SmartProxy Pricing Plans 2024:🤔 How Much Does It Cost?

Welcome to this comprehensive guide on SmartProxy Pricing Plans! If you’re in search of a reliable proxy service to enhance your online activities, you’ve come to the right place.

In this guide, we will explore the pricing details of SmartProxy, equipping you with the necessary information to make an informed decision about investing in its valuable features.

SmartProxy offers a range of pricing plans tailored to meet the diverse needs of its users. The cost of SmartProxy can vary based on factors such as the plan you select and the features it encompasses.

It’s worth noting that SmartProxy frequently provides discounts and promotions, so be sure to keep an eye out for special deals that can bring significant savings.

By the end of this guide, you’ll be armed with the knowledge required to choose the ideal SmartProxy plan, empowering you to optimize your online activities like never before.

SmartProxy Pricing

SmartProxy offers a versatile range of pricing plans to accommodate various needs, whether you’re looking for residential, datacenter, or mobile proxies.

Their pricing structure is tailored to fit different usage patterns and requirements, making SmartProxy a flexible choice for businesses and individuals alike.

SmartProxy Pricing

Key Pricing Models

1. Pay per GB: This model is designed for those who prefer a shared IP pool and is ideal if you’re looking to pay based on bandwidth usage.

Plans under this model start from $30, offering options for different data needs, ranging from 50 GB to 3 TB, with prices per GB decreasing as the plan sizes increase​​.

2. Pay per IP: Suitable for users needing an exclusive IP pool with customizable numbers of IPs and preferred locations. This model allows for greater control over IPs and traffic, with plans starting from $10​​.

3. Dedicated Datacenter Plans: For users who require dedicated IPs, SmartProxy provides specific plans that ensure greater control and reliability for various online activities.

These plans include options for both sequential and non-sequential IP selections, with unlimited traffic limits​​.

4. Site Unblocker Plans: Tailored for unblocking and accessing content that may be restricted in specific locations, with pricing starting at $14 per GB​​.

5. Residential Reseller Proxy Plans: Targeted at resellers, these plans offer features like traffic usage statistics, easy client management, and support for unique devices from over 195 countries.

The “Boss” plan starts at $4000 per month for 500 GB of traffic, while the “Kingpin” plan offers 1000 GB for $7000 per month​​.

SmartProxy stands out for its comprehensive support and flexibility, offering a 3-day money-back guarantee and featuring a vast network of over 40 million IP addresses across more than 195 countries.

It’s ideal for a wide range of applications, from ad verification and social media management to web scraping and overcoming geo-restrictions​.

Check our SmartProxy Review for detailed features analysis.

What Can SmartProxy be Used for?

As there are several applications for SmartProxy, these are the most prominent ones. –

1. Ad verification: 

With a rotating proxy, ad verification firms may do their business without fear of network banning on questionable websites. SmartProxy’s residential proxy network ensures that no one can block or limit a pool of more than ten million IP addresses.

2. Creating multiple accounts:

Residential proxies from SmartProxy appear and behave precisely like IP addresses linked with legitimate Internet service providers. As a result, SmartProxy is an ideal option for managing a large number of social media accounts.

3. Overcoming restrictions:

Geo-targeting enables you to research competitive market, compare airline ticket prices, and gather retail knowledge. Without being banned, you may visit any site from any place.

Simply pick a rotating or persistent session on a certain SmartProxy server and you will seem to be in another nation.

4. Cooking Sneaker:

The majority of sneaker bots operate through proxies. In this manner, a single bot may make many transactions without being blacklisted from the website.

If the website receives successive visits from a single IP address, it bans it to ensure that other customers have a fair shot.

Residential rotating proxies are ideal for avoiding blacklisting since each new request originates from a unique IP address.

SmartProxy allows users to create an infinite number of connections, which means you may conduct an endless number of jobs on sneaker bots without being prohibited. 

5. Scraping Data:

Each time a connection is established, the SmartProxy residential backconnect proxy switches to a new IP address. Without a doubt, it is the optimal method for obtaining data from rivals and other sources.

A large number of proxies combined with smart rotation enables you to collect a large amount of data in a short period with an extraordinarily high success rate.

Is SmartProxy Worth it?

Yes, SmartProxy is worth it. Here are some of the reasons that make SmartProxy worth its price –

1. Reliability & Support:

SmartProxy provides a variety of support solutions that are open to all customers, so there is no additional charge for priority help. You may contact us by email, online form, live chat, or social media. I received rather prompt replies to my queries through live chat.

Along with contact information, step-by-step guidelines walk you through the process of installing SmartProxy on your chosen platform. Additionally, there is a comprehensive FAQ area.

2. Set-Up & Installation — Simple Step-by-Step Guides: 

SmartProxy is easy to use. To begin, establish an account and buy a subscription. Your dashboard will provide information on each of them.

Naturally, the simplicity of installation differs according to the platform you’re using, but there are many guidelines available. Along with straightforward step-by-step instructions, a variety of help choices are provided.

If you have any difficulties during installation, you may contact the support staff by email, an online form, social media, or live chat.

3. Device Compatibility — All Major Devices: 

SmartProxy is designed to work with a wide variety of devices and browsers. There are several guidelines and FAQs available to assist you in getting started with your chosen media. There are versions for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android, as well as popular browser extensions and more.

