Shockbyte Review 2024: 😎 Is Shockbyte A Legit Site? [Features, Pros & Cons Explained]

Shockbyte Review

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Shockbyte is well-known for its proprietary Minecraft hosting service, which remains an integral element of the company today. As a hosting company, its primary objective is to provide the most economical Minecraft hosting service of the highest quality.

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  • Add-ons, such as quick reconfiguration, custom jars, and mod packs.
  • Clients also get a free sub-domain that may be used to create a customized IP address with their server name.
  • DDoS protection on all servers
  • Accessible support staff that can assist you with any issues or inconveniences you encounter along the route.


  • Despite the various capabilities that can be used with Shockbyte, there is no free trial or version accessible, which would be helpful for users who wish to test out the services before purchasing.


Price: $

Shockbyte is a hosted Minecraft server provider that I have had the pleasure of using personally.

Their servers are reliable and offer unbeatable performance, all at an affordable price. What I really appreciate about Shockbyte is their wide support for all versions of Minecraft, including Omega and Snapshot.

This means that whether you’re an experienced veteran or a complete newcomer to Minecraft hosting, you can easily create your own unique gaming experience.

Over the past few months, I’ve thoroughly tested Shockbyte review services, and I want to share my experiences with you in this review.

It’s important that you have all the information you need before considering purchasing Shockbyte’s services.

So, let’s dive into my personal insights and observations to comprehensively understand what Shockbyte review has to offer.

Shockbyte Review

What Is Shockbyte?

Shockbyte Review

Shockbyte is now regarded as one of the most popular server providers. The firm was created in Australia in 2013 and progressively gained recognition over the years due to its high-quality services.

Shockbyte is well-known for its proprietary Minecraft hosting service, which remains an integral element of the company today. As a hosting company, its primary objective is to provide the most economical Minecraft hosting service of the highest quality.

Their stability and extensive history made them one of the best hosting providers comparable to Minecraft. Since then, they have expanded and provided Rust ARK: Survival Evolved servers, including Valheim.

Regardless of the nature of your Minecraft server endeavor, specialist hosting remains essential. In this respect, you may search for a provider that fits the needs and requirements of Minecraft hosting and guarantees connection speed and a flawless, enjoyable gaming experience.

Shockbyte Features:

1. Customer Service Support:

Client support service is crucial for hosting companies to maintain, even in traditional terms. Every minute of every day, Shockbyte Review assists its customers.

Customers may readily reach them through email. In addition, they offer an online chatbot system for responding to the inquiries of their valued customers.

Aside from that, you may answer your questions using their website’s video lessons, FAQs, and knowledge base.

2. Control Panel:

The Control panel instrument is the framework’s interface, providing centralized client control. A control panel that is simple to use is a need for every hosting firm.

Shockbyte offers Multicraft as a control panel that is simple to configure and probably the most flexible and user-friendly control panel software available.

Multicraft provides usability and a satisfactory experience to Shockbyte customers.

3. Network Coverage:

Network coverage is essential when selecting the finest web hosting service/company.

It is likely that, due to Minecraft, you will have the most significant coverage in your area, while the people you are entertaining will have the worst coverage.

Therefore, network coverage is quite essential. Shockbyte Review has strategically placed server data centers in practically every region of the globe.

This enables them to provide worldwide coverage without incident. Customers purchasing hosting server space can choose an area from Asia, Europe, North America, South America, or Asia-Pacific.

In addition, they provide an alternate option, based on which the system automatically selects the most suitable option for the customer.

This results in an almost 100 percent server uptime and a very cheap server rate for the client.

4. Security and Protection:

Security is essential for maintaining a competitive edge while running a private server. Assuming you are a Minecraft player, it would be undesirable for you to lose crucial information.

Therefore, Shockbyte provides DDoS protection on all of its servers.

To counteract and prevent a DDoS/DoS attack, they use a separate set of techniques, tools, and capabilities that monitor incoming server traffic.

Shockbyte conducts DDoS mitigation after each brief interval. Additionally, they pay customers for a security breach resulting from DDoS or DoS attacks.

5. Storage Space:

As mentioned before, it is crucial to maintain the quality of service while handling a large number of customers concurrently. As a result, Shockbyte utilizes SSD NVMe for its storage needs.

These storage devices are substantially faster than conventional SSD drives and significantly impact their performance. Shockbyte is the only web host that uses SSD NVMe disks for storage.

