SkillShare Vs MasterClass 2024 | Which One To Choose? (#1 Reason)


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MasterClass has been created for those who want personal development. So yes, the courses will not be giving you certificates once you complete them. MasterClass has very premium teachers or instructors who are world-famous.

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Price: $ 180

Both these learning platforms are quite unique and each one has a lot of online classes to offer to their users so that can learn new skills or hone an existing one. It is impossible to tell you which online learning platform is better as it totally depends on what is your requirement and how you want to learn. If you feel that when you pay, you should get a lot of courses; then Skillshare would stand out! Also, This platform covers subjects like crafts, nutrition, alternative medicines, fitness, improving mental health, etc., which are not offered by the Masterclass. 

masterclass vs skillshare

However, if you’re looking to learn the best courses from the world’s best experts who are Oscar-winning directors and actors, owners of billion-dollar businesses, Olympic athletes,  renowned musicians, and chefs of Michelin-star restaurants then Masterclass is the best choice for you. By perfecting your skill, you may earn money as well. This article covers various aspects of both learning platforms which will give everything you need to know about these two platforms.

Bottom Line Upfront: Masterclass is a better platform in comparison to Skillshare because here world’s best experts share their insights on how to become a better writer, cook, actor and much more. Experts like Gordon Ramsay, Natalie Portman, Neil DeGrasse Tyson and many more are here to guide you in your journey. Get the one year pass of Masterclass today.

SkillShare Vs Masterclass: Which One Is The Best? ( In-Depth Comparison )

Navigation and Interface


Here, we discuss if the website is user-friendly and how accessible it is. Once you reach the front page, you can find the various categories related to the courses. The front page is pretty interactive and inviting. This learning platform is quite straightforward and the design is quite simple. It also starts with a very interactive video on the platform. You can browse through the various courses offered. Through its simplicity, this website does its job pretty well and gives us a break from the flashy pages. Once you register yourself on this platform and select a course, the instructor has an introductory video ready to greet you along with the list of online classes offered. It can certainly help you in learning new skills.

SkillShare Vs Masterclass - SkillShare

On scrolling further, you will get the description of the course, details on the instructor, and many related courses. The interface is quite simple and easy to navigate. A feature that can be annoying is that students are allowed to leave comments on the video’s timeline. Though this is quite popular nowadays, it could be distracting. Overall, SkillShare is simple and easy to use. It is very intuitive and is not loaded with banners, pop-ups, buttons, etc.

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When it comes to Masterclass, when you visit the landing page, you will be greeted by a black-themed page. The first thing you see at present is the current offer which is to buy one all-access pass and get another totally free. 

You have a video running in the background which gives you a glimpse of who your instructors are! You can also watch the trailer. Towards the top right-hand corner of this page, you can browse through the categories (currently 9) and check out the online classes offered under each category with the name of the instructor mentioned as well. 

SkillShare Vs MasterClass - Masterclass

As you scroll down, you get an idea of the online courses and the renowned experts who will be teaching the subjects. You also get details on courses that have been recently added, reviews from users, and FAQs. Once you register yourself and get the all-access membership pass for a year, you get unlimited access to all the courses anytime. MasterClass has a very unique as well as an intuitive interface that shows you various related lessons from some of the instructors you might not consider.

  • MasterClass All-Access Pass: $180/yr (Best Courses)

Content and quality


This is quite important when you opt for any platform that is education-based. The content quality is the main criteria to understand whether the platform is really good or not. There is a lot of positive opinion on the content of Skillshare. Many users have indicated that the online classes are quite basic and this is a con of this platform. Also, instructors do not indicate if the course is for beginners or for advanced level users and this must be taken care of, as users can then decide on which course is apt for them. 

SkillShare Vs Masterclass - WorkShop

The descriptions of the courses are a bit vague as well. Other than these minor issues, the courses appear to be made in a very professional manner and are very informative. A lot of people are quite happy with the content offered by Skillshare.


MasterClass has been created for those who want personal development. So yes, the courses will not be giving you certificates once you complete them. MasterClass has very premium teachers or instructors who are world-famous. The online classes have been organized into lessons that are video-based. The lessons are a bit short (generally between 3 -14 minutes). The videos can be watched in one sitting. The video lessons are of high quality, basically, they are Hollywood-level production quality. You will definitely enjoy watching these videos. 

SkillShare Vs MasterClass - Our Global Reach

All the lessons offered are of the same quality and are quite different from the videos offered by other e-learning providers. The videos are well-scripted and have been shot in HD and the production is flawless. However, you must remember that these courses cater to those who look for personal development and inspiration from the best in the industry.

