Serverspace Review 2024 – Is It Affordable & Reliable Cloud VPS Hosting Provider?

Serverspace Review

Overall Verdict

Serverspace is an efficient, secure and trustworthy cloud hosting platform that provides reliable services at one of the lowest prices on the market.

Out of 10


  • The 10-minute billing
  • The ability to deploy Windows-based servers
  • Intel Xeon processors
  • 99.9% SLA
  • Scalable solutions
  • No-limit object storage option compatible with Swift API and S3


  • No shared hosting or dedicated servers
  • Users may be blocked on suspicion of spam or phishing


Price: $ 4.95

If you are a software developer or an owner of an information technology organization, you will eventually need to host your software applications on a dependable cloud computing infrastructure.

When selecting an IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) platform, dependability, security, cost, and performance are the critical variables to examine.

Serverspace is one of the few systems that can claim to meet all of these criteria. Serverspace features a stable cloud architecture that is backed up by fast and secure cloud VPS servers.

Serverspace Review

As a result, all programs and applications hosted on this platform operate efficiently and are available 99.99 percent of the time. Severspace is a cloud hosting platform that has been designed effectively. It is safe, secure, and highly trustworthy.

Provider offers Cloud Infrastructure at one of the lowest prices on the market. By choosing Serverspace, you can save a lot of money and get quality services.

Serverspace is your one-stop shop for the greatest cloud computing services. When compared to Digital Ocean or Linode, it offers significant cost savings. We can state this with confidence as a result of our extensive expertise.

What is Serverspace?

Serverspace is an excellent cloud computing service. It offers several incredible features that contribute to the overall excellence of Serverspace operation. The servers are lightning fast, exceedingly secure, and simple to set up and operate.

If you operate a software development firm or an information technology organization, or even if you are a software developer looking to host your software applications, Serverspace is the most acceptable alternative to consider. It has users from all around the world who suggest it. In general, it is a trustworthy cloud computing service.

Major Features and Benefits of Serverspace 

Serverspace cloud servers save its customers money, while some of its clients operate servers on-premises.

Serverspace also provides a complete selection of cloud servers, allowing customers to customize their hardware requirements.

Serverspace website provides two distinct cloud services: a web-based administration portal and a hosting control panel that enables server managers to administer their servers centrally.

The control panel and administration site are also housed on Serverspace servers, making them very simple to access and utilize.

Serverspace integrated management panel enables businesses to easily manage and control servers from a centralized place, even when servers from other suppliers are inaccessible or inoperable.

Additionally, cloud servers provide incredibly efficient backup and maintenance options.

Backup systems are advantageous since server downtime may have severe repercussions, including the loss of money and customer data, as well as the inability to contribute essential information, such as financial concerns.

  • Customer service:

Serverspace delivers exceptional customer service. In the event of a technical support query, they respond instantly and resolve as quickly as possible through the ticket system, by phone, and via chat on the website.

Whatever the issue, they address it immediately and take action. Their service and customer assistance are, on the whole, excellent.

  • Security and surveillance:

Serverspace security measures have been strengthened. It is one of the crucial features that distinguish Serverspace from the competition.

It has a sophisticated integrated privacy policy that eliminates the possibility of a breach. Its privacy policy guarantees a high level of safety and security.

The firewall and security devices in the data center are meant to protect you.

Concerning monitoring, you do not need to do anything after establishing the server to monitor CPU/RAM consumption. It is already there in your server dashboard’s Status >> Performance tab.

  • Simple to use:

Serverspace is simple to use and configure. Serverspace saves you time and money. The UI and functionalities work in unison to make it very simple to use.

Inexperienced individuals may utilize Serverspace easily and without difficulties. You must still be able to connect to and administer your cloud server independently.

Because you’re already logged into your server, and on the Serverspace dashboard, you’ll see the login user and password displayed above the terminal screen. You may just enter it in to get access to your server.

  • Scalability:

Serverspace scalability is another worth noting. Serverspace enables you to adjust your servers’ compositions, topologies, and settings even after being deployed. Moreover, modifying settings after deployment is very simple. 

  • Utilization and Functions:

Serverspace usability and functionality are extensive. They are much more than data storage devices. This program is capable of running a wide variety of different types of databases.

