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Spayee vs Thinkific 2024 Which One To Choose & Why ? Comparison of Prices & Features

Spayee vs Thinkific

Overall Verdict

If you want to leverage more features in a limited budget & want to attract the Indian audience, SPAYEE would be the best for you.  

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Price: $

In this post, we have shared the Spayee vs Thinkfic comparison. Let’s find out the best online course platform below…



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$ Pricing
$39/month $39/month
Best for

If you're a beginner, Spayee enables you to create, market and sell online courses without any hassle.

Course content creators, soloprenuers and small organizations.

  • Completely White Labeled
  • Create Beautiful Courses
  • No Transaction Fees
  • Support for assignments and surveys.
  • Better course compliance features.
  • Ability to bulk sell courses and easily manage students in a
  • Easy To Use DIY Platform
  • Multi-layer Content Security
  • Multi-layer Content Security
  • Third-party integrations
  • Free Pricing tier
  • Native Community feature.
  • Limited Trial Period
  • Marketing your online courses is entirely up to you.
Ease of Use

Easy to set up platform with quick navigable tools and robust dashboard.

Thinkific offers an easy setup and gives you absolute control over their content and customer data.

Value For Money

Spayee is equal in pricing to Thinkific but offers more features plus free trial.

Thinkific offers incredible value for money at such pricing.

Customer Support

Spayee provides dedicated account managers to their clients even in their basic plan.

Thinkific also provides customer support to their clients. But they provide priority support only if you are on their Pro plan and above.

In this article, we are taking the two best online course platforms Spayee Vs Thikific, and breaking it down for you. So that you can understand what really would make sense for your online education business. 

2021 is becoming the era of digital education. Businesses & individuals are leveraging online courses as a means to grow & scale. They are doing it to market their small business, create a niche brand, share know-how, or just to generate quality leads. 

For the subject matter experts, it gives them a way to earn a living.

Why should you choose an online course platform?

Though the concept behind creating an online course is simple, the process is definitely not. It requires you to build the whole online ecosystem where you create, market & sell your online courses.

These online course platforms would streamline the process for you so that you can focus on creating the content. They have in-built tools integrated on the platforms to develop, launch, teach, and manage online courses.

  • Consistent Learning

If you choose to deliver your course through an LMS, it would keep your content centralized. That means all the nitty-gritty of your online course creation will come under one single umbrella. For all the learners, there will be a single source of content, instructions, forums & questions. No one would be complaining about old books or redundant material. 

  • Easy tracking & reporting

An LMS allows you to easily track the individual progress of your students. That being said, you can take a look at who are the finishers. It also helps you to determine the areas where your learners are getting stuck at. That’s your place to review your content & improvise. 

  • Create engaging courses

With LMS you don’t have to worry about what is allowed & what isn’t. You can go ahead & create multimedia course content for your learners. Keep a nice combination of recorded video lectures, audio, quizzes, assignments, live classes & much more! 

  • Better results through engagement and gamification

LMS has in-built systems that require you to build an engaging community around your content. If your platform will be engaging, users will learn more. Having gamification in an LMS would keep your users interested, as well as, challenged.

  • Keep your course up-to-date

You don’t have to go through the pain of re-doing the whole content. Just introduce updated chapters & you would be good to go. 

  • Easy distribution

Your course content won’t be all over the place. If you are selling courses through an LMS, you present a very organized version of your course & distribute it solely through a URL.  

  • Cost-saving

Creating a whole platform from scratch burns a hole in your pocket. You also spend a lot of time hiring people & overseeing them every step of the way. This becomes a costly affair & a headache. Choosing an LMS is a cost-effective affair

Now, let’s dive deep into the comparison of the two most sought-after course platforms, Spayee & Thinkific.

Bottom Line Up Front: If you want to cater to an Indian audience, then Spayee is the one you should go for. It offers multi-layer content security, Indian payment gateway, branded mobile apps & much more. These features are available in SPAYEE, that too in comparatively lesser price. 