Features & Benefits


Skillshare is quite unique and what it offers is an interesting concept of courses that are team-based. These courses have been designed specifically for businesses to assist them with some great team-building exercises as well as efficiency management. Skillshare offers you the ability to work on projects that are team-based, switch admins, and the like. This is a good feature for all those who question the authenticity of Skillshare. 

SkillShare Vs Masterclass - Course

Another feature which is quite worthy of mention is the projects. Skillshare has promised that every course offered on the platform requires the students to work on projects while they learn the subject. Through this feature, you not just get the information in terms of theory but you also get the opportunity to work on projects, thereby gaining practical knowledge. It motivates students to learn more about the subject, pay attention, and helps them have an interest in the subject.


Honestly, MasterClass might not be everybody’s cup of tea. It is a good platform for people in the creative line like painters, makeup artists, musicians, artists, entertainers, writers, directors, photographers, etc. In case you want to learn more about these areas from some of the world-famous experts, then Masterclass could be the best option for you. 

SkillShare Vs MasterClass - Course

Even if you love sports like ballet, tennis, poker, etc., you could get some interesting tips and insights from the best!  However, the classes do not give you the practical skills which can help you increase your income level. Instead, MasterClass is apt for those who seek inspiration. Also, if you want a regular interaction with your instructor, this is not the ideal place. There is a feature of Q&A, however, it could be really tough to get a response. The quality of videos, however, is simply amazing.

Masterclass vs Skillshare: Pricing


This is an interesting area. The pricing on this platform is quite different from that of other platforms in the same industry. Many other e-learning education platforms enable users to purchase single courses for a price that is fixed by the instructor. However, Skillshare has a pricing model that is subscription-based, which means that you have to subscribe to this platform, post which you can access any course that you want along with that they also offer 2 month free trial to new users. There are two subscriptions offered – Free and Premium.

Under free “subscription”, you can check out all the free content available on the site, though there are quite a few classes that are offered free of cost. However, in case you opt for the premium subscription, the site gives you access to 25000+ classes. The premium subscription will cost you about $8.73 USD per month and if you opt for the annual premium subscription, be ready to shell out $63 USD. This is quite a good deal considering you get access to all the 25,000 classes.

Skillshare- Pricing


The masterclass is an online platform of learning where the classes are taught by experts who are world-famous, for instance, Serena Williams, Steve Martin, Gordon Ramsay, and the likes. Naturally, one would expect the class to cost you a hell lot of money. However, the pricing comes as a surprise. The classes are quite reasonable, considering the quality of videos and the instructors passing on the knowledge. 

SkillShare Vs MasterClass - MasterClass Pricing Plan

You can buy a single class or you can go for the All-Access Pass that offers you access to all the classes and instructors. If you want to buy single classes, you will have to pay $90 for every class you take. If you want to take the All-Access Pass, you have to pay $180 for annual subscription and you can access every class that is offered on Masterclass. This option is pretty good as you can get all the classes. At present, you also can get an all-access pass free in case you buy one all-access pass. This becomes a good gifting option as well.

Masterclass vs Skillshare: Learning Experience


In the end, what matters is the learning experience that you derive from the platform, in addition to the pricing strategies of the company. Skillshare has a wide range of courses and hence it is tough to comment on the learning experience.

SkillShare Vs Masterclass - Learning Experience

Skillshare claims that it only has “accredited” instructors, thereby guaranteeing a great experience. Also, the reviews indicate users having a positive experience when they use this site. The courses are quite good in quality and offer in-depth learning as well as the ability to work on projects thereby giving students practical exposure as well. 


Masterclass has some really high-quality videos delivered by some of the renowned experts in different areas like Acting, Film Making, Cooking, Lifestyle, Makeup, Fashion, Sports, etc.  The users have shared quite a lot of positive experiences related to the courses. The classes are quite short and can be completed in a sitting each. The classes focus on inspiring you to get started, to be more innovative and creative, and are mainly inspirational videos. 

SkillShare Vs Masterclass - Learning Experience

They motivate the user to think beyond the ordinary. The experts give you insights into their career, what made them different, and how they managed to reach the position that they are at present. To be honest, the classes do not add a kind of practical value. There are no certifications. You pay to listen to experiences and insights from some of the very famous artists, singers, chefs, etc. It might be good for those who wish to have some kind of personal development, however, it will not enhance any specific skill related to IT, technology, business, etc.

Masterclass vs SkillShare: Instructors

The biggest difference between the two platforms would be the instructors from whom you would be learning.


When it comes to Skillshare, many people have created courses, even those who are not good at creating courses and teaching. So the standard of tutors or instructors could vary. However, it has a peer-review system which makes it quite easy for the user to focus on some top-quality courses. The monthly payment is quite low, which could indicate that not all courses could be of high quality. 

