Scribd Review 2024: Is It Legit Or Scam? (Why 9 Stars)

The audiobook is a new concept for all bookworms, and they like how the whole book is listened to. Several say that they want to thank audiobooks. Because of the audiobooks, they can read more and more even while doing any other chore. I had personally read a lot of books last year. It was only possible with audiobooks, and it wouldn’t have been possible without it. The way of reading books has dramatically changed.

People love the concept of digital books and a significant reason why audiobooks are hard to deny. Amazon Kindle is the most popular digital explosion and enjoys a considerable market share. Are you aware of the alternatives available online, other than Amazon Kindle? It is Scribd. Scribd is one of the most popular audiobooks and has gained considerable popularity in a short period.

If you are eager to get started with Scribd or are planning to opt for Scribd, then you are in the right place. I am going to do full Scribd Review and sharing all the details related to it. With the new concept of digital books, it is worth your time to opt for audiobooks. You can easily listen to the clip while laundry, cooking, exercising, etc.

Some are so addicted to the audiobook that they cannot sleep at night without listening to it. Some fall asleep while listening to it (Thanks to the sleep timer, with which it automatically turns off). Audiobooks have become a part of the daily life of many.

Scribd is considered more useful than other similar options available. This Scribd review​  will​ help you know more about the application. One month of the free trial period is offered, and you will have to opt for the paid program.

Scribd Review 2024– Is It Worth Your Money

What is Scribd?

“Netflix of books,” Scribd has been this name on the internet, and you will find this phrase mentioned everywhere along with Scribd. Being available with a plethora of audiobook options, Scribd stands out in the industry. Scribd is based on a monthly subscription. A digital library of books for only $8.99 per month. The members get access to millions of audiobooks and digital books with a Scribd subscription.

What is Scribd

According to a report, Scribd has contact with over 1000 publishers. Surprisingly, the application draws its collection of books from all of them. Some of the most famous ones include HarperCollins, Penguin Random House, Macmillan, etc. The company Scribd is believed to boast 40 million titles and almost 80 million monthly readers from over the world.

How does Scribd Work?

Capitalization of Scribd is based on the same model used by the streaming giant, Netflix. Scribd’s primary objective is to allow all its users to access digital books and audiobooks of their choice. A small monthly fee is charged for viewing any number of books.

Go for the trial period first and then opt to become its paid member. The application is easily accessible either from the mobile device or desktops.

You are required to register for an account with which you can log in anytime to read your favorite book. Log in and search for an e-book or magazine of your choice that you would like to learn. Using Scribd is very simple.

However, the new users may find it a bit difficult to use the application.

How can you find an e-book and read it on Scribd?

Find an e-book on Scribd by exploring the application more and more. Search for it and read on.

Steps to search a book:

  • Tap on the search box contained on the site.
  • Search using either the title of the book or the name of the author. Click on search, and the application will start searching your query.
  • With the help of the filter feature, you can limit the number of options displayed to you. This makes a search easy. For instance, if you want to search for a particular category, like audiobooks, books, articles, etc.
  • Choose a category that you prefer, and you can also narrow the options down further based on specific topics such as Non-fiction, Romance, etc.

If you don’t have a choice in mind regarding what you wish to read, use the exploring tool for suggestions. Find your book, and click on it, get started with reading.

Few Tips to Make the Audiobook Experience Smooth

  • After completing reading a single page, tap or swipe to flip pages. Tap at the end of the screen.
  • For viewing the menu, you are required to tap the center of the device or on the screen.
  • Add your preferred notes or comments only using the highlighting option.
  • To view a page precisely, tap on the images to zoom in further.
  • You can customize the settings of the device for a better reading experience. Change text styles and fonts or choose between day and night modes.

Is it True that Scribd offers an Unlimited Selection of Books?

Scribd pledges to provide a wide variety of selection when it comes to books. However, a few users reported that their search or favorite book is missing. The database of Scribd is believed to contain almost one million books of different titles. This Scribd review​  will help​ you know about Scribd better.

The entire collection is divided into:

  • 45,000 audiobooks
  • 5,00,000 digital books
  • 10,000 comics

However, if you are facing difficulty in finding your choice, then you can write to Scribd. It will make sure to add your title. This online library has a spectacular collection. You will find all the popular options, and the chances of not finding a popular choice are very slim.

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Scribd Pricing Review

Scribd subscription is available for a monthly fee of $8.99. The initial 30 days are provided as a trial period, and there is no fee for the first month’s subscription.

Note that the subscription of Scribd is canceled at any point in time. Hence, if you are ever bored or tired in the future, then cancel your subscription. One time is ample time, and you can explore the application to observe if it suits you or not. No fee or penalty is charged to opt-out of the subscription. Many get confused and think that Scribd is free, but it is not.

Scribd Pricing Review

You are required to enter card details and other payment information before signing up on the platform. However, if a user accesses their vast resources limitlessly, then paying subscription fees is mandatory.

Scribd library is vast, with amazing titles and excellent books. The fee charged for its monthly subscription is also minimal. Many believe that Scribd is the most affordable platform when it comes to reading or listening to a vast collection of books. After comparing Scribd with other popular options Amazon Kindle or Audible, you will observe that Scribd has the best deal.

