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Simplilearn is a reliable and world’s leading certification training provider. They generally, partner with companies and individual students in or

Edureka is the world’s #1 E-Learning Platform. Edureka’s online training helps you land your dream job. It have best-selling technology certificat

  • Develop skills for real career growth
  • Learn by working on real-world problems
  • Structured guidance ensuring learning never stops
  • Real Time Doubt Resolution
  • 24/7 Learning Assistants
  • Track Your Career Growth
  • Accredited Courses
  • Experienced Experts
  • Blended Learning
  • Industry-recognized certification
  • Support ninjas at your command
  • Timely Offers and Discounts
  • You do not have access to instructors when you opt for self-learning.
  • High Course pricing
Ease of Use

It has versatile learning options inclusive of live study as well as self-paced sessions

Super easy to use

Value For Money

The courses fees and costs are affordable

The courses fees and costs are affordable

Customer Support

24*7 Customer Support

24*7 Customer Support

In recent years, Big Data is taking over the IT industry, as it is becoming an important part of every single activity to acquire competitive benefits along with an inflating revenue,  in each and every business domain, be it social media or internet companies, or even manufacturing units.

Because there is a huge requirement for leveraging big data, there is a need to get the right talent to derive insights from the huge volume of information.

Platforms like SimpliLearn and Edureka handle such types of data. Big data has a lot of information on consumer preferences related to products and services and securing the data could be very useful to a lot of firms.

In order to meet the demand, a lot of universities and training institutes have started begun providing online courses that offer detailed knowledge regarding learning as well as working with Hadoop technologies; some of which are Simplilearn and Edureka.

This article informs you regarding the look, the ranking, and the courses on big data analytics being offered on the online platform by Simplilearn and Edureka in addition to their professional certifications.

Simplilearn vs Edureka 2024: Ultimate Comparison

SimpliLearn Overview

Simplilearn is among the global leaders in certification training and they offer online training in various disciplines like Project Management, Cyber Security, Digital Marketing, Cloud Computing, as well as Data Science. 

It is located in San Francisco, California as well as Bangalore, India. SimpliLearn has helped in training, getting certifications, as well as upskilling the employees-  more than a million professionals and a lot of organizations across more than 150 countries.

SimpliLearn Vs Edureka - Simplilearn

In contrast to Edureka, SimpliLearn offers training courses that have been designed and updated by renowned experts in the industry. It has a blended learning approach that combines live virtual classrooms, project work, online classes, and teaching assistance. More than 40 training organizations all over the world have identified SimpliLearn as the official certification training provider.

SimpliLearn has also been named the 8th influential education brand worldwide by LinkedIn. SimpliLearn has also partnered with a lot of organizations as well as individuals and addresses unique needs. It also offers coaching as well as training to a lot of working professionals thereby enabling them to achieve all their career goals.

Edureka Overview

Edureka is a leader across the globe in e-learning and has the best online ecosystem. This organization has regularly partnered with various educational corporates and academia. Edureka ensures that the experts commit themselves to all the learners who devote themselves to finishing specific courses.

In contrast to Simplilearn, Edureka is the perfect marketplace for receiving online education. These days, there are lots of people accessing the internet and have smartphones as well as computers which is an indicator that their lifestyle has seen a great upgrade.

Apart from getting access to social media platforms, newsletters, and a lot of fun activities, many people like online education due to the evolution taking place in science and technology.

SimpliLearn Vs Edureka - Edureka

Edureka is a great place for students and learners to collect accurate and best industrial knowledge which will help them be productive in society.  Edureka is an institute that dedicates itself to the student and completes the students in every way possible. Edureka offers a great online support system 24*7.

Simplilearn Vs Edureka: Courses offered


Simplilearn follows a learning model that is uniquely blended. It has a lot of course offerings which are some of the highly demanded roles like AI, Machine Learning, Analytics, Big Data, Cloud Computing,  Digital Marketing, Cyber Security, etc.

