BloggersIdeas Top SEO & Digital Marketing News Roundup- June 2019

Welcome!! We are back to our roundup for the SEO News and the Digital Marketing Trends that took place in the month of June 2019. We are almost mid-way to the year and there have been a lot of changes in the SEO trend since then.

Last month was a huge one for SEO in 2019 and saw tremendous changes. Each month will have some updates, some ups, and downs for the SEO industry.  Miss this roundup and you might find yourself left in the dust.

You will probably feel great after reading out the experts view on my blog on various SEO topics. However, Google has also announced many changes this year and SEO is certainly going to change this year. A lot of things go wrong both sides and the main concern was the Google Search Console for almost all of us. We are going to talk about now what went wrong and is it fixed or going to come back in the near future.


BloggersIdeas SEO News Roundup: June 2019

 Let us have a look at what happened this month in the SEO and Digital Marketing industry.

On June 2nd,  Google announced the release of its core algorithm update. This was Google’s rare step as they don’t usually announce the updates.

They revealed partially about the updates and said that it was not that big or complicated but only about the relevancy. It could probably affect the rankings.

In general, these updates are going to be improving how Google understands search queries and how Google understands web pages. These two factors will provide relevant results. You don’t need to bring any change before you know about the update.

Google experienced two bugs last month that caused the indexing issues in their system. Earlier, Google had an indexing bug with the fresh content and the other one was removing the older content from their index.

SEO news roundup 2019

It was later announced that the bugs have been fully resolved and if you are still facing the issues, it might be due to the other reasons.


What came as the more frustrating news for the SEO’s was the less difference and difficulty to recognize between the paid and the organic traffic.

With each year, the SERPs change significantly for the mobile and computer. What changed for the mobile SERP is that the paid ads and organic traffic look almost the same. If you don’t pay attention, you will jump to the paid ads and it will eventually hurt the site owners and SEO.

This combination can potentially mislead users on a large scale, particularly in instances when the URL isn’t visible. Let’s wait and watch what next update Google brings in.


The latest research shows that the highest ranked sites are highly optimized as well as fast but they are not accessible to the blind or people with disabilities.

Even the Top 20 sites were unable to make it completely accessible for the people with disabilities. The average accessibility rate is 66.66%.


From July 1, new sites will be mobile first indexing. Mobile First Indexing is not new but the new sites will notice a change.

However, for the older sites, Google will monitor and evaluate the page for mobile readiness. Google will continue to send notifications to the owner of the old sites when they are ready for the indexing.


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