Amazon Kindle and Audible are both owned by Amazon, but Audible contains only audiobooks. Scribd, on the contrary, is partnered with the New York Times. It offers a complete student package, may it be audiobooks or digital books.

Scribd Pricing Comparison

Scribd also offers exclusive rates for students who are their premium customers. If a student is using SheerID on Scribd, then it has a fantastic offer for you. You are charged $22.99 for four months and required to pay the amount in one shot. It roughly calculates to $4.99 per month. Hence, you can see it offers excellent value for money to the students.

About Scribd and Scribd App

Sign up and start using Scribd. Sign up either using your Facebook profile or email address. On the home page, you will find recommendations based on your choice of books read. You will also find your recently read books. Based on the genre, browse books on the app. To know how to install the app on various devices see the image below-

How to Install Scribd

The browse section is much better than the homepage. It is laid out well and colorful to catch attention. The homepage is a bit bland as compared to the browse section.

The interface of the Scribd application is simple, user-friendly, and attractive. New users don’t find it much difficult to use the app for finding their titles. The application is much more comfortable than the website. There are options for reading and browsing books, and you can download one as well.

Several other uploaded documents are contained in the application. You can browse and read them as well. The documents include research papers, how-to-use manuals, and even documents of the court. However, signing up for a Scribd account is mandatory to access the app with greater ease.

You will be able to easily navigate the app, and it also recommends the best reads based on your picks. You can choose to download it from either the Google play store or app store.

Features of Scribd Beyond Audiobooks

While many users subscribe to Scribd for its audiobooks, there are other elements provided by the application. Scribd’s subscription offers access to podcasts, sheet music, kindle books, documents, and several magazines as well. You see, there is a lot in Scribd for a minimal price tag. Also, the amount of subscription fee is much less than a lot of other options.

You can easily access all its audiobooks and magazines. Much better than Audible since

Amazon’s Audible contains only audiobooks. Feel free to write to them if you are not able to find your favorite title in Scribd. They will surely consider your choice and get it included.

Scribd Features

Is Scribd legit?-Honest Scribd Review

The major objective of carrying out this Scribd review is to let our readers know if Scribd is legit and suitable for them. Scribd is into existence for 13 years in a row. In the meantime, this application has gained millions of users who are impressed and using the application. By seeing the number of users, you can assume that it is a legit brand and a great business model. However, as the saying for a real business goes, everyone is not satisfied with the services.

Usually, a few complaints may come from the subscribers. You can see some of them online. Surprisingly, Scribd has an F rating on the Better Business Bureau. Furthermore, it has a rating of 1.3 stars from 428 user reviews.

Despite so many negative reviews, Scribd has 80 million subscribers for a month. Hence, if it would have been unsafe, then it couldn’t have had the fanbase it has.

Pros and Cons of Scribd

Everything has its advantages and disadvantages, and the same goes for Scribd. It comes with several ups and downs. Let us know the major ones before you choose to use Scribd.

Scribd Pros

  • Scribd offers the option of downloading a book. Hence, you can download a book and read it even while offline.
  • The application provides a generous free trial of 30-days before you start with its monthly subscription. Before choosing its membership subscription, you can use it for a month and decide wisely.
  • Special discounts are available for students.
  • Scribd is an affordable choice as compared to other similar applications available.
  • The application and website of Scribd are both user-friendly.
  • It has a huge library with a great collection of audiobooks, books, comics, magazines, etc.
  • You can access its application from numerous devices, including pc, laptop, mobile, tablet, etc.

Scribd Cons

  • Several subscribers complain that their titles are missing from the library. Hence, you may not find some major titles in Scribd.
  • Some users often report that even after canceling the monthly subscription, they are charged with the monthly fee.
  • It is mandatory for a user to credit card details while signing up. This means even with the free trial.

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👉Can I sign in using a single Scribd account on different devices?

While using the Scribd app, you can easily download content on the maximum on four devices. You can access the same account on up to 6 devices and search for any title online. However, the number of devices for some titles may also depend on agreements with specific titles. The agreement is in place with the publishing partners of Scribd.

👉Is there any limit on the audiobooks of Scribd?

The app has increased its throttling limit, and they have upgraded their services. It has launched its new plan with unlimited access to e-books and audiobooks back in February. The algorithms of this app are also changed. Users can now enjoy numerous e-books and audiobooks.

👉Is Scribd better or Audible?

If you are looking for something more than just audiobooks, then go for Scribd. With Scribd, you will have access to e-books, magazines, research papers, etc. Audible is suitable when you want to keep your library forever with you. Scribd works the same as Netflix. Once you cancel the subscription, you will no longer have access to its content.

👉Is Scribd a good deal?

At a cost as low as $8.99 per month, Scribd is an amazing deal. You pay its subscription fees and have full access to the entire content available on the app. Get access to everything you have in your mind, such as periodicals, e-books, audiobooks, sheet music, etc. Every month Scribd curates a list of highly recommended titles by the experts behind Scribd.

