ShareAsale Affiliate Program Review 2024: Start Earning Now?

ShareAsale Affiliate Program Review

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ShareASale is a recommended choice for affiliate marketers willing to put in the effort to navigate its platform effectively, as it offers access to a wide range of affiliate programs and the potential for significant earnings.

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  • Diverse Affiliate Network
  • Reliable Tracking and Reporting
  • Timely Payments
  • Affiliate-Friendly
  • Established Reputation


  • Strict Initial Approval Process


Price: $

As a blogger working on my own, I’ve found a great way to make money is by promoting products and earning a commission when people buy them.

It’s easy, especially if you like the products you’re talking about. In this honest ShareASale review, I won’t go into the details of what affiliate marketing is since I’ve talked about it before. Instead, I’ll get right into the important stuff about ShareASale.

ShareASale has become a popular platform for affiliate marketers and online businesses looking to connect with merchants and drive revenue through partnerships.

In this review, I’ll explore ShareASale’s features, benefits, and legitimacy. Whether you’re new to affiliate marketing or looking for a new platform, I’ll provide insights on how to make the most of ShareASale.

Discover how ShareASale can help your online business.

Key Takeaways:

  • ShareASale offers a wide range of merchants and an easy-to-use platform for affiliate marketing.
  • Real-time tracking, multiple payment options, and an easy signup process make ShareASale a convenient choice for affiliate marketers.
  • However, the platform has a high minimum payout threshold, limited customer support, and a lack of quality control for merchants.

ShareAsale Affiliate Program

What is ShareASale?

ShareASale is an affiliate marketing network known for connecting merchants with publishers, providing a platform for affiliate programs and revenue opportunities.

​​ShareASale has been around for 20 years, and all they do is help people like you make money through affiliate marketing.

They’re known for being really fast and accurate with their technology, and people trust them because they’re known for being a fair and honest company in the affiliate marketing world.

In simple terms, they’re a reputable company that’s been doing this for a long time and is good at what they do.

ShareAsale Affiliate Program Review

With a focus on building strong relationships, ShareASale assists merchants in reaching a wider audience, increasing brand exposure, and driving sales through the utilization of affiliate programs.

Utilizing the network’s advanced tracking technology, merchants can optimize their strategies for improved revenue opportunities by monitoring the success of their campaigns.

Meanwhile, publishers can easily find and promote relevant products and services, maximizing their earning potential within the ShareASale platform.

​​It’s great for bloggers like me because it’s like a one-stop shop for finding products to promote. I have multiple blogs, so it saves me a ton of time.

The main reason I use ShareASale is because it’s convenient. With six blogs to manage, I don’t have time to search the internet for affiliate programs for the products I talk about in my articles.

But there’s more to ShareASale than just convenience. I’ve been using it for over two years, and I have some good things to say about it, but there are also some things that really bother me. Overall, it’s a useful tool for bloggers like me.

How Does ShareASale Work?

ShareASale operates by facilitating affiliate partnerships through the use of affiliate links, allowing publishers to apply for affiliate programs offered by various merchants.

These affiliate links enable publishers to promote merchants’ products or services on their websites, earning a commission for each sale or lead generated through these links.

Publishers can choose from a wide range of merchants and programs available on ShareASale, catering to diverse niches and interests.

The application process for publishers is straightforward, requiring them to sign up on the ShareASale platform, submit their website for approval, and then select the affiliate programs they wish to join.

Once approved, publishers can access their unique affiliate links and start promoting the merchants’ offerings on their platforms.

Terminologies in the ShareASale Affiliate Program

I think you should understand these terminologies that you will get in the ShareASale Affiliate Program:

Terminologies in the ShareASale Affiliate Program

1. Affiliate Marketplace

Basically, it is a marketplace where an affiliate can easily discover many new opportunities along with joining an affiliate program. Simply put, a marketer will be exposed to their affiliate program’s many affiliate marketers.

2. Affiliate Marketers

It is all about the users like me and you who are basically joining an affiliate program and simply promoting it via blog, PPC, or by using any other methods.

