SerpNames Review 2024: Quality Aged Domain Marketplace

SerpNames Review

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SerpNames is an aged domain marketplace that offers a variety of niches in a wide price range. It helps you to build your online business on aged domains and gain more traffic and authority quickly.

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  • 12 million domains analysed


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Looking for SerpNames Review, I am going to help you today to decide whether to invest in SerpNames or not.

The use of expired and aged domains is on the rise in the world of search engine optimization. Even if you’re already an intermediate or expert level SEO, it usually isn’t a smart idea to source one on your own and expects fantastic results.

SerpNames Review

So, let us find out in detail about the SerpNames marketplace and it in this article.

What Is SerpNames and How Does SerpNames Work?

SerpNames is an aged domain marketplace that offers a variety of niches in a wide price range. It helps you to build your online business on aged domains and gain more traffic and authority quickly.

SerpNames Review

  • You can search for your domain in our inventory by niche (or contact us for help).
  • Put the item in the cart, fill out the billing information, and pay via Stripe.
  • You will receive an email from the support person immediately and the domain will be transferred to your account within 48 hours.

What Is The Value In Buying An Aged Domain?  

You save time and money with it.

1. SEO on Steroids

To get the most out of an old domain, you need to know what you’re doing and how to do it effectively. The following is an example of 301 redirects to an existing site using an old domain name:

In order to use this SEO technique, you must keep your current site and the old domain consistent. Let’s say your company is in the wedding market, and your website is dedicated to this topic.

If you’re planning a wedding, it’s probably not a good idea to use an old CBD-focused domain as a 301 redirect to your main site.

Suppose you’re a Google searcher who’s looking for CBD items. 301 redirect takes you to a wedding-related website when you click on the expired domain. This could have a negative impact on both user experience and search engine optimization.

2. Google’s Thoughts

Google’s John Mueller said in a 2020 interview that the business accepts that domains are sometimes transferred from one owner to another or that a name is sometimes revived. He refers to these events as “commonplace.”

However, he points out that Google isn’t a fan of “abusing the system” by using expired/aged names. He explains this as the practice of repurposing names that have expired or have been utilized for a long time for purposes that are completely unrelated to their original purpose. Isn’t it logical to avoid this?

TL: DR – You can gain great SEO juice from expired and aged domains. Don’t forget to use them sensibly. 

3. Age of Domain

One of the most disputed concerns in the SEO field is, “Does domain age really matter?” The answer is “it depends” (like most things SEO). While Google’s John Mueller stated in a 2019 tweet that “No, domain age helps nothing,” the analytical tool SerpWoo leans in the opposite direction.

As a result, the truth is likely somewhere in between.

But take a look at it from a consumer’s perspective as well. For what kind of site are you most likely to put your trust and money? Is it one that has been online for a while? Or a completely new one?

You’ll be able to get out of the Google Sandbox faster if your domain is older. Google implemented this filter in 2004 in an effort to maintain the SERPs as free of spam as possible.

4. Backlink Juice

Getting websites to link to yours For most website owners, the likes of The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, The New York Times, and even Wikipedia represent the pinnacle of success. To Google, backlinks from authoritative websites say, “hey – you trust our site and we trust this site here as well, so give it a chance.”

As an illustration, let’s have a look at the SerpNames inventory. Checked out an old web design domain for sale.

The domain has an Afrefs DR of 50, which is quite powerful in its own right.

What About The Backlinks?

As soon as I clicked “picture” on the dashboard, the Backlinks didn’t let me down. Ad Week, a well-known name in the marketing world, was at the top of the list. This domain immediately piqued my curiosity for further inquiry if I were interested in this sector.

1. Having a high Domain Authority/Domain Rating

“Domain Rating,” an Ahrefs proprietary ranking stat, analyzes the overall backlink profile strength of the target domain or URL on a scale of one to 100. Additionally, Domain Authority (DA) is a Moz predictor for search engine rankings that serves as a ranking signal for web pages.

Other than DA/DR, Google states they don’t use it to rank a website, and some SEOs consider it a “vanity” measure. However, here’s the thing: a well-established domain with a large number of high-quality backlinks tends to have a high DA/DR ratio.

In the absence of a marketplace like SerpNames, I would surely take DA and DR ratings with a grain of salt if I were doing my own domain research. Pumping and fabricating them is simple.