Conclusion- Scribd Review 2024– Should You Buy It?

People have had varied experiences by using Scribd. But the major question is that is Scribd worth it. Is it cost-effective, and will the users get benefits after taking its subscription? I know you have several thoughts in your mind. To answer all of them, I have come up with this Scribd review​. This article has everything that you have ever wanted to​   know about it.

With so many users, it is completely imprudent to not try this one of the best digital libraries. No matter if you are after audiobooks or a bookworm, you will find everything needed. Scribd offers solutions better than other similar applications.

Let me tell you that Scribd has a monthly subscription, and opting for the subscription is only worth it if you are a desirous reader. Since reading only two or three books every month, doesn’t make any sense to opt for its membership. You will ultimately waste your money by doing so.

The free trial version comes handy in this situation. Use its free version for an initial 30 days and then decide whether you want it or not. If you are really after Scribd and want to try the amazing app, download it for free. You can access it either on mobile or on the desktop.

Download it from Google Play store for android phones, and from the App Store for IOS devices. You can also choose to sign up by visiting the website. Scribd offers great value in a sense, you can access unlimited audiobooks and keep listening to them while exercising or driving. However, ensure that you do not own the books, just borrowing them.


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  1. Scribd is nothing but a huge SCAM!!!! I signed upup for the 30 day free trial period. The next day I got an email telling me my trial period was ending. Sounded very fishy to me. Sent in my cancelation of my account day after signing up, as was advertised, easy cancellation policy. That was bogus. Thought it was over and then I get a charge on my credit card. Went back to sign into my account, however, my password did not work. tried to request a new password, but nothing was sent. I cannot get in to use it and I keep getting charged. The whole thing stinks. Stay away.

  2. Am ales sa folosesc Scribd pentru liceu, mi am adăugat cardul atunci și l am folosit pentru aproximativ 3 luni maxim ! In momentul de fata sunt la facultate și m am dezabonat demult iar tranzacțiile au continuat sa existe luna de luna luându-se bani din cont fără rusine ! Am încercat sa contactez pe cineva dar evident nu am găsit ! Astăzi mi s a făcut iar o Tranzacție inexplicabila si am trimis 3 email uri !
    Mi se par gesturi de tot nimicul si niste oamenii lipsiți de orice gust !!

  3. La mia domanda è questa: come utente, posso trovare conveniente avere a disposizione libri e riviste con 10 dollari al mese. Ma scribd paga i diritti di autore a libri e riviste, o specula sull’opera altrui?

  4. Trate de renovar mi suscripción anual – soy miembro de la membresía hace muchos años.
    Solicité más de 10 veces y otros tantos reclamos: ¿Por qué no me renovaban mi suscripción, sólo me indicaron que esperara e incorporara nuevamente los datos de mi tarjeta de crédito.
    Es importante destacar que el vencimiento para pago para mantener mi acostumbrada tarifa anual de 48,00 dólares anuales vencía el 31/07/2021.
    Hasta la fecha no he obtenido respuesta.
    Hoy 2 de agosto, me indican que debo suscribirme con una cuota mensual de u$s 9.90.
    Lamento mucho la conducta demostrada, es por ello que renuncio a mi membresía que por mas de 15 años mantuve con Scribd.

  5. Hola
    La verdad que tengo muchas ganas de suscribirme a Scribd pero aún con todo lo bueno que es, si no solucionan el problema que tienen con las tarjetas de crédito al momento en que uno se da de baja, no me expondré a perder dinero y mucho menos exponerme a un stress originado por un largo camino de reclamos y respuestas para solucionar dichos problemas.
    Hay alguna forma de una suscripción prepagada /adelantada ?..y que si quiero seguir con el servicio, debo de pagar por adelantado, yo prefiero esa forma.

    Muchas gracias

    Juan T

  6. I find it interesting and suspicious that all of the professional reviews I’ve read about Scribd are hugely positive (and I’ve read at least 5), but the “non-professional”/customer reviews are at least 80% negative. Also, yes – these reviews contain repeated complaints about credit card/billing problems and customer service problems. The main reason I began reading reviews on Scribd was because they’ve given me credit card problems for almost two months. They’ve screwed up this billing/sign-up process so much and so consistently that I’ve consulted an attorney as to what to do next, and the attorney advised me to quit dealing with these unprofessional, unskilled, and inflexible people. What I find suspicious is that, after screwing up my credit card payment efforts three times, they have the audacity to tell me that, if I want to join through iTunes, they’ll accept payment that way. If they screw up my credit card information so badly, why in the world would I want to give them any more personal information, such as an iTunes account detail (if I even have one)? This company has a systemic problem with credit card problems and the effective refusal to provide better, more robust customer service. Professional reviewers really need to pay attention to what the customers or FORMER CUSTOMERS are saying. This is not just a matter of professional writers/reviewers saying nice things: despite the huge subscriber list that Scribd apparently has, one must question why there are dozens, hundreds of consumer customer reviews that describe the SAME problems, over and over and over again. I refuse to further endanger my personal information by giving a third payment method’s information to Scribd: they need to pay attention to customers and fix their systemic problems.

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