Smartproxy Review 🚀 2024: Is It Worth the Hype?


Overall Verdict

With Smartproxy you can choose your own proxies based on your needs and destinations to protect your anonymity from Internet predators. It is extremely fast and no useless data will be collected or shared

Out of 10


  • 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Live 24/7 Support
  • Pay As You Go pricing option
  • 65+ million proxy pool
  • Advanced rotation
  • Anonymity


  • Customer support needs improvement


Price: $ 7.5

Welcome to my Smartproxy Review.

I must say, Smartproxy has always been one of my top picks when it comes to proxy lists. From my experience, I’ve found that in the past, this provider was seen as a more budget-friendly option compared to premium providers like Oxylabs and Bright Data.

While it offered comparable performance, it may have been missing a few features.

Wow, it’s amazing to see how far Smartproxy has come! I remember when they were just starting out, and now they’re competing with the big players in the industry. Seeing them offer high-quality services at a more affordable price is impressive, even giving some of the cheaper providers a run.

Wow, I must say, your achievement is truly remarkable! It’s no wonder your company has earned our Best Value Provider award for three years.

Hey there! I’m excited to share my thoughts on Smartproxy and why I believe it’s one of the top proxy services out there. Hopefully, my review will help you decide if it fits your needs perfectly. Hey, let’s take a closer look at its features and performance.

Smartproxy Review

🚀 Bottom Line Upfront:

From what I’ve seen, Smartproxy is one of the best home proxy networks that change IP addresses. I was able to easily get info from the web because I had access to a huge pool of more than 6540 million proxies.
It was a good choice because you could use endless connections, threads, and countries at the same time, and the pricing was based on bandwidth. Their home proxy plans are a great deal because they start at just $8.575 per GB with the flexible Pay As You Go option.month for 5GB. The amount you need to pay per GB decreases for more advanced plans.
Smartproxy‘s image as a reliable proxy service is strengthened by the fact that it has more than 1000100 positive reviews on Trustpilot and is recommended by well-known blogs.

Smartproxy trusted reviews

Smartproxy Review 2024: What Is Smartproxy?

Smartproxy is a premium proxy provider that offers its users access to fast, secure servers worldwide.

With multiple locations to choose from and both residential and data center proxies available, Smartproxy is an ideal choice for scraping professionals.

SmartProy Proxy Service Review

A pool of 65+ million IP addresses ensures you never have to worry about an IP ban or blacklisting. If you’re looking for a fast, secure, anonymous proxy network, you will want to check out Smartproxy.

What Kind of Proxies Does Smartproxy Offer? 

So here are the types of proxies that Smartproxy offers.

1. Smartproxy Data Center Proxies

Smartproxy offers both data center proxies and residential proxies. Their data center proxies are located in the US and the EU.

There are no connection limits or IP limits in place, and with a pool of over 100,000 IP addresses that can be rotated as frequently as you desire,

Smartproxy Datacenter Plans

Smartproxy’s data center proxies are always there when you need them. Hundreds of subnets ensure that you won’t be blocked or cloaked. You pay a flat rate for access and can send as many concurrent connection requests as possible.

2. Smartproxy Residential Proxies

You need a residential proxy to fly completely under the radar and avoid being detected and banned. Smartproxy’s residential proxies will assign you an IP address of a regular computer or mobile device.

Even better – these proxies don’t share subnetworks, so they can’t be bulk banned.

Smartproxy Residential Proxy Plans

Smartproxy offers servers in more than 195 locations with 55 million IP addresses between them.

Whether you need to scrape, test ads, buy limited-edition goods, or crawl, Smartproxy residential proxies provide excellent quality without compromising your security or anonymity.

