Sitechecker Review 2024: Is Sitechecker Pro Free? (Pros & Cons)

Sitechecker Review

Overall Verdict

Sitechecker is a multifunctional website SEO audit platform that allows you to easily and efficiently monitor the effectiveness of web resource promotion, as well as systematically improve performance.

Out of 10


  • user-friendly interface with intuitive control;
  • the function of instant notifications about any changes on the site;
  • a simple Chrome extension with key SEO metrics monitoring;
  • White Label reports are suitable for professional marketers.


  • an extremely large amount of data, which can cause confusion for an unprepared person;


Price: $ 29

In this post, we have discuss Sitechecker Review 2024

Sitechecker is a multifunctional website SEO audit platform that allows you to easily and efficiently monitor the effectiveness of web resource promotion, as well as systematically improve performance.

How is Sitechecker different from other complex tools? While many specialized services provide incomplete data or ignore key SEO factors, this platform includes all the necessary tools with a full set of data.

Sitechecker Review

Thanks to this, you will be able to perform all the necessary actions to improve the SEO performance of your site. In addition, automatic report generation and key change alerts are available.

The characteristics of the platform make it one of the best: not only for website owners but also for specially designed marketing agencies specializing in improving the SEO of their clients’ websites.

The Sitechecker principle of operation is based on a multi-level approach to website optimization. This is a potential solution for traffic and sales growth.

Sitechecker Features

There are several features that make the Sitechecker platform especially attractive, making it as valuable and efficient as possible.

1. Site Audit

The site crawler identifies technical SEO issues that can affect the search rankings and overall performance of a web resource, such as broken links. The website crawler is free, but subscribers of the service can get more data.

A site audit makes it possible to analyze the performance of a web resource and determine what factors hinder better results. You can find out the loading speed of each of the pages by simply entering the required URLs.

Internal ranking data for each page is also available. You can use the search by type of error to quickly identify and correct deficiencies.

Sitechecker Review Site Audit

It is possible to visualize the site structure and edit meta tags in one window. This allows you to find and analyze errors faster and deeper, as well as fix them. You can send a scan report to other users: for example, a team of specialists working on a site.

The site crawler is great at identifying issues. In addition, it is much easier to eliminate them without involving third-party specialists for this.

It only takes one step to go from auditing one page to auditing a site as a whole. In general, the tool is aimed at saving time for specialists interested in a comprehensive check of a web resource.

2. Site Monitoring

The functions of the site monitoring service are designed to protect the resource in which you have invested so much effort. Site monitoring in the first place is a valuable tool to protect against hacking.

It immediately reports any changes: whether it is a drop in the search ranking or a change in other positions.

If most of the services specialize in site monitoring server uptime, Sitechecker has a different approach. It tracks the index status of the resource’s key pages. If a page becomes non-indexable or the status code changes, you will be notified accordingly.

Sitechecker Review Site Monitoring

An additional feature of the site monitoring service is tracking competitors. You can analyze links and events, as well as observe the actions of competitors.

This will allow you to find valuable ideas for filling your resource or for adjusting your marketing strategy.

You can also use site monitoring to analyze the activity of your resource during a given time period. This will provide you with valuable data in case contractors are involved in the work on the site.

You will be able to see what improvements were made, and in what period, and analyze their effectiveness.

3. Rank Tracker

Tracking the rating with Sitechecker is convenient: the service provides many options for controlling the site and generating responses.

You can customize SEO tracking according to your marketing strategy needs and focus. This makes Rank Tracking a complete tool for increasing your presence and reaching your audience.

The rating tracking function makes it possible to control changes in the positions of your site – including timely learning about how the rating was affected by updates tomarketing strategy. You can also monitor and study different types of keywords to improve your SEO strategy.

Sitechecker Review Rank tracker

Rank Tracking tracks search results across different types of devices, from desktop computers to mobile gadgets. This gives you a complete picture of how your site ranks on different devices.

In addition, monitoring is available for various search engines and browsers.

You can set up monitoring results by country, region, and city to get hyper-local information about the rating of your web resource. This may be needed by owners of local businesses or companies with branches in different geographical locations.

All the data you get with this tool is useful. But more is available. Sitechecker allows you to extract information and generate custom and white SEO reports. They can be generated automatically: daily and weekly.

This is a valuable opportunity for marketing agencies that want to keep their clients up to date and give them access to fresh information. You can use the reports to evaluate your promotion strategy and improve it.

4. Backlink Tracking

Building backlinks is labor-intensive and time-consuming. The Sitechecker backlink constructor will notify you in time that something has happened to the link. You will be able to respond in time and activate the URL so as not to lose positions and continue to enjoy the fruits of your work.

The process of adding links to the tracker is simple. You can specify URLs that you have created manually or add links found through search engines. It is possible to track links in real-time and set up notifications about changes in URL status.

Sitechecker Backlink Tracking

In the backlink tracker, you can generate useful reports with detailed information. They allow you to objectively analyze the strategy of link work and find options for its optimization.

How is a backlink tracker different from similar tools? Foremost, the fact that it is a single platform for monitoring all links. Here you can find data about the words used by sites that link to your resource.

