SimilarWeb Vs Ahrefs 2024: 🥇 Battle of the Rank Trackers

SimilarWeb and Ahrefs are two great platforms, and both of them are considered competitive in the market. They both have incredible features and pricing plans that make it difficult for the users to select between them.

We are here to solve your problem. Here, in this article, I will compare SimilarWeb and Ahrefs that will help you decide which one out of the two is better and in which aspects. So, stay with me to the end.



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$ Pricing
249 179
Best for

SimilarWeb provides a slew of company administration and optimization tools conveniently located on the front page under Solutions. This includes digi

Ahrefs includes all of the tools necessary to investigate and build your web presence. A unified dashboard provides a snapshot of your projects’ rat

  • Intelligence in Digital Marketing
  • Intelligence in Research
  • Intelligence in Sales
  • Investor Insights
  • Site Explorer
  • Keyword Filtering
  • Keyword Explorer
  • Captures organic search terms
  • A well-structured data summary informs
  • It provides site visits, traffic volumes and sources
  • Allows you to export all of your research in PDF, PNG, and other file formats.
  • It provides a wealth of features to people who do not subscribe.
  • SERP data like return rate and clicks are both exciting and innovative.
  • In my experience, this is the largest backlink database.
  • Social sharing statistics from Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, and Pinterest.
  • Daily email updates with the most recent and broadest keyword searches.
  • It appears to be less accurate when dealing with lesser websites
  • The figures exclude mobile traffic
  • I’ve seen instances when no results were delivered in some tool areas.
  • There is no connection to Google Analytics or Search Console.
Ease of Use

Easy to use provides a slew of company administration and optimization tools conveniently located on the front page under Solutions.

Ahrefs offers a powerful internet interface but no desktop application or smartphone app. Each page of the web app is densely packed with information, with explanations for most capabilities provided in easy info-bubbles.

Value For Money

This will cost you $249 per month if paid monthly and $ 208 per month if paid yearly.

his will cost you $99 per month if paid monthly and $ 82 per month if paid yearly.

Customer Support

SimilarWeb has better user reviews and customer support and good amount of documentation

The customer support team is happy to talk to you 24/5

SimilarWeb and Ahrefs are two of the most commonly used digital marketing tools on the market today.

Both platforms offer similar, yet robust features and have become go-to options for SEO teams looking to get an edge in their respective industries.

Today, we’re pitting these two powerful rank trackers head-to-head: SimilarWeb vs Ahrefs.

In this blog post, we’ll explore each platform’s specific features, strengths and weaknesses in order to create a comprehensive comparison.

We’ll break down what sets them apart from one another while showing how they may contribute to success online — as well as when it’s best to opt for just one of them over the other!

So grab your popcorn and let’s dig into this ultimate battle between SimilarWeb vs Ahrefs!

SimilarWeb Vs Ahrefs

🚀 Bottom Line Upfront:

When it comes to competitive analysis tools, SimilarWeb and Ahrefs are two big players in the game. Both of these tools offer powerful insights, but they each have their own strengths.

SimilarWeb is great for understanding website traffic and audience demographics, while Ahrefs shines in its backlink analysis capabilities.

Depending on your specific business needs, you may find one tool more valuable than the other.

But no matter which one you choose, both SimilarWeb and Ahrefs have established themselves as essential resources for any marketer looking to stay ahead of the competition.

SimilarWeb Vs. Ahrefs 2024: Ultimate Comparison 🏆

What is SimilarWeb?

SimilarWeb‘s collection of web-tracking tools is available on two unique pricing tiers: free and enterprise.

A free plan is an excellent approach to get a feel for SimilarWeb’s foundations before determining whether the software is right for you and your business.

SimilarWeb Vs Ahrefs : similarweb

You’ll get five results per metric, one month of mobile app data, and three months of web traffic statistics with the free membership.

Additionally, SimilarWeb provides a slew of company administration and optimization tools conveniently located on the front page under Solutions.

This includes digital research and marketing intelligence tools for benchmarking competitors and conducting company and audience research, and a lot more. 

When it comes to selecting a subscription plan, the cost is determined by the scope of services required by your organization. Finally, most users may anticipate spending between $200 and $800 each month.

While majority of advanced resources are behind professional & enterprise-level paywalls, it’s clear that SimilarWeb’s sole purpose is to assist growing business by keeping brand relevant, adaptable, & ahead of competition.

What is Ahrefs?

Ahrefs includes all of the tools necessary to investigate and build your web presence. A unified dashboard provides a snapshot of your projects’ rating, traffic, and backlinking activity.

You can access each of the five critical Ahrefs components from the landing page, as shown below.

Ahrefs began with Site Explorer before going on to keyword analysis. Consequently, it is one of the most robust and valuable tools available to them.

SimilarWeb Vs Ahrefs - ahrefs review

You may see information about organic traffic, backlinks, and relevant keywords on a single page.