My Favourite Features Of Smartproxy 😍

  • Anonymity: A proxy can significantly improve online anonymity, but only when everything is configured correctly.
    With Smartproxy, you can be sure that your connection is anonymous, and you never have to worry about your IP address or location leaking.
  • Proxy Rotation: Having to manually reset your proxy or set up and maintain a proxy list to avoid IP bans quickly gets tedious. Smartproxy offers automatic IP rotation or keeping the same IP longer; you can rotate proxies on every connection request.
  • Locations: Geoblocking has become more common in recent years, restricting people’s online freedom according to where they are connecting from.
    Smartproxy has servers in over 195 locations worldwide, enabling you to connect wherever you need to to do what you want online.
  • Unlimited Simultaneous Connections: You want to work quickly and efficiently when crawling and scraping for data. Smartproxy grants users unlimited simultaneous connections to send as many connection requests as needed.
  • Live 24/7 Support: No matter how reliable your proxy provider is, you want to know that their customer support will be there for you if you encounter any issues.
    Smartproxy’s customer support can be reached via e-mail or live chat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee: Smartproxy doesn’t offer a free trial, but their 3-day money-back guarantee means that you can try their services, and if they aren’t right for you, you can request a hassle-free refund within the first 3 days.
    Note that this doesn’t apply to Bitcoin purchases or users who have used more than 20% of their plan’s traffic.
  • IPv4 Proxies: Smartproxy users have access to millions of premium IPv4 addresses that can be used to access any website or online service.
    Their proxies don’t send any information in the HTTP header request that could potentially compromise the user’s anonymity.
  • HTTPS Support: Smartproxy supports HTTP and HTTPS protocols for data transfers between proxies and target servers.
    Proxy API. Smartproxy’s new API enables you to manage your account without logging on to their website.
    You can get information about your subscription, create and update user accounts, get traffic usage reports, and do almost anything that you would normally be able to do through your dashboard.

Smartproxy Pricing Plans 💰

Smartproxy prices its services according to a monthly subscription or a Pay As You Go model. Let’s start with the residential proxies. Prices start at $8.5/GB for Pay As You Go, monthly subscriptions start from $7/GB for 2 GBs, and accordingly, the price per GB decreases the more data you purchase.

This enables you to choose the level of service that you require and not pay for more than you need. There is plenty of flexibility here, so you can start with a basic package and then scale up according to your business needs.

The value only increases when you look at the price you are paying for each GB.

Not only this but on the more expensive plans, any extra traffic you use over your plan’s limit will cost you less.

Remember, no matter what plan you buy, you are gaining access to the entire network. Whether you choose the most basic or expensive plan, you can use any of the almost 200 server locations Smartproxy offers.

All the plans offer access to an unlimited number of IPs. All the network limits are traffic usage.

Smartproxy Dedicated Datacenter Plans
Their data center proxies are comparatively cheaper, ranging from $30/month for 50GB to $500/month for 1TB. You can also pay per IP and purchase 100 IPs for $10 or more.

Note that the user limits are very different between the residential proxies and the data center proxies.

For residential proxies, the user limits range from 1 to 100. However, the limits range from 1 to 10 for data center proxies. Smartproxy offers several different payment options.

Smartproxy Flexible static Residential Proxy Plans

You can pay using a credit or debit card, with Visa, Mastercard, and Amex all accepted. Alternatively, you can pay via PayPal or via Bitcoin transfer. Paying using Bitcoin enables you to maintain maximum anonymity and privacy.

How To Get Started With Smartproxy? 

Getting started with Smartproxy is about as simple as it could possibly be. The first thing you need to do is register for a dashboard account.

This is self-explanatory – if you struggle with this bit, proxies probably aren’t for you. Once you have created your account, you must choose which plan best suits your needs.

Once you have registered your account, you can access the dashboard. From your dashboard, you can manage your account, view information about your subscription, and view any traffic reports from projects you already have running.


Once you’re set up with a plan, you can add sub-users from your dashboard’s corresponding menu. You can create individual users for each project you want to work on.

This enables you to set traffic limits task-by-task to ensure your available resources are used efficiently. Each sub-user has its own login and password so each member of your team can access the proxies they need to.

Proxy Gates

From the dashboard, you can set up and configure your connections. You can do this with a simple interface after you log in.

First, you must decide whether to use a sticky or rotating proxy. A rotating proxy will change regularly. You can use a fresh IP for each connection request if you like.

A sticky proxy can be retained for up to 30 minutes. You can also choose whether you use a random IP assigned by Smartproxy or want to use an IP from a specific country or city.

You will find these options under the Endpoint menu on your dashboard.

SmartProxy DashBoard

Smartproxy has servers located all around the world. Not only do the available locations encompass every region of the planet, but they also include disputed territories such as Kosovo.

Naturally, the majority of the available proxies are located in the United States. However, there are plenty of choices outside the US.

Proxy Authentication

Smartproxy offers users two choices for authenticating their proxy. The first is through ‘login: pass’, where you use the username and password to connect to the proxy.

Alternatively, you can set up whitelisted IP addresses that automatically authenticate when they connect to the service.