Spayee vs Thinkific : Which One To Choose in 2024?

Spayee & Thikific them are created with the same objective of helping course creators to launch branded course platforms.

Sign up - Spayee Review

Though these two platforms are similar in their capabilities, they do differ with respect to their specific features. In this detailed analysis, that’s the focus of the discussion.

Spayee vs Thinkific Pricing

Being a course creator choosing a perfect LMS for your online academy can be one of the most difficult decisions. 

As beginners, our main focus is on making cost-effective decisions. Hence, choosing an affordable course platform is one of them. However, if you already are a top-notch creator & don’t mind spending a bit more, you can choose as per that. 

So let’s find out which one is right for you. 

Thinkific Pricing 

Thinkific has three plans: basic, pro, and premier. Their basic plan starts at $49 per month. If you are a beginner who wants to enter into the online course industry then you can go with this plan.

But if you are professional then you can not depend on this plan. As it does not provide much value and you will have to get it upgraded to their higher plans. Their highest plan goes up to $499 per month.  

Thikific Pricing- spayee vs Thikific

Spayee Pricing 

Spayee has four plans: basic, pro, business, and advanced. Their basic plan starts at Rs. 2999 per month and even at such an affordable price they provide almost every advanced feature.


The difference in pricing is due to the bandwidth limit. Their highest plan goes up to Rs. 15000 a month. In this plan, they will be providing you with your own branded Android & iOS Mobile App. 

Spayee Pricing-spayee vs thikfic


So, if we look at the pricing of both platforms we can say that Spayee is a more affordable option to go with.  However, if you are a professional then definitely a platform’s price would not be a bar for you. 

If you are selling to an Indian audience, then you will be paying even more than $499 if you choose Thinkific. Let me explain this to you.

Indian Payment Gateway

One of the best advantages of Spayee is that it supports all the major Indian payment gateways including PayTm, Razorpay, Instamojo, PayU, and many more. 

If you are an Indian course creator then you shouldn’t be missing out on this feature. Along with Indian payment gateways they also support Paypal integration. 

On the other hand, thinkific doesn’t provide the integration of the Indian Payment Gateway. They support Paypal and Stripe only. 

Spayee is the only platform that supports Indian Payment Gateway integration. So, if you are an Indian course creator I would suggest you go for Spayee.

Since most of your learners would be from India only and many of them would not even be having an account on Paypal. Therefore it will not be an ideal decision for you to receive payment through Paypal.  

Let me elaborate on how it is not going to be an ideal decision for your online academy. 

  • Paypal doesn’t support UPI payments

This means that if your learner doesn’t have a credit card or a debit card then he/she can not purchase your course. And you know how much we Indians depend on the UPI payment method.

Whenever we have to make any payment we look for UPI. It is extremely convenient and easy to use. So, this reason alone has the power to keep your potential learners away from you

  • High transaction charges

You will have to pay high charges on your transactions if you choose Paypal. There is a fixed fee that you will be charged if you are receiving payment through Paypal. On the other hand, you will not be incurring such costs if you choose Indian payment gateways. 

  • Paypal won’t auto-assign your courses 

This means your students will not get instant automated access to your course even after making the payment. You will have to depend on a third-party tool like Zapier to get this work done.

You will have to sign up for a paid version of Zapier which you wouldn’t have to in the case of an Indian payment gateway. So, again this could take a heavy toll on your pocket. 

That means, you pay for Thikific’s plan + Zapier simultaneously if you are using Thinkific!

Indian Payment Gateway (2)- spayee vs Thikific

But, if you are using Spayee and have an Indian payment gateway integration, then you will not have to worry about it. Your learner will immediately get access to your course once they make the payment. 

White Labelled Mobile Apps

Spayee provides you with your very own white-labeled mobile application in its advanced plan. 

On the other hand, Thinkinfic doesn’t provide this feature. Even in their highest plan which is worth $499 they do not provide this feature. This one comes as SPAYEE’s USP. 