Additionally, you may investigate rivals’ advertising techniques and keyword rankings using paid traffic and organic keyword research. In summary, Site Explorer is all about assessing your position about others and seizing chances.

Knowing which keywords are critical to your domain’s development is vital. To do this, Ahrefs provides a comprehensive set of keyword research tools.

Additionally, they’ve offered cutting-edge analytics that may assist you in making more informed selections.

For example, clickstream data enables you to completely understand how people engage with relevant search engine results pages. Finally, Ahrefs’ data is derived from ten major search engines, including Google, Yahoo, and Amazon.

Site Audit is beneficial for both novices seeking advice and organizations managing many sites. It does a real-time scan of your domains to identify issues and possibilities.

Because it is cloud-based, it consumes no computer resources.

Site Audit enables you to quickly remember broken links, 404 errors, redirect chains, and get thorough information on page speed and social media tags.

Additionally, you may zero in on particular issues and see proposed remedies by using advanced filters.

Ahrefs offers a powerful internet interface but no desktop application or smartphone app. Each page of the web app is densely packed with information, with explanations for most capabilities provided in easy info-bubbles.

The Dashboard provides an overview of your projects, while the five primary components each have their landing page.

Finally, most items are clickable or interactive, providing more context for the many graphs, charts, and measurements.

SimilarWeb Vs. Ahrefs: Features Comparison

Major Features and Benefits of SimilarWeb

Intelligence in Digital Marketing:

This solution is suitable for marketing executives, search engine optimization, content marketing professionals, and affiliate and media buyers.

This enables you to swiftly ascertain your competitor’s online approach and improve your own.

digital marketing

You may get a comprehensive study of your competitors right here. Then, depending on search volume, click rates, and sponsored and organic clicks, identify top keywords that might create traffic and include them in your plan.

SimilarWeb provides this answer in the form of a tool that displays the overview of the website’s backend. And the SEO tools that will assist you in optimizing your traffic and improving your website’s ranking.

If this is not sufficient, allow me to elaborate. Additionally, SimilarWeb may disclose your rivals’ search advertisements, pay-per-click ads, display ads, and video ads for any period.

Intelligence in Research:

Perhaps the name indicates what SimilarWeb is capable of. This solution enables you to do market research, assess industry trends, and benchmark your competitors’ performance.

Additionally, you may utilize it to have a deeper understanding of your audience’s behavior. Interestingly, all of the information is accessible in real-time through a single, easy interface.

As a result, this data will assist you in developing strategies to meet your company objectives. Engage your audience and expand your horizons; determine what converts them and replicate it.

Intelligence in Sales:

Now you can connect with the right businesses at the right moment and increase your sales.

The platform can create new clients from a pool of over 100 million prospective consumers and provide valuable information to assist your sales staff in closing more transactions.

Yes, this technology is capable of generating leads as well

Investor Insights:

Investor Insights

Investors’ capacity to make optimal judgments has been harmed by a lack of objective information about a particular firm or group of companies.

SimilarWeb is the first company to provide correct digital insights into the investment lifecycle, allowing for the breakdown of digital strategies, brand health analysis, marketing strategy evaluation, market growth, & significant trend analysis.

This one provides venture capital, investment banking, and hedge fund options. Additionally, investor Intelligence is designed to present investors with a 360-degree view of a business or industry with an internet presence.

Major Features and Benefits of Ahrefs

Site Explorer:

Site Explorer is a critical tool if you’re attempting to increase organic search traffic via organic content. It is one of the most comprehensive tools on Ahrefs, providing information on the content and backlinks.

Ahref Site Explorer

This SEO tool also functions as a rank tracker, allowing you to check how your website ranks compared to other websites. It displays your domain’s ranking, backlink profile, referring domains, and many other indicators.

This section contains most of the critical information required for good SEO optimization.

Of course, you may utilize this information to assess your website. However, you may use it to study competitor websites, which will provide you with some information about your rivals.

By using the appropriate measures, you can identify ripe markets for the plucking.

Keyword Filtering:


Numerous filtering options are available. For example, you may utilize phrase matches to uncover lengthier organic keywords that include your distinct phase.

Additionally, you may filter your results to show just keywords that rank for your seed term. Additionally, you may filter by cost per click (CPC), search volume, and keyword difficulty.

I constantly do keyword research to help me design content.

You get an enormous number of recommendations for each term. For instance, after just three words, I received nearly 70,000 keyword recommendations. However, the presence of several times does not always imply anything.

To discover the ideal keywords, you must properly use the filters. After all, a single article cannot include hundreds of keywords. That is just not going to work.

Keyword Explorer by Ahrefs:

Ahref keyword Explorer

Ahrefs excels at identifying new keywords for you to write about. Recent updates have improved the accuracy of the search volume metrics. However, do not accept them at face value (no keyword tool is).