This makes their hosting services much faster and unique compared to other hosting businesses.

Regarding the storage limit, Shockbyte Review provides its clients unlimited storage space, allowing them to work with any mod or game version without worrying about storage restrictions.

6. Shockbyte Ease of Use

Looking at the image above, it’s easy to be intimidated by all the capabilities and services that Shockbyte offers. Still, I want to reassure you that most of this occurs in the background of your server.

During the server setup phase, everything occurs automatically. Simply pay the first monthly subscription, choose the Minecraft version for your planet, and Shockbyte will install everything immediately.

Once launched, the dashboard will allow you to operate your server.

Shockbyte review employs a modified version of the standard Multicraft dashboard, which most trustworthy web hosting companies use since it simplifies your life.

Everything is well organized on the dashboard’s home screen (see picture). You may alter your server’s name, player slot limit, world name, type, and hosting plan by upgrading or downgrading.

If you wish to add plugins, you can simply drag, drop, and upload them using the ‘Files’ option on the left-hand menu.

Using the console tab, you can quickly view what’s occurring on your server and have a clean area to execute terminal commands as necessary.

Shockbyte Pricing:

Shockbyte Pricing Plans

Regarding hosting for Minecraft servers, Shockbyte Review offers some of the lowest costs.

There are approximately a dozen options; the most affordable one will only set you back $2.5 monthly. Each package costs $2.5 more than the one before it in the straightforward pricing structure.

Your server hosting should cost no more than $40 per month. However, most players would be content with one of the less expensive options.

If cost is your first priority, it’s important to know that you can get a better deal on hosting by utilizing our coupon code, which gives you a 25% discount on your first month of hosting.

Various Costs for Other Games

The costs of these other games are slightly higher, but this is not surprising, given that Ark and Rust require a lot more resources than Minecraft.

Rust servers can be purchased for as little as $10 per month up to $25 per month.

Depending on the bundle you select, the costs for Ark: Survival Evolved servers range from $15 to $50 per month.

All Rust plans include Oxide support, whereas Ark: Survival Evolved plans include auto-mod installations.

What Does Shockbyte Offer?

1. Minecraft Server Hosting:

shockbyte Minecraft Server Hosting

Even at a lesser price, Shockbyte offers more functionality and utilizes more powerful technology than its rivals.

Since 2013, Shockbyte has provided Minecraft hosting services. With hundreds of thousands of clients serviced and over a half million servers hosted, they have an excellent reputation among the Minecraft server community.

Shockbyte provides a complete refund guarantee. Contact their support service within 72 hours if you want to cancel your purchase and get a full refund. They just want to know why so they can continue to improve their service.

2. ARK Server Hosting:

shockbyte ARK Server Hosting

Automatic support and updates for all Stream Workshop Modifications, Custom Maps, DLC Maps,  and expansion packages are available on Shockbyte’s ARK: Survival Evolved servers.

The Shockbyte review system lets you quickly pick modules to add to your server and install them automatically.

3. Rust Server Hosting:

shockbyte Rust Server Hosting

Rust server hosting from Shockbyte includes automatic updates and extensive customization, including support for all Oxide plugins.

The Shockbyte system enables you to install Oxide and perform any server customizations. Shockbyte review offers everything required to operate any size Rust server.

4. Satisfactory Server Hosting:

shockbyte Satisfactory Server Hosting

In its current Early Access state, Satisfactory continues development, with new material and features often added. In addition, current game mechanics and features may have bugs and server/game-breaking flaws.

Since its early access release in 2019, Satisfactory’s massive free upgrades have brought several new features!

Construct large and complicated industries with your buddies in a mystery world. Explore, build, automate, and exploit your alien planet in minutes with a Satisfactory server!

5. Terraria Server Hosting:

shockbyte Terraria Server Hosting

ShcokByte supports all Terraria modifications and mod launchers, including tModLoader modifications, TShock plugins, and other content.

Want to add many hours of material to Terraria? You may simply install the Calamity mod on your Shockbyte Terraria server or play cross-platform on your PC or mobile device. Mods for Terraria provide many hours of enjoyment with pals.

6. 7 Days To Die Server Hosting:

shockbyte 7 Days To Die Server Hosting

Play the newest Alpha 20 update with your buddies, which includes a new random world generation, new locations, 25 new HD characters, and six new weapons, among other new features! The most recent versions are always immediately accessible at Shockbyte.