SmartProxy Authentication

This is very good when using software that cannot use login: pass by default. alert

Where To Use Smartproxy?

There are some ways to use Smartproxy’s services. Both their data center proxies and residential proxies are useful in different situations.

  • Crawling and Scraping

Let’s start with web scraping. Scraping is a major industry today; it’s the best way of gathering large amounts of data from online sources.

If you’re lucky, the platform that hosts your desired data will enable you to access it through an API. Unfortunately, this isn’t always an option.

There are also some examples, most notably social media platforms, of platforms that offer an API but will keep much of their data fenced off from the public and try to prevent crawling and scraping.

If you need to crawl and scrape data for your business, then Smartproxy’s network is an ideal choice. Using rotating residential proxies ensures that every connection request you send comes from a different IP address.

Not only will each IP address be different, but they will also be IP addresses associated with mobile devices or desktop computers.

This, coupled with the fact that Smartproxy’s residential proxies don’t share subnetworks, makes them immune to targeted or bulk bans.

Alternatively, you can use SmartProxy’s data center proxies to take advantage of lightning-fast crawling and scraping speeds that enable you to gather as much data as possible.

  • Social Media

Creating and managing multiple social media accounts is something that most platforms don’t allow. Without a proxy service, your IP address will be associated with every account you log into.

This can easily lead to a ban, which can be disastrous if your main personal account is affected.

Fortunately, Smartproxy’s residential proxies make it virtually impossible for any website to identify that all your connections are coming from the same place.

Even if they ban an individual IP address, you can simply rotate to a new one. Whatever your reason for running multiple social media accounts, Smartproxy can make it impossible for anyone to tell you that you are doing so.

Smartproxy’s service works flawlessly with both Facebook and Instagram. It can be coupled with many available automation tools to generate organic user actions and automate the management of multiple accounts.

  • Craigslist

Using Smartproxy’s network, you can crawl and scrape the website for data and look for specific types of listings. Alternatively, you can use the service to post the same listing from multiple individual locations and a listing from another.

For example, if you want to advertise that you have something valuable and expensive for sale, you might not want to give your real location. Using a proxy enables you to disguise your actual location and appear to be posting from elsewhere.

Smartproxy’s proxy service is compatible with the most popular Craigslist posting software options. None of the residential proxies in Smartproxy’s pool are related, which rules out the possibility of a collective ban that affects them all.

Even if one IP address is blocked, you can rotate to a clean one.

  • Buying Goods Online

SubusersSneakers are some of the most in-demand items sold online, especially if they are limited edition varieties.

These limited-edition sneakers will often sell out in seconds, giving even the most eager buyer a slim chance to snap up a pair.

Many sneakerheads have experienced the crushing disappointment of waiting for a sale to go live, only to find that all the stock is gone before you’ve even managed to enter your name.

Using Smartproxy’s residential proxies combined with a purchasing bot means that you can always be one of the first in line for any hotly anticipated sale and snap up your dream sneakers without worrying about the consequences of an IP ban.

The proxy also enables you to target sales restricted to specific geographical regions. If you make multiple purchases using a bot, you can have each use a different IP address.


Pros & Cons of Smartproxy

Pros ✅:

  • 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee.
  • Live 24/7 Support.
  • Pay As You Go pricing option
  • 65+ million proxy pool
  • Advanced rotation
  • Anonymity
  • Easy self-service
  • Proxy Rotation.
  • High scalability
  • No IP bans

Cons ❌:

  • Customer support needs improvement

FAQs On Smartproxy Review:

💁‍♀️ What Is Smartproxy?

Smartproxy is a residentail proxy network that rotates. It uses a pool of over 40 million proxies to allow users to collect any data from the internet. Not only that, but Smartproxy also offers shared datacenter (DC) proxies.

🙇‍♂️ Is a secure website? is a premium proxy service that offers superior servers at a low cost. It's a secure and dependable proxy service that offers a money-back guarantee if you don't like it. They are one of the major proxy providers, with proxies in all nations (195+ locations).

🙋‍♂️ What is the benefit of using a smart proxy?

Smart Proxy's major goal is to make working with huge, high-resolution video files more fluid in terms of editing and previewing. Smart Proxy reduces the resolution of bigger source files to make smaller working copies. The smaller files are referred to as proxy files.

👉 How do I use Chrome Smart Proxy?