Simplilearn - All Course

These courses are constantly being updated by industry leaders and experts. Simplilearn is a very popular provider of a wide range of professional certification courses. It offers classroom as well as online training. The data science courses currently offered are:

  • – Big Data & Analytics Suite
  • –  The Business Analytics Professional: R Language
  • – The Certified Analytics Professional
  • – The Business Analytics Professional: SAS

SimpliLearn has over 400+ courses to offer. The course categories include:

  • – Big Data
  • – Project Management
  • –  Business Intelligence and Data Science
  • – Machine Learning and AI
  • – Cloud Computing
  • – Digital Marketing
  • – DevOps
  • – Cyber Security
  • – Architecture & IT Service 
  • – Agile & Scrum
  • – Software Development
  • – Quality Management
  • – Salesforce


Edureka offers a lot of courses, which have been mentioned below

Edureka - All Course

  • – Cloud Computing
  • – Big Data
  • – DevOps
  • – Data Science
  • – Programming & Frameworks
  • – BI & Visualization
  • – Software Testing
  • – Project Management & Methodologies
  • – Blockchain
  • – Data Warehousing & ETL
  • – Robotic Process Automation
  • – Frontend Development
  • – Artificial Intelligence
  • – Databases
  • – Cyber Security
  • – Mobile Development
  • – Operating Systems
  • –  Digital Marketing
  • – Design Patterns & Architecture 

Simplilearn Vs Edureka: Best Features 


  • SimpliLearn offers its users Immediate Live Chat in contrast to Edureka. This immediately pops up when you visit the site. 
  • SimpliLearn has a feature known as Callback. In case you have issues getting through its support, then you could click the “request a callback” button and get the required support.
  • Simplilearn’s courses have been approved by 40 or more organizations.
  • SimpliLearn is the best platform for anyone needing strong support options related to IT courses. 
  • It offers Flexi Pass courses in addition to online delivery of courses
  • Learners can test their skills through CloudLabs which is an online Sandbox


  • Edureka has a support system that is available 24/7 and you can get help related to the courses anytime.
  • It offers a lot of trending courses in contrast to Simplilearn like Python Certification, DevOps Certification, Apache Spark Certification, and a lot more.
  • Edureka has apps for Android and iOS which can be downloaded and you can also attend live classes through the app.
  • It has many certifications available including that of the upgraded Apache Spark as well as Scala.

5 it is the best platform for all those who require to identify the appropriate certification course quickly. 

In contrast to Simplilearn, Edureka is the best choice for business owners as well as students who wish to improve their skills or add to their skills in fields related to information, communication, and technology.

  • It has a lot of certification courses in IT.
  • The site has 400,000+ learners with 50,000+ training hours. The site has a lot of projects and assignments.
  • They have a unique method of learning through online interactive courses in addition to 24×7 support. 
  • They provide a Data Science online course whose duration is just 5 weeks and this course is less expensive. 
  • Free upgrades are offered on courses as and when available
  • Edureka works as per your schedule.

Simplilearn Vs Edureka: How Does It Work?


Simplilearn has a self-paced approach. It offers online delivery of courses through its applications, the Flexipass courses, as well as methods of instructor-led delivery.

SimpliLearn - Features

(i) Flexipass Courses

Flexi Pass courses are offered by SimpliLearn which are inclusive of training sessions that are instructor-led and live self-paced online batches of classes.

The platform offers you 3 whole months of unlimited access to various live ILT sessions along with a 6-month access to its self-paced learning. The courses have projects as well as tasks that have been picked up from the industry and learners can use the free sandbox online called CloudLabs to test their skills.

(ii) Live ILT Sessions

The Live ILT series batch has about 8 to 10 sessions, which are available at different times and days, inclusive of weekdays as well as weekends. A learner can get enrolled in many batches within a window of 90 days. In case you realize that post-registration, the batch is not very convenient, you can easily opt out of the batch.

(iii) Cloudlabs

Cloudlabs is a sandbox that is the unique feature of SimpliLearn where learners can test their skills. In contrast to other virtual machines that could have issues with installation, Cloudlabs comes with a cloud-based environment that is pre-configured 

 and you can get a lot of practice opportunities. The course learning material is available for a period of 90 to 180 days, through all the time slots. The materials are in high-quality audio and video formats.


As per the company, the employees of the firm are totally dedicated to assisting the learners to achieve all their learning goals in addition to having a very satisfying and pleasant experience when they interact with the platform.

Firstly the learner will be contacted by a learning manager who enables them to get oriented with the mobile platform as well as the website of the company. The learner can also clarify any doubts with the personal manager.