3. Affiliate Software

Basically, this can be a self-hosted service like ShareASale, ClickBank, or CJ, where the affiliate program is mainly being hosted. In this case, if we talk about ShareASale, then this is the affiliate software.

4. Merchants

Here, the merchants are basically known as the business owners who set up all of their affiliate programs so that any of the affiliates can join them.

They also drive more traffic and sales rights to their business in return for fixed commission rights for the affiliate marketers.

Here, the thing is that all of the other affiliate marketplace modes are basically the same, right, with different user interfaces and features.

I think now you are familiar with the basic terminologies as these will help you understand this amazing ShareAsale Affiliate Program.

How to Sign Up for ShareASale?

Signing up for ShareASale involves completing the affiliate application process. Signing up for ShareASale

Step 1- Visit the ShareASale Website: Go to the ShareASale website and look for the “Affiliate Sign Up” link. Click on it to start the signup process. Visit the ShareASale Website

Step 2 – Create Your Account: You’ll be directed to a signup page where you need to create a username and password. Remember these login details. Also, specify your country of residence. Create Your Account

Step 3- Provide Website Details: On the next page, share information about your website. This includes its URL (web address) and the language it’s in. Remember, you need an active website to use ShareASale, so make sure your site is up and running. Provide Website Details

Step 4- Confirm Your Email: You’ll be asked to confirm your email address on the following page. Once you provide this information, click “Move on to the next step.”

Confirm Your Email

Step 5- Enter Payment Details: In this step, you’ll need to provide contact information where ShareASale can send your payments. Fill in the required information, and you’ll also need to choose a payment option. 

Enter Payment Details

Step 6- Finish Setting Up Your Account: After completing the previous steps, you’ll reach the final page. Here, you’ll need to review your information and make sure everything is accurate. When you’re satisfied, click “Complete Sign Up.”

Finish Setting Up Your Account

Step 7- Wait for Approval: Now, all you have to do is wait. Usually, it takes about 2-3 days for ShareASale to review and approve your application. Wait for Approval

Step 8- That’s it! Once your application is approved, you’ll be ready to start using ShareASale as an affiliate marketer.

application is approved

What Are the Benefits of Using ShareASale?

Utilizing ShareASale offers numerous benefits, including access to a wide range of merchants, commission opportunities, and support for effective affiliate strategy integration.

ShareAsale Affiliate Program

ShareASale’s extensive merchant network provides affiliates with a rich pool of products and services to promote, ensuring diverse commission opportunities and potential for substantial earnings.

The platform’s seamless integration and support for effective affiliate strategies enable marketers to optimize their campaigns, track performance, and refine their approach to maximize conversions.

With ShareASale, affiliates can leverage various tools and resources to implement targeted strategies, build successful partnerships, and drive sustained revenue growth.

1. Wide Range of Merchants

ShareASale provides access to a diverse array of merchants, including those from Scandinavian and Eastern European regions, creating extensive revenue opportunities for publishers.

By partnering with ShareASale, publishers can tap into a wide range of merchants, spanning various industries such as fashion, technology, home goods, and more.

This offers them flexibility in shaping their content to attract diverse audiences and demographics, thus increasing their revenue potential.

The inclusion of merchants from Scandinavian and Eastern European regions also opens up new markets for publishers, allowing them to reach audiences in these unique and thriving markets and potentially increasing their global presence and revenue streams.

2. Easy to Use Platform

ShareASale offers an intuitive and user-friendly platform equipped with robust affiliate tracking features and dedicated customer support.

Ease Of Use

The platform’s affiliate tracking capabilities allow users to efficiently monitor performance, measure the success of their campaigns, and optimize their strategies.

ShareASale’s user-friendly interface makes it simple to navigate and manage affiliate programs, ensuring a seamless experience for both merchants and affiliates.

In addition, the platform’s dedicated customer support team is readily available to provide assistance and guidance, further enhancing overall user satisfaction.