SkillShare Vs MasterClass - instructor

Once you check out the first video of any course that you select, you will be able to understand if the course is good and worth taking up or not. In case it does not match the expectations, you could opt for other courses. The teaching standards are good at Skillshare. There might be a variation based on the approach considered by the instructor. Once you are able to find a great instructor, you could take all their courses easily. So you can sign up and get some great online courses on Skillshare.


When it comes to the Masterclass platform of learning, you must know that you will learn from renowned people like Spike Lee, Martin Scorsese, Gordon Ramsay,  Steve Martin, etc. Masterclass definitely has an edge over Skillshare when we talk about the quality of information that is being offered to the users.

SkillShare Vs MasterClass - Instructor

The instructors are world famous and they work at some of the top levels in industries or are the best at their sport, or they own billion-dollar businesses or their own restaurants which have earned numerous Michelin stars. The masterclass is good for those who wish to excel in their fields and are seeking inspiration and advice from the best in the industry.

Pros and Cons of Skillshare and Masterclass

Skillshare Pros

  • This platform is good to learn basic skills
  • Skillshare offers students the chance to gain practical experience by working on projects
  • There are a huge variety of courses on this site
  • The interface of the site is very simple and easy to use
  • Once you subscribe, you get access to all the courses offered
  • It allows anybody to be a creator and create courses
  • It is not very expensive
  • This platform is very user-friendly
  • It can be accessed on your PC, smartphone or tablet
  • Some courses have workbooks which can be downloaded
  • The platform has a mobile application
  • Some of the courses are advertised as offering accreditation

Skillshare Cons

  • The quality of content can vary depending on the instructor
  • The comments and timestamps by students on videos could be distracting
  • There are issues faced in the pricing
  • The classes can be taken in English only
  • Bookmarks are available for few courses only

Masterclass Pros:

  • The videos are of the best quality and are high-definition videos
  • The classes are not very long and can be completed in one sitting
  • The annual membership offers more savings 
  • The classes are created by world-famous people 
  • The classes are quite engaging and can get anyone hooked
  • They are personal development classes
  • The user can get inspiration and advice from the experts
  • It can be accessed on your PC, smartphone or tablet
  • All the classes are professionally recorded
  • Bookmarks are available for some videos
  • Every single course has workbooks that can be downloaded
  • This platform has a mobile app as well

MasterClass Cons:

  • The platform can be a bit expensive (single course costs $90)
  • The audio is in English only
  • The platform is not apt for those who wish to hone specific work-related skills

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Conclusion: SkillShare Vs Masterclass 2024 

We can conclude by stating that both these learning platforms of online learning are simply amazing. The choice of the platform depends on the budget you have, the requirements in terms of skills, and the courses that you intend to take every year. The best way to learn more and add to your knowledge would be to enroll yourself on both these platforms. 

Skillshare focuses on honing skills related to fine arts, creative writing, photography, illustration, and the like. Masterclass, on the other hand, focuses on inspiring you to be creative and innovative all the time. On Skillshare, you have a wide range of courses and the instructor could be just anyone who can create a course. This could lead to a variation in the quality of the course and the teaching. However, once you find the right teacher, you can take up all their courses. Masterclass has some of the famous personalities like Steve Martin, Bobbi Brown, Christina Aguilera, Carlos Santana, Marc Jacobs, Gordon Ramsay, and the like. 

The quality of videos, content, and instruction is of the highest level you could expect.  When you sign up for Skillshare, opt for the premium membership as you can access a lot of courses and find what you need. When you sign up for Masterclass, get yourself an all-access pass, which gives you access to all the courses offered.

So, if you feel that you need motivation and inspiration in life, Masterclass is the platform for you. If you are a struggling writer, an upcoming director, etc., these videos will be quite useful as they take you into the lives of renowned people in the industry. The classes teach you how to deal with failure, how to get creative, how to start your own business, and these classes could really get you hooked onto them once you begin watching these videos. If you are a fan of some of the world’s best personalities, this could be a good way to know them, their life and their journey to the top. If all of this catches your fancy, then yes, Masterclass is your platform!

However, if you are someone aiming for getting an in-depth learning experience, Skillshare could be a better choice. You also have your instructor by your side, ready to answer queries and explain things that are not understood by you. If you are looking for a platform that gives you the classroom atmosphere, go for Skillshare.

In short, Masterclass and Skillshare both learning platforms, give you opportunities to invest time and money in yourself, and yes, your future! I hope this article help you make the decision.

MasterClass has been created for those who want personal development. So yes, the courses will not be giving you certificates once you complete them. MasterClass has very premium teachers or instructors who are world-famous.

Price:$ 180
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