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Shopify Customer Support Apps

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I hope you get idea of the popular Shopify customer apps that you must use to boost sales and get the most out of it. If you are running a medium or small-sized business and wish to get amazing customer response apps at a cheaper price, the Gorgias is most recommended. 

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If you own a Shopify store, one of the core activities you will engage in is customer support. Customer support is one of the major pillars for any eCommerce store, and it has a massive impact on conversions.

According to a study done by Microsoft, 90% of Americans use customer support as a factor in determining whether or not to do business with a company.

In recent years, customer support has been made easier with apps that can help teams respond to customer queries quickly and effectively.

In this article, we’ll look at the top 5 Shopify customer support apps you can choose from if you want to improve your customer support scores. 

Best & Popular Shopify Customer Support Apps To Boost Sales

Let’s dive in!


Gorgias- best shopify customer apps

Gorgias is one of the most popular eCommerce Shopify customer support apps and is used by over 20,000 agents daily.

When integrated with your Shopify store, this application lets you automate repetitive support tasks, have all inboxes from different marketing channels in one place, and collaborate with other agents on your team to resolve some of the complex customer queries that require more than one person. 

Like their mission states, Gorgias as a platform focuses on helping independent eCommerce brands provide outstanding customer service to their consumers.

If you are looking for a reliable customer support application for your Shopify store, you surely won’t be disappointed with Gorgias. 

Let’s look at some of the main features that make Gorgias a reliable customer support application for your Shopify store. 

Centralized responses for all marketing platforms

If you use multiple channels to communicate and share new products with your customers, it can be challenging to respond to each platforms’ inbox messages and comments.

Gorgias saves you this trouble by bringing all these responses in one place so that you can react to them as quickly as possible, with a personal touch.

With Gorgias, you will be able to respond to all customer queries from your social media accounts, SMS, live chat, email, and phone – all in one place.

This feature will help you significantly reduce your response time, as you don’t have to go back and forth between channels.  Remember, the amount of time you take to respond to customer inquiries plays a vital role in conversions. 

This feature also makes it easy to identify the platform where a customer has sent the message, as it has its icon or logo in the channel column.

Automated responses

If you have done customer support long enough, you will realize that a significant percentage of your responses are the same. So, Gorgias will save you the burden of having to type these repetitive responses by automating them. Based on previous users, over 25% of the reactions on Gorgias were automated.

That means the time that you would have spent responding to 25% of your customer inquiries can be used to handle other tasks that may require critical thinking, or you can spend that time responding to customer inquiries that could lead to sales. 

Gorgias can also send an automatic message to a user visiting your website via the live chat app. For instance, you can automate a message to be sent to all users that visit your products page, inquiring whether they need assistance in finding the products they are searching for on the site.

Triggering these conversations can increase conversions and improve the customer user experience on the website, making them less likely to bounce and more likely to buy. 

Tracking sales from all sales agents 

When you are running marketing campaigns on multiple platforms, it is necessary to determine their conversions and return on spend. Gorgias will help you track all the sales made per agent from different platforms.

So you won’t just be seeing how many sales each platform generates, you will also know each agent’s performance per platform. This information is very crucial while building your future marketing strategy.

For instance, if you notice that Facebook and Instagram generate the most sales, you can create a strategy that takes advantage of these platforms more than others.

With this feature, you will also get an idea of the best-performing agents, and also find out why some agents are not generating sales like their colleagues.  

Automated assignment of tickets amongst your customer support agents

One of the most notable features that Gorgias possesses is the ability to assign a ticket to an agent based on the channel that an inquiry comes from.

For instance, if you have an agent that is well-versed in responding on social media, you can have all social media comments and DM’s automatically assigned to that agent. 

This intelligent assignment of tasks improves customer experience since they get answers from the most qualified person to respond.

It also makes the work of agents much easier since they are handling queries that fall into their areas of expertise as far as the Shopify store is concerned, and helps them divide and conquer on different channels as a team. 

Gorgias also makes it possible for one ticket to be handled by more than one agent whenever necessary. This feature is handy since some of the inquiries may require the contribution of two or more agents for them to be effectively addressed.


Gorgias has four pricing plans that you can select based on the number of tickets you expect to handle per month. You most likely have an idea of the number of messages you get on all your marketing channels in a month.

So, choose a plan that gives a slightly higher number of tickets you get on all your platforms in previous months. 

Pricing Gorgias - Top 5 Shopify customer support apps

The four pricing plans that Gorgias has to include Basic ($60/month), Pro ($300/month), Advanced ($750/month), and Enterprise. If you choose to subscribe for a year, these plans’ prices will drop to $50, $250, and $625, respectively.

Unlike other customer support platforms, Gorgias doesn’t charge per agent, making it an ideal platform for eCommerce websites that use several agents to do their support.

2. UVdesk

UVDesk- shopify customer apps

UVdesk is another popular customer support application that you can integrate into your Shopify store. It is an application that you can use to automate responses and integrate messages from the various platforms you use for marketing.

This support app lets you combine messages from social platforms, Mail, and marketplaces like eBay and Amazon.