2. Manipulation of DA/DR is possible

SEO veteran Craig Campbell shows in this video how he was able to identify that a 45-point domain rating (DR) was modified to achieve this rating. SerpNames, for example, greatly lower the risk of purchasing a long-lived domain that has false claims about its DR and DR values.

3. Scalpers tend to stay away from sites with high DA/DR

An old domain with a high DA/DR number may also deter keyword scalpers. Using Ahrefs, someone with a higher DA/DR than yours enters your URL and grabs your ranking keywords from your website. This is known as keyword scalping.

A significant number of new domains appear to be losing their ranking positions as a result of this trend. Scalpers will think twice before stealing your keyword research and labor of love if your DR/DA is 20 or above.

How to Buy a Domain from SerpNames?

Step – 1: Go to the official site of SerpNames from here and click on ‘Sign up. It’s free’. 

How to Buy a Domain from SerpNames step1

Step – 2: Fill up the information you are asked for and soon you will see yourself on the SerpNames dashboard. 

How to Buy a Domain from SerpNames step2

Search for the niche of your choice and click on the little search icon. 

Step – 3: For example, here I searched for ‘fashion’. I got 6 results that I can choose from. 

How to Buy a Domain from SerpNames step 3

I liked Neclumi, so I clicked on ‘View Details’ to know more about the domain. 

Step – 4: Here I found all the information I found about Neclumi. I can choose to go back and choose another domain or I can simply click on ‘Buy now. 

How to Buy a Domain from SerpNames step4

Step – 5: Fill up the billing information and click on ‘PAY NOW’.

How to Buy a Domain from SerpNames step5

Complete the payment and you are good to go. 

SerpNames’ Domain Quality 

Penalty-free and spam-free

Due diligence is carried out on their domains in a serious and excellent manner by them.

In Summary:

  • Spammy backlinks: They check on Ahrefs for any spammy backlinks thoroughly.
  • ViewScreenshots: This website is used to check whether archive snapshots were used for spam.
  • Archive: Every month and year, they manually check the domain with
  • Archive redirection: This checks whether the domain was 301-ed to a suspicious website in the past.
  • Anchor texts: Anchor texts are checked for spamminess.
  • Best by links: Ahrefs checks if any spammy pages have been indexed.
  • Redirect backlinks: They verify that other domains are not linking to the domain.
  • Google Index: Google checks whether a domain is indexed.
  • Bing index: Bing index is also used to check if the domain is indexed.
  • Cache: Useful to check a domain’s caching status. You may be able to find the history of the most recent spamming archive in Google’s cache.
  • Deindexed: They check if a domain has been offline for some time before deindexing it.
  • Subdomains: The link juice is checked whether it is distributed among subdomains or not. 
  • Organic keywords: To determine whether organic keywords are spammy, they check their index.
  • Traffic spike: Sumit and his team are alerted if there is a spike in traffic.
  • Netsol Trademark Backlinks: These links are checked to make sure they are pointing to the right pages.
  • GSC spam-check: Lastly, they check to see if a penalty has been imposed on the domain.

FAQs On SerpNames Review

How Often Is The Inventory Updated?

Three times a month, they perform an inventory check (every 10 days). First, they email their subscribers on the first, 10th, and 20th of every month to advertise the new domains. Then, if they don't sell, they put them in their inventory. Inventory updates aren't set in stone, but they typically take place a few days after an email is sent out.

What Payment Methods Are Accepted?

Payoneer, bank transfers, credit cards, and debit cards are all accepted.

What Is The Domain Transfer Process?

They ask for registration information within 12 hours of payment completion. Within 24 hours, the transfer is completed.

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Wrapping Up: SerpNames Review 2024

I enjoyed my experience utilizing SerpNames. It features a slick dashboard, a good selection of niches, and rates that are beginner/intermediate friendly.

Moreover, Sumit goes above and beyond to address any queries you may have – he responds quickly and thoroughly. A young SEO entrepreneur can also help but be respected for achieving such success so early in his career.

It’s crucial to realize however that older domain from any marketplace is not a get-rich-quick shortcut to good outcomes. Investing in new content, creating additional backlinks, and more are all things you will have to do after purchasing aged domains.

It is possible to build on top of an aged domain that has been well-vetted from SerpNames, however. Buying this business would be like purchasing a great brick-and-mortar company owned by a wonderful owner who has taken great care of it, but now has decided to retire.

SerpNames is absolutely worth signing up for and exploring – there are no negatives to taking a look at this marketplace and Sumit’s rigorous due diligence process on the domains provides me a piece of mind.

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