Simpliv Vs edX 2024: Which One Worth The Hype? (OUR PICK)

In this post, we have featured an in-depth comparison of Simpliv Vs edx which include detailed insights into these two online learning platform.

The COVID pandemic has posed a constraint of being at home on everyone across the globe which has hampered a lot of things. Since the conventional mode of learning is a risk to health, digital mediums have played a huge role in continuing the pace of education, even during this crisis.


With online learning platforms becoming all the rage, it also mandates learners to perform a comparative analysis to understand the advantages and disadvantages in a clearer way.

Bottom Line Upfront: Simpliv is one of the best online learning platforms in the market. It offers courses of every kind and it also offers you a platform to teach which is really amazing. Simpliv is better than edX in many aspects such course contents and expert teachers. So, what are you waiting for enroll for any course on Simpliv to get better experience as a teacher or a student.

Two of the most renowned learning platforms of the current times are Simpliv Learning and edX. In this blog, we will understand these two leading online learning platforms and would figure out why you should choose either of the platforms.

Simpliv Vs edX 2024: Overview

Simpliv Learning Overview

Simpliv Learning is one of the leading online learning platforms that is known to fit everyone who wishes to learn irrespective of age, gender, educational & professional background, etc. It was founded in the year 2016 and soon it became a well-known name in the EdTech sector. Though Simpliv Learning is a newcomer, it offers almost everything that other established platforms do. 

Simpliv Overview

Let’s look at some of the most highlighting features of Simpliv Learning!

Wide Array of Simpliv Courses

Simpliv Learning offers a huge variety of course programs. It has everything from popular technologies like Programming Languages, Web Designing, Data Science, Cyber Security, etc., to music production, painting, and online teaching. The categories offered by Simpliv Learning are:

Simpliv- Categories

  1. All Development
  2. Database
  3. IT & Software Systems
  4. Health & Vigor
  5. Individual Development
  6. Desirable Lifestyle
  7. Productive Expertise & Efficiency
  8. Profession
  9. Blueprint & Designing
  10. Marketing
  11. Frames & Portraits
  12. Music
  13. Academics
  14. Language & Vocabulary
  15. Preparation Tests
  16. Engineering.

The above 16 categories are the broad areas of study that are further subdivided into multiple focused topics which help the learner browse through the course categories and make the right selection easily.

Various applied subjects are further categorized under the broad streams which have plenty of courses under them. All these categories consist of all kinds of courses beginning from life coaching, latest technology trends, healthcare to art, painting, and music production.

Some of the applied categories like Data Science, Data Analytics, Machine Learning, etc., are categorized under the broad categories named All Development, IT & Software, etc., enabling learners to find relevant topics with more convenience. 

The best part about Simpliv Learning’s offering is that it does not only enables learners to learn and get certified, but also helps them be prepared for the certification tests. It helps them score better in the examinations that are often tough to qualify for in one shot.

Simpliv Course-Completion Certification

All the paid courses on Simpliv Learning offer course-completion certification, which is a great thing for all the learners, as it helps them prove their skills to the employers and ultimately helps them land a high-paying job. 

Simpliv- Learning Program

These certificates are credible and are highly recognized across the industries. Many of the students have been able to make a mark on their career with the help of Simpliv Learning’s learning program. 

Modern industries require their candidates to not only be skilled but to also be equipped with the right kind of certification that makes them coveted professionals in the market. It is because of this demand that Simpliv Learning’s courses come with certificates that prove the skills and knowledge of the candidate.

Top-notch Instructors

All the trainers or instructors on Simpliv Learning are highly experienced professionals who have sound knowledge and expertise in the domain and are subject matter experts. They have been delivering lectures for many years and have a high success rate. Simpliv Learning diligently verifies the quality of the courses designed by various authors. 

Simpliv- Student Viewing

The trainers hired by Simpliv Learning not only help you gain the theoretical aspect of a topic but also help you get the practical knowledge. The courses designed by Simpliv’s instructors are filled with practical exercises, learning materials, and recorded videos of lectures, all of which come with lifetime access. Anytime the learner wishes to sharpen her skills, she can just log into the website and access the course materials anytime.

