite the fact that Spreaker differs from its rivals in certain aspects or uses a different strategy than its rivals, the switch is very simple. Consider their approach to setting prices, for instance. You will first notice that it is different; nevertheless, in reality, it is far easier to understand than a monthly limit, and it will also allow you more flexibility, greater transparency, and a better return on your investment.

Spreaker Reviews By Customer

Spreaker Review on Social Media SitesImage Credit: Softwareadvice.com


Spreaker Review on Trustpilot

Image Credit : Trustpilot.com

Spreaker reviews and testimonials

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FAQs About Spreaker Review:

🔥Can I make a payment through PayPal?

No, at the time, the Publisher plan may only be purchased with a credit card. If you are currently paying for a Pro plan via PayPal and want to upgrade to the Publisher plan, you must cancel your membership and pay for the Publisher plan using a credit card.

✔ Are the Campaign Manager and Organizations features available to me?

Yes, as a subscriber to the Publisher plan, Campaign Manager and Organizations features are enabled by default on your account.

👓How does the Publisher plan's payment system work?

You will be paid a set monthly price of $ 120, which includes tools for priority support, collaboration feature, trafficking tools, and audio ads.

👉 How can I remove undesirable ad types if I activate the revenue sharing program?

As a Publisher plan member who has activated a revenue sharing program, you have the option of blocking certain IAB categories to prevent listeners from receiving unwelcome programmatic advertising.

👉 What if I need something that is not included in the Publisher plan?

The Publisher strategy serves as the foundation for everything they create for you. They may develop a variety of unique solutions for you based on a strong basis. Contact their staff to learn more.

👓Which is more efficient, the Transistor or the Spreaker?

This is a difficult issue to answer since it is entirely dependent on your requirements, although Spreaker has a better FindScore than Transistor, which considers many data points.

✔ Is Spreaker the best service for podcast hosting?

After analyzing in-depth and looking at customer reviews we can say yes, Spreaker is the best service for podcast hosting.

🔥 Is there a free alternative to Spreaker?

There is no alternative to the best. However, you can make use of WPNode. But it doesn't have features as good as Spreaker.

✔ Can I get a free trial of Spreaker?

There is no mention of a free trial on their website.

✔ Is Spreaker suitable for RSS Feeds for Podcasts?

Spreaker has a high ranking for Podcast RSS Feed. So, we can say yes.

✔ Are there any Spreaker vouchers available?

Yes. There are various discount and coupon codes available for Spreaker from time to time.

👉What level of support can I anticipate from Spreaker?

The majority of people who share their experience with us on Spreaker have a good impression of the support provided by Spreaker.

🔥 What is the price of Spreaker?

You may anticipate paying about USD 5.99 each month.

Conclusion – Spreaker Review 

To host a podcast effectively, you’ll need dependable software like Spreaker. After doing an in-depth analysis, we determined that Spreaker is one of the finest choices accessible. The website includes all of the tools necessary to manage your podcasts.

The best part is that the podcast software is completely free! This alone is reason enough for us to endorse the website. If you discover that you need more sophisticated capabilities, you can always upgrade through the company’s website.

Try Spreaker now for your podcast and you’ll be well on your way to learning how to host a podcast!

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