7. Valheim Server Hosting:

shockbyte Valheim Server Hosting

In this new Viking-themed survival game, your journey starts as a murdered warrior sent to the tenth Norse realm.

Demonstrate your value and destroy Odin’s old enemies to earn a position in Valhalla. Explore, gather, create, construct, scavenge, hunt, and battle in this vast procedurally-generated environment with pals on your Valheim server.

8. Factorio Server Hosting:

shock byte Factorio Server Hosting

Factorio is a game in which you construct and automate factories. These factories generate more complicated products.

Use creativity to build the most intricate and inventive contraptions in this famous 2D universe! Caution is required, as you must defend your constructions against monsters who want to destroy them.

Shockbyte review makes it very simple to run your very own Factorio server. You may immediately begin a new Factorio journey with quick activation on robust hardware.

You also get access to their 24/7 assistance and helpful knowledgebase articles and video tutorials to ensure that any issues are fixed quickly, allowing you to concentrate on having fun and playing with your friends!

9. Project Zomboid Server Hosting:

shockbyte Project Zomboid Server Hosting

Project Zomboid is an ever-growing zombie apocalypse survival game that pits you and your pals against a harsh reality!

In this hostile world, build, battle, and explore with your pals while developing your abilities and knowledge. The zombie horde is on the march, so you must think quickly and strategically to survive!

10. Unturned Server Hosting:

shockbyte Unturned Server Hosting

Unturned is a voxel-style sandbox post-apocalyptic survival game that pits the player against the planet in an intriguing journey! Fight, Explore, Construct, and Survive, but this time with buddies! Kill zombies and construct to fight another day.

The zombies may seem harmless, but they are very greedy! Are you capable of curing the planet of the undead?

11. Garry’s Mod Server Hosting:

shockbyte Garry’s Mod Server Hosting

Shcokbyte supports all Steam Workshop maps and maps that you submit.

Whether you want to reproduce your house in Garry’s Mod or construct a booming metropolis, the Shockbyte review makes it simple! They support all of Garry’s Mod plugins and plugin libraries.

Interested in transforming your dedicated server into a prop hunt server? Using the Steam Workshop, you can simply install plugins, maps, and add-ons on your server!

They support all game modes that are currently available. Would you want to host TTT rather than Sandbox? Shockbyte review has your back! Their extensive Knowledgebase will help you get started immediately.

12. Team Fortress 2 Server Hosting:

shockbyte Team Fortress 2 Server Hosting

Shcokbyte supports all Team Fortress 2 plugins and libraries, including SourceMod and Metamod. Would you use a custom map on your Team Fortress 2 server? Using the Steam workshop is also feasible!

Shockbyte makes it simple to build your own Team Fortress 2 server! After purchasing a TF2 server, you will get an email with your login and server details.

13. CS: GO Server Hosting:

shockbyte CSGO Server Hosting

Shockbyte supports all Counter-Strike: Global Offensive plugins and libraries. In addition to SourceMod and Metamod, you can easily install plugins on your server. Workshop maps may also be used!

14. Starbound Server Hosting:

shockbyte Starbound Server Hosting

Chucklefish’s Starbound is a 2D survival game in which you explore the stars in your randomly created cosmos.

Fight enemies, aid NPCs, and construct your spacecraft in this roguelike-style RPG adventure using potent abilities, weapons, and qualities! Join your pals in completing an ever-expanding narrative that is yours to write!

15. Dayz Server Hosting:

shockbyte Dayz Server Hosting

DayZ is an open-world, hard-core survival game with just one rule: survive no matter what. However, this may be easier said than done with the plethora of dangers lying around every turn.

Complex and genuine survival mechanics like hunting, crafting, construction, and resource management. Join forces with friends or strangers to maintain your strength!

16. SCP: Secret Laboratory Server Hosting:

shockbyte SCP Secret Laboratory Server Hosting

SCP: Secret Laboratory is a multiplayer horror game based mainly on the SCP Foundation series and its extended world of monsters and paranormal occurrences.

There are several crucial players in this horrible event, ranging from crafty D-Class and clever scientists to elite Mobile Task Force troops, the rebellious Chaos Insurgency, and even the terrifying SCP Entities.

