How to Speed up WordPress Without Caching

Have you ever given a thought on speeding up your WordPress without Caching? There is a possible as well as working solution for it, which you’ll be learning about a little later in this article.

After tons of experiments and making use of limited no. of WordPress plugins, I made it possible!

For the home page to get a Google page speed score of 98 is something which is not an easy job and that too without any usage of cache plugin. So here I would like to reveal some secrets that will surely help you to increase your WordPress blog’s loading speed.

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Except from the usual page loading speed amendment like Using Plugin Performance Profiler, Leverage Browser cache and etc. here we have some more important ones which you must consider.

If you already have the knowledge on how to Optimize WordPress for Google Page Speed, then think of this article as a stretched version to it.

Speed up WordPress Without Caching
How to Speed up WordPress Without Caching

No Cache Plugin for Speeding up WordPress

If in case you don’t feel like muddling up with code and don’t like editing theme files, then to be frank, this guide is not for you. If you are looking out to enhance the loading speed of the page rapidly, then I would suggest you to make use of W3 Total Cache Plugin.

Optimize Images

Firstly and the most important work you have to do is to optimize or enhance images and make them able to load quickly. You can easily compress images using WP plugin or its substitutes. Also resizing your images will help you load your images quickly, like Aqua Resizer.

If you don’t to make use of any of these tools, then you can just sit back can make use of the lazy load images in WordPress. Lazy Loading helps to enhance the page loading speed as well as make the visitors stay there longer.

CSS, JS and GZip Compression

Minify CSS and JS Files

Minifying is procedure of contracting two or maybe more CSS or JS files into one file. There is a free of cost WordPress plugin known as WP Minify which serves minified form of CSS and JS files, now with this way all the HTTP requests can be restricted.

One of the most common and major issue I have made note ofis that while using the WP Minify plugin, that popular plugins named nRelate, Contact Form 7 are not compatible with it.

So whatsoever it is, in any case you have to compress and combine JS or CSS file into single file, then only it will be possible to receive a good loading speed scores in Google Page Speed as well as Yahoo! Yslow.

GZIP Compression

GZip basically helps the HTTP response size to reduce by huge extent and the content will be delivering at lightning fast speeds. Making use of GZip compression in WordPress is an easy to do thing if you know the editing to .htaccess file, which is available in root directory of the installation folder of your WordPress.



AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE text/text text/html text/plain text/xml text/css application/x-javascript application/javascript



The above code is to be added to .htaccess file and then saved. Now the very next moment you check the loading speed scores and you will surely be able to make out a significant difference. For further improvement follow the steps below.

Use of Plugins to Be Minimized

It is always suggested not to use many plugins on your WordPress except they are designed by the WordPress Coding Standards like Soliloquy, which is made with care. Using too many plugins willresult in slowing down the WordPress as it contains many CSS, JS files.

Make sure of PPP Plugin to observe and get knowledge about plugins that are responsible for slowing down the speed of your WordPress blog. Notice those plugins which are having high impact and straight away get rid of them.

It will be a recommendation to all that use code for little requirements like Add ALT tags to image and Add No Follow to external Links in WordPress and etc.

Social Share Buttons

The concept “Less is more” is liked by me we should give a thought about share buttons we actually need.

Generally seen, we use the share buttons which are very popular like Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus, and each of these buttons require a JS file for its proper functioning which eventually will affect the Word Press’s loading speed.

Of course you can also try Lazy Load floating Share Buttons or maybe checkout some awesome social share plugins with the functionality of lazy load.

If you can augment social share buttons in an effective way then you will see an automatic improvement in the loading speed.

There’s an awesome and cool plugin called “Social Skew bar” that showcases floating share buttons on the top, you can give it a shot too.

Lastly….my word

All these methods enlightened here are directly or indirectly in use by all cache plugins like WP super Cache, W3 Total cache and etc. So if you consider that these cache plugins are not compatible with your current theme or are using just many resources.

Then you can simply implement these entire things on your website or your blog.

Choose a simple theme to be on the safer side and do remove all the unreliable or unwanted widgets as it does help a lot in loading the page.

You can use CloudFlare WordPress Plugin which is very handy and also improves the loading speed of the hosting bandwidth. It also assists static content of your blog when your hosting service is down.

Or else, you can simply make use of W3 Cache Plugin which can be installed in simple steps. But again the difficult part is that you need to properly and precisely set up W3 Total Cache plugin or you won’t be able to notice any development in loading speed of the WordPress.

I hope I have covered much of the detail which will help you to speed up your WordPress.

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    I’m gonna check out the social skew bar. I’m working on my own bar built into my theme but until then it looks like a good compromise.

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