Simply notify SmartProxy that you want to enable proxy for a specific website with a single click. When you visit that specific website, SmartProxy will take over, and all of your data will be sent through the proxy without you having to do anything.

✌️ Can These Proxies Handle Heavy Traffic?

Yes, at least the ones we put them through. The results were excellent at 500 requests per second: the success rate was maintained at 95%, and the response time increased slightly to 1.1 seconds. The proxy server is clearly not overwhelmed by this amount of traffic.

🤟 What Is the Size of the Proxy Pool?

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Conclusion: Smartproxy Review 2024 

After reading this review, I can see where you came from in the introduction. Smartproxy has indeed found a winning formula. The company excels in providing responsive customer support, high-performance proxies, and a user-friendly self-service platform.

While it may not be as feature-rich as Bright Data or Oxylabs, what sets Smartproxy apart is its ability to offer all these benefits at very competitive prices.

Of course, there are some limitations to consider. For example, dedicated proxies or certain web scraping APIs may have some restrictions.

However, Smartproxy focuses on providing functionality that satisfies most users’ needs, even if it means sacrificing some niche or nice-to-have features. And it does an excellent job at that. Based on my experience with Smartproxy, I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone searching for a reliable, high-quality proxy provider.

Have you used Smartproxy in the past? Share your Smartproxy reviews in the comments below.

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  1. “I have tried a few other proxies in the past, but Smartproxy is by far the best I’ve used. The residential proxies are very reliable and the Country targeting function works almost perfectly.”

  2. Smartproxy helped me in accessing to fast, secure servers located all around the world. It provides to choose from multiple locations with both proxies.

  3. When it comes down to it, not everyone has free reign over where they live in this big wide world… But don’t worry – if you need an IP address from anywhere but from your own city or country, we have what you need here

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    “That’s not all, they also offer us a list of geo-targeted IPs so we can browse the internet easier by country!”

  7. I love this product because it’s so reliable and it has a lot of benefits. The most important thing is that their proxy network is really fast, which was the biggest problem I had with previous services. Now I can work on bigger projects with quick speeds

  8. I used this product for a few months to sell stuff on ebay. It’s awesome because it lets me buy an unlimited amount of residential proxies monthly, which is what I need for my business! If that sounds like something you’re looking for then check out Smartproxy today!”

  9. This is the best proxy you can get. I was having an issue on YouTube which had restricted my account everywhere in the world except for Russia. With Smartproxy, I just bypassed that problem and am 100% protected with no disconnect or timeouts occurring at all.”

  10. Geo-targeting is one of the areas where Smartproxy flops a little bit. While you have the option to choose from a list of over 195+ geo-locations, such diversity is not available to you when it comes to city-specific proxies.
    Also the email support is not that fast.

  11. Anyone looking for a reliable, fast, and global proxy network will want to check out Smartproxy. With servers located all over the world and a pool of 10 million IP addresses available, you’re guaranteed not to run into an IP ban or blacklisting.

  12. Smartproxy is a proxy server which is used for both personal and business use. The company provides a great opportunity to protect your personal data and your connection while browsing the internet.
    The Smartproxy review is a great way to get your hands on the best VPN service on the market.

  13. I’ve been using Smartproxy for a long time now and I couldn’t ask for anything better. The service is reliably fast, it has never leaked my IP address or given away my location to anyone. I switched from another company because they didn’t have the speeds that Smartproxy offers, but it never mattered how much data I used because of the unlimited bandwidth pool on their part.”

  14. There are a lot of proxy providers out there, but the only one worth your time is Smartproxy. Whether you need to access content unavailable in your country or you’re having trouble parsing an otherwise blocked site, all of those problems go away with this provider. But what truly sets it apart from other suppliers is its selection: it offers residential and data centre proxies as well as a pool of 10 million IP addresses so that you never have to worry about being banned or blacklisted if your primary proxy fails for some reason. It’s not just fast and secure though- it’s also anonymous!

  15. Smartproxy is outstanding amongst other pivoting private intermediary network which empowers clients to assemble any information from the web utilizing a pool of more than 40 million intermediaries.
    You can utilize a limitless number of associations, strings, and nations immediately as Smartproxy valuing model depends on data transmission utilization.

  16. I know that’s a mouthful, but this proxy service is worth it. If you’re like me and need to download irate parent videos on the sly, then you’ll understand. The Smartproxy has never let me down before – they give unfettered access to any website on the web. I’ve even used them for geocaching when I ran out of fuel during my last road trip. But enough about me, this site needs some convincing! Give the free trial plan a shot if your new to proxies like myself- I don’t want anyone paying $75 until they give their money’s worth.”