Every match brings fresh sensations, thrills, and dangers. You will fight for survival with all factions: SCP Entities rampaging on their way to escape.

Chaos Insurgency undermining the Foundation, MTF, and Security deploying to safeguard the facility, and armed Scientists and D-Class who will not accept “no” for an answer. Be ready for any eventuality.

17. Hypercharge: Unboxed Server Hosting:

shockbyte Hypercharge Unboxed Server Hosting

Hypercharge is a wave-based Solo and Co-op shooter in which the player must protect every inch of land.

Play a wave, TDM, plague, or free-for-all game of crazy with your buddies. It is a scary world for little Action Figures.

With hundreds of thousands of clients serviced and over half a million servers hosted, they have an excellent reputation in the gaming server world.

18. Core Keeper Server Hosting:

shockbyte Core Keeper Server Hosting

Core Keeper is a sandbox mining game created by Pugstorm in which the player explores an unending tunnel filled with monsters, treasures, and materials.

The game’s rich atmosphere and infinite pleasure have grabbed the community by storm since its recent release! Mine, construct, battle, craft, and farm to solve the mystery of the ancient Core.

19. Don’t Starve Together Server Hosting:

shockbyte Don’t Starve Together Server Hosting

The standalone expansion to the award-winning survival game Don’t Starve, Don’t Starve Together is an exciting, demanding, hardcore-style game.

Explore The Constant’s numerous dimensions and distinct planets with your friends or up to 64 others. Defeat monsters, prepare delectable dishes, and battle your developing insanity in today’s release of this intriguing game.

20. Hytale Server Hosting:

shockbyte Hytale Server Hosting

Sandbox is a role-playing game created by one of the most well-known Minecraft server creators, Hypixel.

In Hytale, players are immersed in a randomly built environment where they may embark on quests, play minigames, construct whatever they can think of, and much more!

Why Do I Recommend Shockbyte?

Shockbyte has been an exceptional selection for the most fantastic Minecraft server web hosting. The objective is for Shockbyte review to provide its customers with various features and tools and to use cutting-edge technology at a reduced cost.

  • Nature of Service: The kind of service determines your company’s standing. A large number of customers and users use the hosting services of renowned companies. In addition, they provide an SLA (Service Level Agreement) to compensate their customers in case of a service failure or disruption.
  • Uniqueness: Uniqueness, also known as inventiveness, is another vital factor when selecting the top Minecraft web hosting. All web hosts will provide decent services, features, and tools, but the remarkable features distinguish the most suitable website hosting from the others.
  • Client Interaction and Navigation: Client contact is often overlooked, yet it plays a crucial role in the popularity of a system. Your system should not be challenging to use. Exploring the system should not feel burdensome to the customer. The system should force a solid first impression on new customers.
  • Adaptability: Adaptability is perhaps the essential quality a hosting company must provide. There is a possibility that you will need to upgrade your services within a short period, given the current state of gaming. Particularly with a game like Minecraft, you will regularly handle many modifications and updates.

FAQs On Shockbyte Review:

🙍‍♀️What is Shockbyte’s Refund Policy?

The firm only gives a 24-hour money-back guarantee, so if you change your mind about the package you ordered, you must contact assistance immediately.

😉Does Shockbyte Offer Unlimited Storage?

The quick answer is yes, but you must adhere to the company's fair use policy. You cannot use the company's servers to store non-related data, such as music or movies.

🧙‍♀️Is Shockbyte safe and legit?

Yes, Shockbyte is 100 percent secure and legal, which is why it has become one of the world's leading server hosting providers.

🤞Is Shockbyte good?

Yes, Shockbyte is excellent and one of the world's finest starting games.

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Conclusion: Shockbyte Review 2024: Is Shockbyte A Legit Site?

Overall, in my personal opinion, the Shockbyte review is an excellent choice for gamers like me who want a reliable and quality hosting service.

I have experienced their powerful performance firsthand, and what I appreciate the most is that they don’t have any hidden fees – just good prices that are transparent and fair.

The fact that they offer round-the-clock customer service is a huge plus because I know that any queries or issues I have will be promptly addressed.

And if, for any reason, I’m not completely satisfied with their services, they even provide the possibility of a refund, which gives me peace of mind.

You can do so without worry because they prioritize your satisfaction as a customer.

From my experience, I can confidently say that Shockbyte Review is a hosting service that delivers on its promises and provides a seamless gaming experience.

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