Top 3 SmartProxy Alternatives 2024: Which One Is Right For You?

In this article, we’ll look at several SmartProxy Alternatives 2024 so you can decide when selecting the best proxy server solution for your business needs.

SmartProxy has become a popular choice for businesses that need to manage their web proxy servers. However, many other solutions offer similar features and performance.

We’ll cover their features, pricing, and performance to help you decide which solution is best for your organization.

After reading this article, you should better understand the different options available and be able to make an educated decision when selecting the best proxy server solution for your business.

SmartProxy Alternatives

SmartProxy Alternatives 2024

  • Bright Data is a proxy service behemoth with over 72 million residential and other IP addresses (mobile, data center) in nations and towns all over the globe.
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  • These are rotating residential proxies, private dedicated proxies which offer data center IPs, and backconnect rotating proxies.
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  • Oxylabs is a web data extraction platform that offers dedicated proxy services for email protection, market research, product page intelligence, SEO monitoring.
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1) Bright Data (

Bright Data is a proxy service behemoth with over 72 million residential and other IP addresses (mobile, data center) in nations and towns all over the globe.

Businesses can collect data from the web as it is seen by consumers worldwide by gaining access to these IPs. Monitoring competitor prices from websites in all your target countries is an everyday use for this type of service.

Still, Bright Data also provides examples of how to scrape data, verify the compliance of ads and affiliate links, and track international search engine results from Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Bright Data: SmartProxy Alternatives

In its most basic form, using Bright Data is as simple as installing its Chrome extension. It doesn’t require any coding, and it’s only slightly more difficult than using a professional VPN.

Bright Data’s open-source Proxy Manager also avoids coding. Still, he adds strong and advanced capabilities, including SSL decryption, intelligent routing, configurable bandwidth-saving policies, and even some built-in site scraping.

Bright Data isn’t the cheapest proxy service out there, but serious customers should try it because of its large network, flexible billing, and very sophisticated and configurable tools.


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2) Storm Proxies

Storm Proxies has been around for nearly five years, entering the proxy market in 2016. Given its young age, it will likely take some time to achieve the kind of confidence other suppliers have.

While it cannot be considered a premium service, it has carved out a niche for itself and is regarded as one of the best among its peers.

 Storm Proxies: SmartProxy Alternatives

Its proxies are quite fast in comparison to residential proxies, and they are incredibly cheap and light on the wallet. They provide excellent customer service and be efficient and effective for web scraping operations. However, their region coverage, geo-targeting options, and authentication technique, among other things, are severely limited.

Storm Proxies has to be the cheapest residential proxy service compared to other performing proxies. Premium providers promote the concept that residential proxies are naturally expensive because of the reliability and confidence they have acquired. Residential proxies can be obtained without emptying your cash, thanks to Storm Proxies.

Storm Proxies, unlike other major competitors in the sector, does not have complex mechanisms to make things easier for their clients, such as browser extensions and APIs that developers may use. It has to be one of the few providers that takes a straightforward approach. However, simplicity also means ease of use.

Storm Proxies, undoubtedly, falls short of the high standards premium suppliers provide.

It is, nevertheless, usable in its own right due to its cost and scraping performance. If the disadvantages aren’t a major worry, you can purchase their plan.

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3) Oxylabs

Oxylabs dedicated proxies

Oxylabs is a web data extraction platform that offers dedicated proxy services for email protection, market research, product page intelligence, SEO monitoring, pricing intelligence, ad verification, and travel fare aggregation, among other things. Users benefit from data center proxies’ capabilities, such as private IP authentication, speed, and anonymity.

Residential proxies are completely anonymous and assist users in retrieving accurate and localized information from search engines. A real-time crawler facilitates data extraction from search engines, e-commerce websites, and heavy-duty data retrieval tasks.

It has a track record of delivering 100% of data and offers scalable solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Oxylabs can process tens of millions of inquiries daily, including gathering and analyzing competitor data, defending websites from malware and counterfeiting, anonymously reviewing advertiser pages, and keeping track of price changes across the internet.

Simply select the proxy sites as well as the number of IPs. The price per proxy starts at $1.78. And you can choose from a list of 100 IPs to begin with.

Oxylabs also has a proxy management Chrome addon that works with any proxy service. Oxylabs Proxy Manager is a free utility that you can get from the Chrome store and install on your browser.

Oxylabs trust review

Regarding customer service, Oxylabs provides live chat assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, if you need to speak with a live person immediately. You can also contact their sales personnel via email or look through their documentation and FAQs for any questions.

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Conclusion: SmartProxy Alternatives 2024

In conclusion, SmartProxy offers a reliable and secure solution for those seeking a professional proxy service that is both safe and efficient. However, various alternatives are available to suit different needs and budgets.

From free tools to dedicated services, users should weigh their options carefully before selecting a proxy provider. Ultimately, the goal should be to find a solution that meets the user’s security and budget requirements.

Regardless of which provider is chosen, it is important to ensure that the service offers a high level of security and privacy. Additionally, researching the company’s policies and support services can help users decide about their proxy solution. By considering all these factors, users can select a reliable, secure, and cost-effective proxy provider for their needs.

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