These courses are designed keeping the modern industry requirements in mind that allows the candidates to stay relevant to the current times.

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Self-paced Courses, Virtual Training, and Course Bundles

Simpliv Learning offers training programs that come in three different formats namely, Self-paced Courses, Virtual Training Courses, and Course Bundles.

Self-paced courses are pre-recorded lecture videos, learning materials, and practical exercises uploaded by the authors that have lifetime access along with a course completion certification. These courses are highly popular among the learners as it allows them to access the course content for a lifetime. These self-paced courses also come with the convenience factor that allows the learners to complete the course at their own pace. 

Virtual Classroom Training are live webinar sessions and workshops hosted by Simpliv on particular days and are run by various instructors. These instructors explain various concepts to the learners during live sessions and also deal with the queries in real-time. These help the learners clear the doubts and interact with the instructors to gain firsthand knowledge.

The third format is Course Bundles. Multiple self-paced courses are encapsulated in a package to allow the learners gain all the knowledge that they need, at one place. Instead of having to enroll in different courses, course bundles allow you to get everything you need at once, at much lower prices. 

The prices of course bundles are much lesser in comparison to the individual courses offered by Simpliv Learning, and the learner gets multiple certifications in a particular area at a highly reduced price. 

Simpliv Price Filtering

One of the most unique features of Simpliv Learning is that it allows you to filter the price courses based on the price range. This feature is found in no other platforms. Simpliv Learning understands that not everyone is ready to spend more on online course programs.

Simpliv- Price

Some learners have budget constraints and others are skeptical of trusting the platform. That is why Simpliv Learning lets you choose among the courses that are under your budget. Take a look!

20 Days Money Back Guarantee

Online learning is popular among everyone. However, there are people who either cannot afford to spend on online training, or they just don’t want to enroll for one. In both cases, Simpliv Learning allows the learners to get the complete refund within 20 days of enrolling. If the learner is not happy, she can choose to end the subscription anytime.

Even on the most trusted platforms, getting a refund is a huge issue. Not all platforms offer a refund, and when they do, the minimum buffer period is 30 days. In this case, Simpliv Learning is more diligent.

Now that you are clear about the features of Simpliv Learning, let’s find out what the distinctive offerings of another popular platform, edX, are.

edX Overview

edX is a popular and renowned online learning platform known for its high-quality training. edX is a highly recognized non-profit Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) platform that offers a really huge range of courses to learners of all kinds. 

 EdX Overview

Founded by a leading university and institution, edX is popular among the learners for top-notch courses and credibility. Let’s take a look at some of the distinctive offers by edX!

edx Free Courses

The first and foremost feature that attracts the learners to this platform is that it offers courses for free. edX being a non-profit organization is an open platform that offers MOOCs free of cost to everyone. 

The best part about this unique feature is that the quality of all these course programs are of the highest quality but still are offered to the learners for free.

A Long Array of Course Categories

edX offers a long array of categories to choose the courses from. There are in total 31 broad courses which are again subdivided into small topics or subjects. Take a look!

 edX Courses

  1. Architecture
  2. Art & Culture
  3. Biology & Life Sciences
  4. Business & Management
  5. Chemistry
  6. Communication
  7. Computer Science
  8. Data Analysis & Statistics
  9. Design
  10. Economics & Finance
  11. Education & Teacher Training
  12. Electronics
  13. Energy & Earth Sciences
  14. Engineering
  15. Environmental Studies
  16. Ethics
  17. Food & Nutrition
  18. Health & Safety
  19. History
  20. Humanities
  21. Language
  22. Law
  23. Literature
  24. Math
  25. Medicine
  26. Music
  27. Philanthropy
  28. Philosophy & Ethics
  29. Physics
  30. Science
  31. Social Sciences

Some of the most popular course categories among all of the above are, Business & Management, Computer Science, Data Analysis & Statistics, Humanities, and Language. You have all the time in the world to make the right choice!