  17. Smartproxy is the perfect tool for marketers, SEO specialists and network engineers. It’s a simple solution that helps you get more bang for your buck when marketing online while bypassing annoying country blocks on social media sites. I recommend Smartproxy to everyone I know!

  18. Smartproxy is an easy-to-use scraper that can crawl through any website or online forum to find the information you need. You tell Smartproxy what you want it to do when on a site, and its crawler will go in, scrape all the data needed for your needs, and leave without disturbing anything.

  19. Worst experience I ever had with a proxy provider, claim on their MAIN PAGE that you can use their proxies with proxifier the same version as the tutorial yet it doesn’t work when asking for a refund due to false advertising they claim that BITCOIN is “anonymous” and can’t refund due to that.

  20. You can use as many accounts as you want on social media! Finally, I don’t have to worry about people taking one of my profiles down or banning me from a website for posting too much. It’s so nice that all the data and information is coming from just one IP address and not changing every time I log into a new account.

  21. Smartproxy does what it advertises. It works really well when you are doing things like monitoring social media for specific hashtags, or stalking your ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend–in fact, I feel like these features are the most valuable. It also protects my personal identity in case all my accounts get banned due to something that could have been prevented if I had Smartproxy sooner.

  22. SmartProxy is my edge when I’m doing SEO work for clients who are blocked in their own country after Google releases an algorithm change that takes them down in search results because of where they live.

  23. Smartproxy is the best proxy provider I’ve come across for many reasons, not least of which is its unique and creative range of services. They offer random residential/ data centre proxies that can’t be tracked or banned, and they have a pool of 10 million IPs to use. With SmartProxy, you’re sure to get access to all those juicy websites you want and more!

  24. Smartproxy is a great product for anyone getting started online. It’s affordable, easy to manage, and if you’re looking to make money by advertising your website or writing articles on Fiverr, it has more options than anything out there. The tools are great too – the dashboard provides accurate info about how much anonymity is left per proxy IP with “Anonymous Time Left.” I’ve used this program now for two years without any interruptions whatsoever.

  25. Very disappointed with the service. Customer service was good. However, my account got deactivated before I even got to use it. They said fraudulent activity. I emailed support and they refused to go give me a reason and said the account will remain deactivated. What a joke.

  26. I finally found a solution to the problem of having multiple social media accounts and needing to update them regularly. The Smartproxy Server is exactly what I needed. It’s perfect for bloggers, content creators, and others who need to spread their voice across multiple channels while maintaining privacy. From one place you can be connected without giving out any personal information or forgetting about your original account!

  27. Having Unlimited bandwidth on proxies is one of the best features that a proxy can have. SmartProxy does not provide unlimited bandwidth on their proxy package. They have a limited amount of bandwidth after which you have to pay for the additional bandwidth that you request from SmartProxy.

  28. Smartproxy is a fast and reliable online service providing residential proxies.
    I’ve used Smartproxy and I’d say that the speeds provided were good and the locations matched residential locations in our tests. If you are looking for rotating residential proxies, then you should really give Smartproxy a try. Their support will help you get everything running.

  29. “Wow, this may be the worst paid service I’ve ever tried. You guys don’t have competitive rates for small businesses and if your internet goes out, you’re pretty much screwed. Customer support is terrible to boot.”

  30. I use this for all things data scraping. I am the type of person who gets frustrated with having to scroll through 20 different blog posts when what I want is in blog post 8. It saves my life for social media too, my Instagram feed will be full of pictures of recipes when they are not exactly what I’m looking for and then low and behold it shows up at 4am in my Smartproxy search within 3 seconds. Exactly what you would want in your toolkit if your crawlers go rogue!

  31. I bought a subscription without previously checking do you support SOCKS5. I had a chance to run a couple of tests using these proxies, and it worked great, but unfortunately not matching our needs.

  32. I always use proxies when I’m up to no good, and you should too. But the problem is that most proxy companies are all frauds– their servers never show the web page and they leak your private data left and right! Then one day, my man Roxanne told me about Smartproxy – a legit rotating residential proxy network which really works. Now I can browse at will without any worries now just think of what it would mean for your online investigation…just try it once and feel like Spiderman with instantaneous access to anything on the net!

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