Edureka - Features

Secondly, learners can participate in courses that are live screen sharing. These are interactive lectures offered online with the instructor of a program. There,  demonstrations are conducted by qualified and expert professionals. the learner can be part of the live sessions on Q&A. In case a learner misses out on any live class, they need not worry as all the lectures are recorded and uploaded to the learner’s personal LMS.

The employees ensure that the students practice a lot by way of practical assignments as well as quizzes which enables them to understand the concepts in a better way.

Simplilearn Vs Edureka: Pricing Plan


Simplilearn has a wide range of courses and the prices range anywhere between $79 to $5,000. But, the ILT and Cloudlabs access would need the purchase of the premium subscriptions.

Simplilearn Pricing Plan


SimpliLearn offers a free trial of 7 days which helps you to experience the service and courses offered before you register on the platform. However,  the free trial is allowed for a few select courses like Cloud Programming, Software Programming,  Digital Marketing, and Salesforce. You can access self-paced as well as instructor-led courses and learning modules when you check out the free trial.

Edureka Pricing Plans

The price of courses Edureka differs depending on the courses. Currently, newcomers can avail of the limited-price offer, which is known as a triple bonanza discount. It has 3 components, which are:

  • (i) Free self-paced certification training 
  • (ii) A cashback of 20% 
  • (iii) a Flat 10% discount.

The costs of courses’ could appear to be medium-priced or highly priced. This is based on how you look at the courses and their pricing. Let us look at some popular courses that are offered and consider their pricing and benefits:

The web developer training, and Masters’s program – This will cost you about $999. Initially, the price was $2000+. The course has 9 courses, a flexible learning schedule, 200+ hours of interactive lectures, in addition to lifetime access to the course materials.

  The certification course on Cybersecurity – You have to shell out  $260 to enroll in this course and complete it. Initially, the course cost $289. The completion rate of this program is quite high. Once you complete this program, you get a certificate that states your name and indicates that you are now a cybersecurity professional.

The certification training on Python Spark – This will cost $404 till the offer is available. Else it would cost you $449 to just audit the course. Post completion of this program, a certificate is provided indicating that you are now an Apache Spark developer.

The training on Microsoft Power BI – Though this is offered at $314, the full price of the course is $349. It enables you to gain mastery over many concepts like SSRS, data transformation, custom visuals of Power BI, etc. It is conducted by experts in the industry. The certificate features the title – “Power BI – business analyst.”

Simplilearn Vs Edureka – Pros and Cons

Simplilearn Pros and Cons


  • It has versatile learning options inclusive of live study as well as self-paced sessions
  • It offers lessons in audio and video format
  • It gives you online certification.
  • It has many offerings – PDUs and certifications.
  • There are a lot of free resources which are available.


  • You do not have access to instructors when you opt for self-learning.
  • There is a Limited guarantee of money back.
  • The option of in-person is not provided for many geographies.

Edureka Pros and Cons


  • It has the best programs related to IT Training across the world.
  • The courses fees and costs are affordable
  • They have well-organized customer support and the representatives offer users quick responses as well as guidance
  • The platform offers flexible course timings
  • The lecturers of Edureka are experienced and can offer real-time scenarios. 
  • When you enroll for any class, you can access the materials anytime
  • It is a great platform for growth, learning new things, or even developing any existing skills.


  • A few learners feel that Edureka must improve on their services in the professional aspect
  • A few learners faced a delay in obtaining responses from the customer support
  • Though most of the programs are affordable, a few courses are quite expensive
  • A few learners have complained that course upgrades are not done regularly
  • Certain processes to be followed by learners could be burdensome sometimes.

Testimonials — Simplilearn vs Edureka

Simplilearn Testimonials

Simplilearn - Testimonials

Edureka Testimonials

Edureka - Testimonials

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Conclusion: SimpliLearn Vs Edureka 2024

In contrast to Simplilearn Edureka offers courses at affordable prices, and it is a perfect option for individuals and businesses.

Edureka is a popular online portal that is handled by skilled and expert people. Edureka has trained company employees through different courses as well as skills that are generally not taught in college or university. Simplilearn is also one of the global leaders that offer certification training in various disciplines like Project Management, Cyber Security, Digital Marketing, Cloud Computing, as well as Data Science. 

The choice totally depends on what you need, your budget, and how it could even improve your business and employees. Both platforms are amongst the best across the world and have a plethora of certifications and online courses to offer. You can read through all the features and pros and cons, in addition to their pricing and offerings, and make a call on which platform is the best for you.

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