3. Real-time Tracking and Reporting

ShareASale provides real-time tracking and reporting functionalities, offering insightful affiliate performance metrics and analytics highly regarded by users on platforms like G2.

The real-time tracking feature of ShareASale allows affiliates to monitor the performance of their campaigns instantly, providing valuable data on clicks, conversions, and commissions.

The reporting functionalities offer comprehensive insights into traffic sources, customer demographics, and sales trends, giving the power to users to make informed decisions and optimize their marketing strategies.

ShareASale’s commitment to accuracy and transparency in tracking has earned accolades from affiliate marketers, solidifying its reputation as a trusted platform for affiliate insights and analytics.

4. Multiple Payment Options

ShareASale supports multiple payment options, ensuring convenient commission disbursements to partners and contributing to positive reviews and feedback on platforms like Trustpilot.

Payment Options

Partners on ShareASale benefit from a range of payment methods such as direct deposit, check, and Payoneer, allowing them to choose the option that best suits their needs.

This flexibility has received widespread acclaim, with partners highlighting the smooth and timely payments as a key factor in their satisfaction.

ShareASale’s commitment to giving power to its partners and promoting mutually beneficial relationships is reflected in these payment options, which foster strong and enduring partnerships.

The efficient disbursement of commissions contributes to a positive ecosystem where partners feel valued and supported.

What Are the Drawbacks of Using ShareASale?

One issue I’ve encountered with ShareASale is that their affiliate links don’t play very nicely with WordPress. They use characters like “&” in the links, which WordPress tends to mess up by changing them to “&nbsp” when I switch between the text and visual modes while editing.

This can be quite frustrating for me because I prefer the visual mode for formatting, and every time I switch, my ShareASale links become invalid.

As a result, I have to add my links at the last moment before publishing in the plain text viewer, which is a bit challenging to navigate since it’s all raw code.

Another related problem is that I haven’t found a way on the ShareASale website to check if any of my links are broken. While there are activity reports showing click statistics, I can’t easily identify broken links.

This can be frustrating, especially because I suspect that some of my links may have inadvertently broken over the years while editing older WordPress articles.

In terms of the ShareASale website itself, I’ve noticed that its design looks a bit outdated. While this isn’t a major issue, it sometimes raises concerns for me about whether they have all the necessary resources and staff to continue operating effectively in the long term.

Functionally, everything works, which is most important, but I can’t help but wish for a more modern and up-to-date website design for peace of mind.

Limited Customer Support

ShareASale’s customer support has been noted as limited by users in affiliate reviews, contrasting with the comprehensive support offered by platforms like Awin.

Users have expressed concerns about the response time and accessibility to assistance from ShareASale’s support team, with some reporting challenges in resolving technical issues.

In comparison, Awin’s support system has garnered praise for its proactive approach and timely resolution of queries, earning confidence from its user base.

The differences between the two platforms’ customer support strategies highlight the significance of efficient and reliable support services in the highly competitive affiliate marketing industry.

How to Use ShareASale for Affiliate Marketing?

As a successful affiliate, I can identify niche products and align them with audience interests, as well as cultivate meaningful relationships with merchants to negotiate favorable commissions.

Sign up and build your program

The use of analytics and data-driven decision-making is paramount in optimizing performance and refining marketing approaches within the ShareASale ecosystem.

Step 1- Choose a Niche and Find Relevant Merchants

The first step in using ShareASale for affiliate marketing is to identify a niche and locate relevant merchants, as exemplified by successful partnerships like Alexis Jae Jewelry.

Once a niche is chosen, it is crucial to research and identify merchants whose products or services align with the chosen niche. For instance, if the chosen niche is sustainable fashion, partnering with merchants like Pact Organic Clothing or EcoVibe Apparel could be a strategic move.

Successful affiliates often emphasize the importance of relating the merchant’s products to the needs and preferences of their target audience, ensuring a seamless fit and leading to higher conversions.

Step 2- Create Content and Promote Products

After identifying products, the next step in leveraging ShareASale for affiliate marketing involves content creation and strategic product promotion.