You must be thinking that how having your own white-labeled app is beneficial for you, right?

Let me explain this to you. We know that we can purchase anything from the websites but still, we have certain mobile applications like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, and many other apps installed on our mobile phones.

So, why do we have them? Because they are very easy to use and also save our time. We can say that apps make our lives easier.

In the same way, having your own white-labeled application for your online academy will make it easy for your learners to learn it on the go. They can have it installed on multiple devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops. This will allow them to learn whenever they want.

Like all the other apps, your app would also be listed on the play store.

You can check the SPAYEE Demo App here.

Spayee demo app-spayee vs thinkfic


Customer Support 

When you are teaching online there can be times when you might face technical glitches or any other issues. You are completely dependent on the support team of the LMS in case of any issues.

Therefore, you can not bear any kind of communication gap with the platform because it is going to affect you and your learners.  Both Spayee and Thinkific are amazing course creation and selling platforms. They both provide required support to their clients. 

But in terms of personalized customer support, Spayee is better than Thinkific. You will also feel the same if you keep reading.


Spayee provides dedicated account managers to their clients. It doesn’t matter which plan you are on. If you need any help or if you are stuck somewhere, your account manager is just a phone call away. 

In a nutshell, Spayee provides

  • Email Support 
  • Account Managers with Call and Video support 
  • Chat Support
  • Knowledge Base 

If we talk about Customer Support then I can say Spayee’s clients have a lot to speak about them. They even mention about Spayee’s incredible customer support while giving their testimonials. 

Contacts spayee vs thinkfic


On the other hand, Thinkific also provides customer support to its clients. But they provide priority support only if you are on their Pro plan and above. 

So if you are on their basic plan, you will not get priority support. In case of any urgency either you have to wait for their team to respond or you can depend on their knowledge base. If you want support over call, it would only happen if you are on their highest plan!

Security support features

Bundles & Memberships

Membership sites are like launching your online school. Here your students pay you either monthly, quarterly or yearly. It is one of the best ways to launch your online education business that gives you predictable & recurring revenue. 

Bundles are like course packages or a combination of two or more courses that you sell at a discounted rate. Thikific & Spayee both them support Membership Sites & bundles.

However, Thinkific doesn’t support it on its basic plan.

Sales and marketing features bundles

On the other side, membership & bundles are available on all the SPAYEE plans.

Add pricing plans


Many course creators like to provide certificates to their learners. Also, it is an amazing way of motivating your learners to complete the course.

Certificates are a great way to showcase your knowledge and talent. Therefore, many learners enroll in the course to get the certificates because they would help them in getting good jobs and appraisals. 

Spayee allows its clients to issue certificates automatically to their learners within the course platform. The client has to decide if they want to give the certificate on % of course completion or scoring marks in a test. 

Certificates spayee vs thinkfic

On the other hand, Thinkific also allows its clients to provide certificates to their learners. But they provide them only if you are on their pro plan or above. 

Teaching features certificates spayee vs thinkfic

Live Classes 

Live classes are a great way of interacting with your learners. Especially after the pandemic, live classes have become a necessity. 

Spayee allows its clients to conduct an unlimited number of live classes. It doesn’t matter which plan you are on. Even in their basic plan, you can conduct an unlimited number of live classes.

You can conduct them within the platform through their in-built live class feature or you can integrate YouTube Live or  Zoom if you want to. You can also record your live classes and can use them in the future as a pre-recorded lectures. 

On the other hand, Thinkific allows you to conduct live classes only in their Pro plan or above. Also, you have to have a separate Zoom account. If you want to conduct a live class that would last for more than 40 minutes then you will have to get a paid version of Zoom.

This would again increase your cost.


Refer and Earn

Don’t we love the cashback that we get after purchasing something? Isn’t it an amazing experience?  Well, your student will have this amazing opportunity to refer and earn if you choose Spayee. 

