ShipMonk Review 2024: Order Fulfillment For eCommerce? Worth It?


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ShipMonk offers a robust set of features tailored for ecommerce fulfillment, making it a strong candidate for businesses looking to streamline their logistics and expand globally. The comprehensive technological integration and extensive customer support system are major advantages that can significantly benefit business operations.

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If you’re running an online store, you’ve probably heard of ShipMonk. It’s a service that helps businesses handle their shipping and fulfillment.

I decided to try it out to see if it really makes shipping easier and less stressful. In this review, I’ll share my personal experience with ShipMonk, covering how well it works, what it costs, and whether it could be a good fit for your business, too.

Let’s dive into the details and find out if ShipMonk lives up to its promises!

ShipMonk Review

ShipMonk Review 2024: Order Fulfillment For eCommerce? Worth It?

ShipMonk is one of the leading order-processing services in the United States.

The service was created with one goal in mind: enabling online businesses to proactively respond to shipping and compliance, which can drive growth.

It places particular emphasis on new businesses, small businesses and medium-sized businesses and provides committed employees to assist clients with all their concerns.

ShipMonk Review

The company offers a wide range of logistics services, including shipping, storage, equipment preparation, and e-commerce services. It offers uncomplicated and stress-free logistics for the companies that need them.

ShipMonk is proud to be a highly reliable shipping and fulfilment service for new businesses, e-commerce companies, subscription service companies, and crowdfunding campaigns.

The company’s compliance centres leverage inventory management, shipping and management solutions for exclusive warehouses.

ShipMonk Review - Awards

The ShipMonk build process is fast enough for customers to create products, track their customers worldwide, and outsource SKUs within days.

Users also receive daily reports on out-of-stock items, delivery methods, invalid addresses, and other important updates.

Who Uses ShipMonk? 

Order Fulfillment For eCommerce Shipmonk reviews Order Fulfillment For eCommerce Shipmonk reviews Shipmonk shopify app reviews

1. Professional Subscription Box Businesses:

With the boom in subscription boxes, more and more companies offering this service are achieving significantly better results using ShipMonk services.

This is achieved through savings by reducing shipping, packaging, and kit costs. The service has worked with many companies of this kind and knows the company well.

2. E-commerce Companies:

ShipMonk’s order tracking and inventory management capabilities provide an ideal service for order fulfilment by retailers.

Users can predict inventory levels anytime, anywhere in the world. In addition, the many service integrations and third-party service markets enable companies to sell individual products in clear packaging to those who so desire.

3. Wholesaler:

Wholesalers require very experienced order processing services. ShipMonk has this capability and can provide suppliers with valuable support in the planning, strategy, and implementation of their retail goals.

The software seamlessly integrates with B2C and B2B solutions, allowing customers to sell directly to retailers when needed.

How Does ShipMonk Work?

ShipMonk Review - Features

  1. The company starts all transactions with extensive consultations with potential customers to provide interested parties with a comprehensive overview of the nature of the service. This is achieved through phone calls or personal interviews.
  2. ShipMonk creates an account for the customer.
  3. Each user is guided through an embedding session to learn the details of the software.
  4. ShipMonk receives free inventory and prepares the products for pickup.
  5. The company sells, and ShipMonk takes responsibility for shipping.

Benefits of Using ShipMonk For Your E-commerce Business:

Order Fulfillment For eCommerce Shipmonk reviews Shipmonk shopify app reviews

ShipMonk provides a complete framework for your logistical needs. In addition to its years of industry experience, you can place your order on discounts with flexible experience. Here are the key benefits:

1. Technology leader In The Shipping Industry:

Rather than just improving what is being proposed, ShipMonk has entered the marketplace with the idea of redefining the industry as a whole.

From API integrations to automated mapping and grouping software, ShipMonk helps you map inventory management units across multiple sales channels and aggregate an unlimited number of product combinations so your customers can change their offer without having to worry about tracking and follow-up.

2. Engineers Dedicated to Customer Satisfaction:

From the beginning, each ShipMonk customer is assigned to a dedicated Management engineer who can welcome him. The customer support team is always available to answer questions and concerns related to his account.

All of your Shipmonk engineers carry out a comprehensive training process that turns them into shipping experts. No question is too big or too small for your expert advice.

3. Warehouse Automation:

Order Fulfillment For eCommerce Shipmonk reviews Shipmonk shopify app reviews

ShipMonk has invested heavily in the latest storage technologies to maximize their efficiency.

From stacker cranes to automated machine learning quality control, ShipMonk has revolutionized the standard for compliance processes. This reduces costs and increases the accuracy of their customers.

4. Flexibility:

Many other compliance companies focus on change and lose the flexibility that a growing e-commerce company needs. However, in ShipMonk, remove the manufacturer’s labels or help with packaging. You are flexible enough to meet your needs every month.

5. Shipping Costs With Discounts:

ShipMonk’s professional shipping network enables them to provide best-in-class services to the world’s most trusted companies while offering superior rates. ShipMonk has very low shipping prices compared to all major haulage companies.

The best part is that they benefit from these discounts for you and your customers.

Some Additional Services Of ShipMonk Are:

ShipMonk Review - Offers

ShipMonk not only offers the order but also offers these specific services for each case. They can easily be grouped with the provider’s main service.

1. In-depth Advice: The Company is responsible for making an in-depth phone call or meeting with potential customers before they are taken on board. This ensures that they have a good idea of the service. In this way, ShipMonk can also share secure ideas with its customers. These topics include inventory management, API integration, and shipping options.

2. Crowdfunding Fulfillment: ShipMonk is a highly reliable provider of backup and fulfilment reward services for crowdfunding campaigns through Indiegogo and Kickstarter.