You may use it as the optimal virtual container for securely storing and managing your data. This application is capable of handling all sorts of media, news, websites, and other data.

  • Effective data centers (also in Russia):

Serverspace has three tiers of reliable data centers in the USA, Netherlands, and even Russia. These three tiers of most efficient data centers handle data extremely effectively.

If you’ve chosen Serverspace for data storage and management, there’s no need to look back. Serverspace data centers are the finest.

  • Simple and quick setup:

Configuring the Serverspace server is a simple process. A new or experienced user will take the same amount of time to set it up, around two to three minutes on average.

You may instantly create and access your server. You save a significant amount of money and energy. Most importantly, you can do it independently.

  • Fair billing:

Serverspace calculates your price every ten minutes of usage, which eliminates the possibility of being charged for services not utilized. This is the optimal form of charging for a cloud management organization.

One may save a significant amount of money by using Serverspace over other providers. In general, you can precisely bill for what you’ve used and avoid paying for what you haven’t.

  • Expandable and fast Storage:

You won’t have to worry about storage capacity with Serverspace since they provide storage depending on the size you need.

Serverspace storage disks are very quick, which is great for programs that need high-resolution video streaming and other sorts of media files.

  • Control panel:

You can add services, check prices, and manage your IT infrastructure all from the control panel. The control panel’s user interface (UI) is simple enough for even non-technical individuals to operate.

Within the control panel, you may choose an operating system (OS) depending on the kind of applications you want to execute on this platform.

Currently, accessible operating systems include CentOS, FreeBSD, Debian, Ubuntu, Oracle, and Windows. Additionally, you will choose the version of any of these operating systems that you want to utilize.

Moreover, the control panel provides the option of selecting a data center depending on its geographic location. We suggest picking one that is closest to your location

  • Referral program

Serverspace has a good offer for partners. You can add your personal referral link to blogs, forums and other resources. Every person who clicks on it will be automatically added to your referrals, and you will get 10% of all payments of your referrals for a year and 5% of all payments of your referrals made during subsequent years.

Serverspace features and services

Serverspace reviews online

Command Line Interface (CLI):

The Serverspace CLI enables you to manage your flexible cloud servers and other products.

CLI enables you to manage virtual machines, networks, SSH keys, and projects via the use of a simple set of commands. The terminal is all that is required.

It has a comprehensive reference section that includes an explanation of all instructions. Supports all of the Serverspace API’s functionality. Installable on Linux and Windows platforms.

Serverspace API:

HTTP requests provide secure programmatic access to Serverspace control panel functionalities. Interact with or integrate your cloud infrastructure with your applications, scripts, and services.

GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE are the data exchange techniques. The data returned by the API is in JSON format. The API follows the REST architectural approach.

Receipt comprehensive information on projects and tasks, as well as the management of SSH keys. Manage cloud servers, networks, and network interfaces, in addition to snapshots and extra storage.

Cloud DNS:

Serverspace DNS solution that is both resilient and automated, allowing for complete control over the domain’s resource records.

The service is completely free. Host your domains on our dependable cloud nameservers and avoid unexpected charges.

A fault-tolerant cluster guarantees that nameservers continue to operate continuously. Migration of all DNS records from another server automatically.

Rapid domain response from any location on Earth. You may automatically load your Cloud servers’ IP addresses into the A and AAAA records’ IP address fields.

Trusted SSL Certificates:

SSL certificates are digital certificates that encrypt data sent between a website and a user through the secure HTTPS protocol.

All personal information submitted by users on the secure site, including passwords and credit card information, is securely encrypted and is not accessible to third parties.

Browsers immediately recognize secure sites, and a little green or black lock appears next to their name in the address bar (URL).

Private network:

Create a safe route of communication between your cloud servers. Create private networks over a global network of data centers.

The service is entirely free. Within a single project, you may create up to ten networks. Utilize a gigabit network with little latency. It is both secure and stable.

Organize private access to your apps and services using only private IP addresses. Create your own network of IP addresses and subnets and provide access to your data to a small number of individuals.

Block storage (SSD):

Mount extendable storage volumes straight to your cloud servers in a matter of seconds.

