Top Notch 40 SEO Blogs To Read

Every year leading agencies conduct full-fledged researches to identify and rank the top blogs to be read. Like any other survey, agencies also list down leading blogs related to the subject matter of Search Engine Optimization. A lot goes behind charting down this list. Thorough researches, surveys and public interviews are conducted of the several people associated to the field of SEO.

These enable experts to narrow down and formulate the recommended list of Top 40 SEO blogs to be read.

Top Notch 40 SEO Blogs To Read

Factors to decide

Experts of the field declare that the list of the Top 40 SEO blogs to read are not decided based on personal opinion, likes or dislikes. There are several criteria that are paid enough significance to scrutinize and judge blogs. Some of the factors that help to decide include,

  1. Popularity or brand recognition
  2. Time since last post
  3. Number of followers
  4. Quality of posts
  5. Average articles shared on a regular basis

The Top 40 blogs on SEO

As per the recent survey and charted results, the current Top 40 blogs that are recommended by experts are,

  1.  MOZ blog
  2. Search Engine Land
  3. Quick sprout
  4. You MOZ
  5. Matt Cutts
  6. SEO Book
  7. Rand Fishkin
  8. Search Engine Watch
  9. Search Engine Journal
  10. Bruce Clay
  11. SEO by the Sea
  12. Search Engine Round table
  13. Digital Relevance
  14. Daily SEO blog
  15. Copy blogger
  16. David Naylor
  17. Daily SEO Tip
  18. Up City
  19. SEO Theory
  20. Click Z
  21. Marketing Pilgrim
  22. Search Engine Guide
  23. Reel SEO
  24. Higher Visibility
  25. Yoast
  26. John Battelle’s Search Blog
  27. Backlinko
  28. Optimize Prime
  29. SEO no
  30. WordStream
  31. Zazzle media
  32. Koozai
  33. SEO Nick
  34. Kaiser the Stage
  35. Dejan SEO
  36. Small Business online coach
  37. iAcquire
  38. David Leohardt’s SEO and Social Media Marketing
  39. Siege media
  40. SEO Gadget

No matter what you may be looking for in regard to Search Engine Optimization and its varied topics, you will surely find all that in either of these blogs. Be it for beginner’s guidance or more expert advices, you can come across everything in these mentioned blogs.

Why is SEO so important?

You may wonder why the ranking of the top SEO blogs are so important. It has been observed that most people research on topics related to Search Engine Optimization. This is because no matter what your business is, you will need to promote yourself well so as to succeed in the market.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the process of making a website visible to the viewers online. All major search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN and Bing have result pages where web pages, content, videos and other local listings are ranked. This ranking is done based on what the search engine considers as valid to the topic searched by the user. From a business point of view, Search Engine Optimization is important to position the company in a way so as to catch the eye of the viewer.

No matter how great a website of any company or business may be, it is of no use unless it gets noticed by the online audience and visits the site. Specialists say that one needs to be seen to be sold. Search Engine Optimization is the approach that fulfills this phrase with flair. Search Engine Optimization promotes the website as ease and in one go.

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