Once a selection of products has been made, affiliates need to focus on creating engaging content that not only drives traffic but also converts visitors into customers.

This could involve writing compelling product reviews, producing how-to guides, and curating valuable digital content that resonates with their target audience.

It’s essential to incorporate SEO strategies to ensure that the content ranks well in search engine results, maximizing its visibility to potential buyers.

Strategic product promotion plays a crucial role in successful affiliate marketing. Affiliates can employ various methods, such as creating email campaigns, utilizing social media platforms, and collaborating with influencers to reach a wider audience.

The key is to tailor the promotion strategy to align with the preferences of the target market, resulting in increased engagement and conversions.

Step 3- Track and Analyze Your Performance

In the final step, affiliate marketers should track and analyze performance metrics on ShareASale.

Tracking and analyzing performance metrics on ShareASale is crucial for any affiliate marketer aiming to maximize their earning potential.

By closely monitoring and interpreting performance data, marketers can identify which strategies and campaigns are driving the most conversions and sales. This insight enables them to optimize their efforts and focus on what is proven to work.

In my approach, I emphasize the importance of constantly evaluating performance in order to adjust and refine strategies for better results.

An accurate and relevant interpretation of the data depends on the use of the right keywords and entities in the analysis.

Is ShareASale Legit?

Yes, it is 100% LEGIT. ShareASale has established its legitimacy as an affiliate marketing platform through successful partnerships and endorsements. 


Partnering with known entities in industries such as fashion, beauty, and technology, ShareASale has solidified its reputation as a reliable platform for both affiliates and merchants.

Endorsements from reputable brands have further validated its standing, showcasing the trust and value it holds within the affiliate marketing sphere.

The platform’s credible track record and commitment to fostering profitable partnerships have contributed to its undeniable legitimacy.

How Much Can You Make With ShareASale Affiliate? 

How much money you can make with ShareASale depends on how much effort you put into it. To be brutally honest, it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme, but it can be a great way to earn income if you work at it.

When it comes to affiliate marketing, including ShareASale, your earning potential is unlimited. However, don’t expect to make millions within a few months. In the beginning, it can be tough—I only earned five dollars in my first six months of affiliate marketing.

There’s a learning curve, and it takes time to figure out what works and what doesn’t when promoting products. But once you get the hang of it, it can become a steady source of income.

Personally, ShareASale is my go-to platform for finding affiliate products to promote because I have a higher acceptance rate with the companies I want to work with.

So, while it may take time to build up, it can turn into a decent monthly income if you focus your efforts in one place.

Affiliate Programs in ShareASale

Below are the highest-paying affiliate programs in ShareASale that you should definitely join to earn huge commissions:

1) OptinMonster Affiliate Program

The way OptinMonster is considered by different types of individuals. It is one of the best programs that can help the business boost its sales and provide lots of benefits.

It works on an online basis. There are different types of services provided by the software. With it, you can take its help in making money. The OptinMonster also works as an affiliate program.

For it, interested individuals are required to place its referral link on their blogs and websites. Another thing is that individuals can avail of its services by using social networking websites.

You can earn money with the help of Facebook, Twitter, and some other social websites. There are numerous benefits associated with its use.

Benefits of choosing the OptinMonster

  • It provides support to the users in the market
  • The users can earn 20% commission from its affiliate program services
  • It is helpful in creating different types of website-related things, such as – floating bars

Structure of Paying Commission

It has three main plans which are tagged with the price of 108$, 228$, and 348$. The users can get a commission of –

  • 21.60$ on the sale of 108$ plan
  • 45.60$ on the sale of 228$ plan
  • 69.60$ on the sale of 348$ plan

To avail of all these benefits and make lots of money, you should join the website.

2) MyThemeShop Affiliate Program

As we know that, most of the individuals are trying to design their own websites. For this, some seek help from professionals, and some choose online sources.

WordPress is the biggest source that can help the individual in creating an impressive website. The attractiveness of a website is based on the theme. The themes of WordPress are paid, and the users can easily buy them from MyThemeShop.