To get it started, seed it with a few keywords. At a time, you may insert up to 10,000 seed keywords. After entering the relevant keywords, you’ll get a report on each one.

Unless you have a premium membership, your daily word count is restricted to 100. As a result, I urge exercising caution while choosing your remarks. You can scan all of these terms far more quickly than you would believe.

Following that, you may utilize the keyword recommendations option to get related suggestions.

This is one of the most helpful elements of this tool, as it enables you to extend subject ideas and discover related keywords for inclusion in your article.

Verdict: Features Comparison

The features of both these platforms are competitive. It’s a tie. Selecting either one of the two based on features alone is a little tricky as they both have the best of the features available in the market.

However, when it comes to user reviews, SimilarWeb has better reviews and customer support.

SimilarWeb Vs. Ahrefs: Pricing Comparison 💰

SimilarWeb Pricing

They have three pricing plans to offer –

SimilarWeb Pricing Plans Updated

  • Essential: This will cost you $249 per month if paid monthly and $ 208 per month if paid yearly.
  • Advanced: This will cost you $449 per month if paid monthly and $ 375 per month if paid yearly.
  • Ultimate: This plan has custom pricing. Contact SimilarWeb for more.

Ahrefs Pricing

SimilarWeb Vs Ahrefs : Ahrefs Pricing

They have four pricing plans to offer –

  • Lite: This will cost you $99 per month if paid monthly and $ 82 per month if paid yearly.
  • Standard: This will cost you $179 per month if paid monthly and $ 149 per month if paid yearly.
  • Advanced: This will cost you $399 per month if paid monthly and $ 332 per month if paid yearly.
  • Agency: This will cost you $999 per month if paid monthly and $ 832 per month if paid yearly.

As you can see, the pricing plans of Ahrefs are cheaper than that of SimilarWeb. Hence we can say that Ahrefs wins when it comes to pricing.

SimilarWeb Vs Ahrefs: Pros and Cons

SimilarWeb Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Allows exporting research in various file formats (PDF, PNG, etc.) Lack of data on the number of unique visitors per period
Offers a wide range of features to non-subscribers
Available to users worldwide, not limited to specific regions
Captures organic search terms comprehensively
Streamlines data analysis with quick and responsive performance
Provides well-structured data summaries for websites
Offers insights on site visits, traffic volumes, sources, social media, geo-distribution, and audience analytics

Ahrefs Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Enables subject-specific research alongside keyword research Keyword recommendations lack significance and sorting options
Provides innovative SERP data, including return rate and clicks Some areas of the tool may deliver no results
Offers a user-friendly experience with a balance between information and design ‘Domain Health’ tool for technical SEO and on-page optimization is currently unavailable
Boasts the largest backlink database No connection to Google Analytics or Search Console
Includes social sharing statistics from various platforms
Provides daily email updates on keyword searches
Offers a comprehensive web crawler for SEO tools

Customer Review | SimilarWeb Vs Ahrefs 🥇

SimilarWeb Customer Reviews

SimilarWeb Customer Testimonials

Ahrefs Customer Reviews

Ahrefs Customer Testimonials

FAQs | SimilarWeb Vs Ahrefs

✅What purpose do you serve using SimilarWeb?

SimilarWeb is the market’s most comprehensive competitive digital intelligence platform, providing a 360-degree perspective of your industry, rivals, and consumers. Try it for free right now! Access website traffic and key performance indicators for any website, including engagement rate, traffic rank, keyword rank, and source of traffic.

❓Where does the data for SimilarWeb originate from?

SimilarWeb’s public data sources are an aggregate of publicly accessible internet information. Similar to how search engines like Google index the web, SimilarWeb uses an automated process to collect and index public data from billions of websites and applications each month.

🙋‍♀️Is SimilarWeb a more accurate keyword research tool than SEMrush?

SimilarWeb and SEMrush both provide comparable accuracy. SEMrush produced superior results for websites with a medium-sized audience. Mistakes were uncommon and avoiding them resulted in more accurate statistics. SEMrush was more accurate than SimilarWeb in the sector with 1,000,000+ sessions.

Final Verdict | SimilarWeb Vs Ahrefs 2024 😍

In this epic clash of digital analytics titans, SimilarWeb and Ahrefs have showcased their might, leaving us in awe of their capabilities.

SimilarWeb proves to be a robust contender, providing comprehensive insights into website traffic and user behavior.

On the other side of the ring, Ahrefs flexes its muscles with unmatched backlink analysis and SEO prowess.

Ultimately, the choice between SimilarWeb and Ahrefs boils down to your specific needs and objectives. Are you seeking the broader spectrum of user behavior insights or aiming to conquer the search engine rankings?

The battlefield is vast, and the decision lies in your hands as you navigate the dynamic realm of digital analytics. Choose wisely, for your online kingdom awaits!

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