You may use simple automated procedures such as generating, mounting, and removing cloud storage volumes to manage them, saving time and money on human management and deployment.

Data replication on storage volumes is more than the industry norm, ensuring speedy data recovery and data availability is up to 99.9 percent, protecting your volumes from failure.

Even after generating a volume, you may simply control the capacity by raising it. A single volume may be between 10 GB and 1 TB incapacity, and a single VM can mount up to four additional volumes.

Direct connect:

Submit a request to link your business network directly to our cloud. Protect yourself from the perils of the public network. Utilize a network in which you have confidence.

Put aside concerns about network congestion. Acquaint yourself with low latency and stability. Direct Connect delivers the fastest connection. Nothing could be more rapid.

You just only have one dedicated physical carrier line to connect to the Serverspace cloud at a time, and you can easily install cloud servers using your fast and reliable network.

Private cloud computing using virtualization:

Create your own secure cloud environment inside a logically isolated public network segment. Maintain a sufficient degree of security without exposing yourself to the outside world.

Deploy private networks over a global network of reputable data centers. Scale your network quickly in response to the growth of your apps and company.

Connect cloud servers to a high-speed network with a capacity of up to 1 Gbps. Create a free isolated cloud. Consider security as well as cost savings.

Control access to subnets, both inbound and outbound. Prepare your network to comply with industry standards such as PCI, SOC, and others.

VMware cloud:

Construct your cloud architecture with VMware ESXi software. They make use of VMware’s ESXi hypervisor, as well as DRS and high-availability capabilities.

They automatically restore functioning and assign assured server resources in the event of a hardware breakdown.

They ensure that infrastructure operations continue without interruption and that it is available at 99.9 percent of the time, as specified in the Service Level Agreement (SLA). Additionally, they give cash compensation in the event of a violation.

vStack cloud servers:

Virtual cloud servers are scalable, secure, and fault-tolerant. In 40 seconds, deploy. Globally distribute your servers. Our network has low latency and a high degree of availability.

Every ten minutes, the service is charged. You are only charged for the servers that you utilize. Spin up your servers in less than 40 seconds, without lengthy preparations or tedious documentation to read.

Cloud servers use high-performance solid-state disks with an incredible IOPS rate. Data is replicated three times and is always accessible without delays.

The VMs are built on the newest Intel® Scalable CPUs with a 3.1 GHz clock speed and enable a revolutionary new level of cloud computing.

Managed cloud service:

Concentrate on developing your goods while we manage your cloud infrastructure. To ensure that your infrastructure continues to provide value to your company, you must manage and optimize it continuously.

Are you equipped with the necessary resources and experience to handle this internally? They’ll take care of all the necessary chores that you are unable or unwilling to undertake.

Extend your capabilities by using our services and experience.

Their managed service is supported by a team of qualified professionals that deliver results-driven customer assistance through email or phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Serverspace Pricing

serverspace pricing

Serverspace offers fixed and flexible plans. The final price depends on the selected virtual server template, data center, and server configuration, which the user can configure himself.

The minimum plan for 1 GB RAM, 1 CPU, 25 GB SSD storage costs $4.95 per month. Prices for services grow as capacity increases. If you want to experience the full power of cloud servers, you can pay $291.95 per month for 64 GB RAM, 16 CPU, 1000 GB SSD.

Serverspace Pros and Cons 


  • The 10-minute billing
  • The ability to deploy Windows-based servers
  • Intel Xeon processors
  • 99.9% SLA
  • Scalable solutions
  • No-limit object storage option compatible with Swift API and S3
  • Two virtualization platforms to choose from – vStack or VMware
  • Simple CLI tool
  • Snapshot backup
  • Elastic volumes
  • Two-factor authorization
  • 24/7 customer support


  • No shared hosting or dedicated servers
  • Users may be blocked on suspicion of spam or phishing

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Takeaway- Serverspace Review 2024

We’ve examined a number of VPS servers so far, and they’re all fairly competent at what they do. Whereas Serverspace. is concerned, advantages such as ease of setup and price variance set them apart from the competition.

Therefore, if you are considering purchasing a VPS server, we encourage you to choose Serverspace. 

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