Partner Collaborations

edX is partners with top universities and institutions. All of the institutions run several online courses on this platform and offer certifications which are equivalent to the full-time educational programs. Some of the big names in the list of edX partners are:

  • University of Adelaide,
  • Columbia University,
  • Imperial College London,
  • The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology,
  • IIT Bombay,
  • Peking University,
  • KU Leuven,
  • Princeton University,
  • The University of Edinburgh,
  • The University of Washington, and a lot of many others.

All these institutions are contributors to this platform. These institutions can be leading non-profits, corporates, global schools, and international organizations. These institutions design courses that help learners from across the globe to get a university-level education with lesser efforts.

Another core feature of edX is that unlike many other platforms, not everyone can become an instructor on this platform. Only the selected partners get to teach.

Variety of Course Formats

In terms of offering course programs, edX offers course programs in different formats. Take a look!

 EDX Popular Subject

  1. MicroBachelors Program: Undergraduate level, for career advancement or a degree path.
  2. MicroMasters Program: Graduate-level, for career advancement or a degree path.
  3. Professional Certificate: From employers or universities to build today’s in-demand skills.
  4. Online Master’s Degree: Top-ranked programs, affordable, and fully online.
  5. Global Freshman Academy: Freshman year courses for university credit from ASU.
  6. XSeries: Series of courses for a deep understanding of a topic.
  7. Executive Education: Courses designed for business leaders for developing strategic skills.

Why Should you choose Simpliv Learning over edX?

In order to finalize on one platform, you need to know why would select either of the above platforms. Let’s analyze Simpliv Learning first!


The self-paced courses on Simpliv Learning begin at $2.99 and end at $800, which is a lot affordable than any other platform out there.  Unlike Simpliv, most of the self-paced courses on other platforms start from $35. 

As far as the minimum fee on edX is concerned, it is not fixed for any particular course. Different course programs have different prices. It depends on the university that offers a particular course and degree program.  

The minimum price of a MicroBachelors Program starts at $166, which is quite higher than that of Simpliv Learning. However, for other online course programs, the minimum price is not fixed. This price selection is a major constraint posed by any learning platform.

No Hidden Charges

Many times, there are hidden charges that are levied on the candidates. The candidates would have to pay some additional charges for availing of some of the services which were not mentioned at the time of the enrolment.

On edX, you get a course completion certification which is similar to something offered by Simpliv Learning. However, on edX, in order to get the verified certificate, the candidates need to pay a certain amount.

However, on Simpliv, there are no hidden charges levied on the learners, which builds trust and credibility among the learners.

Why should you choose edX over Simpliv Learning?

Despite finding out everything positive about Simpliv Learning, there may be factors that you analyze that may favor edX instead of Simpliv Learning. Check out!

Established Platform vs New Platform

Learners tend to incline towards platforms that have spent a good number of years in the market and have built trust among the customers. In this matter, edX has genuinely been present for a longer period of time in comparison to Simpliv Learning. 

edX has not only built a brand identity but is constantly growing exponentially collaborating with renowned universities and institutions. On the contrary, Simpliv Learning is a new online platform brand and is less popular than edX.

Not Affiliated with Universities

Simpliv Learning is a popular platform, but it has no collaboration with universities and institutions for designing the course programs. Unlike Simpliv Learning, edX collaborates with Simpliv Learning to design courses of various kinds to offer them a university-level education. 

Various online programs offered by edX are not only suitable for learners who wish to make it big as a professional; they are also suitable for people who would want to enter a university for higher education. Knowing the course curriculum of an undergrad program clearly specifies the course structure offered by any particular university. This helps the candidates get enrolled in top universities.

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Conclusion: Simpliv Vs edX 2024 Comparison

Every platform has some advantages and disadvantages which are exactly the cases for Simpliv Learning and edX. Both the platforms are popular, renowned for their own unique services and quality training. Therefore, whichever platform is chosen by the candidate, need to find the best-suited one that caters to the learner’s needs.

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