4. Simultaneous Device Connections — No Limit: 

While it does have a cap on users, even the most basic package allows for limitless connections. With more costly plans, the quantity of bandwidth and user limit rises.

5. Torrenting — Allowed:

You may install SmartProxy on your device and use it to redirect your torrent traffic. However, since it lacks the necessary security characteristics of a VPN, I am unable to endorse it.

Residential proxy servers, including rotating networks such as SmartProxy, mask your IP address but do not encrypt it further. As a result, your connection will be insufficiently secure when torrenting. Additionally, you will be subject to bandwidth restrictions.

6. Privacy — Generally Safe, but Vague Privacy Policy: 

According to SmartProxy, it retains your account information for up to two years. While this is typical, I was unable to locate any information in their privacy statement about the data it retains when you utilize its IP addresses.

This is quite alarming, given that it is located in the United States and hence susceptible to the Five Eyes Alliance. This implies that if the US government requests data from SmartProxy, SmartProxy must comply. Additionally, it would be shared with the rest of the coalition.

However, a SmartProxy representative informed me that the company does not save any information on the websites or tools that you visit using its IP addresses. While I wish this information had been provided in the first place, I believe it is comforting, and SmartProxy may be considered a trustworthy service.

7. Security — Rotating Residential Proxies: 

SmartProxy lacks the standard security measures associated with business-oriented services. Rather than that, it protects you by rotating proxies.

Residential proxies by definition conceal your IP address behind the proxy address. This exposes your IP address to discovery. Thus, by concealing your IP address behind a pool of constantly changing proxy addresses, yours is continually hidden.

This, however, does not guarantee complete protection. While SmartProxy does not log your online behavior, it does not include any additional security measures, such as a kill switch. This implies that your identity may still be at risk of being compromised. If that is a worry, have a look at these ultra-secure VPNs.

8. Network — Vast IP Pool: 

SmartProxy offers a global network of over 40,000,000 IP addresses. You get access to the whole network by picking one of the plans. The only constraint is in terms of bandwidth.

The majority of its IP addresses are located in the United States, India, the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, and Japan.

This is in contrast to a VPN, which connects you to a server location and assigns you an IP address associated with that place. However, it is more private than other VPNs, since its IP addresses do not gather any information about the websites you visit.

9. Speeds — Fast with Low Latency:

SmartProxy should provide high speeds even for residential IP addresses located in remote locations. Unlike a virtual private network (VPN), residential proxy networks such as SmartProxy do not secure your data.

While this does remove this layer of security, it also results in much quicker speeds. Because it also has a vast number of IP addresses, you should not experience congestion or slowdowns.

However, depending on your plan, bandwidth is restricted. The smallest one has a 5GB limit, while the biggest one has a 1000GB limit.

SmartProxy should theoretically be able to unblock the majority of streaming providers. However, it is a web scraping tool, and using it for unanticipated purposes such as streaming or games would be prohibitively costly.

Because SmartProxy is a proxy service and not a VPN, its primary objective is not to enable access to streaming outlets worldwide, as it would be prohibitively costly.

SmartProxy Pros and Cons:

SmartProxy Pros

  • One significant benefit of this platform is its ease of use in comparison to the majority of other tools in its category.
  • You may contact customer service by live chat or email 24 hours a day.
  • SmartProxy’s pricing options are much less expensive than those offered by the majority of its rivals.
  • Over 40 million genuine residential IP addresses and localities are available on the network, which spans 195+ countries.
  • SmartProxy performs well, and there is almost little chance of being blocked while using this popular application.

SmartProxy Cons

  • They now exclusively provide shared and private data center proxies in the United States.

FAQs on SmartProxy Pricing

🧐 Does SmartProxy offer a money-back guarantee?

Yes, SmartProxy offers a 3-day money-back guarantee.

✔ Is SmartProxy good?

While SmartProxy may not have the same profile as the big-name proxy service competitors, it is still an outstanding platform that offers a plethora of proxy capabilities and functionality at a very reasonable price.

🛒 How do I buy SmartProxy?

To purchase our data center proxy plan, just create an account on the dashboard and pick your desired plan. Their proxies are compatible with almost any application that uses HTTP/HTTPS proxies. SmartProxy IP addresses are compatible with all major search engines, ScrapeBox, and a wide variety of other bots.

❓ What is a smart proxy on VPN?

SmartDNS is simply a proxy service that several organizations advertise as a means of unblocking media content. Businesses offer access to proxy servers via which users may unblock media websites such as Netflix, BBC, or Hulu. SmartDNS, on the other hand, functions differently than a standard proxy since the user's real IP address is not modified.

🤔 How do I use SmartProxy?

To activate Smart Proxy and accelerate video editing, enter the Settings menu and choose 'Smart Proxy Manager' followed by 'Enable Smart Proxy.' By default, the Smart Proxy function is activated if the computer's hardware supports it, but you may manually enable or deactivate it as required.


SmartProxy is one of the most recognizable brands in today’s residential proxy sector. Their residential proxy plans are more affordable than those offered by most rivals.

Each package has restricted bandwidth but gives you access to a proxy network with over 10 million IPv4 addresses in over 195 sites worldwide.

SmartProxy’s UI is very user-friendly and straightforward to use. If you want assistance, contact our dedicated 24/7 customer support team.

However, you are unlikely to need it, since self-service and deployment are pretty straightforward.

I sincerely hope now for the pricing of SmartProxy is clear. Please let me know whether you liked SmartProxy or not.

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