Refer and earn spayee cs thinkfic

Thinkific doesn’t have the Wallet or the Refer & Earn feature.  

Bulk Import

If you have a list of users who you have acquired offline or through different other platforms, you would need to import them to your Thinkific platform. 

Bulk import spayee vs thinkfic

On the other hand, no matter what plan you choose, SPAYEE allows you to Bulk Enrol. 


Thinkific has introduced a very cool feature called ‘Groups’. It allows you to easily sell your courses to cohorts and different organizations.

That being said, ‘Groups’ allow you to bulk sell your courses. With this feature, you can enroll several students together, organize them better, track their progress, and also generate reports. It is super useful if you sell courses or training programs to organizations.

The Groups as a feature is available on the Growth Package.  

Spayee Vs Thinkific

To Sum It Up Till Here:

  Thinkific Spayee     
Payment Plans More Expensive Affordable
White Labelled Mobile App None Nil
Indian Payment Gateways Not Available Available on All the Plans
Customer Support Priority Support On Limited Plan Call Support Available on All the Plans
In-built Live Classes Not Available Available on All the Plans
Certificates On Higher Plans Available on All the Plans
Bulk Enroll On Higher Plans Available on All the Plans

The process of signing up On Spayee platform is super simple!

Steps to sign up on Spayee

1- Open your web browser and search for

Sign up google spayee vs thinkfic

2-  Now click on Get Started free. You can sign up for a 15 days free trial period on Spayee.

Spayee dahsboard thinkfic

3-  Fill in your details – 

  • Institute Name 
  • Institute URL 
  • Email 
  • Phone 
  • Password 

And then click on Get Started. 

Get started with spayee-spayee vs thinkfic


 After this click on Create Courses.

Courses spayee vs thinkfic

You can include various multimedia features in your course. Like Audio, Video, PDF, and Text material.  You can also conduct Live classes and Live tests on Spayee to give an amazing learning experience to your learners. 

The best thing about Spayee is its robust customer support. Once you sign up on Spayee, you will get a call from the sales team to help you out if you are facing any problems.

You can also book a demo in which one of the experts from Spayee will explain to you all the features of the platform and how the platform works. 

Also, an account manager will be assigned to you no matter which plan you are on. If you face any issues or need any help, your account manager is just a phone call away.

FAQs On Spayee vs Thinkific

🔥Is my content secured on SPAYEE?

Yes, your content on SPAYEE is as secure as it gets. All the online course lectures that you upload are transmitted over a secured and encrypted channel. They also provide multi-layer content security under which you can also have device limits.

✔ Can I sell my Courses?

Yes. Spayee allows the support of all the Indian payment gateway along with Paypal or Stripe.

💥 Can I give certifications for completed courses?

Yes, you sure can. You can share certificates as per the criteria set by you. You can either use the existing format or customize it as per your own. Users also have the option to go ahead & share their certificates directly on LinkedIn.

👉 Can I use my own domain?

Absolutely! You can map your own domain on the basic plan & above.

👀 Can I create Tests and Surveys?

Yes! You can create a combination of tests, surveys, assignments, forms & much more.

✌ Can I communicate with my users?

Yes. It has one of the most effective communication features. You can leverage mobile push notifications, web push notifications & even drip email sequence. You also have public forums where you & users can interact with each other!

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Conclusion: So what exactly should I go for? Spayee vs Thinkific

Thikific is a globally renowned platform. It has been in the market for a while now & has a loyal customer base.

SPAYEE on the other hand is relatively new & fresh. They are attracting top-notch Indian creators. They have designed their platform in a way that helps even a creator with less budget to launch their platform.

Both the platforms are amazing. If budget isn’t a worry for you & you want a very enriching feel, Thikific is what you can choose.

On the other hand, if you want to leverage more features in a limited budget & want to attract the Indian audience, SPAYEE would be the best for you.  


If you want to leverage more features in a limited budget & want to attract the Indian audience, SPAYEE would be the best for you.  

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