The inventory management platform provides customers with complete control over the compliance process, including tracking, shipping, missing inventory, notifications, shipping options, and address verification and processing in batches.

The configuration is very simple, as the solution automatically integrates with crowdfunding sites and popular shopping carts.

3. Compliance with the FBA: All online marketers know that selling through Fulfillment By Amazon is a sure way to increase sales and expand into new markets. This is due to the advantages that the FBA offers, such as Amazon Prime subscriptions and free shipping. However, the FBA lacks flexibility, so customers need to prepare their products for shipping when they arrive at their compliance facilities.

Failure to do so may result in non-compliance with fees and even the refusal of inventory. The good news is that ShipMonk allows customers to prepare for inventory by opening containers, repacking SKUs, and marking barcodes. This service applies to all shipments, big or small.

4. Amazon SFP: ShipMonk is the first compliance centre to offer Vendor Fulfilled Prime as a service. They will guide you through the approval process to qualify for Amazon Premium shipping and meet Prime’s performance requirements.

5. Warehousing insurance: You have the option of turning on and off the life insurance, so you do not have to worry about adding new business to your current plan and coordinating a visit to your insurance company. Inventory and property insurance covers the loss of your assets and assets as a result of a fire or natural disaster.

ShipMonk Integrations

shipmonk shipping carts

The service combines easily with many successful shopping carts and other third-party applications. What’s even better is that ShipMonk helps make these integrations quite simple for clients. These applications include:

ShipMonk Pricing Plans 

Step 1: Calculate Fulfillment Fees

Their fee structure is tier-based, reflecting your monthly shipping volume. Shipping more means greater savings!

Ecommerce Fulfillment Pricing:

  • Monthly Orders (0 – 500)
    • Order Pick Fee: $3.00
    • Additional Item Pick Fee: $0.75
    • Promotional Inserts: $0.20
    • Return Processing: $2.00 plus $0.50 per additional item

Note: Charges for fragile items and those over 5 lbs may vary. For detailed pricing, please contact us.

Estimate only. Discounts may apply based on volume.

ShipMonk Review - Price Calculation

Step 2: Estimate Your Storage Needs

They intelligently allocate your inventory in our fulfillment centers based on size, sales rate, and volume. Each SKU is stored individually for precise order fulfilment.

Storage Pricing:

  • Small Bin: $1/month
  • Medium Bin: $2/month
  • Large Bin: $3/month
  • X-Large Bin: $4/month
  • Pallet: $25/month

ShipMonk Review - Price Estimate

Step 3: Included Fulfillment Services

Enjoy these services at no additional cost:

  • Discounted Shipping Options: Benefit from our Virtual Carrier Network, ensuring timely deliveries at the best rates.
  • Integration with Sales Channels: Our software connects with over 75 ecommerce platforms for efficient management.
  • Customer Support: Access our team of Happiness Engineers for expert assistance in fulfillment and logistics.
  • Enterprise Fulfillment Software: Leverage our advanced 3PL software designed for significant growth in your brand’s operations.
  • Claims Management: Manage and resolve claims efficiently within our platform.
  • International Order Processing: We handle shipments to over 200 countries without extra charges.

Step 4: Additional Services

They only charge for what you use. When your business grows beyond standard requirements, they’re here to support you without unnecessary costs. Rest assured, they can handle your evolving needs.

ShipMonk: Pros and Cons


  • ShipMonk offers tiered pricing and flexible storage options that adapt as your business grows, making it ideal for both startups and established companies.
  • The use of their proprietary 3PL software facilitates efficient order, inventory, and warehouse management, streamlining operations for business owners.
  • ShipMonk’s system integrates with over 75 ecommerce platforms, which simplifies the management of sales across multiple channels.
  • The ability to ship to over 200 countries without additional costs broadens businesses’ market reach and enhances growth opportunities.
  • Access to Happiness Engineers ensures that any queries or issues are promptly addressed, providing business owners with peace of mind.
  • The inclusion of value-added services such as discounted shipping options and claims management at no extra cost adds significant value.


  • Although basic services are covered, additional charges may apply for handling special items, such as fragile or heavy items. These charges may not always be clear upfront.


📐 What are the storage options at ShipMonk?

ShipMonk provides a range of storage options from small bins at $1 per month to pallets at $25 per month, catering to different product sizes and volumes.

🌍 Can ShipMonk handle international shipping?

Yes, ShipMonk ships to over 200 countries, treating international orders just as they do domestic ones, without imposing ridiculous additional costs.

🔄 How does ShipMonk integrate with ecommerce platforms?

ShipMonk’s software integrates with more than 75 ecommerce shopping carts, marketplaces, and other solution providers, facilitating seamless order and inventory management.

👩‍💻 What kind of customer support does ShipMonk offer?

ShipMonk provides best-in-class customer support through their team of Happiness Engineers who are available to assist with any fulfillment, shipping, or logistics queries.

💼 What additional services does ShipMonk offer as the business grows?

ShipMonk offers additional services tailored to evolving business needs beyond basic pick, pack, and ship operations, ensuring they can accommodate growth without unnecessary costs.

📉 How does ShipMonk help in reducing shipping costs?

ShipMonk’s Virtual Carrier Network (VCN) utilizes an advanced transportation management strategy that ensures orders are delivered on time at the most cost-effective rates, helping businesses save on shipping costs.

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Conclusion: ShipMonk Review 2024

The suitability of ShipMonk for each company depends, to a large extent, on the logistical requirements of potential customers. If the system proves to be a bit complicated for the users, there are always alternatives to the market.

However, the fact that the company offers a total solution for all order processing processes cannot be overstated. The benefits of the service far outweigh the disadvantages perceived by some parties.

In addition, the company offers far more benefits than some major suppliers. Let us know in the comments section below what you liked most about ShipMonk and what your opinions are regarding it.

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