Simone Biles Masterclass Review 2024: 5 Things To Learn!

Simone Biles Masterclass Review

Overall Verdict

Simone Biles' Masterclass was an amazing experience that I will never forget. It taught me invaluable lessons on how to be successful both physically and mentally in any sport or activity. Her passion for helping others reach their goals is admirable, and it was truly inspiring to learn from her. If you have the opportunity, I highly recommend taking this class! You won't regret it!

Out of 10


  • Incredible on-screen graphics and animations work alongside Biles’ instruction to help you understand critical components
  • Excellent workbook with additional information and suggestions for getting the most out of your gymnastics journey
  • Get to see Simone Biles in action and learn her top tips for levelling up your gymnastics
  • A great combination of accessible skills and drills, and inspirational elite skill demonstrations
  • Biles is a great teacher: confident, clear and concise


  • Some information is very USA Gymnastics focused and less helpful for international students
  • Not for everyone — gymnastics is a niche subject so not as accessible as some other MasterClasses
  • At least 4 classes focus on higher and elite level skills which will be out of reach for most students


Price: $ 15

I recently had the chance to take Simone Biles’ Masterclass, and it was an incredible experience.

The masterclass provided me with the opportunity to learn from one of the greatest athletes in history and really get an insight into how she thinks about her training, nutrition, and life as a gymnast.

I learned so much from her class and found it especially inspiring that she is so passionate about helping others achieve their goals. Her dedication to her craft is truly inspiring!

Simone Biles Masterclass Review

Let us check out Simone Biles Masterclass Review in a little more detail. 

A Little About Simone Biles

Simone Arianne Biles is already a legend at the age of 22. The American gymnast has won several medals in different competitions.

She already has the title of the most skilled American gymnast, with a total of 14 medals, 10 of which are gold. In addition to becoming the global vault champion for 2018, she has also won the floor exercise and all-around world championships four times each.


She participated four times in the World Artistic Gymnastics Championships gold-winning teams in team gymnastics in 2014, 2015, and 2018.

Simone has encouraged young people to take up gymnastics via her performances, and MasterClass has welcomed her as a teacher, mentor, and role model. She stands out for her determination and unmatched mental toughness.

She is well-known among gymnastics fans and competitors for her will to persevere through challenging exercises and performances. She set records for the most difficult floor and vault routines in 2018 and 2019.

Who is the Simone Biles Masterclass For?

Any aspiring gymnast should take this class. Simone advises more experienced gymnasts to continually return to the foundations in order to improve their technique, even if many of the essential movements covered in this class begin at the very beginning.

Throughout the teaching of specific talents, Simone also provides insights into her own difficulties with certain abilities and how she overcame them by always going back to her fundamental approaches.

Simone Biles Masterclass Review

In the classes, Simone also demonstrates increasingly difficult techniques, and she pushes the audience to apply their technique to execute these skills.

While encouraging her audience to push themselves, Simone Biles makes it quite apparent that none of these talents should be tried without the right guidance and support of a coach.

What I Learnt From The  Simone Biles Masterclass

Below are the 5 things that I learned from this masterclass:

1. Bars didn’t come naturally to her:

For Simone as a child, going to bars was never easy. She explains to us that she never felt confident or in love with the bars and that she was always far behind other gymnasts in that competition.

She had to go back to the beginning and concentrate on honing those essential abilities if she wanted to progress.

She spent a lot of time honing her basics, and with the help of various exercises and a lot of mental practice, she was able to get to the point where she is now—a gymnast who is much more certain on bars. 

She demonstrates the essential bar exercises that helped her get better throughout her course. You can see her practicing a Maloney Half, which involves switching from the low bar to the high bar until she masters it.

The idea that Simone doesn’t have to put in any effort to master new talents is disproved by seeing a film of her repeatedly failing to use that skill. In truth, this course will teach you that Simone experiences difficulties in a similar way to everyone else.

2. She won’t ever again compete in an Arabian on the high beam:

You wouldn’t think Simone would have a fear, but an Arabian on a high beam really scared her. Her instructor urged her to attempt it on the middle beam without matting after building up to it once again on the low beam. 

Simply put, “The conclusion wasn’t that terrific,” in her own words. I won’t ever use that talent again. However, it was a nice attempt. Therefore, even elite gymnasts are frightened of certain abilities.