Using this data, you can also determine which sites are giving you more traffic through backlinks. This will significantly improve the strategy of link promotion.

5. SEO Chrome Extension

This browser extension makes the process of identifying and fixing a site’s SEO issues as quick and easy as possible. The tool is completely free and intuitive.

With the help of the extension, you can literally check the key SEO data on the page of your site with just one click. It saves all monitoring parameters. So you do not need additional programs and solutions: everything is available within one tool.

The extension helps to optimize the content, including the length of the Title and Description meta tags, as well as monitor the density of keywords on the page using title tags.

Sitechecker SEO Chrome Extension

In addition, you can analyze the internal and external URLs of a page, identify broken links and view their anchors to optimize your link strategy.

The extension helps to check if a page is open for search indexing. Analysis of image optimization is available: size, alt, and title tags, necessary for additional benefits in the promotion.

In addition, the extension can be used to test Open Graph tags on each page: in particular, to preview their display in social networks.

These features make the extension a practical and powerful tool for monitoring and improving SEO on every page of your web resource.

6. White Label SEO Reports

The platform makes it possible to generate White Label reports, which is especially important for marketing agencies. With the help of reports, they can provide the necessary SEO data to their clients. The reports record the results of the implementation of the strategy, which allow you to determine the effectiveness in terms of the implementation of the business strategy.

With Sitechecker, you can get data automatically: this is how reports are generated. The system collects data from several sources, including Google Analytics and Backlinks Tracker. This information is available in a single dashboard that makes reporting as easy as possible.

Automatic generation of SEO reports makes tracking key metrics much easier. No need to constantly switch between different tools: all the necessary and up-to-date data is available daily in one report. Everything you need to know about the effectiveness of the promotion.

White Labels are available in most Sitechecker services, including site audit, backlink monitoring, and keyword ranking analysis. You can include these tools in the report to demonstrate a comprehensive approach to clients.

It doesn’t matter if you send monthly, daily or weekly reports to clients, the ability to white label them allows your agency to maintain a professional image and fully cope with the tasks. Your customers will see the results: they won’t know what tools you used to get the information.

Pros and Cons


  • user-friendly interface with intuitive control;
  • the function of instant notifications about any changes on the site;
  • a single solution for monitoring the status of the site, keywords, and backlinks;
  • detailed recommendations for improving the site;
  • a simple Chrome extension with key SEO metrics monitoring;
  • White Label reports are suitable for professional marketers.


  • an extremely large amount of data, which can cause confusion for an unprepared person;
  • small business owners may find some pricing plans expensive;
  • the payment plans include restrictions of sites in one account. 

Pricing and Package Options

The Sitechecker platform has three tariff plans. All of them provide access to such key features as unlimited traffic checking, local and mobile rating monitoring, continuous monitoring of site performance, and provision of web resource audit reports.

The main difference between the plans is in the number of sites, links, and keywords. The basic plan provides support for up to three sites and 1500 links.

This is the most suitable option for those who are developing a personal website or are taking their first steps in SEO, and digital marketing.

Despite the fact that the plan is basic, it supports up to 150 keywords – more than enough for the owner of a small site. The basic plan costs $29 per month. The Startup plan provides support for up to five sites and 5,000 links. 

Sitechecker pricing

This is the best choice for marketers who run projects for several clients, as well as for owners of small web resources. The plan has the ability to use up to 500 keywords per account. This makes it the best solution for professionals (compared to the basic plan). Startup pricing estimates $49 per month.

The Growing plan provides support for up to 10 sites and 50,000 links. It is considered the best solution for mid-sized website owners as well as marketing companies that want to maintain the potential to attract new customers. You can use up to 1000 keywords per account. The price is $99 per month.

The Enterprise tariff plan is intended for exclusive clients: large marketing companies or owners of large websites. The price starts from $499 per month, and the set of available features is formed individually.

When choosing an annual subscription instead of a monthly subscription, you can save up to 20% of the monthly cost. You can cancel your subscription at any time: a subscription to a plan does not involve signing contracts.


The Sitechecker platform has mostly positive recommendations on the Internet. Many customers like the service for its feasible and detailed reports with valuable data. User reviews often state that Sitechecker is able to identify specific problems.

This is important for people who do not have much experience in SEO. Also, the authors of the reviews speak positively about custom reports. They significantly save time for marketers, and at the same time, data is of high value – both for specialists and for site owners.

The number of negative reviews is small. Almost everyone mentions the issue of the payment plan’s cost: users find it quite high for small businesses.

There are also some opinions that the service is overloaded, and new users can get confused by the abundance of information available to them.

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Summary: Sitechecker Review 2024

Sitechecker is a comprehensive service with tools for SEO site audit: one of those that provide the maximum possible data. It is able to give the user maximum information.

In addition, it makes it much easier to optimize and improve the site, as well as implement key SEO changes. Having additional features (including SEO plugins for Chrome and reporting) saves a lot of time and adds value to this platform.

Despite the fact that the tariff plans may seem out of reach for small businesses, Sitechecker allows you to fully manage the optimization of sites and in some cases even do without hiring a contractor.

We recommend this platform for small websites as well as SEO and web marketing professionals.

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