With it, MyThemeShop also helps users in making lots of money. According to recent trends, there are several users availing of its services to make a large amount of money.

All these things become possible only with the help of its affiliate program services.

Benefits those you can avail by choosing it

  • The affiliates are able to receive a 55% commission on each sale.
  • It is available with higher conversion rates, which helps in making more money.
  • The affiliates have 150 options to sell, which are helpful in selling one thing easily.
  • The banners of MyThemeShop are created by adding creativity
  • The payment method of the website is based on the monthly system.
  • There is no existence related to minimum payment limits.
  • The users can avail of the return cookie services for a time duration of 60 days.

For all these benefits, the users need to enter their name and some other additional information only.

3) Grammarly Affiliate Program

Many individuals have a writing hobby, and some are trying to make money from it. For it, the individuals are required to provide proper content to the clients. The most important thing is the grammatical errors.

Grammarly is a software or a source by which the users can identify the errors in their content. The company is offering two types of services: premium and free.

The premium services are helpful in eliminating all types of errors from the content.

With it, Grammarly is also offering services as an affiliate program. Individuals who want to earn lots of money can join its affiliation program. For these types of services, the individuals are required to follow a simple process only.

By it, you are able to create an account in Grammarly, which will consume only 60 seconds of the users.

Benefits of considering it –

  • The conversion rate is 20% to 30%
  • The users can receive an activation bonus of 25$
  • It provides tracking on the basis of cross-device
  • Additional incentives on regular performance

ShareASale: Merchant Status Via Dashboard.

You can always check Merchant Status Via Dashboard.

ShareAsale Affiliate Program: Review

Shareasale will offer you a lot of top affiliate programs to join in your relevant niche, choose offers according to your needs, and you can start promoting the best offers you like, but always read their terms and conditions before promoting. Some advertisers don’t allow PPC bidding on brand terms.

So you must read their terms & conditions.

ShareAsale Affiliate Program: Review

Merchand Datafeed gives you an idea about each affiliate program’s commission structure and how much you can make per sale.

ShareAsale Affiliate Program: Review

Search for your favorite brand Coupons in the ShareASale database. This will get you more change to increase your commissions as the more bonuses you offer to your customers more they will buy from your affiliate link.

ShareAsale Affiliate Program: Review


✅ How does ShareASale work?

ShareASale works by providing a platform for merchants to list their products and services and for publishers to search and apply to promote those products. When a publisher promotes a merchant's product and a sale is made, the publisher earns a commission.

🧐 What are the benefits of using ShareASale?

ShareASale offers a variety of benefits for both merchants and publishers. Merchants can reach a wider audience and increase sales through affiliate marketing, while publishers can earn passive income by promoting products that align with their content and audience.

🤑 Are there any fees to join ShareASale?

There are no fees to join ShareASale as a publisher. However, merchants are required to pay a one-time $550 network access fee and a $100 minimum deposit to get started.

🤔 What makes ShareASale different from other affiliate marketing networks?

ShareASale is a thriving affiliate marketing platform with an extensive network. They collaborate with a whopping 25,000 merchants, providing a vast array of products and companies for affiliate marketers to choose from. Their network also includes over 270,000 active publishers who actively promote these products. In the year 2022, ShareASale played a pivotal role in generating an impressive $200 million in sales through their platform, highlighting their effectiveness in facilitating successful affiliate marketing partnerships.

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Conclusion: ShareAsale Affiliate Program Review 2024 

In conclusion, ShareASale offers a robust platform for affiliate marketing, unlocking diverse revenue opportunities and facilitating valuable affiliate partnerships.

Its user-friendly interface and comprehensive tools give the power to businesses to track sales, monitor performance, and optimize their affiliate programs.

With a wide network of publishers and merchants, ShareASale connects brands with potential partners, fostering mutually beneficial collaborations that drive revenue growth.

Through advanced technology and real-time reporting, ShareASale maximizes profit potential for both advertisers and affiliates, making it a critical resource in the affiliate marketing landscape.

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