She stresses throughout her course how crucial it is to have faith in your trainers, but that in the end, you must feel confident doing a skill. She also discusses how she deals with anxiety while acquiring new abilities.

MasterClass-Simone-Biles-Teaches-Gymnastic - Balance Basis

3. She’s gained the ability to disregard superstitions:

Simone had believed, out of a sense of superstition, that she had to watch the movie Stick It before her meet. Despite having a big collection of other DVDs, she would watch this film before every meeting.

She learned that she would not always have access to the things she depended on while she was overseas (such as the unique hair ties that she had to wear or that specific movie), so she had to learn to let those things go as she got more successful and began competing globally.

It was difficult for her to let go of her superstitions, but she understood they weren’t helping her in any way. She also discusses her pre-meet routine in her course, including what she eats for breakfast and lunch on the day of her meeting.

4. She still feels uneasy before meetings:

You’d think Simone would have the meeting worked out by this point. But like everyone else, she has anxiety! The difference is that she now knows how to control it.

Prior to her meeting and just before she salutes, Simone has her worst anxiety. She claims that when she salutes, her anxieties vanish since she feels in control of her routines at that time.

She discusses her unique approach in her course and utilizes it to go through daily routines in a way that keeps her focused. She also goes through how to harness the power of adrenaline.

5. Even Simone has mental blocks:

One of the greatest disappointments for gymnasts is mental barriers, which you’d think a gifted gymnast like Simone wouldn’t have to deal with.

But she makes it obvious in her course that she must do things like go back to the beginning, ask for a place, or repeat her exercises to regain her confidence when she encounters a mental barrier.

It is a tremendous comfort to hear this from her because it helps every gymnast out there know that, although irritating, mental blockages are a typical occurrence in our sport.

She demonstrates more techniques she uses in her course to overcome mental obstacles and fear.

Simone Biles Masterclass course review

Why Do I Recommend Taking Simone Biles Masterclass

4 reasons why I recommend taking this masterclass are:

1. Quality workbook:

Each skill and practice taught in the video courses is broken down in the 56-page workbook. You may evaluate your form against the images of each exercise being taught as well as step-by-step directions for performing the exercises.

The practical directions are interwoven with gymnast-specific tips, much like the video courses. The advice provided here goes above and beyond what Biles covers in the videos and offers additional chores and ideas for going above and beyond.

The workbook is a resource that any gymnast may use for years. Therefore, it’s definitely worth saving it to your computer so you can retain it forever, according to a number of gymnasts and coaches.

2. Biles is incredibly inspirational: 

Although each MasterClass instructor is inspiring in their own unique manner, having an inspirational teacher is especially important for a discipline like gymnastics. Young athletes, perhaps under the age of 10, will benefit the most from this MasterClass.

For a young gymnast, it is very motivating that this class is being taught by a petite, vivacious lady in her twenties rather than a 60-year-old gymnastics teacher.

Even if you don’t belong to that group, her attitude toward commitment and diligence is fairly motivating.

3. Amazing on-screen graphics and production:

For this MasterClass, the MasterClass production crew deserves a thunderous round of applause. Naturally, Biles’ instruction is excellent, but the manner the class is run also lends a lot of support. You will first see a real-speed version of each talent.

Then, to assist in visually illustrating what Biles is advising, there are pauses, zoom-ins, circles, trajectory lines, and a variety of other useful animations. Although there is a brief peek of this in the trailer, it is covered in great length in the actual lectures.

4. Clear and concise teaching:

The fact that Simone didn’t reach the top in her field by chance is evident in the way she teaches. She showers you with everything from mental cues to useful training advice since, like any great expert, she understands just which adjustment will produce results.

Although she spends just a short amount of time on each drill—usually about 2 minutes—she jams the time with powerful phrases that are manageable enough to concentrate on as you do the skill.


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Conclusion: Simone Biles Masterclass Review 2024

Overall, taking Simone Biles’ Masterclass was an amazing experience that I will never forget. It taught me invaluable lessons on how to be successful both physically and mentally in any sport or activity.

Her passion for helping others reach their goals is admirable, and it was truly inspiring to learn from her. If you have the opportunity, I highly recommend taking this class! You won’t regret it!

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