Some of the significant features of UVdesk include the following; 

Categorizing tickets

UVdesk will automatically categorize tickets based on the stage they have reached, making it easy for the agents to follow up. Some of the categories that these tickets will fall into include; New, Assigned, Unassigned, Unanswered, Starred, MyTickets, trashed, etc. 

Integration of messages from different apps 

While running Ad campaigns on multiple platforms, UVdesk will help you bring customer responses in one place, which will help you respond promptly. Besides social platforms and Mail, they also support the integration of marketplace feedback from eBay and Amazon into their support app. 

Task creation by ticket threads 

This feature helps allocate tasks to the people equipped with the knowledge and skills to handle them. For instance, if a task involves many technicalities, that kind of ticket is assigned to a group with the technical skills to handle it. 


UVdesk has three pricing plans that you can choose based on the features you need to use. You can also choose to pay monthly or annually.

However, a discount is given to those who chose to pay on an annual basis. Below are the details of their three pricing packages. 

Uvdesk Pricing- Top 5 shopify customer support apps

Unlike Gorgias, UVdesk charges based on the number of agents. For instance, if you have eight agents, their Pro package will cost $88/month per agent.

It is only their free versions of the app that allows an unlimited number of agents, but its features are limited. 


Reamaze- best shopify customer service

Re:amaze is another popular customer support platform you can use to interact with your customers from different platforms. This application also has some automation level that allows agents to automate common responses to reduce the amount of time they spend on each ticket.

Some of the cool features of this application include the following; 

Shared inbox

This feature allows your agents to interact with customers from your social apps, email, and SMS within one inbox. This integration makes it easy for the agents to respond to all customer inquiries without jumping from one app to another.

Some of the apps that integrate with this platform include; Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Twitter, Mail, and SMS.

Automating responses with chatbots 

Instead of responding to the same inquiries repeatedly, your agents can automate responses for such queries to reduce the amount of time spent handling each customer.

It also improves the user experience since customers can get the feedback they need within the shortest time possible. 

Push campaigns

This feature helps increase re-engagement on your different social platforms by using targeted push notifications for both browsers and mobile devices.

You can also add custom buttons on these notifications with a call-to-action message to give an idea to the customers what you want them to do. 


Re:amaze has three pricing packages that you can choose from based on the features you need to integrate into your Shopify website.

Like UVdesk, Re:amaze also charges based on the number of agents you have on your support team. Below are the details of their pricing packages.  

Reamaze- Top 5 shopify customer support apps

Besides the three main packages, re:amaze has starter packages that allow an unlimited number of agents.

With this package, you will be charged a flat rate of $59 per month, and all your agents will have access to the features under the basic package, but with a limit of 500 active conversations per month. 

4. Zendesk

best shoopify customer apps- zendesk

Zendesk is a customer support application that can be integrated into websites to improve the response time and quality of feedback that support agents give to customers.

It is a much more complex support platform than Gorgias, with a robust and less user-friendly interface for agents. Some of the key features of Zendesk include the following; 

Integrated inbox 

Zendesk has an integrated inbox where you can find messages from all your social accounts, email, and SMS. Having all these inboxes in one place makes it easier to promptly respond to all customer queries, ultimately boosting their user experience on your website. 

Collaboration tools 

Zendesk has tools that your agents can use to collaborate on certain issues that may not be easier to handle individually.

This improves the efficiency of your agents and the quality of feedback that customers get from your support. Putting all this together leads to a better user experience for your customers. 

Automation tools 

Zendesk has lots of automation tools that you can use to respond to repetitive inquiries. You can also create email templates that can automatically be sent to your prospects during sales campaigns.

With these tools, your support agents will have much more time to focus on tasks that require critical thinking since all the repetitive tasks can be taken care of. 


Under their sales packages, they have three plans, as shown below. You can choose any of these plans based on the features you need to use and the number of agents you intend to deploy on your website.

If your team has multiple customer service agents, Zendesk can get expensive as it is based on a per/agent pricing model.
Zendesk Pricing- Top 5 shopify customer support apps best shopify customker apps

Unlike all the apps we have looked at above,’s focus is on getting feedback regarding your customers’ user experience. They claim to give you up to a 60% response rate for your surveys, which is almost ten times what you’ll get from conventional surveys.

Some of their significant features include; 

  • Customization of your NPS survey to make it easy for your customers to respond
  • Uploading your customer emails and setting up automatic survey scheduling
  • Over a set time you can see the NPS of your customer segments
  • Have the ability to use your data with 1,000+ apps that integrate with

Pricing has four pricing plans, and each of these comes with a ten-day trial that you can use to decide whether the service is worth your money. Below are the details of what you will get from each of these plans. 

Customer guru pricing- shopify customer apps

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Conclusion: Which One Is The Best Shopify Customer App?

I hope at the end of this article, you will get a detailed and complete idea of the popular Shopify customer apps that you must use to boost sales and get the most out of it.

In our opinion, if you are running a medium or small-sized business and wish to get amazing customer response apps at a cheaper price, the Gorgias is most recommended.

Do let us know further if you have any questions regarding the Best Shopify customer apps to increase customer retention and boost sales.

I hope you get idea of the popular Shopify customer apps that you must use to boost sales and get the most out of it. If you are running a medium or small-sized business and wish to get amazing customer response apps at a cheaper price, the Gorgias is most recommended. 

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